The 11 Best Bunk Bed Mattresses In 2020

A good night’s sleep is crucial for healthy living. It allows your body to rejuvenate after a long day. To aid in this, people depend on the bunk bed mattress. You’ll get all kinds of products on the market. The kind of bed you pick will determine the quality of sleep you will get. Go for a good product, and you will certainly sleep better and for a longer time. Choose a bad product; you will most likely wakeup with sores or toss and turn throughout the night. That’s why we recommend you to get the best bunk bed mattress.

When choosing an item, there are quite a lot of things you need to look at. These include size, weight, quality, design, and brand. You also desire a comfortable product, lightweight, maintains the decent for a long time, is easy to use and maintain. Like many people, you probably do not have the time or experience to research and compare the many available products. The better solution is to read reviews. In this one, for instance, we have analyzed the best bunk beds mattresses in the market.

The Top 11 Best Bunk Bed Mattresses

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#11. Twin Pack Bunk Bed Spring Mattress

Slumber 1 Comfort 6 Twin Pack Bunk Bed Spring Mattress, Twin over Twin

  • By: Zinus

First in our list, One of the best bunk bed mattresses, from Zinus. This set of mattresses will fit a twin bunk bed quite well. It has a decent dimension that should work with most users. Its made of a quilted top that feels cozy to the skin and also protects the internals. Inside the cover is a high-quality padding and foam that provides decent comfort. You also find a superior spring system to enhance support and coziness. It has a thickness of 6 inches, which seems to work quite okay in many situations. The high-quality materials are ideal for adult and kids. It’s sturdily constructed to handle the operations.

It handles the weight, regular use, cleaning and much more. Moreover, the cover fabric does not become dusty or stained too easily. It is a good choice for many types of beds including bunk, trundle and day beds. The unit does not produce noises or too much friction. Moreover, it’s a simple piece that comes with a basic color. This blends in nicely with the bed, beddings, and the overall decor.

  • High-quality construction and durable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The comfort and support is very good
  • Works with many types of beds
  • It may take some time for the mattress to fully break-in

Our Verdict

This is one of the reliable and effective mattresses you will find in the market. It’s ideal for a bunk, trundle as well as day beds. One thing we like about it is the simple design. It fits in the bed and will match the furniture piece and the decor too. The thickness is fairly good and is the support and comfort.

#10. Memory Foam Mattress For Bunk Bed

Comfort Relax Memory Foam Mattress 5 Inch Twin for Bunk Bed, Trundle Bed, Day Bed, Light Green

  • By: Cr Comfort & Relax

Measuring 38(W) x 74(D) x 5(H) inches, this mattress will make a nice addition to your bedroom accessories. It is a nice looking unit, which should look great in most bedrooms. It’s good for kids, teens as well as adults. The accessory has a good size to handle the users well, and the thickness is practical. Its 5 inches thick and is smaller than most pieces out there. Nevertheless, support and comfort are much better than most alternatives out there. This accessory is designed for a twin bed and will suit bunk, day and trundle beds. Using it is easy since it comes in basic and easy-to-use design.

It comprises a top-grade memory foam adjust to the body’s curves pretty well. This provides good support and is also very comfortable. Like most top-selling units, the memory foam does retain density and firmness for a long period. The foam and the outer cover have breathability. This supports good airflow to prevent sweating or odor. Moreover, the cover is easy-to-wash and will maintain its goodness for a long period.

  • High quality and durable memory foam
  • Comes in a decent size and weight
  • Suitable for many types of bed
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • It is not very ideal for heavy adults

Our Verdict

This is a good bunk bed mattress to have around. It will fit on a bunk, day and trundle bed well. We like the practical size and weight, which improves its usability. It comprises quality and durable materials and also looks quite good. It put up with the weight and regular use well and doesn’t lose its density or firmness.

#9. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Natural Mattress

My Green Mattress - Pure Echo GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Natural Mattress (One-Sided) (Twin)

  • By: My Green Mattress

This mattress measures 38(W) X 74(L) X 9(H) inches and is suitable for twin size bunk beds. Like other pieces in this review, it promises to deliver good and reliable service. The memory foam is supportive and handles users well. It conforms to the body’s physique for maximum comfort. What’s more, it does not have any low or high spots. It should fit nicely in the bunk bed and will stay firm throughout. It won’t move or cause any noises, especially when tossing and turning.

The unit feels very firm, has three zones, and enhances the lumbar support. It also comprises certified fabrics, which include all-natural eco-wool and organic cotton. The polyurethane foam is non-toxic and doesn’t contain any chemicals. Chances of allergies or side effects are minimal. It comes ready to use and is fire retardant. Although simple in design, its effective unit. There’s no mistake that this one is among the best bunk bed mattresses.

  • It’s made from safe and durable materials
  • The comfort and support is good
  • The simple design and color suits it in many situations
  • It’s lightweight and has an ultra-smooth cover
  • The new smell is a little strong initially

Our Verdict

If you desire maximum satisfaction and comfort, this unit should be a good choice. It comprises natural and durable materials, which are safe to the user and environment. The design and size are good enough, and so is the weight. It will handle different users and has good density and firmness.

#8. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - Firm - Twin

  • By: Sleep On Latex

This mattress comes in a decent size and works okay with many bunk beds. It is 6 inches thick and provides good density and support. The size handles different users well and is ideal for both young and old users. It also feels ultra-soft to the skin thanks to the nice fabric that comprises organic New Zealand wool and cotton. It does not scratch or leave any marks on the skin. Moreover, it stays cool even in a hot or stuffy environment.

The memory foam construction ensures it doesn’t lose its firmness even after extended use. It also molds to the body quite well for the best support. Besides being soft, the fabric cover also protects the memory foam from wear and tear. It has good breathability that ensures it remains cool and to prevent too much sweating or odor buildup. Using the mattress should not be a challenge. It’s a quality piece that ought to deliver fantastic service for many years.

  • High quality and durable construction
  • Super soft cover
  • Good support and very comfortable
  • Works great with most bunk beds
  • May not fit in some bunk bed

Our Verdict

This is a good piece of anyone who wants the best sleep. It has a nice dimension and fits perfectly on most beds. It comprises high-quality materials that provide good support and is very comfortable. The product has good breathability to minimize sweating and also to keep odor at bay. Using and taking care of this mattress is easy.

#7. Spring Twin Mattress For Bunk Beds Zinus 6 Inch Spring Twin Mattress 2 pack, Perfect for Bunk Beds : Trundle Beds : Day Beds (Set of 2)

  • By: Zinus

This is without question one of the best bunk bed mattresses in the market. It is a favorite choice for many consumers and is among the affordable pieces. It feels firm to support users of different ages and weights and has a smooth and sleek texture. The 6-inch thickness is fit for most applications and bunk beds and is easy to use. It is made of high-quality CertiPUR foam and comes with several layers for better support and performance.

The memory foam delivers good support and also feels cool and comfortable. It works well with the independently encased springs to provide the right support. It does not produce any noise during use and retains its density for a long time. You also do not need to pamper the unit since it does not lose its firmness. The practical design makes it ideal for everyday use while the simple design improves the cleanup. It’s a good pick for any kind of sleeper whether side, back, or tummy.

  • Works well with different bunk beds
  • The comfort and support is quite good
  • It’s made from strong and durable materials
  • Maintains a cool and cozy environment
  • It may feel somewhat stiff when new

Our Verdict

With this mattress, you’ll definitely sleep better. It’s a good choice for all kinds of users and is easy to use. The size, weight, and thickness is pretty good. This also applies to the density, reliability, and maintenance. The unit boasts of strong and durable materials, which help to extend the mattress’s lifespan.

#6. Memory Foam Twin Mattress For Bunk Bed

Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Bunk Bed : Trundle Bed : Day Bed : Twin Mattress, Blue

  • By: Zinus

Zinus memory foam mattress feels solid but is still very comfortable. The medium-firm mattress is ideal for adults and kids. It ensures the user has maximum comfort for high-quality sleep. The mattress keeps the user cool even in a hot environment and has a smooth surface. It features gel memory foam for extra comfort and to retain its shape and density. Like other pieces, it has a nice dimension to handle the different users. The good breathability support god airflow to minimize sweating. It lies flat on the bed, and this allows you to maintain the right posture.

The 5-inch thick mattress is more resistant to dust, stains, dirt, and other compounds. It cleans easily and does not compress easily. The hypoallergenic materials prevent bacteria, allergens, dust mite and much more. This makes it less likely to cause any side effects. It certified safe for people, pets and the environment too.

  • Made of high-quality and durable material
  • Comfortable and good support
  • Good size and weight
  • Suitable for most users
  • It may feel a little soft

Our Verdict

You should enjoy a good night sleep with this mattress. It fits okay in most bunk beds and has good dimension and thickness. We love the nice color and modern appeal. It is made from durable materials that can handle the use. It’s also easy to take care of and won’t lose its density easily.

#5. Hybrid Green Tea Foam & Spring Mattress

Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress, Twin

  • By: Zinus

Measuring 39 X 75 X 8 inches, this mattress should be what you are after. It comes in a simple design but feels well built. The unit comprises foam memory and doesn’t feel too firm or too soft. It follows the body curves to deliver maximum support and is very comfortable. The unit has a good thickness of 8inches. Together with the nice density, it will last for a long time. It doesn’t shrink or compress and does not require regular cleaning.

The accessory has a soft cover with a smooth and sleek finish. It fits nicely in various bunk beds and blends well with the beddings and surroundings. Once thing consumer’s love is good quality and the affordable price. This offers the user longevity, reliability, and great value for money. The relatively thin nature and lightweight make carrying the unit easy.

  • Extra-firm and durable
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to take care of
  • The design blends well with the beddings and surroundings
  • The memory foam feels a little thin

Our Verdict

This mattress is among the lightest you will find in the market. It fits well on the bed and also blends with the surroundings and bedding well. The lightweight piece is easy to carry around. It’s also very comfortable and feels quite nice on the skin. Taking care of this product shouldn’t be hard thanks to the smooth finish and durable materials.

#4. Gel Memory Foam Mattress With Dual Layers

LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Dual-Layered - CertiPUR-US Certified - Firm Feel - Twin Size

  • By: LUCID

This product from LUCID is also one of the best bunk bed mattresses. It works well with most bunk beds. It comes in twin size and is 5 inches thick. This offers a nice sleeping surface and good support. It handles different users quite well and does not lose its firmness or intensity easily even after extended use. You will, therefore, worry less about high and low spots. The surface/cover feels smooth and will not irritate, scratch or leave marks on the skin. It also remains cool even in a warm environment. The mattress comprises memory foam that hugs and molds to the body shape well. Besides offering good support, it also offers good comfort.

The fabric cover minimizes wear and tear and looks stylish and elegant. It does not get dirty quickly, and cleaning it up is easy. The breathability is good to make sure it remains cool and is less affected by odor buildup. The mattress is comfortable to use and high-quality piece. It should offer a fantastic service for a long time.

  • Good quality and well built
  • Durable construction and easy maintenance
  • Super soft cover and good support
  • Very comfortable and good density
  • May feel a little stiff animally

Our Verdict

This mattress is a good choice for individuals who desire the best sleep. It comes in a nice size to fit most beds made from high-quality materials and lasts a long time. The support and comfort are good, and the breathability is decent. It is easy to use and take care of.

#3. Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress - Medium-Firm Feel - Twin

  • By: Linenspa

This is among the best bunk bed mattress. It’s a high-quality piece but still very affordable. It offers good support and should work with different users quite well. The 8-inch thickness works perfectly and should fit okay with most bunk beds. It’s easy to use and is made of memory foam, individually encased springs, and gel infusions. It comprises several layers to deliver good performance and better support. The memory foam feels cool and comfortable and doesn’t lose its effectiveness easily. In fact, this unit will last for many years without a problem.

It does not emit any noise and has a nice cozy cover. Moreover, it doesn’t require pampering due to losing shape or firmness. The design is simple and very practical. It also cleans easily and doesn’t get dirty or stained easily. It is ideal for side, back, or tummy sleepers.

  • Suitable for different bunk beds
  • Good comfort and support
  • It is made from sturdy and durable materials
  • Remains cool and comfortable
  • It may not fit some bunk n beds

Our Verdict

This mattress offers more guarantee in regards to better sleep. It’s a good choice for side, tummy and back sleepers. It is very versatile and works with most bunk beds. The accessory is easy to use and also durable. It maintains its density and firmness and lasts for a long time.

#2. Comfortable Coil Twin Mattress

Signature Sleep Mattress, 8 Inch Coil Mattress, Twin Mattresses

  • By: Signature Sleep

Signature sleep mattress feels very comfortable and has an ultra-smooth finish. The 8-inch unit has a medium firmness and suitable for adults and kids. It will make sure the user enjoys quality sleep and has maximum comfort. The mattress also has a cool and well-ventilated cover. This keeps the surrounding and user cool even in stuffy surroundings. It features memory foam for comfort and maintains its shape and density. The nice size should handle the different users while the good breathability minimizes sweating. It remains flat and maintains its firmness. This helps you to maintain the correct posture.

The mattress is tolerant of dust, stains, dirt, grease, and other compounds and is easy to clean and maintain. The materials are hypoallergenic and prevent bacteria, allergens, dust mite and much more. Chances of side effects are minimal thanks to the safe materials. It’s safe for people, pets as well as the environment.

  • It is made of high-quality material
  • Very supportive and comfortable
  • Good size and weight
  • Suitable for most users
  • It may feel a little soft

Our Verdict

Enjoying a good night sleep is easier with this mattress. It fits well in most bunk beds and feels comfortable. The size is good enough for most people. It is also lightweight for easy transportation. The mattress is s made from tough and durable materials to put up with the use. It is easy to clean and take care of.

#1. Memory Foam Green Tea Twin Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Twin

  • By: Zinus

This mattress measures 39 x 75 x 6 inches and should be a good fit for your bunk bed. It also will make a nice gift item. The unit has a simple design and is also elegant. It has premium foam memory, which adjusts to the body curves. This offers firm support and maximum comfort to make sleeping more satisfactory. The mattress has a nice thickness of 6 inches. It boasts of a nice density, which ought to last for a long time. The accessory doesn’t shrink and also needs minimal cleaning. Moreover, it comes with a soft cover and feels ultra-smooth and soft.

The item fits well in most bunk beds and matches the beddings and surroundings. Many consumers praise the simple design, high quality, and the pocket-friendly price. This assures a user of reliability, longevity, and durability. It is a lightweight piece, and carrying isn’t a problem. All these reasons are why we consider this as the best bunk bed mattress.

  • Very firm and comfortable
  • High quality and durable
  • Easy to take care of
  • Good and functional design
  • Blends well with the decor and beddings
  • The mattress isn’t very thick

Our Verdict

This mattress fits well on the truck bed. It’s also elegant and blends well with the décor, surroundings, and bedding. The unit is lightweight for easy carrying. It is a comfortable piece and is ultra-smooth. The nice finish makes taking care of the accessory convenient.


Reviewed above are some of the top mattresses for bunk beds. They all come in high quality, are well-made and durable, come in a practical dimension and feel soft and cozy. They feature safe and non-toxic materials and are unlikely to cause any allergic reactions or side effects. With the best bunk bed mattresses, you are more certain of good night sleep.

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