Discover Top 10 Best Beginner Sewing Machines In 2021 — Products Review

As a beginner, finding the right sewing machines can be challenging. You may be confused by the so many types, numerous brands, or don’t know what to look it for. And like any other user, you want the best results. The stitches should come out right and the job should look professional. Finding a specific product is without-doubt- no easy feat. You need to have some substantial knowledge, spend a bit of time researching and learning about the machines, and also be prepared to use some effort comparing different products. You, however, don’t have to go through the long route. The shorter and more straightforward approach is simply reading reliable reviews. In this article, for instance, we have outlined the best beginner sewing machines in the market. All that you need to do now is to go through the article and pick one.

The Top 10 Best Beginner Sewing Machines

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#10. Mini Sewing Machine With Dual Speed

Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner, Dual Speed Portable Sewing Machine...

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  • By: Magicfly

This is a nice portable machine for beginners. It will teach a new user the art faster than most other types. This is due to the simple nature. The accessory comes in a small and compact size and takes up minimal space on the desk or countertop. It’s also lighter than other options and this improves handling. Although small and basic, it doesn’t produce good professions results. It’s also easy to use and will sew on different fabrics well. It is powered by either DC or AC power and is relatively quiet. This allows the user to operate it even in a quiet environment.

  • Well built and high quality
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Produces quality and strong stitching
  • Seamless cooperation and not very noisy
  • It’s not intended for demanding or heavy-duty use

Our Verdict

This is indeed a good sewing machine. It should help a new user learn well and has a shorter learning curve. It’s well made from tough materials and takes up minimal space. Despite the small size, it does deliver good results. It’s useful in the home, travel, school, and many other places. Thanks to the lightweight and compact size, moving around with it is easy.

#9. Mini Portable Double Speed Kid’s Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine, Mini Portable Double Speed Kid's Sewing Machine for Beginners…

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  • By: APlus+

This is an upgraded unit and should work better than the earlier type. It targets kids who are new or interested in sewing. The small and compact size boosts handling, carrying, and operation. It offers the basic minimum, which shortens the learning curve. The lightweight and ergonomic styling improve the carrying and portability. For easy learning and convenience, it comes with a large extension table. This also prevents the job from falling to the floor.

For extra functionality, it comes with two speeds. It’s a safe machine since it doesn’t contain any toxic compounds. It’s also eco-friendly and child-safe. The mini sewing machine runs via DC power (4 x AA battery) or AC via an adapter. Maintaining and taking care of it is also simple.

  • Good size and weight
  • Delivers good results
  • Has a shorter learning curve than most others
  • Small size and portable
  • It’s mostly suited for kids, not adults

Our Verdict

Your kid or teen child will find this sewing machine quite good. It’s small in size hence easy to operate. It also comes in a kid-friendly styling. The controls are easy to reach and not very many. The mini sewing unit works great and delivers good results.

#8. Strong & Tough Sewing Machine

Brother Sewing Machine, ST371HD, Strong and Tough Sewing Machine…

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  • By: Brother

This should be a good deal for any aspiring sewing enthusiasts. It’s very simple in design and also compact. The controls are well within reach and it’s also very responsive. It’s suitable for use at home, school and many other places. Although defined as a beginner sewing machine, it’s also suitable for skilled users and professionals.

It’s a heavy-duty piece and should tackle different fabrics well. These include cotton, silk, polyester, canvas, wool, and much more. Choosing a function or mode is pretty simple and easy. The sturdy metal chassis handles the operations well and also keeps it steady through use. It should put-up with the vibrations, bangs, regular use, and misuse better than other options.

  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Versatile and dependable
  • Easy to operate and good results
  • Works well on many fabrics and thicknesses
  • The built-in LED screen isn’t super bright

Our Verdict

This is a good machine for beginners and intermediates. It’s basic and this makes learning the trade easy. We like the tough-looking nature as well as the durable construction. It comes with many sewing patterns and selecting the most appropriate is easy. It works great and isn’t too noisy.

#7. 6 Built-In Stitches Free Arm Sewing Machine

SINGER | Start 1304 6 Built-in Stitches, Free Arm Sewing Machine for Beginners

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  • By: SINGER

When it comes to the best beginner sewing machines, Singer is well known. The brand has been in the scene for decades and continues to develop good products. The Start 1304 is a good example and combines simplicity and effectiveness. It targets users learning or aiming at improving their skills. It’s a well-built machine and produces good results. It won’t straggle even when sewing tough fabrics like canvas.

The frame is made of heavy-duty metal and will keep the machine still and steady. It also minimizes vibration which may distort the work. The bedplate is made of stainless steel and provides a good working surface. It doesn’t get chipped, fade, rusty, or corroded over time.

  • High quality a durable
  • Easy to operate and deliver good results
  • Suits beginners quite well
  • Handles different fabrics and thicknesses well
  • The pedals may feel a little hard especially in the beginning

Our Verdict

Your teenage child, younger kid, or even you will appreciate this machine. It’s simple to use and also delivers amazing results. Coming from singer, you have more assurance about its effectiveness, reliability, and durability. Its works quite well and is also long-lasting. Moving around with it isn’t hard since its lightweight and also compact.

#6. Full Featured Quilting Machine

Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Quilting Machine with 37 Stitches, 8 Sewing Feet…

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  • By: Brother

Of the many sewing machines targeting beginners, the Brother XR3774 is among the best. It comes in a user-friendly design for easy operations. It doesn’t have too many unnecessary frills which may complicate the process. Nevertheless, it includes built-in patterns that help in learning. You get 37 stitches and all are very professional. Also featured are other decorative styles. The accessory puts up with the operations well and also doesn’t vibrate a lot. This is courtesy of the sturdy metal frame.

The table is wider than most other options, and this prevents the work from falling unnecessarily. It’s a beautiful piece which will look amazing in many setups. Assembling and removal are also pretty straight forward. The work area is well lit for extra convenience.

  • Easy to use and works amazingly well
  • Offers a wide range of patterns and stitching
  • Suitable for everyday projects
  • Wide table and well-lit work area
  • Some consumers claim that the walking foot may become loose over time

Our Verdict

This is a practical machine and suitable for everyday use. It’s simple enough for a Beginner to operate. At the same time, it produces very nice results. The wide table offers a good working area while the built-in bright led lights improve the functionality. It’s a beautiful piece and easy to maintain.

#5. Mini Sewing Machine With Upgraded Eco-Friendly Material

KPCB Mini Sewing Machine with Upgraded Eco-Friendly Material

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  • By: KPCB Tech

As a beginner or a parent looking for a good sewing machine, you’ll find this item a worthy buy. One thing we like is its minimalistic nature. This allows a beginner to understand the basics better. Also, it contributes to the small size and compact styling. The unit runs seamlessly, and the speed is also amazing. You can easily vary the momentum as per your individual preference.

The working area is good enough for most applications. You also get nice lighting that improves the operation. The tough constructions keep it steady and minimize vibrations. It’s made from eco-friendly materials and will keep the users and the environment safe. It’s easy to move around weight thanks to the lightweight. Besides beginners, this accessory can be used by experienced users too. From want consumers say, it’s a machine that will deliver good service for a long time.

  • Setting up and using this machine is simple and easy
  • It runs seamlessly and delivers amazing results
  • It features a sturdy frame and a nice working table
  • The machine is suitable for amateurs and experts
  • It’s not designed for commercial use

Our Verdict

This is a machine that is worth purchasing. It’s very basic and using it shouldn’t be hard. The table is wide enough for most everyday needs. It is easy to assemble and also has good speeds. The simple loading mechanism improves the convenience and speed of operation.

#4. Sewing Machine With Exclusive Bonus Bundle

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Includes Exclusive Bonus Bundle

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  • By: Janome

This is a lovely sewing machine for beginners. It’s going to teach a fresh user the art quicker than most other kinds. It’s because of the peaceful nature of it. The item is small and compact hence needs minimal space. It is also lightweight and easier to handle. Moreover, it does not generate too much noise and the outcomes of the job are excellent. It’s also simple to use, and it’s going to sew well on most fabrics. These include tough ones like canvas and softer ones such as silk. It is an elegant piece that will match most surroundings well. The smooth finish is easy to clean and doesn’t get stained or scratched easily.

  • Well built and long-lasting
  • Easy to sew with
  • Delivers professional results
  • Produces good stitching
  • Seamless operation and not very noisy
  • The instructions are a bit brief

Our Verdict

This is a nice sewing machine. It should assist a fresh user in learning within a shorter time period. It’s made of durable materials and is space-efficient. The results are pretty nice for such a small machine. The lightweight and compact size, makes it’s simple to move around with the accessory.

#3. Compact Sewing Machine

Spiegel SP3201 Sewing Machine

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  • By: Spiegel

This sewing machine targets people who are new or inexperienced. It’s small, compact and easy to operate. To shorten the learning curve, it comes with only the basic minimum. For convenient and comfortable handling and carrying, it comes in a Lightweight and ergonomic styling. The sewing area is well lit and enables you to focus on the job at hand. We love the bobbin which loads from the top. This makes loading easier and more convenient. What’s more, it comes with decent speeds and operates seamlessly. Thanks to the absence of toxic compounds, it’s safe even for young children. We also love the smooth finish, which enhances the coziness and cleanup.

  • Good style and easy to work with
  • The results are pretty good
  • Fit for beginners and semi-skilled users
  • Works great and decent speed
  • It’s not ideal for demanding or intensive jobs

Our Verdict

You or any other person will appreciate this sewing machine. It’s well made and has a good size to fit well in many places. It’s a versatile machine and handles different talks quite well. Controls are simple to get to and not too many. Although small, the sewing machines produce excellent outcomes.

#2. Arctic Crystal Easy-To-Use Sewing Machine With Interior Metal Frame

Janome Arctic Crystal Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine with Interior Metal Frame…

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  • By: Janome

Looking for the best beginner sewing machine for a beginner? This should be a good deal for any aspiring sewing enthusiast. It’s very easy in design and compact, too. It is appropriate for use at home, at college, and in many other locations. Although described as a beginner sewing machine, it is also appropriate for qualified users and experts.

It’s a sturdily made sewing machine and handles various fabrics well. The table is wide and also provides decent support to the work. The sturdy chassis also plays a role in supported and good stability. Besides, it puts up with vibrations, movements, knocks, frequent use, and much more.

  • Versatile and durable construction
  • Easy to use and comes with great tutorial videos
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Works okay on many fabrics and thicknesses
  • It has no quilting plans

Our Verdict

This is a good machine for beginners and is also very basic. Learning with it is therefore much easier than other types. It looks solid and durable and should offer long-lasting service. Sewing with it is simple and it operates seamlessly. And Unlike other types in its caliber, it’s not too loud.

#1. Lightweight Sewing Machine With 27 Stitches

Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701, Lightweight Sewing Machine with 27 Stitches

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  • By: Brother

When talking about the finest sewing machines, Brother Brand comes to mind. The company has, for many years, created excellent products. XM2701 is a product worth mentioning. Combining simplicity, reliability, and efficiency, it will deliver good outcomes. It targets beginners and experienced users too. It’s a well-built machine that generates good results and also works relatively fast. The frame is also tough and keeps the machine steady. It doesn’t vibrate a lot and this contributes to the good results. The bedplate and the table are also well built and make moving the fabric convenient.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects
  • Suitable for beginners as well as professionals
  • Decent sewing speed and doesn’t jam often
  • The plastic on the bobbin cover isn’t super storing

Our Verdict

Many consumers and experts agree that this is a good sewing machine for beginners. It’s simple to use, works great, and delivers decent results. We also find the speed to be pretty good. It comes with many stitching styles and selecting the preferred one is simple and straight forward. The operation is smooth and it’s less susceptible to getting jammed.

The Best Beginner Sewing Machine – Buyers Guide

As said earlier, picking a specific product from the many offers isn’t easy. It’s tedious, you need to have some knowledge, and also compare the popular picks. To increase your chances of owning the right item, you need to have the following things in mind:

Individual Experience

What’s’ your experience like? Are you a complete beginner or you have some very basic knowledge? This question will guide you in picking a good product. As a beginner, the last thing you want is struggling with a complicated machine. This is not only challenging but also extends the learning curve. You are better off picking a simple and basic machine. It will come with minimal features for easy learning.

Need at Hand

You may be a beginner looking forward to doing your small things here and there. On the other hand, you may be planning to start a business. In the first instance, you can get away with a basic model. It will have limited stitching patterns that should be appropriate for individuals or less-demanding needs. However, if you plan to run a business, you’ll need something more sophisticated. It will have more functions and features. The sewing patterns and embroidery designs will also be more.

Brand Reputation

There are many companies that stock and sell the machines. Some have been around for many decades, while others are just starting. A more established company will have more knowledge in the field. It will have already released several types. And the good ones will be enjoying positive reviews. For a start-up, the machine may be the first one. It, therefore, won’t have been tested and it will be more of taking chances. It’s always advised to focus on products from well-known and credible brands.

Consumer Opinions

So you think that a particular product will meet your needs. But what are the masses saying? Is it a good machine or it’s not worth the money? How does it perform in demanding situations? Is the quality good or it breaks down too soon? These are some of the questions that will be answered by reviews. You’ll learn more about the machine as well as read about consumer experiences with the products. A good model will have good comments and reviews.


The stiff rivalry has led to more products in the market. The manufacturers are always investing in newer and better technology. The prices have also been coming down due to the rivalry. Before you begin the search, you should have an idea of how much you want to spend. Failure to have a budget puts you at risk of overspending. As a beginner, your focus should be more on finding a piece that will help learn well and has a shorter learning curve. You should leave the very complicated types, which are usually costly, to the professionals.


Gone are the days when the sewing machines were fundamental and manual. Nowadays, you’ll come across motorized tools that require minimal human effort. The electric motor has replaced manually powering the mechanism. They will also come with built-in templates to help you select different patterns. It’s vital that you choose the most user-friendly unit. It will be simple, easy to operate, and the design will enhance the operation.

NB: Other things that are critical include weight, size, noise level, versatility, quality, and easy maintenance.


Finding a proper machine for sewing shouldn’t be a struggle. You also shouldn’t take chances, especially if you are a beginner. Before beginning the search, you need to have adequate knowledge. This will not only increase the odds of owning a good piece but will also save you the time, effort, and money. In this article, we have reviewed the best beginner sewing machines in the market. We settled for types that come from reputable firms, enjoy positive comments and reviews, and are highly rated by consumers and experts. Moreover, they come in simple styles to assist a person to learn well and in a faster manner. With any of these pieces, you should be able to sew in a professional’s manner sooner-rather-than-later.

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