The 10 Best 24-Inch TVs In 2020 | Reviews & Buying Guides

Why not spend your money on the best 24-inch TV? It will improve your entertainment at home and does not need a lengthy setup. Most people prefer to unwind after a long day by watching movies or music. If you want a reliable screen, the following products don’t disappoint. In this article, we look at the best 24-inch TV in the market.

The Top 10 Best 24-Inch TVs

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#10. 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV

  • By: RCA

A reliable television must have a quality function for it to deliver an excellent service. RCA company has come up with the best 24-inch HDTV which offers simple use. Featuring 1920 x 1080 resolution eliminates motion blurs and color distortions. That allows you to view even Blu-ray movies comfortably at home. Also, this equipment uses minimal placement or mounting room thanks to a small profile design. Measuring 22.9 x 6.3 x 16.2 inches, and weighing under 12 pounds, carrying is a breeze. Mount it on a table to have a stable viewing action.

We understand that not all screens have a nice finish. You can coordinate your existing room style with this unit. Boasting of a black metal color, it works well with most decor. Wipe off dirt and dust away from the casing to improve longevity. Besides, this product uses a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 to improve the color display. Plus, the VGA input lets you connect to your PC or laptop to have a seamless experience.

  • Lightweight
  • Millions of colors
  • High contrast ratio
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Quality display
  • Built-in speakers could be better

Our Verdict

Using this TV is simple and safe than other models. It measures 6.6 inches wide to occupy a small placement space. Also, it looks stylish with a bold black finish. Use the VGA port to connect to a laptop to access saved movies and files. Weighing less than 12 pounds, you can carry or store it effortlessly.

#9. Compact & Lightweight TV

  • By: Amazon Renewed

Investing your money on this television from Samsung. With a 24-inch display, it works well for small places such as a dorm, bedroom, and other entertainment centers. The monitor size and overall dimension of 25.2 x 16.5 x 6 inches give you an easy installation. Place it on a stand or mount onto your wall to preserve the valuable floor room. Besides, this accessory guarantees multiple connections to other media devices. For example, a USB port is perfect for plugging a flash drive to view stored movies and videos. Not only that, but also two HDMI hubs add more convenience.

Improve your entertainment at home with this gadget with an amazing structure quality. Using 720p resolution, you get clear pictures when watching favorite channels and programs. Another thing is the fast color reproduction to deliver vibrant colors without flickers. The overall design, lightweight elements, and performance, makes this machine an ideal gift. Surprise your loved one such as a grandparent, sister, mother, father and more on any occasion.

  • Vibrant LED colors
  • An all-occasion gift
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Convenient USB port
  • Wide application
  • It has a low refresh rate

Our Verdict

Samsung 24-inch television is perfect for small settings such as dorm rooms and bedrooms. Use it after a hard day at work or school to have instant relaxation. Also, this item looks great and is lightweight to double as an all-occasion gift. With a high 720p resolution, you get clear pictures when viewing HD movies.

#8. Portable HD TV


The previous versions of televisions have a bulky structure that takes a lot of desk room. Also, they are quite cumbersome to carry from place to place, especially for the elderly. Proscan television weighs just above 8 pounds to enhance portability. You don’t require assistance each time you reposition it to a different area. Besides, this gadget prides on having a high 60Hz refresh rate. That process eliminates motion blurs when watching fast-moving videos. Now, you can enjoy quality entertainment that does not cause eye damage or discomfort.

Proscan unit comes with a bright LED backlight to improve operation. Use the included HDMI port to connect other media devices to have a personalized action. An added advantage is the included remote control which has multiple buttons. You can switch off/on, pick a setting or edit some features at the comfort of your seat. Other inputs include a PC, RF, YPBPR, and VGA to add more convenience to your entertainment. Without the stand, this device measures 22 inches wide x 13.2 inches high and x 1.63 inches thick, to fit on a small placement comfortably.

  • Convenient LED backlight
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Simple to use remote control
  • Multiple inputs
  • Lightweight and easy setup
  • The speakers are mediocre

Our Verdict

Proscan ids lightweight than other televisions to give you smooth portability. Lift and carry it onto your desired placement area effortlessly. It uses a high refresh rate of 60HZ that helps eliminate motion blurs when watching fast-moving scenes in a movie or channel. With multiple inputs and outputs, you can customize entertainment by connecting other media devices.

#7. 720p Rich Color Television

  • By: Sceptre

E249BV-SR is among the best 24-inch TV and delivers rich colors and stunning lights. With its 720P resolution, you can watch HD movies and videos for long hours. Also, this product features an HDMI input that combines quality audio and video. Use the USB port to flip through stored pictures as well as music. More inputs mean more possibilities. The above machine has VGA, component, plus composite inputs, that balance between new and old to suit diverse preferences.

We love the lightweight design of this screen weighing under 9 pounds. That allows you to carry and place effortlessly or store when planning to gift a loved one. Boasting of excellent 720p resolution, it delivers clear images as you watch an interesting film. Additional functions included a 12mm screw length and wall-mount ready design to enhance mounting.

  • High contrast ratio
  • Wall-mount ready
  • A variety of inputs
  • High definition display
  • Lightweight
  • The sound quality is not ideal for large settings

Our Verdict

Sceptre television offers stunning lights when watching favorite films. It has multiple inputs such as USB port to view your saved files. Also, the HDMI and VGA let you connect to other media components. The above gadget is lightweight and simple to use suitable for small locations.

#6. Sleek & Sturdy LED Television

  • By: Axess

Sleekness and sturdiness are what this television provides. With a wide range of features such as 920 x 1080 resolution, you get a sharp viewing experience. The clarity is better than other pricier TV brands, thus value for money. You also get improved entertainment at home in your bedroom or gaming room. With a high 16: 9 aspect ratio, the color display is not only clear but also flicker-free. Your eyes will thank you for the nice experience without straining. The above unit comes with an integrated analog and digital tuner to help catch favorite programs.

The diagonal size is 24-inch suitable for small spacing. Use it in your bedroom to unwind after a long day at work. Preferably. You can gift a loved one as a housewarming present. Although the inbuilt speakers of this gadget work as expected, the sound level could be better. Some users connect external speakers to improve the volume. With a dimension of 22 x 14.8 x 7 inches, carry it easily with your hands to set on a suitable location.

  • Sleek and sturdy
  • Long remote control
  • Clear display
  • Integrated speakers
  • For small rooms
  • The remote control is longer than others measuring about 8.5”

Our Verdict

Axess TV is sturdy and elegant with multiple features. It has a 24-inch screen suitable for bedrooms and entertainment center at home. With a high resolution of 1080p, you can watch favorite films without squinting or color distortions. Use the full-function remote to pick your suitable functions without standing.

#5. Crystal Clear Image Smart TV

  • By: Amazon Renewed

The best 24-inch TV have crystal clear pictures like the Vizio. Whether you watch channels and shows for long hours, the performance is top-notch. With 1920 x 1080 resolution, you get a clear picture. Besides, it has a 178-degree viewing orientation to ensure a distortion-free edutainment for everyone. The above accessory measures 24 inches diagonally and is lightweight suitable for the dorm room, bedroom, and even small living room. With a sleek black finish, complement existing decor easily. Also, you can match the design of the cabinet, furniture, tables and more.

The other compact to televisions don’t have excellent pictures. With this one, it uses a high1080p resolution to deliver stunning images. Not only to watch Blu-ray movies but also to view in the greatest details. A bonus function is a modern integrated Wi-Fi for smooth digital media streaming. Browse your favorite apps and sites without adding additional components. Convert your smartphone into a touchscreen remote. Tap to stream multiple contents on the large display using the Vizio SmartCast App.

  • Full high definition display
  • For dorm or bedroom
  • Delivers stunning images
  • Streams videos, music, movies
  • Simple to operate
  • The remote control has a bit of lag

Our Verdict

Vizio TV gives you crystal clear viewing. Its high 1080p resolution offers amazing details to when watching Blu-ray movies. Also, this product has a 178-degree viewing angle best for the dorm room and living room. You can enjoy hours of entertainment comfortably or mount on a suitable location. Built-in The Wi-Fi Smart lets you stream music, videos, and movies.

#4. Sceptre 24-Inch TV

  • By: Sceptre

For more than three decades, Sceptre Incorporation has been at the forefront of creating and designing durable products. This 24-TV ensures you have a safe and long term viewing at home or in the workplace. With a bright LED display, it offers sharper contrasts of darks and lights. Not only that, but also improve moving images display for more appeal in lifelike imaging. The colors are true with zero distortions even kids can enjoy their favorite animation.

View your photos as a slideshow, thanks to the USB port. Also, it allows you to listen to music by a simple plugging. There is no need to make audio or video configurations as well as a file conversion. Moreover, this gadget uses a well-made HDMI to give you excellent audio and video. Connect using one cord to the television for an amazing viewing experience. Another factor that makes this unit better than the rest is its simple design. It comes ready to wall mount, thanks to its VESA structure. Fix it on the desired wall area to improve both aesthetics and viewing. You can even save more space, depending on the screen position.

  • Lovely true black finish
  • Convenient USB port
  • Wall-mount ready
  • Sharp lights and darks contrasts
  • Offers a more authentic picture
  • Basic sound quality

Our Verdict

Sceptre TV is durable and easy to use. It has a bright LED to improve image colors. Also, it eliminates color distortions easily than other brands. With a 24 inch size, it works well in multiple places like the living room. The above device comes wall mount ready to enhance the installation.

#3. Modern Wi-Fi Smart TV

LG Electronics 24LH4830-PU 24-Inch Smart TV

  • By: LG

Make your entertainment at home enjoyable with the LG 24 inch television. It comes with a variety of features to ensure you meet all your viewing needs. With a dimension of 21.9 x 2.1 x 13.6 inches, place it on a table or wall mount. The design allows you to carry from place to place with maximum. Besides, this item has a modern Wi-Fi Direct function to improve the connection to wireless internet. That allows you to stream live channels, watch HD videos and movies without purchasing additional accessories.

We love the smart functionality of this LED screen. It uses the WiDi and Miracast for a simple screen share. Your friends can enjoy a different program as you watch your favorite film. Another thing is the broad viewing angle, perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. The size of orientation also eliminates glares normally cause by poor view position. Consisting of two HDMI ports, connect other media devices to have full control of your entertainment. Plus, the audio and video capabilities are much better.

  • Easy to use
  • Broad viewing angle
  • Two HDMI ports
  • Fast Wi-Fi direct
  • Bright and clear display
  • It uses only VOD watching service

Our Verdict

LG is a leading manufacturer of home appliances such as televisions, fridges and even mobile phones. This screen has a lot of smart features to improve your viewing experience. It has a 24-inch screen perfect for small locations such as bedrooms. Another important detail is its wide viewing angle to eliminate glares and improve comfort.

#2. Versatile HD Television

LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU 24-Inch TV

  • By: LG

Whether you stay in a large or small house, it should not limit your entertainment. Using this LG TV, not only do you improve the ambiance but also have a relaxing time. It measures 21.9″ x 2.1″ x 13.6 inches without the stand and with it totals up to 21.9″ x 5.8″ x 15.2″. Now, you can mount it in your bedroom, living room, entertainment center and more places around your home. Boasting of a glossy black finish, maintenance is a breeze. Wipe dust away from the casing and even screen to improve clarity. Also, you can use recommended display cleaners to prevent damage.

You should note that this display lacks smart functionality but delivers the expected service. With a Direct-lit LED, it creates a quality picture as the high resolution delivers true colors. When setting up this gadget, lift and tilt into its upright position on your desk or table. Ensure you leave at least 3.9 inches space from your for best ventilation. Comes with a 60Hz refresh rate to eliminate motion blurs for fast-moving scenes.

  • Lightweight and elegant
  • Affordable and durable
  • Simple to install
  • Multiple inputs
  • Great picture quality
  • For small spaces

Our Verdict

This TV from LG is suitable for small spaces. Mount it on a wall or place on a table to enjoy quality viewing at home. The structure has lightweight capabilities, making it super easy to carry. Leave a minimum of 3.9-inch space when placing on a desk to improve ventilation.

#1. High Resolution HD TV

Insignia NS-24DF310NA19 24-inch TV

  • By: Insignia

Insignia is a brand that delivers what it promises. This is one of the best 24-inch tv and has clear pictures than other similar-priced models. With a resolution of 720p, you can view deeper blacks and richer whites at home. Not only that, but also have a blurry-free and distortion-free viewing. Featuring an advanced Fire TV experience, it has thousands of applications, channels, and Alexa skills. Pick your favorite app including YouTube, Showtime, HBO, Hulu, Prime Video and even Starz.

The above screen integrates streaming channels and live TV on one home display. You need a high definition antenna to stream live actions. Control this machine easily with the Voice Remote. Now, you can switch inputs, launch apps, play songs, control smart devices and search for titles by using your voice. That saves you time and effort to maximize relaxation and your entertainment. Measuring 21.9 inches wide x 15.3 inches high x 2.7 inches diameter, it occupies minimal placement space. Whether you wall or table mount, it works perfectly for small rooms such as a bedroom.

  • Improved picture quality
  • Offers deeper blacks
  • Thousands of apps and channels
  • Easy to control
  • Multiple inputs and outputs
  • HD antenna required for live streaming

Our Verdict

The above television has a better picture quality than other brands. It measures 24 inches suitable for small to medium-sized places like a bedroom. The use of an advanced digital viewing system allows you to enjoy a variety of apps. Not only that, but also channels and Alexa skills.

Buying Guide For The Best 24-inch TV

Unwind at home after a long day at work or school by watching your favorite show. Most people use TV to improve their entertainment because of the simplicity of use. Also, it comes with excellent features such as multiple inputs to allow you to customize your viewing. If you want the best models in the market, some factors come in regards to performance. Let’s look at them as follows:

Size and Design

The overall structure of the TV and screen dimensions, will either give you a simple or hard placement. Check the measurements to know if the mounting process will be a breeze. Also, the smaller it is, the easier to carry from place to place as well as store.

Picture Clarity

The next thing to consider is picture quality. That does not mean the higher the resolution, the better but other aspects play a hand. To be on the safer side, choose a screen that has over 720P resolution to get amazing clarity. Not only to watch HD Blu-ray movies but also enjoy distortion-free images.

Ease of Use

Another feature is the design of the television. Is it user-friendly? Can an elderly or teenager operate it with ease? Consider these questions and more before purchasing the screen. Some models have complex functions that require the use of clear instructions or following video tutorials. If you are especially tech-savvy, you can purchase any model with confidence.

Wide Application

Lastly, where will you use the TV? In your bedroom, living room or other personal entertainment spots at home? Ensure you check the size and ease of portability if you plan to reposition it constantly. Also, the material should be premium to withstand excessive use and even changing temperature.

In Conclusion

Change the way you entertain yourself at home by using a high-performing television. The products you’ve seen earlier feature the best 24-inch TV you can find in most stores. Some are made of quality materials that don’t crack or chip. Others use modern viewing technology and high resolution to give you clear images. Choose one model that meets all your viewing, operation and performance needs.

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