Top 7 Best Air Hammers in 2021

The traditional hammer works great. However, one thing that most of you will agree with me is that it does take quite some effort, especially if you are working on a hard surface. This will also apply if you are trying to remove old, rusty nails, rivets, bolts and more. If you are physically weak, it may not be the best option for you. It also does not really improve the situation if you are working in a tight spot. First, you need some good space to create the right momentum. Secondly, it is very easy to miss and hit the wrong spot. This can lead to damage or denting the nearby areas. It has also known the head to come flying off during use. In such situations, what you need is the best air hammer.

This hammer resembles a pistol and is powered by an air compressor. It will deliver high impact to hit a nail, split or tear apart stuck pieces, cut metal sheets, chisel and much more. A good example is when trying to pry old ball joints from a car. This unit, due to its smaller nature, is easier to handle. It is also simpler to target it at a specific point. Nevertheless, you will find so many types out there in the market. Some are quite good; others are average, while you still got pieces that aren’t worth mentioning. To help you make a well-informed decision, we decided to review the best air hammers in the market.

The Top 7 Best Air Hammers

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#7. Super Duty Air Hammer Kit

Chicago Pneumatic CP717K Super Duty Air Hammer Kit

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  • By: Chicago Pneumatic

If you want a heavy-duty air-driven hammer, then this piece should be what you need. We love its solid built which can handle the impact, vibration falls and much more. It can run from a medium-size compressor without a problem and will deliver s many as 1800 blows in a minute. Each will be powerful enough to exert deep cuts, chisel metal, and much more. It features a sensitive and responsive trigger mechanism that provides good performance. The accessory is useful in then home, garage, workshop, office and many other places. It features a comfortable grip that feels comfortable to the hand. It isn’t too rough or too smooth and feels well balanced.

This tool comes in a compact size and can be used even in small/ tight spaces. Inserting the different accessories is very easy, and they stay intact throughout use. Like insertion, removal is also easy. It is very portable and compact, and moving from one place to another is easy. Using these accessories should be easy even for a newbie. You also can depend on the simple and easy-to-follow instructions. The kit comprises a CP717 hammer, spring retainer and chisel set.

  • Using this tool is very easy and straightforward
  • It deliveries powerful blows and impact
  • The unit has decent power and torque to handle the most need
  • It’s ergonomically styled for maximum grip and is also powerful
  • The air hammer feels well balanced and can handle the vibrations and impact well
  • May not work effectively with small air compressors

Our Verdict

This is certainly a good air gun. We like how powerful it feels despite its small and compact size. It delivers powerful blows to pry two pieces apart, chisel wood, metal, Deal with stuck objects and more. It feels nice in the hands’ thanks to being well balanced and the smooth finish. And to make carrying, moving around, or storage easy, you get a handy carry case.

#6. Heavy Duty Air Hammer

Chicago Pneumatic CP714 Heavy-Duty Air Hammer

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  • By: Chicago Pneumatic

Capable of delivering as many as 2000 blows per minute, this is definitely an air hammer that is worth thinking about. It will handle the tasks in the workshop, garage, industrial plant and home among many other places. The unit is powerful and torquey. This allows it to remove stuck bolts, nuts, screws, cut or chisel through metal, and much more. We love the responsive trigger, which works at the slightest touch. And since it is not very big, its air requirements are not over the roof. You will be able to power it from most a medium-size air compressor.

It fairly light, weighing just 3.3 pounds. The weight, together with the good balance, makes handling it, even for long sessions, easier. Also, this improves control and safety. Fitting the associated parts /accessories is simple and straightforward. They fit snugly and are unlikely to come apart. It doesn’t vibrate too much, and this improves the functions. Moreover, it runs silently for peace-of-mind, and it maintains silence in the surrounding. The service parts and consumables are readily available, and just like the tool, they are affordable.

  • Controlling the hammer and trigger action is very easy
  • It doesn’t feel too bulky, too heavy and is also ergonomically designed
  • the unit is very versatile and suitable for many applications
  • It’s a heavy-duty piece and is made from strong durable materials
  • It’s not a very big piece and may not deliver exceptional service in very demanding situations

Our Verdict

We love this product because of its simple nature. It is much easier to operate and handle in comparison to other options out there. The unit is well-balanced and has an ergonomic handle. The possibility of the hands feeling tired or getting numbness or injuries, especially after long usage, is unlikely. It delivers good performance and can last for a long time under proper hands.

#5. Shank Super Duty Air Hammer & Riveter

Astro Pneumatic Tool 4980 0.498 Shank Super Duty Air Hammer-Riveter

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  • By: Astro Pneumatic Tool

You don’t need a heavy or bulky hammer to chisel metal or wood, cut bolts, or any other related jobs. With this piece by Astro Pneumatic Tool, you get all the hammer functionalities. However, it is more user-friendly and delivers better impact. The handheld piece fits okay in hand and is well balanced. This enhances the handling and control. Like other top choices, it’s made from tough materials that can put up with the pressure, impact, vibration, bang and more. The tool can deliver as many as 1800 blows every single minute. For its size, this is quite good. It can run continuously without getting overwhelmed or the performance-dipping.

The tool features a 0.75-inch bore and a 2 11/16-inch stroke. This combination seems to deliver decent performance for most everyday needs. It is suitable for industrial, commercial, automotive and many other applications. Areas of use include installation and removal of rivets, chiseling or cutting metals or wood sheets, removing stuck ball joints, splicing open two pieces of metal or wood, servicing springs, bushings, and kingpins among others. The product comes a nice practical case for easy handling and storage. It is made of tough material to prevent breakage and warping.

  • The performance is quite impressive for its small size
  • The unit runs seamlessly and delivers quite a punch
  • It’s very easy to operate and carry
  • Comes with a highly responsive trigger
  • May not run well with a small air compressor

Our Verdict

This is certainly one of the best air hammers in the market. It may be smaller than most pieces available in the market. However, the power and torque it delivers are quite impressive. The trigger is well poisoned and has a decent response. this makes controlling and using it easy. It is compact and small for easy handling and good portability. The solid case makes portability and storage easy.

#4. Super Duty Air Hammer

Chicago Pneumatic CP717 Super Duty Air Hammer

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  • By: Chicago Pneumatic

Inexperienced users and professionals will like this air-driven hammer. It has a functional design and size to fit appropriately in hand. The unit delivers powerful blows, which will remove the rivets, rusty bolts, nails, and other fasteners easy. It recharges fast to allow it to run consistently. The tool should work okay with most air compressors, and it doesn’t use up too much air. It is also not very noisy hence a good choice for a silent environment. You can use it while at home, in the car repairs center, garage, office, industrial firm, and factory and in many other places.

One thing that many consumers like is a highly responsive trigger. A slight push of the lever, and it will be hammering its ways through the target location. The airtight sealed system ensures no air escapes. This maintains high torque, which is critical for the high impact. Controlling pressure is also easy. The tool has a non-slip grip for better and safe handling even when it is wet. The longer stroke is the reasons behind the higher torque. It is durable and consists of hardwearing parts. This offers the user of longer-lasting unreliable service. These are the reasons why this one is considered to be one of the best air hammers.

  • Well-built and heavy-duty performance
  • easy to use even by a novice
  • It is suitable for many applications
  • The unit is portable, well balanced and easy to control
  • It may not run properly from a small air compressor machine

Our Verdict

We love this air hammer firstly because of its simplicity and decent size. This makes using and controlling it more user-friendly. It delivers many blows in a minute, and this helps to speed up the job. The design is ergonomic for better handling. The chances of the hands/fingers feeling numb or tired after extended use are low. It is a good pick for inexperienced as well as professionals.

#3. Long Barrel Air Hammer Kit

Ingersoll Rand 118MAXK Long Barrel Air Hammer Kit

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  • By: Ingersoll Rand

Coming from one of the most respected names, the Ingersoll Rand 118MAXK air hammer is the perfect solution to your hammering, cutting and chiseling needs. It has a longer barrel than most in its range. This ensures the power and torque is much higher and thereby will remove the rivets, bolts, screws, nails, and rusty sections well. It’s also a nice chiseling aid and will work well on wood, plastic, metal, and other materials. The nicely designed handle has a textured surface for a firmer grip. The trigger and control are in a nice Position for convenient reach.

Compared to other good options, this tool has fewer vibrations. It will feel nicer to the hand, and this makes using it much easier. The tool is also stronger and less likely to break, warp, or come apart. Connecting it to an air source is straightforward, and this should take you seconds. The leak-proof system ensures the air pressure is all directed to the right zone. The kit features the air hammer, chisel set (5 pieces), quick-change retainer, and a carrying case. It fits nicely in the sturdy case, and this improves movement and storage.

  • High quality built and delivers high performance
  • Works great in many situations including chiseling, cutting, hammering and more
  • The handle is ergonomically styled and also very comfortable
  • Using the tool is easy even for a first timer
  • It is not a very big tool, and it may not be very effective in very demanding jobs

Our Verdict

The first thing we love this tool for is a nice and functional design. It feels right in hands, thanks to the good weight distribution and balance. The surface is non-slip even when held with wet or sweaty hands. The likelihood of it slipping or falling is thereby minimized. The trigger and control are quite impressive, and it can handle different pressure quite well. It’s durable and requires minimal maintenance.

#2. Heavy Duty Barrel Air Hammer

Sunex SX243 Hd 250-Mm Long Barrel Air Hammer

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  • By: Sunex Tools

If you want a reliable and heavy-duty air hammer, the Sunex SX243 Hd should be perfect. It’s well built and will put up with the impact, pressure, and vibration among other things. It can work with a range of air compressors and doesnt require very high psi. The unit delivers up to 2200 blows in a minute. It has a responsive trigger mechanism for easy operation and greater control. It cuts, chisels, splices and much more. The tool work in many areas including the home garage, office, workshop, construction site, and industrial plant. The non-slip grip feels comfortable and also will not slip or fall off the hands easily. It is well balanced to allow you to use it for a long session.

This handy tool is compact and lighter than most in the market. The tough aluminum alloy housing can handle high pressure well. It features a hardened steel barrel for better performance. You will not have trouble fitting or removing the different accessories including chisel or cutting heads. It is easy to carry around and comes in a carry friendly case. Thanks to the basic nature and simplicity, using it should be straightforward. It does not matter if it is your first time.

  • Using the air hammer is easy and simple
  • It deliveries strong blows
  • The tool is powerful and also has good torque
  • The handle is ergonomic for good grip and safety
  • It is well-balanced and fewer affecters by vibrations
  • Not very ideal for heavy-duty operations

Our Verdict

This air gun is among the best. It is powerful and delivers powerful blows. The unit prices, chisels, cuts, and hammers pretty well. It has a simple design for easy handling and is very comfortable. The non-slip handle prevents slippage, whereas the ergonomic styling improves safety. It is easy to operate, lasts a long time, and handles the many tasks pretty well.

#1. Easy Operation Air Hammer

Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC

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  • By: Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is well known for producing some of the best air hammers in the market. Of the many options available in the market, this one ranks among the top. It’s very basic and easy to operate. It is also much smaller than most and will fit better in the hands. The good feeling is further improved by the lightweight and compact nature. Although it may be lighter and smaller, it has very good power. You will require lesser time and effort to remove rivets, screws, nuts, and bolts or cut metal and other functions. The unit works right from the box and comes with a 3-piece chisel set and a quick-change chisel retainer.

The alloy steel barrel is tough and strong and offers more assurance in regards to reliability and longevity. The heat-treated piston can handle high pressure and won’t come apart or break easily. We love the nicely designed diffused handle exhaust, which improves the operation. Moreover, the ergonomic grip gives you a firm holds on the tool. It doesn’t vibrant as much as there are options, and it should feel nicer and more comfortable. The noise level is also much lower than in other types.

  • It’s one of the simplest air hammers and is also easy to use
  • The tool runs great and delivers good performance
  • It has a tough and durable shell
  • Very basic, easy to use and doesn’t require regular maintenance
  • Not designed for very small air compressors

Our Verdict

This is certainly an air hammer worth investing it. It is small enough to fit nicely in the hands. The simple nature and ergonomic styling improve handling. The non-slip handle prevents slippage or falling, whereas the simple trigger mechanism improves the operation. It uses lesser air pressure in comparison to most other types. This means it will run of smaller air compressors and also for a longer time.

Choosing a Good Air Hammer

When looking for a good product, you need to pay attention to the following things:

Need at Hand

Before buying the tool, you should first have an idea of the need at hand. For hobbyists or Do-it-yourself (DIYer), who have small requirements, a small unit will suffice. However, if you ran a worship, garage, car repair center, or are in an industrial setting, then you need a bigger piece. It will be able to put up with large tasks better.

Air Pressure Demand

A small unit requires lesser pressure in comparison to a large or heavy-duty piece. It pays first to understand the air’s source, which is usually the air compressor, and then match the gun with the capacity. A tool requiring 4 Cfm will not run okay r continuously via a smallish compressor rated 2 CFM. It is always advised to leave a margin. For instance, if the tool is rated 4 Cfm, then you should go for an air compressor rated at least 5-6 CFM


You should pick a tool that you feel comfortable holding and controlling. It should not be too heavy such that you struggle using it even for a few minutes. A very light tool usually is not very powerful and won’t put up with heavy demands. It is vital you strike a balance between the size/ weight and the performance. Trying some tools beforehand helps you to choose the most suitable.


The right tool is very comfortable and easy to use. The weight and size feel right. It is well balanced, ergonomic and has a nice grip. Moreover, it will not be too noisy or have a slippery finish, which is prone to slipping especially with sweaty or wet hands. The more comfortable a tool is, the more reliable and safe it will be.

Other important things include the materials of construction, durability, brand reputation, price, and expert opinion.


With the above products, you’ll no longer have to use a lot of effort when prying parts apart. You also will not need to worry about missing the targeted area and ruining the surrounding. The above pieces are perfect for people who love to make the job easier. We went for products that we are certain are fully functional. They are versatile for many applications, are very easy to use, and also come in basic design.

The pieces, if you have noticed, don’t require a very high level or heavy-duty compressor. They are ergonomically designed for easy handling, convenience, and comfort. The trigger is well placed for easy access and also responds perfectly. The heavy-duty nature and sturdy construction should handle the use, bangs, vibration air pressure, and other things petty well. With the best air hammers, you are more assured of good longlasting service.

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