The 14 Best Christmas Tree Stands In 2020

You can keep your tree in a stable position by using a holder which accommodates a large weighted object. In this review, we look at the best Christmas tree stand available in most stores.

The Top 14 Best Christmas Tree Stands

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#14. Steady Rotating Tree Stand

Do it Best Rotating Tree Stand

  • By: CMI

The above product is the best christmas tree stand for artificial trees that have a height of up to 7.5 feet. It comes with a rotating base that is sturdily built and weighted to minimize any sliding after the placement. Although the weight is heavy for a person to move comfortably, it accommodates the tree in a secure position. This item holds trees with a maximum width of 1-1/4 inches and below 80 pounds for best stability. If you place a higher load, it might cause breakage and other accidental issues. Measuring 26 x 26.2 x 6 inches, it fits both large and small locations perfectly with zero distortions.

  • Simple to install
  • Lovely design
  • String and steady base
  • Comes with an on/off switch
  • Affordable
  • Heavier than other brands

Our Verdict

CMI tree stand is well-made to hold a tree measuring 7.5 feet and below. With a lovely finish, it complements most room designs as well as the outdoor places such as a backyard. For best results, put an artificial tree with an 80 pound and below.

#13. Simple Setup Tree Stand

Dyno Seasonal Solutions XTS3 Tree Stand, Green

  • By: Dyno Seasonal Solutions

Dyno has come up with this stand with a dimension of 20 inches to offer lovely aesthetics in any place. With a sturdy stand, you can put the cup up to the tree before connecting the stand for a beautiful design. Plus, the green color stands out from others and at the same time adds natural beauty to most surroundings complementing the existing decor. Use the knobs at the screws to finish the assembly quicker with zero difficulties. This accessory comes with durable rubber feet that can withstand excessive movement from one place to the other, especially during and after the holidays.

  • Attractive green finish
  • Simple to setup
  • Quality material
  • Thoughtful gift
  • Sturdy stand
  • Hard to adjust

Our Verdict

Using the Dyno tree stand lets you complement any existing style naturally. It has an elegant green finish which is easy to maintain. Also, it accommodates a 10-inch tree with a trunk diameter of 5 inches steadily. The foot pedal quickly locks and retracts for added safety.

#12. Solid-Steel Christmas Tree Stand

Santa's Solution Solid-Steel Christmas Tree Stand

  • By: The Christmas Tree Company

This tree stand is among the heavy-duty in the market suitable for an 8ft tree. Featuring outrigger leg attachments, there is no need to worry about unsteadiness during use and after installing. They keep the whole unit in place to prevent accidents and unnecessary movements. This accessory accommodates a tree with an 8-inch trunk as it is patented “Circle Piece” center technology attaches the plant before placing it inside the stand. That means your accessory centers the object for a secure hold.

  • Simple to use
  • Heavy-duty material
  • For a 12-ft tree
  • Patented center system design
  • Easy to rotate the swivel motion
  • Unique watering system
  • Design and base needs improvement

Our Verdict

If you want a tree stand that accommodates an 8ft tree, you have found it. The above accessory has a sturdy construction that holds your object in a steady position. You can spin the tree to get a suitable branch angle before securing it in a fixed spot. It is a breeze to this accessory by setting up in seconds and placing your tree.

#11. Lightweight & Sturdy Christmas Tree Stand

Handythings Christmas Tree Stand


Jack-Post company has tree accessories of different pricing, sizes, and designs. With this tree stand, it offers a safe and straightforward performance. Constructed using durable materials and corrosion-resistant hardware, you get better safety than other elements. Plus, the zinc-dichromate assembly parts have a lovely gold tone to improve the overall look. Boasting of large capacity, this item is excellent for an 8-ft tree with a 6-inch trunk size. It is made of durable plastic that holds a high water capacity of 1 gallon. With all these reasons, there’s no doubt that this product is one of the best christmas tree stands on the market.

  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Holds I-gallon water
  • Spill-catcher edge
  • Unique stabilizing spike
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware
  • Takes time to screw all the necessary hardware parts

Our Verdict

The above tree stand is simple to use and setup. It has a medium size to hold a large tree of up to 8 feet. Also, the 19-inch base is wide enough to provide maximum stability even in excess operation. The included spill-catcher edge and a stabilizing spike ensure the ground is free from wetness and drips for easy maintenance.

#10. Sleek Cinco Tree Stand

Good Tidings CNCC163 Cinco Tree Stand

  • By: Good Tidings

Cinco tree stand has multiple safety standards to enhance security for you and your floor surface. The patented reservoir holds a large amount of water as it has a spill guard that prevents leaks and other disadvantages. It has cut-away sides and a raised bolt post to save the bottom branches. That means the whole tree will stay fresh for an extended time as you refill the tank once the level goes low. Constructed from premium polypropylene, it delivers not only maximum strength but also looks good in any setting. The material does not fade, discolor or rust because of either high or low temperature, making it more flexible. With 3 tempered steel spikes, they are rust-proof and keep the tree from twisting and shifting.

  • Quality material
  • Saves bottom branches
  • Delivers great strength
  • Sleek design
  • Tabletop style
  • Large for a small tree

Our Verdict

Improve your tree setup process with this safe tree stand. Made of quality polypropylene, it does not break easily like the others as it delivers excellent strength. Also, the material prevents damage caused by low temperatures. Its user-friendly design weighing 1 pound is easy to assemble and takedown.

#9. Artificial Christmas Tree Stand

Holiday Time Artificial Christmas Tree Stand

  • By: Holiday Time

This stand is affordable and lightweight to give you a flexible operation. Weighing 1.2 pounds with a dimension of 12.8 x 6 x 4.5 inches, it is thin to improve assembly, maintenance, and usage. The bold finish looks elegant in most spaces, such as a living room and even in the backyard. With a price just below 20 dollars, you can get reliable equipment to give you a hassle-free installation and performance. Moreover, it holds trees with a 75-pound load and up to 8 ft to make it a dependable gadget that makes Christmas festivities and decorations more exciting. It comes with four different poles that are strong enough to ease the setup.

  • Easy to setup
  • Non-marking construction
  • Lightweight and firm
  • Lovely finish
  • Improves tree decorating process
  • Incorrect sizing chart

Our Verdict

Holiday Time is lightweight and affordable to give a straightforward setup. It weighs 1.2 pounds, which is enough to hold a 75-pound tree. The innovative design is superior to the rest that leaves no markings on your floor and also livens up a place.

#8. Emerald Christmas Tree Stand

Good Tidings Emerald Tree Stand

  • By: Good Tidings

Good Tidings is not a new player in the ornaments and other indoor appliances such as Christmas tree stand. The one above has a unique construction using polymer material that does not rust, crack, and even harm your floors. Now, you can move it from place to place without worrying about the surface getting scratches. We take note of the large bolts and ergonomic handles to give you a smooth tightening without using too much effort. Due to the independent trunk receptacle, it connects to the trunk as wide as 5 inches for added convenience and increased stability.

  • Anti-crack and anti-rust
  • Simple to tighten the screws
  • Large water reservoir
  • Prevents messy spills
  • Easy to assembly and disassembly
  • Wobbles slightly

Our Verdict

You can stand out from the rest by using this tree stand made from string material to get an extended service. It has comfortable handles to enhance screw tightening for quick assembly and disassembly. Plus, the water reservoir accommodates 3.5 quarts of water to ensure the tree remains fresh with lesser refills. A drain slot eliminates spills in disassembly.

#7. Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

Goliath welded steel Christmas Tree Stand

  • By: Goliath Christmas Tree Stands

There is no need to use a plastic Christmas tree because you are worried about lengthy setup and stability. This stand has heavy-duty legs that are removable to enhance storage and steadiness. Remove the feet and keep the stand in a safe place when not in use. Boasting high compatibility, this device holds between 8-16 ft tree height with a 9-inch trunk diameter. It comes with a large 1.8-gallon reservoir capacity that holds more liquid than the other brands. Also, the provided support screws have steel end caps for maximum safety during installation and use.

  • Large water capacity
  • Perfect Christmas gift
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Removable legs for simple storage
  • Strong supportive screws
  • Pricey than other brands

Our Verdict

Goliath stand has excellent steel welding to offer maximum support and simple operation. The sturdy legs are strong enough to withstand continuous use. Also, you can complement the place for setup design to add additional beauty during the holidays. Its powder-coated finish adds extra shine to any site and at the same time give you easy maintenance.

#6. Express Christmas Tree Stand

Cinco C-148E Express Christmas Tree Stand

  • By: Good Tidings

The above accessory is suitable for trees up to 10 feet height with a trunk size of 7 inches. It is quite affordable to give you reliable service without breaking the bank. The other pricier units work the same as this one making Cinco a cost-effective product. Another thing is its 2-gallon water reservoir, which holds a considerable liquid amount. Although some users complain about its level decreases after inserting the tree, it prevents drying and other unfavorable elements. With a medium-sized stand made of premium material, it gives a steady and dependable operation. Its clean leather finish and a spell guard offer both practicality and elegance.

  • Easy to connect
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Simple to store
  • Smooth adjustment
  • Lovely finish
  • The reservoir accommodates lower water quantity

Our Verdict

If you want a tree stand that works well with large sized trees, you have found it. This one from Good Tidings holds a tree with a 7-inch trunk size using the medium-sized base. It comes with galvanized pins to lock and center the object before you make the final adjustment. You can set up in minutes to enjoy a lovely tree design with your suitable decorations.

#5. Sturdy & Stable Tree Stand

Best Choice Products Tree Stand

  • By: Best Choice Products

This rotating tree stand delivers a versatile and durable service. It is strong enough to accommodate ant standard artificial tree up to 7.5 feet with a trunk between 0.9″- 1.25″ in diameter. Also, the object has to weigh 80 pounds and below. Featuring 3 settings, you can swivel the tree with the lights on or off depending on preferences. Display each angle of your beautiful Christmas tree with this device, thanks to the wide 360-degree swivel mechanism. Not only to show off the decorations but allow you to have simple Christmas ornaments hanging. These are the reasons why this product is among the best christmas tree stands.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • 3 easy settings
  • Durable and versatile
  • Prevents cords and wires from getting wound up
  • Simple to setup
  • The rotation spins the tree unevenly

Our Verdict

Best Choice Products has come up with this Christmas stand that provides a flexible operation. It comes with a wide rotation system to let you show the beautiful tree decorations to family and loved ones. Also, the inbuilt outlets connect to attach the lights prevent cords and wires from getting wound up for a cleaner appearance.

#4. Stand Express Tree Stand

Good Tidings C148E Stand Express Tree Stand

  • By: Good Tidings

We understand some Christmas trees are quite heavy to stay in a stable position without vibrations and shakes. That’s where this tree stand comes in to offer an immediate solution to keep it steady for an extended time. Boasting of a unique style, it saves your bottom branches from damage and at the same time offer a clean look. The included water reservoir is much larger than the rest to hold up to 8 quarts of water. This price is completed with the spill guard feature to prevents any leakages that might cause slips and falls. This accessory accommodates multiple tree trunk types such as irregular, crooked, and uneven.

  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Improved patented water reservoir
  • Convenient spill guard
  • Holds 8-quart water capacity
  • Simple to maintain
  • A bit unsteady

Our Verdict

This stand is perfect for keeping a large tree stable for a prolonged time.

Its elevated center on the base never touches the floor as the patented reservoir hold more liquids than the competition. The spill guard prevents condensation and rocking to keep the tree in a stable position. It measures 8 x 20 x 20 inches which is wide enough to hold heavy load without problems.

#3. Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

JACK-POST Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand


Using a product from a renown brand comes with a lot of benefits. This tree stand has four sturdy legs which cover a distance of 29.75 inches for better stability. Also, they are made using the highest quality materials to withstand strenuous use and movement. You can move the tree placed inside this unit independently because of its ergonomic structure. An added advantage is above average water capacity measuring 1.7 gallons. Filling the container is a breeze without distraction from tubes and whatnot. Boasting of innovative T-nut bolt, it improves steadiness after installation to ensure there are no movements.

  • Attractive powder-coated finish
  • Large water capacity
  • Four sturdy legs
  • Easy to fill the water bowl
  • Simple to use
  • The water bowl is smaller than other designs

Our Verdict

Jack-post tree stand has four durable feet to offer steady and broad coverage for optimal stability. It can hold a tree up to 12ft and has a 6.25-inch trunk for best results. Also, the steel base prevents rust and staining issues to enhance beauty even in extended operation.

#2. Slim & Sleek Christmas Tree Stand

National Tree 28-Inch Tree Stand

  • By: National Tree Company

This sturdy tree stand has a unique folding design to enhance storage when not in use. Measuring 28 inches, it holds your tree that has a height between 7.5 to 8 feet. Also, it caters for tank sizes of 1.25-inch diameter fold-down the flexible feet into a compact structure for minimal storage space utilization. Moreover, you can use this gadget with confidence, thanks to its robust steel construction. No more worries about costly repairs and replacements. The provided thumb screw secures the tree pole. Constructed from longlasting steel, it guarantees an extended service.

  • Simple to fold
  • Takes minimal storage space
  • For trees between 7.5-8ft
  • Strong legs
  • The thumbscrew offer better security
  • Very large

Our Verdict

Use this folding tree stand for a Christmas festivity to add beauty to the existing decor. It is large and needs enough space for a stable placement while accommodating a large tree with up to 8 feet in height. Although the wide pole does not fit the usual tree stand, it is made of quality materials for better strength.

#1. Tree Genie Stand

Krinner Tree Genie Stand, Green

  • By: Krinner

What makes this tree stand from Krinner known as the best Christmas tree stands is its stability. It is constructed from high performing materials that offer you years of use. Boasting of a green finish, set it up in a suitable location to add natural and subtle decor elements. Pump the ergonomic foot pedal in a minute as you finish the setup without the need for screws or assembly tools. That means you have a quick assembly for you to place your Christmas tree. It holds a tree with a 20-inch diameter and up to 18 pounds for best stability. This item retains 11 liters of water, and you can know the level with the water indicator.

  • Solid construction
  • Strong lever and cable design
  • No assembly required
  • Sturdy tree base
  • Automatic water indicator
  • Some users complain about the short base

Our Verdict

There is no need to spend your cash on the inferior designed tree stands. Instead, use the Krinner that offers optimal stability and support for trees with a maximum height of 12 feet. Also, it takes under a minute to complete the setup by a single person.

Buying Guide For The Best Christmas Tree Stand

We have the following guide to help you choose the suitable tree stand that can hold a Christmas tree steadily without any problems.


Check the elements used in the whole design of the stand. For instance, some have steel legs which offer both beauty and functionality. This material is simple to clean and maintain as it does not rust or discolor over time. Also, look at the stand steadiness, which should support the whole unit plus the inserted object. Other designs have a broader bottom to offer better stability and simple operation.

Maximum Load

The next thing is the height of the tree your stand can accommodate. Some go as high as 12 feet while some as low as 8 feet. It all depends on your preferences, the placement space, and also the tree type. Also, check the thickness where you will put your object to know if it has the right dimensions to hold it comfortably.

Water Tank

Lastly, look at the water tank’s capacity. Is it large enough to prevent constant refills or too small that keeps the tree fresh for a short period? These two factors are the most important when looking at the different designs of the water reservoir.

In Conclusion

Improve your decorating process by using the best Christmas tree stand. We have the top units for you to pick your ideal one to get maximum stability and straightforward use. Also, you don’t need to spend too much because most of them have a pocket-friendly cost. Remember, the size of your tree and trunk diameter matters a lot when setting up a suitable tree holder.

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