Discover The 13 Best Artificial Christmas Trees In 2020

You don’t need to make constant replacements for your tree every holiday. There are plastic designs with a quality finish resembling the natural one. In this review, we take a look of the best artificial Christmas tree in the market.

The Top 13 Best Artificial Christmas Trees

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#13. Unlit Natural Alpine Christmas Tree

Vickerman 6Ft Unlit Natural Alpine Christmas Tree

  • By: Vickerman

First in our list of the best artificial Christmas trees, we have this product from Vickerman. It uses innovative Dura-Lit technology to ensure there is no interference of the lighting system even if one bulb loses connection. Not only does it give you value for money but let you spend minimal cash for replacements. With 657 PVC tips, they deliver a fuller look and allow you to hang your decorations with natural ease. Using quality polyvinyl chloride material, it is safe for you and the environment to ensure premium performance. Weighing 5 pounds, it’s among the lightweight artificial trees you can find available from the stores to ensure you have a smooth operation. Also, it helps in installation as you place it to your ideal spot.

  • Multiple PVC tips
  • Quality polyvinyl chloride material
  • Unique dura-lit technology
  • Cost-effective
  • Allows easy decorating
  • The metal holding the blades is not secure

Our Verdict

Vickerman tree lights up continuously when a single LED loses construction to enhance convenience. Its metallic stand can withstand extreme movements and still deliver an outstanding service. For easy decorating, the drilled cap has a floral wire looping for maximum flexibility. The tips look and feel real, thanks to a PE material.

#12. Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Choice Products 6ft Artificial Christmas Tree

  • By: Best Choice Products

Unlike other trees with low-quality stands, this one has a metallic one that gives you maximum stability. Whether you set it up on a slippery place, it does not cause vibrations and shakes during decoration. You can disassemble this unit into three parts to fit small storage and also ensure you have a quick assembling when you use it again. Its overall dimension is 44 x 72 inches to hold all your ornament safely and securely. If you have a friend who constantly worries about purchasing a Christmas tree every year, this is a nice alternative and money-saving. It lasts for an extended time, depending on the maintenance.

  • Robust metal legs
  • Easy assembly
  • 1000 quality tips
  • 6-foot construction
  • Simple to fluff
  • More fullness could be better

Our Verdict

This artificial tree has a base made of premium metal to deliver excellent steadiness. Measuring 6 feet, it is quite long to stand out from other accessories during the festive seasons. Set it up in a big room to have an appealing and safe placement spot. The branches with 1000 tips are easy to fluff to create a natural feel resembling a genuine pine tree.

#11. Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Goplus Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

  • By: Goplus

There are many reasons why we consider this as among the best artificial Christmas trees. First of all, we love this tree because of its humanized design that lets you come up with creative decor. You can hang ornaments with similar or different colors, shapes, graphics to meet your decorating needs. Also, the natural finish complements an existing style better than other models available in the shops. The reinforced metal stand is stronger than the plastic ones as the foldable base offers maximum stability. The bottom is constructed from premium steel and allow you to fold it smoothly to enhance simple storage. Measuring 6 feet, this item is suitable for larger rooms to ensure a straightforward assembly. It has 821 tips made pf durable PVC to prevent crashing and other damages.

  • Bright 50 LED bulbs
  • Solid metal legs
  • Quality metal stand
  • Easy installation
  • Eco-friendly design
  • It requires a lot of time to fluff the blades

Our Verdict

The above accessory has a user-friendly design to let you personalize the Christmas decorations. It has a durable steel base that folds down quickly to prevent breakage and use of large storage room. Plus, its hinged structure with 560 LEDs offers a lovely glow to bring radiance in any setting. With a 4-piece packaging, it allows an easy row by row set up in minutes.

#10. Christmas Unlit Artificial Tree

Goplus Christmas Tree Unlit Artificial Tree

  • By: Goplus

Whether you use a natural or artificial tree, it should be eye appealing. The above one from Goplus is among the top-rated products with a thick metal trunk to ensure you look stylish in all festivities. Its stable stand is strong enough to offer maximum stability for an extended time as your tree remains in a fixed position. With a 6ft height, it stands out in any room. It makes the holiday mood more exciting for you and your loved ones.although some customers have complained about the flimsy materials of the bladed, they look real to deliver a fuller effect. You don’t need to fluff them to achieve a better and realistic visual.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy iron stand
  • Realistic PVC needles
  • Simple storage
  • Eye-catching design
  • The branches are a bit flimsy

Our Verdict

Goplus Christmas tree is beautiful to add appealing effects in any room. With PVC needles, they are dense and at the same time look more real than the others in the market. It has 1000 branch tips to emulate the natural Christmas tree for a polished finish. This item comes with a sturdy iron stand to deliver firmer support and stability.

#9. Dunhill Fir Christmas Tree

National Tree 4-1:2 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree

  • By: National Tree Company

Some virtual trees are too large and heavy, making portability and installation a difficult task. The newer models like the one come in a compact shape that ensures installation is a breeze. Also, you get to move the tree from one place to another with maximum ease. Measuring 35 inches, the diameter at the bottom has a sturdy stand made of premium metal. It can support your accessory firmly for an extended period until you take down the object. This product is fire resistant to increase safety in your household, and also the all-metal design can bear excessive pressures.

  • 450 clear lights
  • Compact and steady
  • For small spaces
  • Simple to setup
  • Easy to maintain
  • The tree has an odd shape

Our Verdict

The compact size of the Dunhill Fir fake tree is suitable for secondary, or small room decoration, tabletop, living room, and other areas. It is pre-lit to eliminate the need for Christmas lights and at the same time, improve the ambiance. You can use it during the holidays and other occasions. The hinged branch allows quick assembly without the use of special tools.

#8. Red Tinsel Tree

National Tree 2 Foot Red Tinsel Tree

  • By: National Tree Company

If you want a fake tree that comes with a variety of colors, this one from National Tree Company is a good selection. You can pick the shade that fits your lifestyle, including red, black, champagne, pink, turquoise, silver, and white. For a brighter effect, use the lighter tones such as silver and white to make space appear much larger. This works well in bedrooms, kids rooms, dorms, and many others. It is 2ft tall and has a 14-inch diameter, making it among the units that utilize minimal space. Place it on a tabletop with confidence by setting the four-leg stand in a suitable location.

  • Wide variety of colors
  • Four sturdy legs
  • Stable stand
  • Non-allergenic and fire-resistant
  • For indoor and outdoors
  • Not as wide as the picture portrays

Our Verdict

This tree gives you multiple color choices such as turquoise, silver, white, and more to meet everyone’s decor needs. Made of non-allergenic material, your health is safe as you fluff up the included 70 branch tips and also dust off any debris buildup. Assemble it for indoors or outdoes with a cover on any occasion like Christmas and weather conditions such as sunny, windy, and snowy.

#7. Artificial Christmas Tree With Base

National Tree 4.5 Foot Feel-Real

  • By: National Tree Company

Improve the look of your living room, children’s room, or other institutions with this tree. Measuring 4.5 foot, it has a lesser height suitable for small spaces and 38-inch diameter plus a Feel Real technology for excellent realism. The design looks much better than inferior ones which appear all plastic-like from far and near distance. This item comes with 450 bright lights that illuminate a lovely glow to complement the style of the hanging ornaments. The branches are made from natural tree branches to helps create a life-like appearance. Pre-strung with bright lights, they stay lit even if one bulb burns out.

  • Clear and bright lights
  • Hinged for simple assembly
  • Has a better realistic look
  • Strong construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is less full than the others with a similar price

Our Verdict

There is no need to leave the space in your home when you can set up this artificial tree. Built with perfect precision, the edges are smooth and soft to touch. You can hand all your ornaments to suit the occasion and theme of the day or week. Its ‘Feel Real’ tip technology provides an amazing realism.

#6. Carmel Artificial Christmas Tree

Vickerman Carmel Artificial Christmas Tree

  • By: Vickerman

Vickerman has created this artificial tree which has a wide diameter of 42 inches for better stability. Some units have a thin profile making them unable to offer proper support, especially for multiple ornaments. Another thing is the Burlap base made of premium materials to keep the whole structure in a steady postilion. You will not experience any movements or vibrations like the other ones in the market. The included PVC tips are flexible enough to let you have a comfortable shaping for any setup. Use your hands to fluff up the branches to improve the fullness appearance. The above product enhances cleaning, thanks to mess-free and shed-free needles.

  • Simple and yet attractive finish
  • Wide 42-inch diameter
  • Quality Burlap base
  • Flexible PVC tips
  • Allows simple branch shaping
  • Some users complain about crooked branch tips

Our Verdict

Vickerman has not disappointed with this artificial tree that delivers excellent stability than the thin profiles. A 42-inch diameter quickly supports the whole unit as the wide base prevents unnecessary movements. Also, you can use it for indoor in a bedroom, living room and other places. Its maintenance-free structure and a natural appearance are more appealing and easy to care.

#5. Classic Artificial Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Classic Artificial Christmas Tree

  • By: Balsam Hill

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, or another holiday, this tree is an excellent mood booster. It is pre-lit with sparkling lights to add radiance in a setting for a warm glow. You can use multi-colored lighting to deliver a fun and safe atmosphere. The small bulbs are hand-strung for a touch of personalization and help to reduce tangling cables’ appearance. The sturdy PVC needles create a fullness look with their papery and soft structure. The above accessory has 300 clear lights and 886 branch tips to make the finish look more life-like. It comes with a storage bag to keep your essentials safe and cotton gloves to prevent hand damage during lifting, moving, and installing. With all these reasons, there’s no doubt that this tree is among the best artificial Christmas trees on the market.

  • Professionally hand-strung lights
  • Multi-function design
  • Affordable and fuller
  • Improves the mood for the festivity
  • Sturdy branches
  • Lengthy setup because of fluffing the branches

Our Verdict

Make the celebrations more festive with this pre-lit tree. The lights offer a beautiful radiance in a place and also have an eco-friendly design. Featuring 100% PVC needles, they improve the fullness of the whole look to make it more realistic looking. A bonus set of fuses and bulbs act as an instant replacement in case problems arise like short-circuiting or bulb blow up.

#4. Slim Artificial Christmas Tree

National Tree 7.5 Foot Artificial Christmas Tree

  • By: National Tree Company

The thin pencil profile of this fir tree is suitable for displaying in both small and tight spaces. You can set it up in a kids room, living room, and other places with maximum ease. With a hinged branch design, it assembles in minutes and allows you to start decorating instantly. Hang all your favorite Christmas ornaments with different sizes, colors, and shaped on the branches for a holiday effect. An added advantage is a 30-inch diameter base with a metallic base that works exceptionally well to deliver maximum support and stability. Even if you move your product to a different location, it does not leave floor markings. With all these reasons, it’s no doubt that this product is one of the best artificial Christmas trees.

  • Lovely color and design
  • 7.5ft dimensions
  • All-metal construction
  • Fire resistant
  • Non-allergenic material
  • The stand has a poor quality

Our Verdict

We take note of the thin profile resembling a pencil ideal for tight places. This tree is constructed using flame-resistant materials that are safe for you and the environment. Besides, it makes the setup a breeze together with the hinged branches that double as ornament holders. The assembly takes minutes for you to start decorating.

#3. Artificial Tree With Sturdy Base

Best Choice Products SKY2887 7.5ft Artificial Tree

  • By: Best Choice Products

If you dislike buying a fresh tree every occasion, there is another alternative. You can use this artificial one by a renown brand to prevent multiple purchases and constant maintenance. It is well-made and looks like the natural tree while adding beauty to its surroundings. With a height of 7.5 feet, this unit is eye-catching and steady perfect for Christmas holidays. You don’t have to run to the shops every time there is a festivity. Fluffing the branches with 1346 tips is quite easy by hand operation to create a natural and stylish appearance. Not only that but also it gets fuller in minutes for a perfect complementing of decor style.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Full and sleek style
  • quick storage
  • Sturdy steel base
  • Smooth folding mechanism
  • Thinner than other brands

Our Verdict

Invest in an affordable artificial tree that gives you extended use for all occasions. It does not matter if you use it once or multiple times in a year; the performance is top-notch. Standing at 7.5-feet, it looks great from a tall height perfect for the holidays. The folding base is made of premium steel that prevents breakage as it delivers maximum standing stability.

#2. Christmas Tree With Strong & Sturdy Construction

National Tree North Valley 4' Spruce Tree

  • By: National Tree Company

This fake tree is suitable for multiple places, thanks to its high versatility. You can display in children or secondary room to make the space more inviting and elegant looking. The placement does not require any special handling tools or expert to give you convenience. With a unique cone shape, it has hinged branches made from lightweight material for you to hang light ornaments. You can add different sized decorations with the color that meets your decor style. Also, the branches make assembly much more comfortable as you connect to the main trunk. This product used a folding metal stand that firmly supports the whole structure no matter the proximity of operation.

  • Comes with multiple branch tips
  • Strong and steady construction
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Non-allergenic material
  • Quick placement on a tabletop
  • The branch tips are too lightweight which cant hold heavy ornaments steadily

Our Verdict

If you want an artificial tree that can be used in different spots, you have found it. The one above has dimensions of 4ft tall to fit minimal spaces. It looks great and leaves you with an appealing effect. Also, the assembly is a breeze with clear instructions.

#1. Sturdy Dunhill Fir Tree

National Tree 4 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree

  • By: National Tree Company

The best artificial Christmas tree in this list goes to this tree from a renown brand. It is made of quality materials to give you lasting use. Measuring 35 inches in diameter and 4ft tall, it takes up minimal space than the other designs perfect for both small and large spaces. With 559 branch tips, they offer a subtle effect for a fuller look although they need fluffing for the best appearance. Moreover, it has an all-metal style as the figs are connected to the central pole parts with a robust folding tree stand. No more worries about unnecessary movements and accelerated wear when you have this accessory. Its small size lets you display on your tabletop, in children’s or secondary rooms for additional beauty.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy design
  • Good looking
  • Simple to set up
  • Space-saving
  • Needs fluffing to look fuller

Our Verdict

With an all-metal design, this artificial tree ensures a lasting service without worry of breaking and dulling. It comes with a total of 559 branch tips to make the overall look more realistic and full. The material is non-allergenic, making it safe for people with high allergic reactions and also fire resistant to enhance safety.

Buying Guide For The Best Artificial Christmas Tree

Let us look at the top factors that a fake tree has to improve performance and simplicity of use before you buy a suitable one.


The first thing you should check is the tree height. If you live in a small house and purchase a tall one, it might interfere with the existing arrangement. Also, it makes the room feel stuffy instead of appealing. Always measure the product and the room’s dimensions before purchasing to prevent damages and money wastage.

Amount of Blades

The other thing that is important in an artificial tree is the number of tips on the branches. The more the leaves, the better because it makes the overall look fuller-looking and resembling the natural tree. Some design has dense leaves that result in an unattractive view while others are too brittle leading to breaks, especially when loading your ornaments.


Most of these units are made of quality materials to withstand excessive use. Read previous users’ reviews to know about the elements and if they can stand the test over time. For instance, if you move your tree, does it bend or cause floor markings? Check all these factors to get a better judgment on the ideal choice.


Improve your holiday mood and room’s appearance by using the best artificial Christmas tree. It has a lovely design that easily complements an area. The newer models come pre-lit to eliminate the need for lights and give you a straightforward use. Choose one from the above article and make your festivities exciting, safe, and entertaining.

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