Discover The 12 Best Christmas Lights In 2020

A starry string light has multiple bulbs or LEDs that illuminate bright, dim or your preferred level of brightness. It is normally used as a decor for various objects such as a tree, window curtain, around the furniture, and more. Plus, the string of lights is connected with a flexible wire that allows you to adjust the shape of the system. In this review, we look at the best Christmas Lights in the market.

The Top 12 Best Christmas Lights

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#12. 500 LED Christmas String Lights

ZOIC 500 LED Christmas String Lights

  • By: Zoic

Zoic has joined the top lighting brands to come up with this Christmas string lights. It offers an energy-efficient service with the 500 LEDs that use 6 watts. This is lesser than other designs with the same pricing to ensure your electricity bills don’t spike up. With a unique memory function, it recalls your last setting after switching off the unit. That means you dint have to rest again when you turn on the lighting scheme. Plug into a power source when in use and unplug to enhance longevity. This item comes with 8 modes to guarantee a wide choice of lighting pattern including chasing/flash, twinkle/flash, slow fade, sequential, combination, and also steady on.

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to use memory function
  • Simple operation
  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Delivers high brightness
  • The lighting is super bright for some users

Our Verdict

You can use this string light for a prolonged time without worrying about electricity bills. It consumes 6 watts of power, making it an energy-saving product. The included 500 LEDs brighten up a place to deliver a cool ambiance such as the patio, tree, deck, and other sites. Plus, its low voltage adapter has an SCA and UL certification for added safety.

#11. 300 Christmas Lights

Brizled Christmas Lights, 300 Count

  • By: Brizled

You can use this lighting system as indoor decoration for Christmas trees, hedges, fences, wreaths, patios, pillars, prom, dance functions, weddings, holidays, restaurants, and other places. Ensure the lights don’t immerse in water for extra precaution. Boasting of 300 vibrant lights, they deliver a warm white glow to create a festive atmosphere, especially during Christmas. They not only light up the house but also around the neighborhood, making them a perfect outdoor accessory. The micro bulb is well-made to deliver a wide 360-degree sparkling glow as it illuminates an area without any issues ideal for the bedroom, patio, a tree, a wall, and more decor.

  • Multipurpose
  • Produces a warm white light
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Lovely design
  • A bit dim

Our Verdict

Brighten your indoor space with this lights from Brizled. Each string has 150 bulbs with a 0.21ft spacing to offer a uniform illumination. Also, it uses 4.8 watts per piece as the inbuilt 3A fuse guarantees maximum safety. Now, you can connect this unit no matter the period and enjoy a lovely ambiance. The above light set is expandable to your suitable length, thanks to the connectivity mechanism. Its end to end structure links up to 750 lights, which is 5 sets to suit both a small and large project.

#10. 100 Counts Christmas Lights

LIDORE 100 Counts Christmas Lights

  • By: LIDORE

With a total of 100 mini bulbs, this product delivers clear lighting at the set place. The whole connection extends up to 21 feet with a 2.4-inch globe distance to allow simple stringing. It has a 16-inch lead cord and a 4-inch tail cord that improve the range of the lighting accessory to meet different demands and in various situations. You can use this item non-stop up to 90 days without experiencing any damages. Another thing is the production of warm white color suitable for any holiday atmosphere. These Starry lights are easy to install on most surfaces to enhance your appliances like tables, ceilings, and even flower bouquets.

  • Simple installation
  • Easy to set up
  • Meets various lighting needs
  • Perfect Christmas gift or decor
  • Affordable
  • It tangles a bit firmly

Our Verdict

Lidore Christmas lights produce a super bright light perfect for any place free of wetness. It utilizes a series linking for there sets to connect easily. Also, the lovely design looks great in either indoor or outdoor settings such as pools, gardens, and patios. This product is a nice Christmas decor or gift as it installs quickly. In case of replacements, a 0.425-watt bulb is recommended to make sure the connection is seamless.

#9. Twinkle 100 LED Star String Lights

Twinkle Star 100 LED 49 FT Star String Lights

  • By: Twinkle Star

What makes Twinkle Starlights among the best Christmas lights is the multiple modes to give you maximum versatility. With 9 functions, they meet different demands, holidays, feelings, mood, anniversaries, and festivals. That means every user gets maximum satisfaction in their lighting needs. You can pick the Slow Glow, Slow Fade or Steady on/off for added convenience as the patterns change beautifully. An added advantage is a quality-made 100 LEDs that cover a distance of up to 49 feet. Not only that, but also are star-shaped with solid plastic construction to enhance durability. Use the certified adapter that consumes low voltage to light up this accessory.

  • High-quality design
  • Extendable length
  • Waterproof and energy efficient
  • Simple to connect
  • 9 lighting modes
  • It takes time to untangle this string light in case of poor storage

Our Verdict

Twinkle Star is a top-rated company with beautiful Christmas accessories. The above string lights offer maximum flexibility with the multiple modes for you to pick one that meets your demands, such as mood and feeling. You can extend the structure up to 10 light sets between 49.2 to 344.5 ft which comprises a maximum of 1000 LEDs.

#8. 100 LED Indoor String Light

JMEXSUSS 100LED 49.2ft Indoor String Light Christmas


The different designs for string lights serve similar and varying purposes. For the above one, it has a wide application excellent for outdoors and indoors like Christmas, Party, Window, Bathroom, Wedding, Home, Festival, Holiday, Hotel, Commercial offices, Shows, Restaurant, and more. It comes with 8 modes, including combination that flashes all functions after a certain period and steady on which delivers consistent lighting. Using only 30 volts, it is much safer than the other with a high consumption to keep your energy bills at a minimum. Made with safety in mind, it features no radiation, no heat, and no radiation that improves safety to you and the Ecosystem.

  • Wide Use
  • Attractive warm white light
  • A variety of modes
  • Covers a large distance
  • Low consumption
  • The power cord and last bulb has a large space

Our Verdict

If you want a Christmas light that lets you use it on multiple places, you have found it. This string bulb set is safely made using quality material best for parties, birthdays, holidays, restaurants, stage, bedrooms, and even the bar. Set it to your preferred spot to get a lovely glow and at the same time improves the existing style. Measuring 5 meters, it is ling enough to cover a broad area.

#7. LED Christmas Lights

ALOVECO LED Christmas Lights


This product Aloveco are best Christmas lights for both indoors and outdoors to let you use an ideal setting. Constructed with premium material that delivers an excellent water resistance, it doubles as decor during different celebrations such as Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, get-Togethers, and much more. Also, it has 14.8 ft length that covers a considerable distance without adding an extra set. This product is flexible for placement around your garden, bedroom, patio, living room, and also the movie room. The integrated timer is an excellent addition to prevent unnecessary power consumption. It automatically turns on for 6hrs and off for 18hrs in a single cycle. Plus, the ABS material keeps your unit at low temperature to prevent burns.

  • Waterproof and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Quality materials
  • Integrated timer
  • For indoor and outdoor
  • Lacks a single-color lighting scheme setting

Our Verdict

There is no need to worry about lighting damages caused by unfavorable elements. The above accessory is suitable for both indoors or outdoor with a waterproof structure. It can withstand changing weather and still deliver an excellent service. Use it in your garden, party, and more occasions to liven up the place. With 8 modes, you can pick the one that suits your mood for the day such as In Waves, Combination, and also Slo-Glo.

#6. 200 Waterproof LED Starry Lights

66 Ft 200LEDs Waterproof Starry Lights

  • By: 12APM

The above starry lights have an upgraded design with user-friendly features to give you a better and safe performance. With a wide application, it is suitable for Halloween, Christmas, patio, backyard, weddings, Thanksgiving, and parties. Moreover, you can use it as a decor for a tree or window curtain. This unit has a 66ft length made of durable copper and premium coating to give you a flexible stringing. Whether you hand or wound over an object, the process is smooth. It takes a few seconds, depending on the compatibility and height of the item. A bonus function is a USB port that lets you power using different accessories, including a power bank, computer, and other compatibles power sources.

  • Convenient USB port
  • Compatible with PC hub and power bank
  • 66ft length
  • Durable copper cables
  • Simple to maintain
  • Adapter not included

Our Verdict

The USB port powers these lights with either a power bank, PC port, USB adapter, and compatible power sources to give you a flexible use. It does not matter if you live in areas with multiple electricity outages because you can pick your ideal fueling method. Updated with an intuitive on/off switch, you can turn the lights off when not in use to save energy. Constructed with a bendable copper, it allows flexible shaping of creative designs.

#5. 100 LED String Lights

TaoTronics TT-SL036 33ft 100 LED String Lights

  • By: TaoTronics

This LED String light is dimmable by using the provided remote controller to give you a comfortable operation from a recommended distance. The control tool has a short-circuit protection to ensure the lights don’t malfunction even in long-term lighting. Also, you get to pick the level of brightness that meets the occasion and your mood from the 10 options. If you want the highest illumination, select the maximum mode. This product comes with adjustable functions, including strobe, smooth, and flash, to create a dynamic atmosphere. No need to run to the stores or visit an outdoor scene to get the right feel that suits your needs. Boasting of a copper design, you can mold the lights into your desired shape for a more creative lighting experience.

  • Eco-friendly design
  • Flexible material
  • Safe and convenient
  • Includes a UL-certified power adapter
  • Dimmable and warm light
  • Not weatherproof

Our Verdict

TaoTronics string lights come with a remote control to give you a comfortable use. It eliminates the need for continually standing when you want to set a specific function. Also, it saves time as you control from a recommended distance. With a 33ft length, it’s shorter than other designs but delivers the expected results. The provided power adapter has a low profile that conceals out of sight for a cleaner look.

#4. Twinkle Stars 200 LED Indoor String Lights

Twinkle Star 66FT 200 LED Indoor String Lights

  • By: Twinkle Star

These string lights feature 200 LEDs powered by a 29V electricity. The energy consumption is low and efficiently used to run the multiple bulbs and at the same time prevent high energy bills. Now, you can have a cozy atmosphere all day and night with added confidence. For safe outdoor use, this item is made from waterproof material that withstands unfavorable weather conditions. Not only to give you a reliable but also a worry-free operation. Additionally, it is suitable as a decoration for you to string around a Christmas tree, window curtain, patio and more places around the house. Hang to a favorite toy or furniture to improve its looks as you set up within seconds.

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Extendable connection
  • Multipurpose
  • For indoors
  • Creates a warm atmosphere
  • Some people feel the twinkle function flashes too quickly

Our Verdict

Twinkle Star Lights allow you to have a simple connection to a 29V outlet, making it a low energy consumption unit. It measures 66ft to cover a broad area such as a tree without attaching another set. In case you need to extend this size, add a maximum of 5 light set to total up to 83ft. Plus, it looks great. It complements any setting such as bedroom, living room, restaurant, hotel, shopping center, window and many more.

#3. Christmas Lights String

Aluan Christmas Lights String

  • By: Aluan

We understand picking up a gift can get difficult, especially during the festive seasons. The Aluan lights string is the best alternative to give a loved one in most occasions such as Christmas, get-together, and parties. It emits a warm white light in a room or open space for a friendly and romantic atmosphere. Use these gorgeous lights in a backyard dinner date for your significant other to enjoy a lovely ambiance. This accessory measures 13m in total, and each LED has a 3m spacing for you to set up comfortably with its high flexibility. Powered by a UL certified plug, it uses a maximum of 31V to prevent high electricity bills.

  • Perfect decoration
  • Adjustable modes
  • Low power consumption
  • Long string connection
  • Gorgeous illumination
  • Inconsistent flashing when running two strands

Our Verdict

Aluan Christmas lights look great, making it the ideal gift. Give to a mother, father, sister, auntie, and more people on any occasion. Its warm light delivers a friendly atmosphere to enhance a romantic feel around the backyard. Also, it’s lightweight without tangling issues to improve storage and setup every time you string on an ideal surface. Plug into a wall outlet to turn on the LEDs and unplug to turn them off.

#2. 100-Count Clear Green Light Set

Prextex 100-Count Clear Green Light Set

  • By: Prextex

Don’t waste your cash on items that fail to give you the expected service. Instead, use this light set that delivers an ergonomic performance with its lovely aesthetics and modern construction. Featuring clear green bulbs, they stand out from the rest to give you an attractive lighting scheme. That means you can use it for indoor places such as bedroom, window curtain, around furniture and even Christmas tree. Besides, it works well for the outdoor scene as well like the patio, around the pool, garden, and much more. If you have a friend who needs to liven up their backyard, this is a thoughtful gift to guarantee a simple connection.

  • Comes with replacements
  • Simple Christmas decor
  • Long 18-inch lead wire
  • Easy to connect
  • Chic finish
  • The length of the wire is a bit smaller

Our Verdict

Prextex light set has green bulbs that enhance any room and outdoor settings. You can use it as a Christmas tree decoration to make the holiday more memorable and exciting. With 100 lights, two flasher bulbs, replacement fuse, and two additional globes, you have an immediate replacement in case of burnouts. Link 5 light sets together to increase the length and cover a broader area.

#1. Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

By: Twinkle Star

Another string light from Twinkle Star that is affordable and reliable. Costing around 18 dollars, most people can purchase it to improve their decorations at home or around the backyard. It comes with 300 LEDs that give you a warm white light with the chosen mode. You can pick the combination, sequential, in waves, slogs, and more functions to have a different lighting scheme with a touch of a button. This product is mountable to multiple locations, including a window curtain to improve your bedroom or living room look. No need to make permanent amendment like breaking down walls to get a brighter atmosphere. For a straightforward use, plug into a standard outlet with 110V together with the 1ft controller to avoid any malfunctions. Despite its cheap price, it’s still one of the best Christmas lights available.

  • Perfect decoration
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof design
  • Affordable
  • High-quality material
  • It tangles up easily

Our Verdict

Twinkle Star is a loved brand by many users and has this string light that provides reliable performance. It is affordable and ensures you don’t spend additional money on maintenance and other repairs. Pick a mode that fits your needs such as slow fade, combination, slogs, steady on, in waves, and many others. With a multipurpose design, it’s the perfect decoration for a Christmas party, wedding, Valentine’s Day, window, and other festivities.

Buying Guide For The Best Christmas Lights

There are things you need to look out for before buying a Christmas light. For instance, the flexibility of the material, size, price, and more. They are as follows:

Delivery and Performance

What type of ambiance do you prefer? Some people like a brightly-lit place while others a warm atmosphere. A string light comes with different brightness and mode levels to allow you to pick one that meets your needs. The newer modes have more than 8 lighting settings including steady, flashing, and changing systems.


Where will you connect the LEDs string? If you want to link around furniture, on a tree, and other objects, the length and flexibility of the wire matters. The longer it is, the more coverage. Note that others allow you to extend the current feet up to a recommended size to string around a larger area. You can use this product to get a sift white glow perfect for a patio, tree, deck, living room, restaurant, hotel, and other places.


Check the products in this review to get the best Christmas lights that deliver a lasting service. You can spend extra cash to get one with advanced features such as a USB port for a flexible powering option. Also, the bulb light comes with an on/off switch. You can choose the placement spot that you want to improve the look. Most people prefer decorating a tree during the festive seasons while the rest wound the starry lights around different objects around the house. Select one of the items in our list and enjoy a warm ambiance at home.

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