Best Commuter Bikes Review In 2021 – Top 7 Products

Bikes are becoming more accepted and appreciated for commuting. They are environmentally friendly and don’t produce pollutants and harmful fumes. They come handy as a form of fitness and will help you keep fit. Due to there small nature, they make it easy to beat the traffic snarl-up. You can use shortcut; pass in-between cars, and you will always be on time. In addition, it is a cool way to enjoy the scenes and surroundings. Thanks to the stiff competition and ever-improving technology, you have all sorts of bikes. Some big, others small, some rugged, some sleek, and much more. While this gives you a wider range of choices, it complicates making the right choice. However, it’s recommended to get the best Commuter Bike.

Just like in any other product, you want nothing but the best. In the following review, we will show you the best commuter bikes in the market.

The Top 7 Best Commuter Bikes

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#7. Men’s Malus Fat Tire Commuter Bicycle

Mongoose Men's Malus Fat Tire Bicycle

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  • By: Mongoose

First in our list of the best commuter bike, we have this ride by Mongoose. It comes in a unique design for easy everyday riding. It should make getting to work and back home easy, stress-free and convenient. The nicely designed clip-less pedals provide a nice place for your feet. They will work with different kinds of shoes and provide a nonslip grip.

They are also comfortable for extended riding. It is made of tough metal to handle the vibrations, bangs, impact, the elements and more. The aluminum frame and fork provide good strength to tackle the different terrines, impact, regular riding, the elements and more. They also have the right balance and are lighter in weight compared to the steel alternative.

This bike will put-up with the bumpy or smooth city roads and rough terrains. The wheels feel stable on wet and bumpy roads. They will support heavy users well. For firm traction, especially in slippery or wet areas, you get high-quality rubber tires. The high spoke count and larger size also contribute to better stability and shock/ impact absorption. It is a relatively quiet bike even when riding at high speed.

  • High-quality construction and durable
  • Good design and balance
  • Easy to ride and good braking
  • Suitable on different terrains
  • The tires are big and bulky

Our Verdict

Users looking for a functional commuter bike will love this piece. The product is sturdily built, can handle heavy loads well, and rides smoothly on different terrains. It is relatively lightweight but strong at the same time. It has good balance and easy to control. The unit is perfect for everyday use and ideal for newbies and experienced riders.

#6. Gravel Adventure Commuter Road Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 1 Gravel Adventure Road Bike

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  • By: Diamondback Bicycles

This commuter bike from Diamondback Bicycles is well made to handle various commuter needs. It is both lightweight and tough courtesy of the aluminum alloy frame. The simple bike is easy to ride and comfortable. It features solid construction to handle the many terrains as well as the weight of different users.

The seat is further back and gives you better hold and support. It is also well balanced and has good styling for maximum comfort. This commuter has decent brakes to make stopping easier and safer. They are very responsive even in wet weather.

The 9-speed gearing system enables the bike to handle hilly landscapes or inclines well. For good grip on grass, loose dirt, or wet surface, you get high-quality rubber tires. It will go over steep terrain and hills much better than most of its counterparts. This is due to the nice design and solid gearing system. The effective hydraulic disk brakes help the bike to stop smoothly and faster. It comes with pedals hence no need to spend more money on the accessory.

  • Reliable and well built
  • Tackles many surfaces well
  • Good speed and braking
  • Easy to ride and comfortable saddle
  • It requires assembly

Our Verdict

This ride comes with what you need for your daily commute. It is tough, has good weight/load capacity, and can handle different terrains well. The high-quality piece has a decent price tag and is well built. The wheels and tires provide the right hold and also handle bumps and roughness well.

#5. Street 7 Speed Folding Bicycle

Dahon Speed D7 Street 20'' 7 Speed Folding Bicycle

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  • By: Dahon

This is a high-quality bike and should be what you want in a commuter bike. It is should suits your daily commute well and comes in a folding design for easy storage and carrying. The 4130 light cromoly steel frame well-handles aggressive riding and harsh terrains well. The frame absorbs shock and vibration, as well as the bumpy roads quite well. The sturdily built frame is also durable. It has a high spoke count, which together with the frame have a good weight capacity. The handlebar provides a nice hold for easier control.

The bike features wide 20-inch wheels and together with the slick tires, provides good handling. Their tough nature minimizes the odd of flats or punctures. Besides, their somewhat bouncy nature reduces shocks and vibrations. The seat is supportive and can easily be adjusted to cater to different users.

It’s very firm and doesn’t move once fixed. The 7-Speed Shimano RD-TX35 drive will tackle the inclines pretty well. For effective braking, you can count on the powerful Winzip V-Brakes. The only concern is that it may feel a bit stiff when new. This feeling, however, soon disappears after a few riding sessions. The low maintenance unit will appeal even to the less handy people.

  • Beautiful and comfortable
  • Solid construction and durable
  • Decent speed and braking
  • Smooth ride and little road noise
  • The saddle/ seat may feel little stiff when new

Our Verdict

This is a nice choice for anyone looking for a reliable road bike. It’s well-styled to supports different users and is a strong bike. The design and saddle offer good support and balance. It is tough and will not warp or snap even when ridden aggressively. Also, a Beautiful bike should suit your taste well.

#4. Aluminum Road Bike With Shimano Shifting

Mercier Aluminum Road Bike with Shimano Shifting

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  • By: Mercier

Despite being among the best commuter bikes in the scene, the Galaxy SC1 is also one of the competitively priced units. The high-quality ride is made of lightweight but tough aluminum alloy. This applies to both the frame and rims. It is very durable, offers good support and has decent shock absorption.

The ride feels smoother on the bumpy roads and is also suited for aggressive riding. The forward-leaning seat gives you better support and balance while offering you good control and grip. Thanks to the design, you do not need to lead forward or backward too much.

It comes with slick road wheels to offer a nice grip on the surfaces. This also reduces the rolling resistance. The high spoke count handles heavyweights better while reducing the bike’s overall weight and drag. The gears and the shifting mechanism is quite smooth. This provides a seamless ride. It is also less noisy and requires minimal maintenance. The caliper brakes are strong and provide good stopping power.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable upright riding position
  • Comfort padded saddles
  • Strong caliper brakes
  • It is not the most silent

Our Verdict

With this bike, commuting will become easier. It can support heavy weight well, has a good design and is also easy to control. The slick rubber tires don’t skid easily and will pass through different surfaces well. The handlebar and seat are also good quality just like the bike in general.

#3. La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike

Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike

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  • By: Tommaso

With hybrid commuter bicycle from Tommaso, you will defiantly love riding your bike from place to place. It is made from aluminum and gets good vibes for being super sturdy and durable. However, regardless of its weight, it ranks among the lightweight pieces.

It should take you almost anywhere without any issue. The strong frame and tough wheels will put-up with the riding and terrains quite well. It has good gearing to tackle the inclines and hills and knobby tires to handle the vibrations and shock.

The rear cassette comprises 3 x 9 Shimano 27-speed, which also common in other top bikes. It also includes a geared front chainring for more gearing options. The powerful disc brakes work better than the normal caliper brakes. You get better stopping power on various surfaces. The easy-to-adjust seat is comfortable and also has good support. It is not too broad or too narrow and feels comfortable right from the beginning.

  • Highly adjustable seat
  • Strong lightweight frame
  • Good speed and stopping power
  • Good size and weight
  • Requires regular maintenance

Our Verdict

If you want a reliable bike, this one is certainly a good choice. It is very sturdy and has a good weight capacity. It will carry even the heavy riders well. The design and seat positioning is comfortable for most people. You, however, can easily adjust it to suit various needs. The many gearing options enhance the ride quality. It, however, calls for more maintenance.

#2. Theft-Resistant 8 Speed Disc-Brake City Commuter Bike

Fortified Theft-Resistant 8 Speed Disc-Brake City Commuter Bike

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  • By: Fortified

This Fortified road bike is perfect for different kinds of users. It works great with beginners and seasoned riders. The comfort-style bike comes with an aluminum frame and rims. They contribute to the bike’s lightweight and solid nature. It features a step-through frame that proves practical for everyday use. The 8 -speed Shimano drivetrain provides a range of speeds to handle the many different terrains. It has good rubber tires light rims to deal with the bumps.

The bike features disc brakes for faster and safer stopping. They are very sharp and quite responsive. To prevent theft, it comes with a custom security bolt. The many wheels spoke help to support more weight while still reducing drag.

The rear cassette, unfortunately, does not come with an internal hub. This means that it does require maintenance. The bike has a practical saddle, which does feel too soft or too rough. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

  • Rust-resistant aluminum frame
  • Solid and smooth ride
  • Custom secure bolts
  • Easy to ride and maintain
  • A bit rugged

Our Verdict

If you desire a smooth and safe riding experience in the city, this is the bike of choice. It very basic and has a simple see-through design. The tough frame and high spoke count handle more weight than other alternatives. It also has fewer gears meaning less hassle when it comes to changing gears. The saddle is well made and also very comfortable. The finish and design are quite trendy.

#1. Road Commuter Bike Shimano With 21 Speeds

Goplus Road Bike Commuter Bike Shimano 700C Aluminum 21 Speed

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  • By: Goplus

The best commuter bike will make moving around much easier and more comfortable. The Goplus Road Bike is a good example of a good bike. It is longlasting and classy too. Like most top picks, it is also made of aluminum frame and rims. The versatile city bike is perfect for different users, both young and old.

It is a relatively low maintenance bike and a good choice for the less-handy people. The smooth ride helps you to save energy while still experiencing good comfort. It features high-performance 700C rubber tires ratchet ride smoothly on most grounds.

The bike’s good geometry allows a user to sit on a more relaxed and comfortable Position. The handlebar is also well placed and designed to improve on this. To handle heavy people and provide a better ride quality, the wheels are wide and come with a high spoke count. The bump and shock absorption are decent, and so is the ride quality.

  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Easy to install, -quick-release front wheels
  • Stable and smooth riding
  • High-performance tires and colorful
  • Assembly can somewhat be challenging

Our Verdict

We love this bike for many reasons. One it is very sturdy and stable despite its lightweight materials. Two, it has an easy installation which involves a quick-release front wheel. The aluminum frame reduces the overall weight of the bike, which plays a role in control and its good maneuverability. It also doesn’t rust or corrodes easily.

How To Take Care Of Your Bike

You can own the best commuter bike in the world. However, if you don’t take good care of it, it won’t give you good service. It will lose its beauty and panache too soon. It will not ride as smooth as it did when you bought it. The gear and chain mechanism may become noisier over time.

Alternatively, you will find yourself spending more time repairing and servicing it. By following the below tips, you will not only enjoy good service but will help extend the bike’s lifespan.

Choose The Right Bike

Before we even begin talking about maintaining or taking care of the bike, you first need to make certain it is the right one. Does it fit you or the target user well, or it is too small or too large? The wrong choice of the bike means you won’t ride it right. A heavy person is more likely to break a small or weak bike.

A shorter Person on a large bike will struggle to reach the pedals and is more likely to hit obstacles or objects. In addition, you will have poor coordination, balance, and control, and this increases the mishandling. Always pick the right bike.

Smooth Operation

You should first learn how to operate the bike. Know the best way to hold the handlebar, how to adjust the set or saddle for maximum support and comfort. Also important is knowing how the gear/drive system works. You should transition from one speed to another smoothly, and you should avoid jumping gears. Know when to use high gears and when to use the low gears. This will help to maintain and extend the gearing system, derailleur and chain system.

Frequent Cleaning

A bike will get dirty with every use. Yes, it may seem clean but will have lots of hidden dirt, dust, moisture, and other debris. It is recommended that you wipe or clean the bike after every use, especially if you pass through dusty routes.

This helps to eradicate dirt and dust particle, which may find their way into different zones. If left to stay on for too long, it may interfere with the lubrication, increase the friction, and may also cause rusting or corrosion. Use safe materials such as a soft-bristled brush, microfiber cloth, and clean water to wash the bike.

Regular Lubrication

The sprockets, hubs, gears, and wheels endure lots of stress. Due to this, they will experience lots of friction, which leads to heat generation. Lubricants such as oils and grease help to minimize the effects. However, the amount and quality of the lubricants will degrade over time. It is therefore important that you regularly lubricate the moving parts.

When performing the service, ensure the parts are completely clean and dry. Always use high quality lubes that are designed for the bikes. They will maintain their consistency for a longer time and will offer the best service.

Ride It On The Right Terrain

Commuter bikes come in all manner of shapes. You will find one with thin tires while another has thick ones. The frame material, size, and sturdiness will also vary. Carbon fiber is a light material but strong. The same case applies to aluminum. Steel is solid but maybe a little heavy.

Larger and thicker tires will ride better on rough or bumpy terrains in comparison to thinner and smaller tires. A bike with a superior shock system is more forgiving when it comes to rough areas. Before you purchase a bike, first understand the terrain.

Maintenance Skills

Let us face it- not everyone who loves riding a bike enjoys maintaining it. In fact, a good number of people cringe at the thought of serving and maintaining the unit. Some simply don’t like getting their hands dirty, greasy and oily. Some have little or no maintenance skills at all.

In fact, changing a tire or repairing a puncture is a struggle. If you are a handy person, then bikes with gears, shifter cables, and derailleurs won’t be a problem. However, if you lack the skills or time, then you may find fixie or single speed bikes a better option. They do not have the parts mentioned above, which do require lots of attention.

Proper Storage

How you store the bike greatly determines how long it will last, the general appearance, and frequency of service. Let it stay out for too long in the hot sun, and the color will start fading, or the seat or saddle will start cracking and the stitches coming loose.

Exposing it to lots of moisture or wetness increases the odds of the stickers coming off and some areas beginning to rust or corrode. Too much dust also means you will clean it more often. This increases the chances of the color-fading, water getting into the oiled parts. If you can, always place the bike in a shaded area. And if you plan on not using it for some time, place it in the garage or shed and think of investing in a cover or canopy that covers the entire bike.


There you have it. The top bikes that will make commuting easy. They all are designed for daily commuting and will get you to work and home in time. They are sturdily constructed to keep up with the different terrains (rough, smooth, dirt, concrete, asphalt, grass, brick gravel stone, etc).

In addition, they are relatively lightweight and pushing, riding, or carrying them isn’t that hard. We also paid attention to their comfort. The saddle/ seat is supportive and well padded. The large tires and effective fork handle the vibrations, shocks, and impact well. The gear system and chain are very smooth and allows for a seamless transition from one speed to another.

Other things that make them the most suitable options include cool and trendy styling, easy cleaning and maintenance, durable, and high quality. With the best commuter bike, you will have an easier time moving around.

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