Top 12 Best Automatic Gate Openers Of All Time — Review

You can spend your money on a gate operator to keep your loved ones safe. It uses a battery or solar panel to operate, making it energy-efficient and reliable. Plus, the design makes the overall gate look more appealing and fancy. In this review, we have the best automatic gate opener in 2020.

The Top 12 Best Automatic Gate Openers

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#12. Automatic Gate-Solar Opener Package

Mighty Mule MM360-SINGLE Gate-Solar Package

  • By: Mighty Mule

Mighty Mule gate Opener has a simple design to give you a quick installation. It the best automatic gate opener for single swing gates with medium-duty heaviness up to 550 pounds or 16ft log. This specification allows you to DIY at home, hence saving costs for installation and hiring expert installers. Equipped with instructions and assembly DVD, you can read through the directions and for additional information, watch the DVD. With a flexible structure, it is suitable for most single gate types such as ornamental, panel, vinyl, chain link, tube, and wood. The packaging includes a 10W solar panel to operate the gadget using the sun, or you can purchase batteries for added convenience. Its unique Dual Sense Technology adds safety and protection to give you a worry-free operation.

  • For medium-duty gates
  • Versatile construction
  • Comes with a solar panel
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Battery not included

Our Verdict

The above gate opener requires less than an hour to set up to give you a convenient assembly. Featuring a single button remote, the dial is easy to use for opening or closing the gate. Also, an AC transformer comes in handy to load the device as the interactive DVD provides detailed setup information.

#11. Automatic Gate Opener Kit

Liftmaster Automatic Gate Opener Kit

  • By: FAS

A bonus functionality is the Bi-Part Delay that monitors and amends the speed plus position of each wing. That means the primary gate will close last after the other closes. Featuring an innovative LED Diagnostic display, it helps to simplify troubleshooting and installation. For a person with worries about programming, this factor makes the process a breeze. Another thing is the ultra-reliable solar-ready system. That delivers enough power when needed and is energy efficient to maximize the solar panel performance. The above accessory boast of a synchronized close mechanism to ensure the gates close simultaneously. Plus, the Quick Close function closes the gate instantly after your car pull of at the interrupt loop. It uses the highest security standards and 2.0 radio receiver that allows up to 50 remote controls connection.

  • Intuitive LED diagnostic display
  • Comes with a receiver and photocell
  • Monitors the position and speed of each wing
  • Simplifies troubleshooting
  • Ultra-reliable system
  • Hard to install

Our Verdict

This gate opener closes your gates at the same time making it energy efficient. Its solar system design offers an energy-efficient service and prevents damage to your solar panel. With a unique Bi-Part Delay, it quickly and efficiently monitors and adjusts the position and speed of each wing for a simple closing procedure. Besides, its versatile technology ensures you have a better setup and troubleshooting than the rest in the market.

#10. Automatic Gate Opener

Mighty Mule MM262 Automatic Gate Opener

  • By: Mighty Mule

The above device is excellent for dual swing gates up to 300 pounds or 12feet long with a light-duty heaviness. Featuring the newest Dual Sense Technology, it provides additional safety and protection to give a safe operation even in extended use. Plus, the mechanism meets UL325 Standards, making it ideal for beginners and experts. Equipped with an interactive installation DVD and detailed instructions, you can perform a simple DIY assembly without assistance. Not only to save you money but ensure you have an easy time. You can use this gadget with different gate types such as panel, vinyl, wood, tube, and chain link.

  • Ideal for light-duty gates
  • Simple instructions
  • Uses 12V battery or solar panel
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reliable and safe to operate
  • It requires a bit of time to program the opening and closing positions of the gate

Our Verdict

This accessory is designed for dual swing gates up to 300 pounds with light-duty heaviness. It requires a Marine or Automotive 12v battery that delivers at least 250 CCA or a 5-watt FM121 or FM123 10-watt solar panel. Its design is perfect for vinyl, wood, tube, and other dual-gate types.

#9. Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener

ALEKO AC1400NOR Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener

  • By: ALEKO

The Aleko gate opener is the best automatic gate opener to keep you and your family safe. It comes with a dependable and strong motor to enhance the gate running capability. Also, it is chain driven 110V AC AC1400 to deliver exceptional starting torque and well-made to naturally bear continuous operation. It is ideal for keeping gate moving smoothly for an extended time. In case your gateway gets an obstruction, the integrated motor stops and reserves, to ensure any object passing through has maximum safety free from damages. Made with premium aluminum alloy chassis, not only is it corrosion-resistant but also lightweight for a single individual to carry and install. This accessory comes with two remotes consisting of codes to allow you to have a straightforward user programming and erasing.

  • User-programmable remotes
  • Supports up to 100 remotes
  • Adds protection to your home
  • Strong gate motors
  • Durable construction
  • Difficult to install

Our Verdict

We love this gate opener as it increases the security in your home to keep loved ones and valuables safe. The integrated motor opens gates up to 40 feet and 1400 pounds using the supplied 20-foot chain. For extra chain length of string, you can purchase from a reliable brand. The engines are well-made to withstand regular activities as they meet industry safety standards. The system supports up to 100 remotes with a potential for more by using an ALEKO external receiver.

#8. EZGO-Solar Automatic Gate Operator

Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar Automatic Gate Operator

  • By: Mighty Mule

This gate operator gives you an ergonomic service, thanks to its aesthetic and construction. It is made from premium material that can withstand even the harshest use and at the same safeguard the surface from wear and tear. You can use it for continuous-time and get the initial performance. It comes with two remotes to give you a seamless operation without getting out of your vehicle, to save time and energy. Also, the provided solar panel allows you to use the sun to operate the system.

This works well for areas with electricity problems and to give you an energy-efficient performance. Its sturdy structure is suitable for up to 550 pounds or 16 ft long, perfect for ornamental, tube, panel, wood, vinyl or chain link. You can control using a battery or a solar panel for added convenience as you perform an easy DIY set up using the interactive DVD installation.

  • Energy-efficient and dependable
  • Multipurpose
  • Sleek-looking
  • Affordable
  • Quality construction
  • The arm is quite short

Our Verdict

EZGO gate operator looks great and delivers dependable service. Constructed from heavy-duty materials, it can bear even the most robust operations. The included remotes can control the gate from a considerable distance to give you a smooth service inside your car. Also, the solar panel uses 10 watts and works with a strong motor to open and close the gate smoothly.

#7. Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener

USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener

  • By: US Automatic

This gate opener lets you charge it using two different methods either by AC transformer or battery charger. It has a strong linear actuator that gives you up to 400 pounds of thrust for you to open or close effortlessly. Also, you can customize this system with other solar-friendly accessories to meet your needs. Constructed using premium materials, it can bear excess pressures brought by constant and heavy use. This works well for gates that open and frequently close to eliminate the worry of break downs. With informative installation DVD and full-color assembly manual, you can view the simple step by step directions in a friendly print.

  • Simple to operate
  • Dual button transmitters
  • Multiple charging methods
  • Affordable and sturdy
  • Simple installation
  • Lacks U1 battery

Our Verdict

The battery charger and AC transformer load up this gate opener quickly and safely. This system has all mounting hardware to give you easy setup time. Also, the provided dual button transmitters are easy to use without complicated dials. This accessory has a linear actuator and pre-installed components for added convenience.

#6. Automatic Gate Opener With Strong Construction

USAutomatic 020323 Sentry 300 Automatic Gate Opener

  • By: US Automatic

The sentry gate opener offers high-quality service, thanks to commercial-grade construction. It can be powered by a 12V battery that has two charging options, either using the provided AC transformer or recommended US Automatic solar panel kit. The kit allows simple remote assembly as well as minimize the time to complete the setup. With an energy-efficient structure, it provides you weeks of operation even if there is no sun. Plus, a new wiring harness lets you plug-n-go and at the same time eliminates the need for lengthy and complicated cabling. This accessory requires one hour or less for installation, unlike the others that require more than two full hours. It has universal mounting brackets to improve quick pull-to-open or push-to-open assembly onto existing gates. With all these reasons, there’s no doubt that this product is among the best automatic gate openers.

  • Ideal for 400-pound gates
  • Adjustable auto-close function
  • Intuitive control board design
  • Makes wiring simple
  • Strong construction
  • Does not come with a solar panel kit

Our Verdict

This gate opener gives you a lasting and reliable performance better than the other in a similar price range. The included linear actuator gives you 400 pounds of thrust with a 1000-pound compression rating. Open or close time takes around 16 seconds and works well for 20ft farm gates or 12ft ornamental iron gates.

#5. Medium Duty Gate Operator

Mighty Mule MM360 Medium Duty Gate Operator

  • By: Mighty Mule

Mighty Mule has come up with this reliable and attractive gate operator suitable for medium-duty swing gates up to 550-pound weight. Featuring the newest Dual Sense Technology, it offers additional safety and protection while operating. Also, it meets UL325standards to guarantee a secure use for both mild and extreme gate opening and closing. You don’t have to worry about the length of your door as this device supports up to 16 feet to give you a simple installation. For the setup, you can use the detailed instruction, and DVD directions to make the process a breeze. Additionally, it has high compatibility for single gate types like a chain link, panel, vinyl, tube, and wood.

  • Attractive black finish
  • Superior Dual Sense Technology
  • For medium-duty swing gates
  • Supports up to 550 lbs
  • Versatile and reliable construction
  • The motor is a bit slower

Our Verdict

This gate operator looks good and works well for medium-duty swing gates. It can support up to 850-pound or 16ft single swing doors. With a Dual Sense Technology that meets the highest safety standard, it provides additional protection. Operated by 12 V Marine or Automotive battery to produce at least 250 CCA (cold cranking amps ) for best results.

#4. Automatic Gate Opener SetMighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener

  • By: Mighty Mule

This gate opener works great for single swing gates with a maximum of 850 pounds or 18 feet long. The length and heaviness are more than enough to prevent any damage during constant movement. It has a lovely design which makes the whole unit more elegant-looking for different door types. You can install it for an ornamental tube, chain link, vinyl and wood for more convenience. No need to buy separate gate opener for different gate makes. This device is rated among the best for heavy-duty gate operation to improve safety in your home. Featuring an energy-efficient mechanism, it saves you electricity bills as you use a solar panel or a battery. It is an all-inclusive kit with all necessary hardware and instruction, to eliminate the need for an electrician or welding.

  • Works well with gates up to 850 pounds
  • Lovely design
  • Simple installation
  • Sturdy construction
  • Dependable and quick accessibility
  • The wireless receiver needs better strength

Our Verdict

Mighty Mule gate opener allows heavy gate installation that has a maximum of 850 pounds. It comes with easy DIY installation instructions and an interactive DVD for additional help in case of problems. The kit requires zero welding or electricians to give you a straightforward setup.

#3. Multipurpose Automatic Gate Opener

Mighty Mule MM560 18' Automatic Gate Opener

  • By: Mighty Mule
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There are many reasons why we consider this as one of the best automatic gate openers. First of all, Mighty Mule company has a lot of products that improve a person’s lifestyle, including this gate opener. It has a higher versatility than other models making it ideal for all single gate types such as ornamental, tube, panel, chain link, wood, and vinyl. With professional-grade Start / Stop feature, it helps increase hardware and opener life to ensure you have a constant use. It comes with an AC transformer and 12V 7-amp/hour battery to ensure you never run pout of juice during operation. The battery runs for a long time before the need for a change. The above accessory has an instruction manual plus an interactive DVD to make setup a breeze. Its solar capability requires a 4-watt solar panel to operate the gate device.

  • Cost-effective and sturdy
  • Dual Sense Technology
  • Safe and simple operation
  • Allows DIY installation
  • Multipurpose
  • Instructions could be better

Our Verdict

The above accessory has a modern construction that allows use on different gate types such as ornamental, tube and panel for added convenience. With a single button remote, you can operate with ease as you press the start/stop button. This eliminates the need for getting out of a car after a long day.

#2. Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

  • By: CO-Z

CO-Z gate opener is constructed for constant and heavy-duty sliding door up to 40 feet or 1,400 pounds. Made from stainless steel material, it delivers batter strength than the rest in the market and at the same time prevents rusting. Now, you have a reliable accessory that gives you the expected results with minimal maintenance. The included chain helps make the setup easier and motion a breeze. Boasting of a powerful and quiet 200w motor, it quickly drives the opener at 43ft/min speed while producing a minimum sound of below 56 decibels. Not only to give you a noise-free but also reliable service. You can use the auto-close feature as you set between 12-36 seconds timing after the gate opens. Also, you can add up to 23 remotes for more convenience to control the opening system.

  • Durable and safe
  • Auto-close function
  • Ideal up to 100 feet distance
  • Unique RF Hopping Code Mechanism
  • Simple to operate
  • The motor produces little noise

Our Verdict

The above gate opener is excellent for heavy-duty and constant sliding doors. With convenient remote controls work seamlessly with 100 feet distance to prevent getting out of a car to open the get. Not only to save time but also give you a faster operation. It comes with intuitive buttons for opening, closing, stop opening, and close opening that is easy to operate even for a beginner user.

#1. TDS2 Automatic Gate Opener Kit

Ghost Controls TDS2 Automatic Gate Opener Kit


There is a reason why this gate opener is among the most used by beginners and experts. Not only that, it’s known to be among the best automatic gate openers. It has a powerful construction that can withstand extreme use suitable for swing gates with a height of 20 feet and below. This lets you fix most standard doors confidently and with precise accuracy. It requires a battery with 12V or solar panel to operate, giving you a wide choice of the power mechanism. Another thing we like is its versatility that fits as a replacement for Linear Pro Access, Mighty Mule, Pro 2000XLS, GTO as well as GG competitive openers. For best setup, the provided installation fasteners and hardware are safe to enhance a DIY using standard tools. This item comes certified and made from heavy-duty material to give you lasting performance.

  • Long ft cable
  • Comes with a reliable AC transformer
  • Easy to open and close
  • Quality construction
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Requires a lengthy installation

Our Verdict

Ghost Controls gate opener is suitable for heavy use without malfunctioning. With two 3-button remote transmitters, you can control the movement of the gate at the comfort of your home. Also, it prevents manual opening and closing of the gate suitable for people with limited hand and leg mobility.

Tips For The Best Automatic Gate Opener

An automatic gate opener helps to improve the security in your home for your loved ones and valuables. Having it could deter thieves and other unauthorized personnel from trespassing and causing damage to your property. Also, it increases security and at the same time, makes your home look expensive and appealing.

Gate Type

What is your main reason for getting a gate opener? If you have either a swinging or sliding gate, numerous designs cater to these models. The main concern is the space you have and the dimensions of the door. For instance, the swing style opens like a door and requires additional room than a sliding gate. It is usually used in residential situations such as gated neighborhood, apartment complex, or someone’s home. When it comes to security, they are less secure than the sliding versions because they can be pushed open. For a place with less space, it is a nice idea to use automatic sliding gates.


The newer designs of gate operators allow you to open your gate in a variety of ways. You can utilize a remote control because it is the most convenient method and prevents you from getting out of your car. Plus, it is easy to operate and simple to maintain. Unfortunately, the designs make it easy for people to steal, manipulate, and clone, making them less secure if you are not careful. The other way to operate is using an access card or fobs that don’t use batteries. The other method is the use of a keypad and typing in a specialized access code.

In Conclusion

Protect your valuables and family from intruders by using the best automatic gate opener. It is easy to operate and requires a simple setup to enhance security around your home. If you want a reliable one that delivers the expected results, pick one from the products above.

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