Top 8 Best Battery Load Testers In 2021 — Products Review

Picture this. You wake up one morning, and you go to start the car. You then hear nothing, not even a cranking sound. Or you hear the clicking sound that is accustomed to a drained battery. One thing you are sure of it’s is that you didn’t leave any electronics or lights on. However, how can you confirm that it is the battery and how can you check its healthy status? Here we are talking about the voltage, current, cranking amperage (CCA), and other things. Well, all up need is the best battery load tester.

The device gives you detailed information about the battery. This allows you to get a clearer picture of the battery. Yes, it may indicate that the voltage is e okay. However, the current or amperes may be off. Or maybe it will hold a charge for a shorter period than what is expected of it. This gadget will save you lots of guesswork, time and money. You don’t want to replace the battery only to discover that it was okay and that there was something else that was draining the power. It is also costly to take it for a load test to a professional or repair shop. In tie following review, we will look at the top battery load testers in the market.

The Top 8 Best Battery Load Testers

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#8. Automotive Tester On Cranking System, Charging System & Battery

TT TOPDON AB101 Automotive Battery Tester on Cranking System, Charging System and Battery

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First in our list of the best battery load tester, we have the TT TOPDON AB101 battery tester. This product is a good choice for inexperienced users and professionals. It works with most standard batteries, including wet cell, soled, deep cycle and many more. The display is clear and easy to read. You don’t need to strain your eyes to see what’s being shown. It is a fairly accurate piece that gives you the correct statues. It comes calibrated and ready to use. You also do not need to use a complex setup procedure.

The color-coded scale makes knowing battery status easy. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time using it, for you will be able to understand. We love the versatility that makes it compatible with many types of batteries. It is also ergonomically styled for secure handling and is made from long-lasting and durable materials. For smoother operation, it comes with h basic instructions inside the pack.

  • The battery tester is simple and easy to operate
  • It comes ready to use and doesn’t require a complex setup
  • The versatile piece works with different kinds of batteries
  • It is easy to read and has a large display
  • May not work with some batteries

Our Verdict

This is a good battery load tester to have around. It comes with many cool features and is easy to use. The display is color-coded for easier reading, and the numbers are obvious. It is versatile and works with many types of batteries. It is a lightweight and compact unit, and carrying it should be convenient.

#7. Pro Battery Analyzer Automotive

FOXWELL BT100 Pro Battery Analyzer 12V Automotive Battery Load Tester Health

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If you want a battery tester that is easy to use, you should not look further than the FOXWELL BT100 Pro. It’s been in the market for some time and has made itself a name. It is effortless to use, comes in a user-friendly style, and is long-lasting. Although basic, it will deliver decent service. This is why it’s a popular pick by both newbies as well as professionals. The gadget will indicate many parameters including voltage, temperature, current and cranking amperage. All the details are clearly visible in the large interface. It is an energy-efficient unit, which does not use up lots of energy.

It will work with cars, motorcycles, marine and other kinds of batteries. Connecting it to the battery is straightforward, and you will get the readings instantly. Thanks to the compact nature and lightweight, carrying the unit is also convenient.

  • Features a color-coded display for easy reading
  • The indicators are clear and also well designed
  • Works with most batteries in the market
  • The battery tester is lightweight and compact
  • It’s not designed for 24volt batteries

Our Verdict

This battery load tested is perfect for any user. It is simple and easy to use even by a beginner. The results are shown on a nice and simple interface, which is color-coded for easier understanding. It is relatively lightweight and compact. Moving around with it has or storage is therefore not a problem.

#6. 130 Amp Heavy Duty Battery Load Tester

OTC 3181 130 Amp Heavy-Duty Battery Load Tester

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  • By: OTC

This load tester is just what you and other people need. It is fundamental and is easy to understand even by a novice user. It is an analog unit, which features a large and clear display. You see different color codes on the screen that will indicate the status of the battery. It will handle up to 130 amps without any trouble. Hooking it up to a battery is also straightforward. You get two large clips that connect to the positive and the negative terminals of the battery.

You should get the results within seconds. One thing that this unit is praised for is the accurate results. It also maintains excellent performance for a long time. The sturdy unit feels solid and should handle the use, bangs, and abrasion and environments factors well. It is made of durable materials and should deliver long-lasting service. There’s no doubt that this product is one of the best battery load testers.

  • It is very easy to use and also works great
  • Heavy-duty design and lasts a long time
  • Comes with color-coded screen for easy reading
  • It works with many types of batteries
  • It is not suitable for alternator testing

Our Verdict

This is a nice and battery load tester. It’s very simple and using it should be easy. It works right from the box and doesn’t need a complex setup. The results are clearly shown on the screen and since it’s color-coded it’s easy to understand the findings.

#5. Automotive Battery Load Tester

Battery Tester FOXWELL BT705 Automotive 100-2000 CCA Battery Load Tester, 12V 24V

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Coming from one of the well-known brands, the Tester FOXWELL BT705 will help you diagnose the battery professionally and cheaply. It hooks up to the battery readily thanks to the nice and heavy-duty clamps. They maintain a firm hold to ensure the findings are accurate. It will work with many types of batteries in the market. These include Deep Cycle, regular flooded, AGM flat plate, GEL, and AGM spiral, among others.

It will handle voltages ranging from 12 to 24 volts DC. Moreover, it is ideal for cracking amperes ranging from a low 100 up to 000 CCA. The unit is well built and is less likely to be damaged. It’s also simple but quite effective. Other than the battery, it is also effective for use with alternators. It is based on leading technology that ensures the readings are precise and accurate. And like most in this review, it has a large and easy-to-view display.

  • Using the gadget is simple and easy
  • It handles different kinds of batteries well
  • The device is accurate and energy efficient
  • Easy to read large backlit LCD display
  • Not suitable for 6V batteries

Our Verdict

This battery load tester will make your life easy. It is very simple in design and easy to use, and also works fast. The readings are easy to see and relay the results instantly. The tester is accurate and works on both 12 and 24 V batteries.

#4. Professional Automotive Load Battery Tester

ANCEL BA101 Professional 12V 100-2000 CCA 220AH Automotive Load Battery Tester

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  • By: ANCEL

Are you looking for the best battery load tester? ANCEL has what you need. With this relatively small device, you should be able to test the worth of your battery. It checks the amperage, load voltage, unloaded voltage, as well as cranking amperes. The unit, although small, has a decent screen that makes viewing the results easy. It is also a fast unit and will show the readings within seconds. This is designed for 12V batteries and should be okay with motorcycles, cars, as well as boat batteries.

It handles different current well, both low and high. The cranking capacity of 100-2000 is good and ideal for every operation. It is a digital piece that uses advanced technology. The results, in comparison to other alternatives, are more accurate. It is also energy efficient and well built to handle the operations. Besides the battery, you can also check the alternator with it.

  • Good design and very practical
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Good clear display and visible digits
  • Works well with many types of batteries
  • Not designed for 24volt batteries and charging systems

Our Verdict

If you want a reliable yet simple battery tester, you will find this unit by Ancel a good choice. We love how simple it is and the large screen. The unit tests different parameters including load voltage, charging systems, current/ amperes and much more. It’s compact, lightweight and easy to move around with.

#3. Digital Battery & System Tester

SOLAR BA9 40-1200 CCA Digital Battery and System Tester

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  • By: Clore Automotive

SOLAR BA9 is a powerful battery tester that will prove useful in many situations. It packs advanced technology that will test different aspects of the battery. These include standing voltage, load voltage, cranking amperes, current and much more. Its CCA testing capacity is from 40 up to 1200 while it handles voltages from 7 up to 15. It is compatible with Flooded, AGM, Gel, Spiral and other battery types. The unit is much small than most in its category. However, it performs much better. You will see the results in seconds, and they are clearly displayed on the simple interface.

Its travel-worthy thanks to the lightweight and compact nature. It has also ergonomically styled and will not inconvenience you during use or handling. The device is not just suitable for batteries but also for regulators, alternators, charging systems and much more. It’s a solid piece which should handle the operation and environmental factors well. If handled well, it will serve you for many tears.

  • Simple style for easy operation
  • Works fast and the results are accurate
  • Suitable for most types of batteries
  • Made of tough and durable materials
  • Not suitable for 6V or 24V batteries

Our Verdict

This is among the simplest battery testers you will find in the market. This makes using it easy for novices and also experienced people. It relays the results within a short time and is very accurate. It’s made from tough materials and will endure the use, heats, bangs, falls, and much more.

#2. 12V Car Battery & Alternator Tester

CARTMAN 12V Car Battery & Alternator Tester - Test Battery Condition & Alternator Charging

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With this unit by Cartman, you get one of the best battery load testers in the market. It will work effectively with different types of batteries. The clamps feel very solid thanks to the strong materials of constructions. The cables are equally strong and suffer from minimal resistance. This allows the voltage or current to pass through faster. This also ensures you get the correct reading in the shortest time possible.

It features well-sized indicators, which tell you the heath of the battery. The unit is energy efficient and does not use a lot of energy. You can use it on a battery, alternator, charging system even when the car is running. It is very safe and will put-up with the activity well. We like the small size and compact nature because it boosts handling, carrying, and storage.

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  • Tests batteries, alternators, regulators charging systems and starters
  • Comes with heavy-duty clamps and sturdy copper cables
  • Works with Many types of batteries, alternators…
  • Easy to use and very reliable
  • Not designed for 24V batteries and charging systems

Our Verdict

This is a very reliable battery tester. It works faster then most options in the market. At the same time, the results are more accurate. The unit has a strong case/ shell, which is less likely to break due to bangs, impact, falls and other things. The cables and clamps feel strong and have good conductivity.

#1. 100A Battery Load Tester & Voltmeter

Schumacher BT-100 100A Battery Load Tester and Voltmeter

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  • By: Schumacher

The Schumacher BT-100 is a popular analog battery load tester. You will find many people owning it. Most like it because it has minimal frills which makes it very practical. Otters love how accurate it is and the decent performance. It is a good pick for 6 and 12V systems and can handle many aspects. These include checking the current draw, standing voltage, load voltage, diagnosing the entire charging system and much more.

It connects to the battery easily and has minimal current draw. The sturdy clamps and high-quality copper wires experience minimal resistance. This leads to more accurate results. It will handle CCA up to 1000 without any issues. Areas of application include cars, vans, light trucks, ATVs, RVs, motorcycles, boats, lawn tractor and many more. For easier operation, it comes with top-mounted rocker switch.

  • Works with both 6 and 12V batteries and charging systems
  • Simple design and easy to use
  • High quality and longlasting
  • Quick and accurate results
  • Doesn’t work with 24v batteries or charging systems

Our Verdict

This device is simple in design and in operation too. It is also accurate and will help you know the status of a battery, alternator and charging systems. It works okay with 6-12V Dc batteries. You can, therefore, use it on car, boat, ATVs, minivan, and light truck batteries.

Features to Look at In a Battery Load Tester

You need a reliable battery load tester so that you can easily and conveniently check the status of the battery. This applies to automotive, marine, ATV, and other types of batteries. In so doing, you will monitor its condition and will know when its time for a replacement. Failure to which may mean you being stuck in the middle of or by the road. The device is easy it use and affordable. You’ll also find many types of products. However, which one should you go for? To find the best one, you should focus on the following things:

Battery Type

There are many types of batteries. Some are suitable for cars, others for marine (boats, yacht…) while some will power all-terrain vehicle (ATV), motorcycles, machinery and much more. You also get lead-acid, sealed, gel, deep cycle, AGM, lithium-ion, and many more. The capacities and sizes will also vary with some rated 12V, while others are 24 volts. A good tester is versatile and will work with a wide array of batteries. This allows you to test the available types with ease. It also saves you money since you will not need to buy several devices.

Ease of Use

It is important to go for a device that is easy to use even for a novice user. You don’t require an item that has a complex design or relays the findings in technical jargon. What you want is easy and simple. It should clearly show the voltage, current/ amperage, CCA, temperature, and other things. The numbers should be legible and easy-to-see. Digital types seem more user-friendly than the analog type. Hooking up the unit to the battery should also be straightforward. No need for additional accessories. A good tester will come ready to use right out of the pack. It won’t need a complicated or technical setup procedure.


You should choose a product that is easy to carry around, and also store. This simply means it shouldn’t be too large or too bulky. The style should also improve movability. For example, it should have a slim profile, which is easier to handle, should be compact since this will save space, and should have a handle for easy carrying. A lightweight unit is more preferred to a heavy one. You also should consider an ergonomically styled piece. No one wants to feel inconvenienced using or carrying the unit.


Is the load tester compatible with your battery? This is one of the questions that will guide you in the search process. Truth is that many products will claim that they will work with most batteries. However, unless you read the fine print or the specifications, you may end up with something not suitable for your battery. The first step is to know the kind of battery you have. Is it a wet cell, deep cycle, lead-acid, lithium-ion, or what? Is it a 12 or a 24-volt unit? After that, you will look for a gadget that states it supports the battery.


The kind of brand you go for greatly influences the load tester you will end up with. If you go for a well-known and established brand, chances are higher that you will have a good product. However, if you go for a unit that is lesser-known in the market or comes from a new company, chances are higher that it may not be so reliable. Talking to friends, reading reviews, and a bit of background check helps to gauge the reliability and credibility of the brand. What’s more, a good company will already be known in the market.


You shouldn’t feel frustrated because your car fails to start at times, yet you think the battery is Okay. You also should not be driving a car while you suspect that the battery is on its way out. The best solution to such issues is getting a load setter. The device will help to check all the parameters of the battery. These include voltage, current, cranking current, temperature and much more. It comes in a basic style and is easy to use. Moreover, the above-listed products are versatile and will work with a range of batteries in the market. By choosing the best battery load tester, you will save yourself time, effort, money and will have more peace-of-mind.

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