The 12 Best Christmas Tablecloths You Should Buy

Improve your festive mood by using a fabric with lovely details and colors. You can place it on a table for dinner parties, get-togethers, and other gatherings. In this review, we have the best Christmas tablecloth in 2020.

The Top 12 Best Christmas Tablecloths

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#12. Christmas Plaid Printed Tablecloth

Benson Mills Christmas Plaid Printed Tablecloth

  • By: Benson Mills

What makes Benson Mills among the best Christmas tablecloths is their quality products. For this one, it has a lovely plaid printed pattern that makes the plain ones look mediocre. Also, you can match it with other Christmas decorations such as lamps, socks, Santa’s hat and much more. Measuring 60 x 120 inches, it covers a small table without leaving any spaces. Place your favorite vase on top for additional beauty.

This product is the perfect gift for the holidays such as Christmas. Give to a mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparent and more people. Cleaning this fabric does not require too much effort because of its machine-friendly design. Throw it inside the washing machine on a gentle cycle using cold water. Hot water might cause fading and wrinkles.

  • For holiday decor
  • Machine wash cold
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Lovely design
  • Affordable
  • Thin

Our Verdict

Benson Mills has an attractive plaid printed pattern to make the overall look more outstanding. It measures 60 x 120 inches to fit most small tables and at the same time, make them stand out. Machine wash using cold water with a mild detergent to prevent fading and discoloration.

#11. Elegance Christmas Tablecloth

Newbridge Elegance Christmas Fabric

  • By: Newbridge

We love the Newbridge Christmas fabric because of its simple maintenance and cleaning. Wash using warm or cold water to improve its durability. For a better smell, add a fabric softener with a fragrance that suits your taste. Made of original polyester, it can withstand abrasions much better than the other materials. Besides, it irons out smoothly under a low heat setting.

The above accessory comes in a beautiful poinsettia red, which adds simplicity and elegance at the same time in a place. Set it on a table to improve the festive moods in your household. Featuring an allover woven plain style with visual texture, it acts as a nice all-occasion gift, including Christmas. The design measures 52 x 70 inches to fit tables up to 40 x 54 inches that accommodate between 4-6 people.

  • Simple to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimum ironing
  • Soil resistant
  • Lovely poinsettia red
  • After washing, it develops some minor wrinkles

Our Verdict

Clean and maintain this tablecloth with ease using a washing machine with cold to warm water. Measures 52 x 70 inches to fit small to medium-sized tables. The red color is more sophisticated and adds simplicity and appeal in a place. With a visual texture, it gives a sense of realism and cheerfulness.

#10. Linen Decorative Christmas Tablecloth

Violet Linen Decorative Christmas Tablecloth

  • By: Violet Linen

If you are looking for a tablecloth that is a suitable decoration for New Year and Christmas season, then this product is the best Christmas tablecloth for you. Featuring colorful printed snowflakes, they bring the festivities closer to home and a nostalgic feeling. You don’t have to buy the pricey decors when this one does the expected results. It has dimensions of 52 x 70 inches, which covers most table to improve the current decor.

Boasting of strong stitching, it does not tear even in excessive use. Also, the polyester construction prevents wrinkle after each wash to eliminate the need for ironing. Dress up your table for guests to see the beautiful finish it showcases. For best cleaning results, do not use bleach or hot water but instead utilize the gentle cycle with cold to warm heat settings. Iron using the permanent press level to make the lines straight free of creases.

  • Easy care
  • Gentle cycle wash
  • Strong stitching
  • Attractive design
  • For the Christmas holiday
  • The material is not as smooth

Our Verdict

Update your home with the Violet Linen tablecloth to decorate a table during the holiday season. It has printed snowflakes that brighten up a place and bring a cheerful mood closer to home. Also, you can use it as a gift to a loved one.

#9. Square Red Tablecloth

Homedocr Red Tablecloth Square

  • By: Homedocr

Cheap does not mean low quality, but sometimes the brand wants more people to get the product. This tablecloth cost around 9 dollars but gives outstanding service. It is constructed using premium polyester that allows you to wash numerous times without fading, shrinking, or tearing. You can clean with confidence, unlike the other fabrics that discolor after the first wash. Also, it helps prevents stains and scratches from damaging your furniture. It measures 54 x 54 inches to dress up small to medium tables during the festive season.

The above product has decorative elements suitable for indoors and outdoors for cafes, parties, weddings, picnics, buffets, brunches, and dinners. Invite your guests over to enjoy a festive mood at the comfort of your home. Its square design works well square tables such as dining tables, tea tables and also farm table.

  • Affordable
  • Premium polyester
  • Shrink and tear-proof
  • Lovely square design
  • For outdoors and indoors
  • Not wrinkle-proof

Our Verdict

Homedecor tablecloth costs 9 dollars to ensure you have an affordable and reliable performance. The use of polyester protects furniture and tables from sunray, stains, and scratches. Also, it does no fail or spill, making it a perfect Christmas decor.

#8. Square Cotton Tablecloth

DII 52x52 Square Cotton Tablecloth

  • By: DII

DII company is not new to the decoration industry and has come up with this tablecloth that has high versatility. You can use it daily, for dinner parties, holidays or during the Christmas holidays. That means you can enjoy various applications with the same fabric for added convenience and cost-effective. Boasting of a durable cotton design, it washes off dirt better than other materials. At the same time, it enhances a soft and cozy feeling for you to have a comfortable operation.

With a square construction measuring 52 x 52 inches, it is perfect for a table that fits between 4 to 6 people. Now, you can enjoy a nice Christmas dinner with your whole family or with friends. Another thing is the simple maintenance and cleaning. Machine wash on gentle cycle using cold to warm water. If any creases develop, iron with the lowest setting to avoid damages. Incorporating bright deck the halls prints, it uses a mix of green and red colors to deliver a sparkling effect.

  • For a 4-6 person table
  • Easy care
  • Beautiful bright colors
  • Enhances your home style
  • Simple to use
  • The runner is not thick

Our Verdict

DII does not disappoint in the many products they create, including this tablecloth. With high versatility, you can use it daily, for dinner or holiday parties. Also, place on foyer tables, dining tables, low bookshelves, tabletop, and more places to add a sense of festivity.

#7. Christmas Village Fabric Printed Tablecloth

Christmas Village Fabric Printed Tablecloth

  • By: Benson Mills

If you want an impressive and inexpensive tablecloth, stop searching. This one from Benson Mills gives you a simple use and easy cleaning. Use the washing machine and set the gentle cycle to avoid damages like threads coming undone and much. Not only to keep it in original shape but also for you to get long-term use. Crafted with lasting polyester, no more worries of huge creases that require constant ironing. You can use it as a decor addition during the holidays or as a dinner table mat to improve the ambiance.

The above accessory meausres60 x 104 inches, making it among the largest with a pocket-friendly price. The large design lets you come with creative ways of coordinating with your room’s style. You can drape it over a tabletop, mantel, laptop, table and other surfaces to extend the festivity moods. Choose different sizes from a wide variety to get one for your friends or loved ones.

  • Simple to use
  • Multiple sizes
  • Clear tablecloth chart
  • Easy to clean
  • Inexpensive and impressive
  • Creases a bit after washing

Our Verdict

Benson Mills creates lots of products such as a tablecloth, table mat, table linens and much. With the above accessory, it gives you an impressive and inexpensive service. You can use it to dress multiple surfaces such as a table, desk, tabletop, and more to improve the style. Also, cleaning is simple, with a washing machine and cold water.

#6. Fairy Christmas Tablecloth

Maison d' Hermine Fairy Christmas Tablecloth

  • By: Maison d’ Hermine

Stand out from the rest with this item from a renown brand. This product is probably among the best Christmas tablecloths you can find. You can switch up the standard decor found in most decor and use this one to extend the Christmas spirit. Constructed from premium cotton, it leaves not only a lasting impression but also a festive feeling. Match it up with a table runner to infuse vibrant colors for that seasonal touch. It is 54 x 54 inches, to cover a table perfectly and add a soft festive feel. The machine-friendly design lets you enjoy a simple cleaning without worries of fading or shrinking.

Expertly printed with multiple graphics such as Christmas stars, snowflakes and tree leaves quickly deliver a holiday mood in your house. The feeling is further enhanced with vibrant hues and rich colors that elevate your mood in each dinner meal. Use it as a decoration during the holidays or a table mat to place tasty meals.

  • Lovely Christmas decoration
  • Premium cotton construction
  • Covers a dinner table perfectly
  • Machine-friendly design
  • Fade-proof
  • The quality could be better

Our Verdict

The above tablecloth is a unique Christmas decor that standouts from the typical trees and ornaments. It is made from heavy-duty cotton that delivers a sturdy and soft feeling around the dining room. With a dimension of 54 x 54 inches, it dresses up most small-sized tables comfortably.

#5. Deer Tablecloth

Maison d' Hermine Deer Tablecloth

  • By: Maison d’ Hermine

Make your holiday more festive and inviting with this tablecloth. It has colorful graphics with a deer to deliver a deep and cheerful feeling in your home. The subtle tones and natural motif provide a unique beauty of the detailed snow-capped pine forest. Also, the cluster of snowflakes gently shimmers in glided hues and grey as the vintage-style border makes the characters stand out. The intricate aspects of this cloth make it a thoughtful festive gift to lift anyone’s mood.

Built using quality cotton, it brings charming effects in any place. The material is comfortable than others to deliver a cozy feel suitable for all seasons. Moreover, it is well-made with vibrant colors perfect for casual buffets, parties, and also formal dinners. Now, you can invite your friends to join in and celebrations a cheerful ambiance. This product has a unique hand painting to bring a sense of personalization and elegance.

  • Colorful graphics
  • Vintage-style border
  • Thoughtful gift
  • Soft cotton construction
  • Machine washable
  • Difficult to iron

Our Verdict

Maison d’ Hermine tablecloth has an inviting and cheerful effect. The cotton fabric delivers a soft feel as it drapes elegantly on a dinner table. With a 60 x 90 inch size, cover a table to make the setting more lively and appealing. Also, it is made in India and designed in Europe to ensure you get the best of the best. This fabric is machine washable to give you a convenient and effortless cleaning.

#4. Tartan Holly Plaid Square Tablecloth

DII Tartan Holly Plaid Square Tablecloth

  • By: DII

If you want a tablecloth that fits a table of four people, the DII is suitable. Measuring 52 x 52 inches, you can cover your table quickly without any loose strands. Plus, cotton construction is simple to maintain and clean. Machine wash using cold or warm water with the gentle cycle. Then, tumble dry on low setting for best result without causing shrinking, fading, and other damages. The material has excellent breathability suitable for home and outdoor environments to keep the place fresh and appealing.

The 1/2-inch hem ensures the material stays intact perfect for family gatherings, holidays, parties, and even Christmas dinners. If you have a loved one, friend, or family member that wants to spice up the dinner table, this is a thoughtful gift. Not only to improve the festivities mood but also liven up the area. Its crisscrossing green and white bands patterns on the red fabric adds a classic element to cheer up your home.

  • Fits a table for four people
  • Quality construction
  • Machine-friendly
  • Thoughtful holiday gift
  • Versatile
  • Some users complain about minor shrinking after washing

Our Verdict

DII table cloth is 52 x 52 inches, to cover a table suitable for four people. With a square design featuring tartan holly plaids, it coordinates with the existing room’s style. No need to rearrange the setting to get a Christmas holiday feel.

#3. Large Christmas Tablecloth

Benson Mills Christmas Tablecloth

  • By: Benson Mills

Stop using tablecloths that loose their original structure after a short period. Benson Mills is made of a blend of polyester and cotton to add more strength. That means you can wash for numerous time without fading or shrinking issues. Also, the fabrics are easy to maintain and clean. In case of clarifications, go through the care instructions to get more information. The above accessory has Christmas ribbons printing to give you a holiday feel at the dinner table. Your guests or family will enjoy a nice meal filled with cheer.

Measuring 60 x 120 inches, this cloth is larger than other designs with the same price. It covers a wide table suitable for 12-14 chairs, making it ideal for a large family, a get-together, a small gathering, dinner party, and more events. You no longer have to use separate tablecloths when you have multiple visitors in your household during the holidays.

  • Launders beautifully
  • High-end classy look
  • Heavyweight fabric
  • Clear care instructions
  • Affordable and durable
  • Not suitable for hot water cleaning

Our Verdict

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Benson Mills is a renown brand that deals in tablecloths, mats and other accessories. The above fabric is constructed using polyester and cotton that work together to provide maximum strength to enhance durability. It is spacious to fit a large table for 12-14 chairs. With a classy design, use it as a decoration to stand out from the rest.

#2. Christmas Fabric Tablecloth

Benson Mills Christmas Fabric Tablecloth, 60 by 120

  • By: Benson Mills

Benson Mills creates beautiful cloth designs including placemats and tablecloths. With a large dimension of 60 x 120 inches, you can cover different table sizes from rounded, rectangular to squares. You get total freedom to enhance the style, whether indoors or outdoors. Engineered to withstand tough use, it is made of quality material with lovely details to add beauty in most rooms such as dining and lounging area. The included attractive finish blends well with most styles for a contemporary effect. This item is available in multiple sizes apart from this one to fit everyone’s needs.

Featuring a yarn-dyed construction, it is safe for use at the dinner table when enjoying a nice Christmas meal. No more worries about the harmful effects that might cause your health and the environment. An added function is its lightweight stricture that easily folds to take the least space in your storage cabinet when not in use. To reuse, unfold it and iron out the crease and dress up your table.

  • Large surface
  • Multipurpose
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Strong stitching
  • Quick folding
  • It is a bit short

Our Verdict

Benson Mills has a large dimension to fit different styles tables. You can use it as a Christmas decor or a mat for enjoying a meal with your family. Its lightweight design is simple to clean, maintain, and store. The durable stitching improves durability even after numerous washes.

#1. Botanical Christmas Tablecloth

BENSON MILLS Botanical Christmas Tablecloth

  • By: Creative Dining Group

Spend around 15 dollars to own this floral Christmas tablecloth with sturdy construction. Not only to give an extended but also simple use than the other designs in the market. It measures 52 x 70 inches, to dress up your table during the festive holiday. Also, you can cover furniture to help prevent stains, dust, and spills to keep it looking clean and charming. The use of polyester makes it tougher than the rest to ensure you have a crease-proof material. Pair it with existing accessories around your home such as lamps, books, flowers, and much more for a coordinated look.

This accessory washes well inside the washing machine. For perfect cleanup outcome, use cold water and mild detergent with the gentle cycle. No need to add bleach and softeners to maintain its original shape. The well-made seams prevent strands from drawing out even after numerous washes. With all these reasons, there’s no doubt that this product is one of the best Christmas tablecloths.

  • Affordable and sturdy
  • Simple to use
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Does not fade or shrink
  • Quality polyester
  • It requires some minor ironing

Our Verdict

This affordable tablecloth has a sturdy design to give you extended use. It measures 52 x 70 inches to cover a small to medium-sized tables perfectly. Made of polyester, it prevents stain and dirt from damaging your table. Also, it is simple to maintain and clean.

Tips to Maintain The Best Christmas Tablecloth

The following factors are simple ways that will help you in the maintenance of your tablecloth.


Make sure you clean the tablecloth as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Most designs require cold washing, while others use warm water when using a washing machine. Then, utilize the gentle cycle and tumble or air dry for best results.

Do not bleach

Never bleach your tablecloth because it might cause discoloration and other fabric damage. Whether you want to make the color brighter or remove a stain, there are better and safer ways to do that.


If you hate creases on your tablecloth, you can iron but on a low heat setting. The most common fabric, like polyester and cotton iron out well to leave the design free from wrinkles. Other materials need more time to clear out the undesirables.


Choosing the best Christmas tablecloth can be hard if you lack enough information. Our list has the top-rated in the market that gives you a reliable service. Read through the various features and get one that has all your requirements to extend the holiday feeling in your home.

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