The 10 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers You Should Own

Looking for the best automatic pill dispensers? If you are reading this article, you probably are. Maybe you want if for your parents, grandparents, your spouse, or even yourself. Whichever the reason, one thing is that you want the best one. It should be able to dispense the right amount, work with most pills, is easy to use, and also comes with good memory functions, and can handle the desired volume. The truth is that you’ll come across all manner of products. Some work very well, others are more average, while others aren’t worth even mentioning. To save you lots of stress, effort and time, we have reviewed the best automatic pill dispenser. You just need to read the following review to the end.

The Top 10 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers

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#10. Bluetooth Pill Dispenser With Alarm

Live Fine Bluetooth Pill Dispenser, Automatic 28 Day Pill Delivery System with Alarm

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  • By: LiveFine

If you want the best automatic pill dispenser, you should give this piece thought. One thing we like about it is a simple nature. This makes using it easy even for a novice. Adding the pills is not a problem, and so is dispensing them. Besides, it comes with a plain white color which looks very sanitary. It also has a smooth surface and minimal edges for easy maintenance and cleaning. The built-in digital LCD is also easy to read, and this minimizes the possibility of making an error.

It comes with 6 dosage templates to help you out. The possibility of making an error is greatly minimized by its highly accurate nature. The unit is smart and will work with apps to improve the operation and also to help you to set the dosages. Furthermore, it has an audible alert to remind you of taking the pills. This can be programmed for as many as 28 days without problems.

  • Good design and capacity
  • Very easy to use
  • Works well and is accurate
  • Effective flashing light alert
  • Clear easy read LCD
  • It may not be very effective for very small pills

Our Verdict

With this unit, dispensing pills becomes easier and more convenient. This also minimizes the possibility of overdosing. It’s designed for most users and comes in Avery practical size. It works great and has a user-friendly LCD to help you out. Moreover, you also get nice audio and visual alert.

#9. 28-Day Portable Medication Planner & Organizer

VitaWorks Automatic Pill Dispenser – 28-Day Portable Medication Planner and Organizer

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  • By: VitaWorks

Dispensing pills is easier with this unit by Vita Works. It comes ready to use and doesn’t require additional items. Simply unpack it, place it where you need it, and then program it as per your needs. It has a simple design that improves its usability and also minimizes possibility or error. The item is fairly accurate and chances of releasing more than the set pills are very low. What’s more, you get a clear LCD display which indicates the capacity.

We like the nice flashing light that alerts you of the process as well as the portable nature. This makes moving it or carrying it much easier. You can, therefore, place it in many settings including the bedroom, living room, bathroom and more. The unit can dispense as many as 6 pills in a day, and you can program it for up to 28 days. And from what most consumers say, it’s a fairly accurate system.

  • Easy to use
  • Works great and very accurate
  • Handles pills or different sizes rather well
  • The LCD is clear and easy to read
  • Good visual and audio alert

Our Verdict

This is definitely one of the best automatic pill dispensers in the market. It works very well and is less prone to the pills sticking like most other types. Moreover, it comes ready to use, and you won’t need extra accessories. It dispenses the pills as designed, and you can easily set the dosage as per your need.

#8. Automatic Pill Dispenser

MedaCube Automatic Pill Dispenser

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  • By: PharmAdva

With the best automatic pill dispenser, the day of missed pills will be gone. This is a top choice and is loved for its effectiveness, simplicity, and reliability. It easy to use and will work with most pills, both small and large. Adding them into the compartment is easy, and it also can handle the good volume. This saves you from having to keep refilling it all the time. It’s an automatic piece and will release the pill(s) as you have set. You can program the dispensing in terms of dosage as well as schedule, and each is very easy to do.

We give it thumbs up for being fairly accurate, and there are minimal chances of it releasing more than the stipulated number. We also love how easy and setup and operation is. What’s more, you can always get alerts or set reminders on its operation. This can be via text, phone or emails. This is especially important if it’s being used by someone else.

  • It’s very easy to setup
  • Timely alert and easy programming
  • Good quality and safe design
  • Works great and accurately
  • Suitable for most pills
  • It looks somewhat bulky

Our Verdict

This dispenser works quite well. You can use it at home, nursing home, caregiver centers, and many other places. The accessory has good capacity and will hold a decent volume. Moreover, it has a simple mechanism which is also very accurate. It can be mounted on a wall without problems and also doesn’t require lots of maintenance.

#7. Automatic Pill Dispenser With 28-Day Electronic Medication Organizer

LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser with 28-Day Electronic Medication Organizer

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  • By: Live Fine

Forget having to constantly monitor your pill taking. You also don’t need to keep a sharp eye on someone else. What you require is this device that will handle the pills in a safer and more hygienic manner. In addition, it will help to release the set quantity. This will depend on the number you have programmed. All the functions are well displayed on the LCD, and you can easily tell what’s remaining and what has been dispensed. Besides, you also have alerts and reminders to keep the user in check.

The nicely-built unit can release up to 6 pills in a day and will work for as many as 28 days without problems. This means that you won’t need to constantly add pills. We give it thumbs up for the good management system as well as the automatic working. Also, The Bluetooth System allows you to pair it with iOS and Android devices.

  • The LCD is easy to read
  • The alert system works well
  • User-friendly digital Interface
  • Many safety features
  • Lightweight and easy to move around with
  • It won’t work okay when turned upside down

Our Verdict

Many consumers agree that this is among the top automatic pill dispensers you’ll find in the market. It can handle a decent volume of pills and will accurately dispense then. The interface is very friendly, and you also get a simple and easy to understand LCD. Besides, it handles pills of different sizes rather well.

#6. 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser With Clear Lid

GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser with Clear

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  • By: Med-e-lert

If you wish for the most effective automated pill dispenser, the GMS Automatic unit is ideal. Something we like regarding it is the versatile design that suits it for most situations. This also makes using it very easy for an amateur. Adding the tablets is not an issue, just like dispensing them. Besides, it looks extremely hygienic thanks to the design and color. The smooth surface cleans easily and is also less prone to becoming dirty, stained, oily or greasy.

It has a clear lid for easy viewing of the contents. The integrated electronic LCD is additionally very easy to check out, and this lessens the likelihood of making a mistake. In addition, it includes 6 dose rings. And thanks to being automatic, you will have an easier time operating it. Moreover, it has a distinct alert to advise you of taking the tablets, and this can be configured for 28 days.

  • Holds a sizeable volume of pills
  • Good memory and saves the settings of the program well
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Handles different types and sizes of pills well
  • Made from safe materials
  • It’s not ideal to mount on a wall

Our Verdict

This dispenser makes taking oils simpler as well as easier. It likewise lessens the odds of overdosing or forgetting. It’s well made and as is available in a very sensible size for easy placing in most places. Moreover, it functions great and also has an easy to use LCD to aid you out.

#5. 7 Day Pill Organizer & Large Capacity Pill Case

Weekly Pill Box (3:4 Times a Day), 7 Day Pill Organizer, Large Capacity Pill Case

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  • By: ZAKAA

Giving tablets is much easier with this device by ZAKAA. It will work from the start and also does not call for additional accessories or lots of skill. You merely unpack it, position it where you require it, and follow the instructions on how to add the pills. It will release the tablets as per your programming and does so in a very simple manner. It has an easy style that boosts its use as well as likewise reduces the probability of errors.

The product is fairly accurate, and you also have a clear LCD at hand. Moreover, the blinking light signals you of the procedure and collaborates with the alert. Thanks to the lightweight and compact nature, carrying it is a lot easier. You can set it up in the bedroom, living space, shower room, and more areas. Besides, it’s waterproof and will make certain the tablets stay dry, and this prevents them from sticking or getting jammed in the system.

  • Looks colorful and elegant
  • Easy to add pills and also dispenses accurately
  • Made of BPA-free and safe plastic
  • Moisture-free to keep the contents dry
  • Good capacity
  • It’s not a very large unit

Our Verdict

This is among the best-automated pill dispensers in the marketplace. It functions quite well and also is much less susceptible to the tablets sticking like a lot of various other kinds. Additionally, it comes all set to utilize, and also you will not require additional devices. You can conveniently set the dose according to your demand.

#4. Automatic Pill Dispenser With Locked & Tipping Station

E-Pill | MedTime Automatic Pill Dispenser Locked and Tipping Station

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  • By: e-pill Medication Reminders

Just like suggested by the brand name, this gadget will always remind you of taking your pills. This saves you from forgetting or accidentally swallowing more pills that required due to confusion. The e-pill MedTime unit is perfect for most users and can be used in most sections. This can be at home, nursing home, elderly homes, and many other places. We love the simple design as well as the portable nature.

It can handle as many as 6 dosages in a day and works relatively accurately. The possibility of it releasing more pills or jamming is very low. Besides, it has a good capacity to hold a reasonable number of pills. Thanks to the design, chances of it accidentally spilling pills are very low. Moreover, it can be locked for extra safety. You can set up to 6 alarms every day, comes with nice flashing lights and also has a good management system.

  • Good spill-resistant design
  • Nice flashing light
  • Easy to set the alarms
  • User-friendly design and easy to use
  • Good capacity and accurate
  • The pill may stick if the unit is handled roughly

Our Verdict

This device makes taking medication easy. It releases just the right amount. It also does so in a convenient matter. Moreover, it will alert you and also keeps tabs on what is left. Using the item is non-completed thanks to the simple nature. And compared to most other options, it’s less likely for the pills to jam.

#3. XL Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser With Patient Dispensing History Log

E-Pill | MedTime XL Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser with Patient Dispensing History Log

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  • By: e-pill Medication Reminders

E-Pill | MedTime XL dispenser will make you forget constantly monitoring the pills you are taking. It also minimizes the possibility of forgetting to take medication or taking more than the recommended dosage. It comes in a safe and hygienic nature to keep the contents safe and clean. Besides, you can easily tell the volume remaining inside the compartment. You also receive alerts to keep tabs on the oils and the dosage.

The unit is well-built and will release pills in as many as 28 days without problems. You won’t need to keep adding pills, and it also has a good management system. The built-in history log is a handy function that helps you monitor the use. This is especially important if you are taking care of the elderly. It comes with an easy locking mechanism to prevent spillage or improper access by an unauthorized person.

  • Easy locking and unlocking
  • Good dispensing and organization
  • Clear audible alarm
  • Filling and programming it is easy
  • Simple strong design
  • It’s a little expensive than some options

Our Verdict

Many consumers rank this unit as among the best automatic pill dispensers in the market. It handles a decent volume of pills and is also very accurate. The design and interface are very friendly, and you will also find a simple and clear LCD. Besides, it handles different pills rather well.

#2. 7-Day Pill Organizer Case

7 Day Pill Organizer Case Stackable Weekly Supplements Vitamins Pills Holder Dispenser

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  • By: Zwish

Anyone looking for the top-rated automatic pill dispenser will love this unit from Zwish. One noticeable thing is the relatively large lid which is also transparent. This allows you to see the contents. Besides, it has a good capacity to hold a reasonable number of pills. In fact, you can set it to dispense the pills from as many as 7 days, and it will work great. It’s a well-made piece and feels very durable. Moreover, it will handle the operation, falls, abrasion and many other things well. It won’t crack, warp, or lose its effectiveness easily.

This contains non-toxic and BPA-free materials to minimize the chances of side effects or any allergies. It also prevents any contamination that May cues counter integration. The stackable nature allows you to pack it better and also move around with it more conveniently. And when not using it for pills, you can use it to place your jewelry, fish food, and nail glitter, cosmetics and much more.

  • Good capacity and easy dispensing
  • Large clear lid
  • Made of tough and durable materials
  • BPA-free and Eco-friendly materil
  • No allergies and easy stacking
  • May not work effectively with some pills

Our Verdict

We agree that this is among the best automatic pill dispensers in the market. It works quite well and will release the tablet easily. Compared to other types, it’s less susceptible to jamming. Besides, the clear lid improves visibility and convenience. It’s toxic-free, BPA-free, and won’t cause any allergies or side effects.

#1. Locking Automatic Pill Dispenser With Alarm

MedELert Locking Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarm and Clear and Solid Covers

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  • By: Active Forever

MedELert automatic pill dispenser will handle all kinds of pills quite well. It’s well made and is hygienically made to prevent any contamination. In addition, it is very accurate and comes with a dry interior to prevent the pills from sticking to each other. This makes it less likely for the tablets to get jammed in the system. The display shows all the functions well whereas the simple interface improves the programming and operation.

The built-in alerts help to keep tabs on the pills as well as the process. It’s made from safe materials and won’t rust, corrode or get discolored. The nicely-built gadget can store up to 504 pills thanks to the 28 compartments, each capable of holding as many as 18 pills. It is powered by LID 4 AA batteries and comes with 6 dosage rings and 6 alarms. Unlike other types, this one retains its memory settings even when the battery is removed.

  • Good capacity and easy loading
  • It retains its settings even after changing the battery
  • The lid is clear for easy viewing
  • It runs smoothly and silently
  • Works with most types of pills
  • May feel a little hard to lock the lid

Our Verdict

This pill dispenser can handle a decent volume of pills and can be programmed for up to 28 days. It will accurately dispense them and has a very friendly and simple interface. It’s also easy to operate and comes with an easy to understand LCD. Moreover, it handles pills of different sizes and is less likely to jam.


After perusing the best automatic pill dispenser review, acquiring a good product should now be easier. You don’t need to go about the process blindly, settle for a very expensive unit, or find yourself looking for replacements because it broke down too soon. Moreover, we only picked items that we are sure will work okay, are safely made, and will put up with the needs. Like any other item, it’s always important to know how to operate one. This video will guide you on this. With the best automatic pill dispenser, you or the user will have pace-of-mind.

1 thought on “The 10 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers You Should Own”

  1. Proper Care of Automatic Pill Dispenser

    Proper Installation: You should place the unit as recommended. Most types need to be placed on a flat surface. Holding it vertically may cause the system to malfunction. You’ll, however, come across types that require to be mounted on the wall. It’s also important to minimize unnecessary vibration.

    Dry Environment: The interior of the dispenser as well as the tablets need to be dry at all times. The moisture or wetness will make the pills stick together and this increases the chances of them sticking to each other. What this means is that the pills won’t come out as designed.

    Regular Cleaning: Like any other item, even the best automatic dispenser will get oily, dirty, dusty, or greasy over time. It’s critical that you clean it frequently to prevent the mentioned items including bacteria and germs from finding their way inside. This may contaminate the oils and lead to allergies or side effects.


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