The 10 Best Ceramic Christmas Trees In 2021

When the holidays loom in, most people decorate the house with lovely pieces to make the moment more cheerful. The most common element is a tree, whether natural or artificial. In this article, we focus on the latter and its benefits. For instance, most designs don’t weigh much and fit in different locations. You can place on a tablespoon, mantel, table, and other places. Also, it requires minimal to no maintenance to serve you for many years. In this review, we feature the best ceramic Christmas tree available in most stores.

The Top 10 Best Ceramic Christmas Trees

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#10. Ceramic Christas Tree With Sturdy Base

Best Choice Products 9.5in Ceramic Tree

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  • By: Best Choice Products

First in our list of the best ceramic Christmas trees, we have this pre-lit Christmas tree. It adds an extra charm and elegance to your festivities. Measuring 8.5 x 9.5 inches, it fits perfectly on any tabletop by using only the required space. Now, you can make the holidays much more exciting for you and your family. Boasting of an attractive hand-painted body, not only does it bring joy but also a nostalgic feeling in the Christmas season. Plus, the multi-colored lights illuminate any room brightly to add additional shine and a joyful mood. With a wide application, it is perfect for a classroom, office, and home to fit a table, countertop, or a mantel comfortably.

It comes with a 7-pointed star made of quality material that glows on top of the tree consistently. The overall design of this unit is constructed using premium ceramic that can withstand the ruggedest actions and still give an excellent performance. Whether you have kids or pets in your household, the stand delivers maximum support. Powered by 3AA batteries, it can be used in areas without electricity. Another thing is an included 3-star topper with different colors, yellow, white, red, to let you choose the one that fits your style.

  • Improves Christmas mood
  • Quality 7-pointed star
  • Sturdy base
  • Easy to setup
  • Different-colored star toppers
  • Battery drains

Our Verdict

Spend extra during the holidays to improve the ambiance in your home with this pre-lit Christmas tree. It has a compact size that fits any countertop, mantel, or table. The included multi-colored lights deliver a nice shine in any place to improve the current look. Also, the glowing 7-pointed star is a nice touch of beauty.

#9. Paintable Ceramic Christmas Tree

Ceramic Bisque Ready to Paint Ceramic Christmas Tree

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  • By: USA Ceramic Bisque

If you love to customize most of the decorations in your house, then this tree is an ideal choice. It has an unfinished design to allow you to paint over the color that complements the current look and also the festivity mood. For brighter effects, use vivid tones with a bit of sparkle to make it stand out from the rest. It measures 10 x 10 x 15 inches, to use minimal floor or desk space suitable for small areas such as dorm rooms, RVs, and much more. No more worries about what to purchase to make the holiday more memorable. This item comes with multi-colored twists to add extra beauty to a room.

Made of high-quality ceramic, the tree bottom with a unique bisque finish looks great and hold the whole unit in a stable position. The material is rust-free and scratch-proof to enhance durability. With an in-line switch, it helps light up the bulbs to add a sense of realism and joyous mood. Weighing over 7 pounds, any person can lift it even the young ones from place to place. Also, it gives you an easier time to set up without worrying about hand fatigues and other discomforts.

  • Unfinished and unpainted
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient in-line switch
  • Simple to setup
  • The holes for the light clip are small

Our Verdict

USA Ceramic Bisque is a fave brand to most users, and this tree ensures you have personalized decor. You can paint any color that suits you and the existing home design. Also, it weighs over 7 pounds to give you a smooth operation as you place in a suitable position.

#8. Ceramic Christmas Tree With Bright LED Lights

Christmas Is Forever Ceramic Christmas Tree

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Just like the brand name, this is a nice opportunity to improve the decor in your house at an affordable place. Costing around 26 dollars, it is much cheaper than similar designs and gives you a dependable service. Boasting of a 7-inch height, you have more flexibility to place it on multiple locations, including on a desk, tabletop, and much more. Now, you can enjoy the Christmas holiday without spending too much money. The multi-colored translucent bulbs light up to illuminate a place and at the same time add a touch of charm.

This product has a modern LED light with a timer function to guarantee a simple use whether you are at home or not. The timer runs for a few hours and then switches off the lighting. It saves energy when not in use suitable for the elderly and kids. Powered by 2AA batteries, you can operate this accessory anytime, anywhere. Weighing only 1.1 pound, you have total freedom to move it from place to place effortlessly.

  • Cost-effective
  • 7-inch height
  • Multicolored translucent bulbs
  • Bright LED light
  • Weighs 1.1 pound
  • Consumes the batteries quickly

Our Verdict

The above ceramic tree improves your decor and costs around 26 dollars. That means you can enjoy the current and new accessory style blend at the comfort of your home. Also, its 7-inch height is tall enough to fit multiple places. It requires 2AA batteries to operate to give you more convenience in areas without electricity.

#7. Green Pearlized Tree Night Light

ReLive Green Pearlized Tree Night Light

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  • By: ReLive

If you want a ceramic tree that does more than brighten a place, we have found the best ceramic Christmas tree for you. ReLive goes a step further and bring Christmas cheer and spirit in your home, especially in winter when it is snowing. It has a classic style with green shadings to add a natural effect in any place. The structure doubles as a night light suitable for a bedroom when you want to sleep in a festive-style ambiance. For loved ones and friends, gift them this item to improve the decor style even in the workplace.

Plug into your standard outlet, to light it up for the festival feeling to take over. You dint need lengthy installations or experts to help you assemble this product, hence saves money. Another thing is the ceramic cover screwed onto the base to enhance durability and prevent dirt and other unfavorable elements from damaging the tree. With replaceable bulbs, you can change the burned ones for new ones when need be.

  • Adds Christmas cheer in a place
  • For indoor places
  • Convenient on/off switch
  • Simple setup
  • Classic style
  • Dim lighting

Our Verdict

ReLive ceramic tree adds brightness and Christmas cheer in most households and workplaces. With a classic style, it looks great and coordinates well with most indoor decor. Also, it is ideal as a night light to illuminate a dark place. The on/off switch gives you easy access to light up the whole unit for a nice illumination.

#6. Ceramic Christmas Tree With Smooth Rotation

The San Francisco Ceramic Christmas Tree

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  • By: The San Francisco Music Box Company

Looking for a little Christmas inspiration? You are in the right place. This tree by a renown brand will amaze your guest during the holidays, thanks to beautiful green glitters that add sparkle in most areas. With a steady handcrafted design with Yuletide decorations, it delivers brilliant and colorful details. An excellent addition is the flowing ribbons, adorable Santa, penguin, snowman, and polar bear characters plus glittery bulbs that elaborate the tree’s overall look into an inspiring statue.

With music box, it plays classic German carols for you to sing-alone with friends and loved ones. Also, the sturdy structure endures the toughest use. It acts as a symbol of love, togetherness, and goodwill making the ideal holiday a memorable time. It weighs 1 pound and measures 9.5 x 6.3 inches to enhance portability and storage. No more worries of floor room when setting this piece as you get bright lighting. The rotating is smooth and showcase all the special elements this equipment possesses.

  • Rotates smoothly
  • Unique music player
  • Perfect Christmas addition
  • Affordable and reliable
  • 1 pound weight
  • Sheds green glitter

Our Verdict

Get inspiration with this tree suitable for the Christmas holiday. It is hand sculptured featuring colorful details and intricate ornaments to improve the ambiance in your household. It has an inbuilt music player that plays classic German Christmas carols. Also, the green glitters, and various decor adds a pleasant feeling in any place.

#5. Colorful Ceramic Christmas Tree

Ceramic Christmas Tree

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  • By: Unknown

An artificial tree does not have to be bulky to make it reliable and longlasting. The above weighs 0.8 ounces, making it lightweight for any person to operate. Kids can carry it from place to place with ease without assistance. It measures 4.7 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches suitable for both small and large settings like dorm rooms, RVs, apartments, tabletops, and desks. The included 100 lights made of quality plastic and 5 medium star toppers give you a lively effect. They illuminate bright light together with the medium twist to ensure you have a cheerful and charming decoration.

The STEM has a dimension of 3/16 x 7/16 inches to add more support in case of continuous use. Also, the twist is firm enough to bear excessive pressures. This product enhances vintage pieces and ceramic decors in your household for a classic style. In case some bulbs burn out or get damaged, they are replaceable.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to lift
  • 100 lights
  • Simple to setup
  • Classic design
  • The stars are sharp

Our Verdict

Weighing just 0.8 ounces, this tree is among the lightest in the market. You don’t need too much hand effort to carry it and place on a suitable location such as tabletop and mantel. It has 100 plastic bulbs, star topper, and medium twist that work together to brighten up a place.

#4. Ceramic Christmas Tree With High Gloss Finish

Ceramic Christmas Tree

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  • By: Milltown Merchants

Milltown Merchants is a classic brand that has created this ceramic Christmas tree that offers a nostalgic effect. Boasting of vintage design, it brings Christmas memories to your living room. Also, the little intricate details brighten up a place and at the same time, offer a sophisticated yet fun look. Gift to a friend during the festivities for them to remember the past holiday memories. With a variety of sizes, you can pick one that suits your decorating needs suitable for bathrooms, fireplaces, foyers, bedrooms, kitchens, mantel, tabletop, and more sites.

We like the high gloss finish of this item to make your cheerful mood pop up with the lovely elements. The green finish with different-colored lights improves a vintage look as the other available option using white delivers a contemporary look. It measures 15.5 x 9 inches for the large size and uses a 5ft light cord to give you extra room to maneuver. No need to use batteries that require multiple replacements to use non-stop.

  • Made from a reliable brand
  • Multipurpose
  • Nostalgic styling
  • High gloss finish
  • Simple to plug into an outlet
  • The lights need more brightness

Our Verdict

Using this tree from a popular brand comes with many advantages such as nostalgic feeling. It has a lovely green finish which pops up natural and holiday Christmas in space. The versatile design is perfect for bathrooms, fireplaces, foyers, bedrooms, kitchens, mantel, and many other places. Not only to use minimal space with a 15.5 x 9 inches size but also give you a steady service.

#3. Ceramic Christmas Tree With Stable Stand

ReLive Christmas is Forever Ceramic Christmas Tree

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  • By: ReLive

The reason why ReLive tree is among the best ceramic Christmas tree is because it is a simple method to offer a cheerful glow in most indoor places such as a living room. Plug into a wall outlet using the UL approved C7 cord for best results. The cables work with an in-line on/off switch for added convenience. Switch off when not in use to save energy and give you extended use. With a modern design, you can place this item in multiple sections of your home, including near a window, at a corner and more. It is lit from the main bulb in the bottom to illuminate the translucent lamps.

Made of ceramic material, it does not break easily like the other to give you a reliable service. Additionally, its 12.75 inches height is tall enough to improve the decor style while the 7-inch base adds more support and stability. It has over 40 multi-colored bulbs that make the whole appearance look fuller and memorable. Your kids will enjoy this piece that weighs 3.8 pounds with its colorful lighting.

  • Adds a cheerful glow
  • Energy saving
  • Weighs 3.8 pounds
  • Stable stand
  • 40 multicolor bulbs
  • Small

Our Verdict

Bring a cheerful glow in your house with the ReLive tree. Powered by a C7 cord, it is simple to plug in an existing outlet. The central bulb is an excellent addition to Illuminate the lamps for a sparking effect quickly. It measures 7.9 x 7.7 x 12.8 inches and weighs 3.8 pounds to improve placement and space use.

#2. Retro Prelit Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree

14 Retro Prelit Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree

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  • By: Miles Kimball

We love this white Christmas tree by Miles Kimball that stands out from the rest with dull colors. The shade adds beauty and at the same time, a timeless style suitable for most indoor places. Crafted of ceramic with a glowing glass finish, the colorful lights provide a sparkling feel completed with a star on top. Also, the topper and plastic bubs fit in the pre-cut holes to give you a simple setup. They are receivable to improve storage until the next festivities. This product adds unique holiday charm to any shelf, table, or mantel, because of the freestanding design. That means it won’t slip or fall when kids and pets are playing around the house.

Featuring a 15-watt bulb, it illuminates the tree better than other designs. Use the provided electric socket to turn on/off this accessory from a safe distance up to 6 feet with the long cord. Plus, a polarized plus with a UL listing ensures safety and simple use ideal for indoors. It weighs 4.14 pounds, which is a bit heavier than some models but gives you more stability.

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  • Lovely white finish
  • Quality ceramic material
  • Durable plastic bulbs
  • 6ft power cord
  • It weighs 4.14 pounds
  • The holes could be better

Our Verdict

If you want a ceramic tree that stands out from other brands, the one above does not disappoint. It has a lovely white finish that instantly brightens up a place. Also, it weighs 4.14 pounds to enhance movement and setup. Use the 6ft cord to power this item for a nice illumination.

#1. Hand Painted Christmas Tree

Best Choice Products 15in Christmas Tree

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  • By: Best Choice Products

Another quality ceramic tree by Best Choice Products that can withstand excessive use. It is made of quality material that ensures long-term use for you to save money on numerous Christmas tree purchases. Also, it doubles as a fantastic gift to give a friend, loved one and other people during the festive seasons. Boasting of an attractive hand-painted finish, this product is a thoughtful addition to a current festival decor that delivers glossy elements. The included multi-color lights and a 7-pointed topper resembling a star, work together to brighten up a place.

The above accessory comes with 50 bulbs with a decorative design perfect for most settings such as classroom, office and in the office. Carry it to the workplace to make the atmosphere more lively and warm. Using a long 5 feet power cable, there is no need for batteries as you plug into a wall outlet. Use the on/off switch to operate the whole lighting system effortlessly. With all these reasons, there’s no doubt that it’s among the best ceramic Christmas trees.

  • Quality construction
  • Affordable and sturdy
  • Fantastic holiday gift
  • Hand-painted finish
  • 5ft power cord
  • The bottom bulb is not elongated

Our Verdict

The above ceramic tree is made of heavy-duty material to give you a premium service. It is versatile to fit in most places such as home, classroom, and even offices to improve the holiday mood. Also, you save the money you could have used to purchase multiple battery replacements, thanks to the power cord with a simple on/off switch.


Pick the best ceramic Christmas tree from the products in our list and make your holiday more memorable. They are made of quality material that can withstand the toughest and continuous use. Some even allow you to use batteries suitable for places with electricity issues. Also, you don’t have to perform a lengthy installation as they come ready to use. You can set on a mantel, table, or desk to improve the current decor. Bring cheer and charm to your household without spending too much money.

1 thought on “The 10 Best Ceramic Christmas Trees In 2021”

  1. Things to Consider When Buying The Best Ceramic Christmas Tree

    A ceramic Christmas tree has a different size, shape, design, cost, and even color. One person might prefer a lighter tone while the other a more subtle look. We have the following guide that focuses on the top things to consider before settling on a specific design.

    Construction: Ceramic is the main material used to create this artificial Christmas tree. It has a lot of benefits, including anti-wear and anti-rust. The material, even in changing climatic conditions, does not break easily like the rest. Also, it looks great, and you can add as many decors as you want to coordinate with the look.

    Decorations: The other thing is the number of elements the trees has. Some include over 100 multi-colored bulbs to add a lovely scheme to the overall look. Others come with lights, a star topper and more decor for you to have a fuller looking tree. If you prefer painting over a color that meets your needs, go for the unfinished designs.

    Size: Lastly, check the tree dimensions. If it is too big, it won’t fit on a table comfortably. Also, if it is compact, the characters and detailing might fade away into the background. Always measure the placement setting beforehand, for you to buy the correct product. Remember, the structure will either improve to make storage a stressful task.


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