Top 14 Best Cheap Projectors Of All Time — Products Review

Projectors have become common in the modern home. They allow you to watch movies, play games, and much more. You will find all types in the market. However, one thing that most consumers want is affordability. They want high quality and reliable piece but don’t want to burn holes in the pocket. Finding a good piece can be challenging especially with so many types readily available. In the following read, we will review the best cheap projectors in 2021.

The Top 14 Best Cheap Projectors

#14. Wireless HD Mini Portable Projector

HOLLYWTOP HD Mini Portable Projector 2800 Lux WiFi Wireless Synchronize Smart Phone

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First in our list of the best Cheap projectors, we have this mini cheap projector. It is perfect for small spaces in the home, office, workshop and more. It comes in a small and compact design for easy use. The resolution of 1080p is good and relays sharp and clear images. We love its colorful and vibrant nature, which enhances the experience. Its also very bright thanks to the 2800 lumen. The sound quality is also decent and will be heard from a considerable distance. It is also less affected by background noise. This piece works with a range of devices including PC, laptop, USB, media players, SD cards, and Smartphones. It’s easy to set up and works great.

  • Easy to set up and works great
  • Good sound and picture quality
  • Good screen size
  • Small, compact and very portable
  • May lag a bit

Our Verdict

With this projector, you are able to watch videos, movies, and much more. Although cheaper than most types in the market. It delivers decent service and performance. The picture is very clear, the sound is good, and it is a long lasting unit.

#13. LED HDMI Projector With Carrying Bag

BOMAKER HD TV Projector, 3,600 Lux LED HDMI Projector with Carrying Bag, 1080P and 250''

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If you want a big clear display. You should give the BOMAKER HD TV Projector a thought. It may be among the cheaper pieces but works great or even better than its larger rivals may. Setting it up is straight forward even for a first time user. It will work right from the box and won’t need you to purchase or install software, attachments, or any other thing. The resolution of 1080p is good enough for everyday needs. We also like the screen distance between 35 and 250 inches. Most consumers praise the good picture size, reliable sound quality, and its simplicity. It comes in a space-efficient nature to conserve space.

  • Good design and very functional
  • Setting up and operating is easy
  • Good projector size and sound
  • Silent operation and energy efficient
  • The focus isn’t super bright

Our Verdict

This projector is among the most affordable pieces. It nonetheless delivers a good performance. The color and sound are good, it is very easy to set up, and can run continuously and maintains solid performance. It has a small footprint, which suits it even for small spaces.

#12. Multi-Media Mini Portable Projector With Free HDMI Cable

IDGLAX iDG-787W LCD LED Video Multi-Media Mini Portable Projector with Free HDMI Cable

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  • By: iDGLAX

Watching movies at home, caravan, or vacation house or making presentations at the office should be easier with this projector. It is rated among the best cheap projectors but still ranks among the most reliable. The picture quality is good courtesy f the 1080p resolution. It also relays audible sound, which can be heard for a considerable distance. Besides, you get an audio input that allows you to connect it to other external sound devices. It is simple to set up and starts right up. No delay and no too much noise.

The surface stays cool even after long operation.

  • Easy to set up and connect other devices
  • The screen size is decent
  • Made from quality and durable materials
  • Comes with many features
  • Doesn’t come with an HDMI cable

Our Verdict

This projector, if cared for properly, will serve the user for a long time. It is a simple piece that comes with many features. The sound is good and crisp. The color and picture are also amazing. It’s easy to assemble and connect both other devices with minimal ease.

#11. Mini Portable Projector with HDMI

Projector, Mini LED Video Projector 1080P Supported, Crosstour HD Portable Projector with HDMI

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  • By: Crosstour

With a resolution of 1080p, The Crosstour projector delivers good picture quality. This is experienced even in the bright-lit situation. The sound is also quite good for its relatively small size. The unit is simple to use and comes with a range of inputs/ ports. You get HDM, AV, TF, VGA, and USB. Simply put, it will work with many devices including TV Box, Gaming consoles, PC and Smartphone. The 2000 lumen contributes to its good brightness. It comes with a longlasting bulb that can last for as many as 55,000 hours. It does not run too hot thanks to the superior cooling system. It’s no doubt that this product is among the best cheap projectors.

  • Doesn’t produce lots of noise
  • Less affected by lag or background noise
  • The sound and picture quality is good
  • Lightweight and easy to setup
  • It’s not recommended for commercial use

Our Verdict

This device should prove useful in the home, caravan, mobile home, office, and other places. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. The sound and picture are good. It runs smoothly and produces audible clear noise. The good cooling ensures it stays cool even after extended use.

#10. Mini Portable Video Projector

Mini Projector 2020 Upgraded Portable Video-Projector, 55000 Hours Multimedia Home Theater

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  • By: AuKing

AuKing projector is among the worthy pieces out there. It feels solid courtesy of strong and durable materials. It comes in a lightweight and compact size and is easy to operate. Like most top-end pieces, it has a resolution of 1080p, which is very practical. You get sharp and clear images. The brightness is also good thanks to the superior lamps, which will last for as many as 55,000 hours. The unit relays clear pictures from as near as 32 inches to as far as 170 inches. Adjusting the settings and distance is easy, and the color is good.

  • Good throwing distance
  • The screen size is good
  • Works with many devices
  • Easy to set up and use
  • The sound isn’t very loud

Our Verdict

The AuKing mini projector is a good choice for many situations including the home or office. You can watch movies, play games, or even make a presentation. Whichever the use, it will provide good service. It has bright and colorful images. The screen size is good, and it has a good throwing range. Setting it up is straightforward, and it isn’t a noisy unit.

#9. Portable Mini Projector With Full HD

CRENOVA XPE496 Mini Projector, Full HD 1080P and 170'' Display Supported, Portable

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  • By: Crenova

This has to be on the versatile and reliable projectors out there. It will work with many devices including TV, Home Theater, PC, PS, Roku, iPhone, Amazing Fire Stick, and Mac. Connecting it to the device is pretty simple and easy. The screen size is also bigger than most in its class. You can tone it down to a small size of 28 inches to the maximum size of 180 inches. At whichever setting, it will remain vibrant and bright. This is courtesy of the 1080p resolution and good contrast ratio. It runs much quieter than most other alternatives and does not get too hot.

  • Good brightness and higher lumen rating
  • Work smoothly and quietly
  • Long-lasting bulbs
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The sound isn’t super loud

Our Verdict

With this projector, you not only get a high-quality piece but also spend less on it. It among the most affordable in the market. However, picture quality, sound, and brightness are very good. The screen size is also decent and is easy to vary the size. It doesn’t run too hot even after many hours of use.

#8. LED Wireless Mini WiFi Projector

[Wireless Projector] POYANK 2800Lux LED Wireless Mini Projector, WiFi Projector

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  • By: POYANK

This POYANK unit will usually feature in the best cheap projector reviews. The mini home projector works with many devices. These Include TV, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Smartphones, Setup Box, and more. It has HD Video output and a high lumen for superior picture quality. It will remain bright even in daylight. Setting up and connecting to devices is straight forward even for a new user. You will find all the necessary details inside the pack. The quality of construction feels solid to handle the heat, regular movement, and environmental factors. It is easy to maintain and keeps a decent performance.

  • The fan isn’t very loud
  • Easy to use
  • Good screen size
  • Compatible with many devices
  • It is not super loud

Our Verdict

This projector will work with people who want high-quality service but are on a tight budget. Setting it up and connecting devices is easy. It has a good screen size and the throw distance is good. It maintains good clarity and brightness for a long time. The built-in bulbs also are long-lasting.

#7. Mini Projector With Full HD Display

RAGU Z498 Mini Projector, 2020 Upgraded Full HD 1080P 180 Display Supported, 50,000 Hrs

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  • By: Ragu

This cheap projector has thrown a distance of 5-16ft, which is practical for everyday operation. The screen has a maximum size of 180 inches, which is also good. It comes with a high lumen rating to ensure you have easy viewing even in bright lighting or daylight. It is equipped with superior LED bulbs for exceptional brightness. Together with the 1080p resolution, it will deliver bright, clean and clear pictures. The bulbs have a lifespan of 55,000 hours. We also find the quality of sound to be quite good and should meet your listening needs.

  • The lamps are super bright and long-lasting
  • Its energy efficient and runs cool
  • The fan is not very noisy
  • The projector screen is decent
  • Comes with one HDMI

Our Verdict

This mini projector is brighter than most options in the market. The picture is sharper and the resolution better. However, despite all these, it is still more reasonably priced than most in the market. This makes it worth buying. The lamps are also bright and have a long life. It runs flawlessly with minimal noise.

#6. Mini Portable Projector LED With Dual Built-in Speakers

Projector, APEMAN Mini Portable 3500 Lumen Video Projector LED with Dual Built-in Speakers

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  • By: Apeman

Among the best cheap projectors, the Apeman projector is revered for its good built and top performance. Closer investigation reveals it has a lumen brightness of 3500. This is among the highest in its class. It will ensure the picture are bright and clear even in bright surroundings. It uses 4.0 LCD display technology, which is among the most advanced. This improves the picture quality. The screen has a maximum size of 180 inches and is easy to adjust. The unit works with most devices including PC, TV, Game Consoles, and Smartphones. For the best sound delivery, it features dual speakers and a very silent fan. The lightweight and compact nature improves handling and transportation.

  • The clarity and resolution are good
  • Huge screen size and nice throwing distance
  • Good multimedia support
  • Light t and portable size.
  • It is not very small

Our Verdict

One thing we give this projector credit for is the simple design. It has the inputs well-paced for easy access. It works right from the box, and you don’t need purchasing additional accessories. The weight is light, and moving it isn’t an issue. The images are sharp, and the sound is good.

#5. Mini Projector With Big Display LED Full HD Video

TENKER Upgrade Lumens Q5 Mini Projector, with Big Display LED Full HD Video Projector

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  • By: TENKER

If you want the best cheap projector that guarantees you of longlasting service, you should think of the TENKER Q5 mini projector. The widescreen size, which gives you more versatility. The screen size ranges from 32 to 176 inches while the throw distance is between 1.5 and 5meters. The built-in in lamps give it super brightness, and they have a life span of 55, 000 hours. It is compatible with most devices including Home There, PC, TV, PS, Xbox, Smartphone and Laptop. USB, HDMI, AV, and VGA are the available inputs. The cooling fan running exceptionally silent to enhance the experience. It feels well built to handle the heat, movement, operation, and much more. The device runs quiet and won’t create a nuisance in the surrounding. It is also energy efficient and does not run hot.

  • Long bulb life and decent construction
  • Very bright projection
  • Clear resolution
  • Good quality and affordable
  • Not suited for commercial use

Our Verdict

This projector allows you to watch videos, movies, and make a presentation more conveniently and affordably. It’s cheaper than most alternatives in the market but offers good performance. The picture and sound are good, and it is well built to handle the use.

#4. Mini Projector With Synchronize Smart Phone Screen

Mini Projector, TOPVISION 2400Lux Projector with Synchronize Smart Phone Screen…

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With a screen size reaching up to 176 inches, this projector should be the right choice. It also has a decent throw distance of between 1.5 and 5 meters. It has good brightness courtesy of the 2400 lumens.

The unit supports a maximum resolution of 1080p, which is good enough for day-to-day option. It will work in the home, office, and other places. Nevertheless, you can hook it up to external sound systems for a better experience. It connects to PC, PS4, XBOX, TV and other devices salty. You get HDMI, USB, VGA, SD, AUX and AV. The lamps have a lifespan of 50, 000 hours and maintain their brightness all through.

  • Produces minimal noise
  • Good throwing distance
  • Works with most
  • Big screen size
  • Supports stereo sound only, not 5.1 sound

Our Verdict

This mini projector is suitable in many locations, both small and large. Although it’s a micro-unit, the screen size is good. You can use from a close distance as well as from far quite well. The images are clear and colorful, and the sound is good. It remains cool and doesn’t have a noisy fan.

#3. Mini Projector With 1080P Full HD LED

DBPOWER Mini Projector, 176 Display 1080P Full HD LED Movie Projector, 50,000 Hours Lamp

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This mini projector is ideal for many spaces. It is useful in the home, office, workshop and more. It features a small footprint to save space. The compact design improves the use and handling while the 1080p resolution delivers clear and sharp pictures. We also appreciate the colorful and vivid nature that makes watching movies, playing games, and other things more exciting. It has a throw distance of 1.5-5 meter. The screen size of 32-176 inches gives good views from near and when far. The quality of sound is good and audible a long distance. This projector works with PC, laptop, USB, media players, Smartphones and much more. Setting up and connecting to devices is easy.

  • Huge screen size
  • Good brightness and clarity
  • Works well even in bright lighting
  • The throw distance and screen size is decent
  • The focus is not very bright

Our Verdict

This mini projector works well even in brightly lit surroundings. It has good lumen rating and high contrast ratio. The picture and sound are good and are less affected by flicker, lag, or background noise. Setting up and connecting other devices is simple and easy.

#2. Professional Mini Projector

DR. J Professional HI-04 1080P Supported 4Inch Mini Projector with 170 Display - 40,000 Hours

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  • By: DR. J Professional

If a huge and clear screen is what you desire, the DR. J Professional HI-04 is a good solution. The high-quality piece is cheaper than most of its alternatives. It is also among the easiest to use and should take you a short time to start and enjoy a game, movie and other activities. You don’t need extra accessories or installing software for it to work. The resolution of 1080p delivers clear pictures while the solid built-in speakers relay good audio. The screen distance of 3-176 inches and the throw distance of 1.5-5 meters are also practical. Good screen size, picture size, and sound are among its strong selling points. It is space and energy-efficient.

  • Bright viewing experience
  • Wide input supports many devices
  • Bright and energy efficient bulb
  • Not recommended for business presentation

Our Verdict

This good projector will come in handy in the home, vacation home, or in a mobile home. It’s lightweight and easy to move around with. It starts fast and doesn’t make to much noise. The piece feels well built to put up with the use and environmental factors.

#1. Mini Projector With Full HD 1080P Display

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, Full HD 1080P and 170'' Display Supported, 2400 Lux

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  • By: vankyo

This mini cheap projector makes watching movies or playing games more enjoyable. It’s ideal for the home, vacation, caravan and other places. It’s one of the best cheap projectors in the market. It also ranks high in regards to efficiency, brightness, clarity, and reliability. The 1080p resolution provides a clear picture while the superior speaker ensures the sound is great. It has a nice screen size of 32-176 inches while the throw distance is 4.9-16.4 ft. It features audio input to work with other external sound systems. Setting up the unit is simple and easy even for a newbie. The cooling fan runs smoothly and isn’t noisy. It also helps to keep the unit cool even after extended operation. With all these reasons, there’s no mistake that this is the best cheap projector on the market.

  • Bulbs are bright and last a long time
  • High quality and affordable
  • Good screen size and adjustable
  • The throwing range is good
  • Not for commercial use

Our Verdict

This projector comes in a simple design, which makes using it easy. It has many features for added functionality and works great in different settings. The sound is clear and loud enough for most settings. The pictures are also colorful and vibrant. It is easy to use and is compatible with many devices.


You don’t have to spend lots of money on a good projector. You also do not need to settle for on substandard or unreliable product just because you don’t have lots of money. In the above review, we have looked at the best cheap projectors in the market. We went for high quality, reliable, durable, energy-efficient and user-friendly pieces. They also are small, compact, lightweight, compatible with many devices, and versatile to suit different needs.

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