12 Best Conference Room Microphones In 2021 — Products Review

In a conference or seminar, all the participants need to hear what the speaker is saying. This applies to a small as well as large audience. However, without a proper microphone, this can be a little tricky. People near the speaker may hear well while those at the far end may strain their ears to hear. You also do not want a situation where sound seems to be unevenly distributed. Some words may not be very clear or may even get lost in communication. People also do not want to hear hissing, high pitched, or background noises. The best solution for the above and related situations is picking the best conference room microphone.

It will capture and deliver quality sound, the audio will be very clear. It can be adjusted or customized to suit the speaker. With many types in the market, it can be hard to settle for a specific item. Nonetheless, we have identified the most reliable and effective pieces.

The Top 12 Best Conference Room Microphones

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#12. Bluetooth USB Conference Speakerphone Huddle Room

Meeteasy MVOICE500-B Bluetooth USB Conference Speakerphone Huddle Room Conference

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  • By: Meeteasy

This microphone is suitable for conference, seminar, interview rooms and other situations. It’s not a very large piece but it still delivers a good performance. The accessory lies flat and has built-in microphones for capturing the sound. It features three microphones for better effect, and they can be independently be controlled. This makes it possible to cater for different needs. It’s lightweight and easy to move around with. The high quality build, together with the strong materials, protect the sensitive internals from bangs, falls regular movement and much more.

It is a good-looking piece and will go well with most surroundings. The advanced DSP technology stops interference from outside or background noises, echoes, and distortion. It features a USB connection to connect to a PC during a video conference or webinars (web-conference). It also supports Bluetooth connectivity to work with mobile phones.

  • Good sound quality
  • Combats echoes and noise well
  • Ideal for many situations
  • Durable and longlasting
  • You may hear some slight buzzing

Our Verdict

This is a good microphone for conferences. It comes in a simple style, and this improves its usability and reliability. The 3-builtin mics capture the sound quite well. They also help to relay it in crystal clarity and for long distances. It may be a lightweight piece but feels very solid.

#11. USB Conference Microphone

AmazonBasics USB Conference Microphone

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  • By: AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics USB conference microphones are really popular and they are also known to be the best conference room microphones. Many people praise it for the simple design, which makes using easy. It is also versatile and proves useful in different situations. It delivers good audio that reaches far and less effected by background noises, distortion or interference. Using this mic is straightforward. It is compatible with most devices and comes ready to use.

The lightweight makes carrying it around easy whereas the slim profile and small size save space. The user will, therefore, not be inconvenienced by the unit. It has good flexibility that makes adjusting its position easy. And although it’s a lightweight unit, it is well made to put up with the use. Pairing several pieces together is easy and so is using them.

No drivers are required for installation. It works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

  • Small and compact size
  • Easy to install, use, and remove
  • It’s not affected by interference or background noise like most other types
  • The item is very flexible and adjusting the Position is easy
  • It is a microphone only with no mic

Our Verdict

This microphone is suitable for conferences, seminars, and other places. It is small and compact for easy use and to conserves space. The lightweight makes carrying easy whereas the flexible styling allows the user to pick the right position. It is well built and will last for a good time.

#10. Boundary Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone

eBerry Boundary Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone, 3.5mm Plug Stereo Desktop Mic

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  • By: DricRoda

Finding a good microphone for conference use challenges many people. Fortunately, the eBerry piece has proven reliable for the time it has been in the market. Its simple style makes installation and using it easy. In contrast, the flexible nature allows the speaker/ user to select the best position easily. It measures just 2 x 2 x 1 inches and will occupy little space. The 360-degree Omni direction allows it to pick sound from all directions with ease.

The lightweight enhances portability and storage whereas the small size minimizes any obstruction during use. This makes it a good choice for limited spaces. It gets credit for its good audio, which can be heard from far. You are highly unlikely to hear any hissing, high-pitched noises, background noise or any other interference. This is because of the superior technology that does an amazing job of blocking background noise and interference.

  • High quality and well priced
  • Suitable for many applications
  • Easy to install and operate
  • The audio isn’t affected by background noises that much
  • Looks kind of plain

Our Verdict

Communicating while in the conference hall or seminar room will be more convenient with this microphone. It’s small enough to take up as little space as possible. It is also flexible for easy adjustment of the Position. The unit is lightweight and portable.

#9. Portable 8 Channel Wireless Microphone System

8 Channel Wireless Microphone System - Portable VHF Cordless Audio Mic Set...

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  • By: Pyle

A person speaking to an audience during a conference does not need to shout or yell to be heard. The audience does not need to strain to hear what the speaker is trying to say. With the best conference room microphone, the communication will be more effective. It will distribute the sound well while blocking background noises and dealing with interference or distortion. The 8-channel unit is among the good choices and is suitable for use in many situations.

Installation and removal of the unit are straight forward even for a first time operator. And once installed, it remains in the same location and won’t move unless you do this yourself. The solid engineering and high-grade materials give it longevity and reliability. According to many consumers and experts, this mic will last for a decent period. It maintains reliability and effectiveness for a long time and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Deliver great sound quality
  • Block background noise quite well
  • Easy to install and use
  • They are well made and durable
  • You may need more than one mic for very large places

Our Verdict

This microphone is designed for conferences and seminars. It is a very lightweight piece, and moving it around isn’t a challenge. It is a small and compact unit and takes up little space. We love the sound quality as well as the basic styling. It looks good in most situations and doesn’t require too much maintenance.

#8. USB Desktop Computer Microphone With LED Indicator…

CMTECK USB Desktop Computer CM001 Microphone, Mute Button with LED Indicator...

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  • By: CMTECK

Another best conference room microphone is from CMTECK. with this microphone, the communication inside the conference room will be easy. It captures the voice quite well and is effective to a far range up to 10 feet/ 3 meters. The superior technology prevents any outside noise and interference from ensuring the sound output is good. The 360-degree sensitivity pickup is among the best in the market. It comes with a simple interface, and the controls/ functions are within easy reach. You get mute, unmute and other buttons.

The unit is ideal for conferences, seminars, meetings, podcasting; interviews, YouTube, home studio recording, Skype, Gaming, FaceTime and much more. Thanks to its Plug & Play nature, it should work right from the pack. No need for additional software, program or accessories. The mic is durable and ought to deliver longlasting service.

  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Good voice capturing
  • No drivers are needed in the installation
  • Hassle-free installation
  • It is not compatible with Linux/Raspberry Pi and Android

Our Verdict

This is a reliable microphone and is commonly used in conferences. Its compact and portable and will work well in different situations. The device comes in a basic styling and has a firm base to minimize movement. It works with many programs and software and has a user-friendly interface.

#7. Conference Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone

TONOR Conference USB Microphone, Omnidirectional Condenser PC Mic…

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  • By: TONOR

Communicating with the audience at a conference is easier with this microphone. It comes in flat design to minimize any obstruction. The black color blends well with the surroundings and ensures the sound is audible and reaches far. It lies flat for easy use and is very portable. This makes moving it from one location to another easy. It is made of high-quality plastic that will handle the use quite well.

The Omnidirectional condenser microphone has a long pickup distance of 11.5ft and is less affected by interference. It captures sounds from all directions for maximum efficiency. The anti-jam dual-capacitor improves the capture and ensures it is relayed clearly and subtly. The USB unit is compatible with many operating systems including Windows and Mac OS.

  • Captures the sound clearly
  • Loud and clear
  • Decent size
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It is just a microphone and not a speaker

Our Verdict

This is a well-made microphone and quite effective in a conference. The sound pickup range is good and will ensure the sound is well relayed. It is a relatively large piece and features highly effective microphones. The unit works great and does not need additional accessories.

#6. 44 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphones

Audio-Technica PRO 44 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphones

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  • By: Audio-Technica

Without the proper speakers, it can be frustrating communicating with an audience. The sound may not be clear, some words may be cut, or the hissing or high-pitched noises will irk the listeners. Fortunately, Audio-Technica has just the right solution for such problems. These microphones are designed for conference use and are quite effective. They have good audio and will prevent background noise and interference.

They are small and also very flexible. This allows you to adjust the position with ease. They don’t occupy lots of space to allow the speaker to have a decent platform. We also love how basic they are, as this improves their usability. They have a nice surface and are easy to maintain. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed to clean them. There’s no doubt that this one is one of the best conference room microphones.

  • The quality of sound is impressive
  • It is easy to operate
  • The unit feels solid and well made
  • It handles background noise and interference quite well
  • It is not the most attractive piece

Our Verdict

This mic is what you need to improve the communication in the conference room. It has good audio and isn’t affected by background noises, distortion, or interference. It comes in a space-efficient design and is also portable. We love the simple yet elegant styling.

#5. 3.5 mm Omnidirectional Conference Microphone

SoundTech CM-1000 3.5 mm Omni-Directional Conference Microphone

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  • By: Executive Communication Systems

This is a good example of what a reliable microphone for the conference should be like. It is well built and will handle the use quite well. Adjusting the position and height is easy thanks to its versatile nature. It captures the sound and eliminates any outside noise or interference. The adjustable natures allow for easy varying of the position. Once installed, it won’t move on its own, and this prevents it from toppling it. The solid base boosts this. Moreover, it has a decent size that will work with different speakers well.

It looks pretty nice and should complement the surrounding well. Its key selling point is the high-quality sound, which ensures the communication is clear. It will tolerate frequent use, movement, and bumps fairly well. It also will not lose its elegant appeal easily.

  • Solid engineering and durable
  • Easy to fit and operate
  • Good sound production and distribution
  • Easy to adjusts the functions
  • It is somewhat small

Our Verdict

Anyone searching for a good conference microphone will find this piece a nice choice. It has good sound capturing and delivery and blocks outside noise. This ensures the communication is clear. Like other top picks, it is lightweight and portable. This allows you to move it from one point to another easily.

#4. Professional Conference USB Microphone

Movo MC1000 Computer Microphone - Professional Conference USB Microphone

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  • By: Movo

The Movo microphone is ideal for conferences, webinars, seminars, interview rooms and much more. It’s a small piece but it works great. The accessory lies flat and occupies minimal space. The powerful built-in microphones capture the sound well and ensure the studio is very clear. It has a long-range of 20 feet radius and 180-degree coverage. It is lightweight and compact for easy movements and transportation. The high-quality construction and the strong materials enhance its longevity and reliability. It handles bangs, falls, abrasion, and regular movement quite well.

It looks good and blends nicely with the surroundings. The superior technology prevents outside interference and background noises and echoes. It comes in Plug & Play for quick installation and is compatible with Windows, PC, iOS, and Mac.

  • It takes up minimal space
  • Good voice capturing
  • Clear and audible sound
  • Easy installation and use
  • May pick small background noise

Our Verdict

You will appreciate this microphone. It is high-quality and feels very solid. It stays firm on the location, and this prevents it from moving especially while in use. The accessory captures the sounds properly while blocking outside noises. We like its lightweight and portability, which simplifies handling and storage.

#3. Table Top Conference Meeting Microphone

Sound Tech CM-1000USB Table Top Conference Meeting Microphone ….

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  • By: VEC

Sound Tech CM-1000USB microphone is a good choice for conferences, seminars, web conferences, interviews and much more. It is quite popular in the market and is praised for its effectiveness, good range, simplicity, and user-friendliness. It is also portable and versatile to suit many situations. The device relays good audio that has a long reach. It is less affected by echoes and background noises. Using it is simple and straightforward, and it works with most devices. The plug & Play unit comes ready to use and requires no extra accessories.

The lightweight improves its portability whereas the slim profile conserves space. It is flexible for easy adjustment and maintains good audio all through. No drivers are necessary for the installation, and it’s compatible with most operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Setting up the mic is easy
  • It has a wide coverage
  • Good 360-degree voice pickup
  • Good quality and well priced
  • The manual isn’t very detailed

Our Verdict

This mic is useful in many situations. It looks great in many settings and is very effective. We like the good sound capturing and distribution as well as the sleek design. The sound is clear and sharp whether at high or low volume. It will prove effective in a conference room, boardroom, seminar rooms, distance learning centers, and other places.

#2. Bluetooth Speakerphone Conference Speakerphone

Bluetooth Speakerphone - eMeet M2 Gray Conference Speakerphone …

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  • By: eMeet

The eMeet M2 is a great speakerphone for up to 8 people. It is useful in conferences, web conferences (webinars), interview, and other situations. It comes in a space-efficient design to minimize the space required and has a slim profile. The voice pickup is good considering its small nature. It has a 360-degree voice capture and is less affected by echoes, distortion, and interference.

The professional-looking piece comprises of 4 smart microphones, which are very sensitive. They deliver high-quality sound that gave you an amazing conference experience. It does not matter how noisy the surrounding is but you’ll still have good communication. The simple yet powerful piece comes in plug and play. You, therefore, do not need any driver(s). It has Bluetooth for easy pairing with Bluetooth enabled devices.

  • Good voice capturing
  • Well made and affordable
  • Good quality and durable
  • Work great in many situations
  • May struggle to pick up low frequencies

Our Verdict

This is a good option for people looking for a reliable and affordable microphone for a conference. It is simple in design and easy to operate. The sound picking is good and it maintains good clarity. Using it is straightforward and will remain reliable for a long time.

#1. USB Conference Microphone

MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone

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  • By: MXL Mics

If you want outstanding sound quality, this mic is certainly, what you need. It may not be very large but it delivers amazing performance. It captures sound from longer distances in comparison to its alternatives. Moreover, it filters out echoes, distortion, and background noise. This ensures the final sound, which is relayed to the audience is clear mad crisp. It works well even in a noisy environment and maintains consistency. Cases of wavering volume, inconsistent pitch, or hissing are very unlikely.

It has a nice base that remains firm on the select platform. It won’t move or slide around. We love the basic design, which makes using it very easy. It also does look good and will enhance the surrounding. It comes in plug and play and doesn’t need any software. And since it’s powered via USB, it doesn’t need an external power source. All these reasons are why we consider this one as the best conference room microphone.

  • The mic has a nice weight
  • It is stable and doesn’t slide around
  • Nice looking and sturdy
  • Easily picks up sound
  • It is not a very big piece

Our Verdict

We love how basic this mic is. It’s simple to use does not require additional accessories, and the sound pickup is also good. It does not slide or move around easily, and the sound quality is nice. It is good looking and delivers outstanding performance.

Conference Room Microphones Buying Guide

Conference room microphones play an important role in meetings, and we all know why. There are several important things that you should know before purchasing conference room microphones. We have put together some tips and tricks that you can read before buying the right microphones for conference rooms. Let’s find out what they are with us below.


There are two most common microphone patterns for conference rooms, and each of them work great. The key to choose is see the type of your conference room and go for the most suitable microphone. So the most common microphone patterns are:

  • Directional Microphones: It is the most popular microphone style as it picks up sound from the front and side. At the same time, it rejects sound from the rear so that the speaker can deliver his speech without interruption. This pattern is an ideal option for rooms with unflattering acoustics because it focuses on picking up the speaker’s voice.
  • Omni-directional Microphones: The name says it all, this type of microphone captures sound in a 360-degree fashion. This option is perfect for a small room with ideal acoustics which makes a great fit for small conferences. That is due to the fact that it can capture multiple speakers at the same time. Also, you can easily reposition it for different conference scenarios as well.


This is one of the most important things to consider before buying conference room microphones. You have to make sure that the ones that you choose have the best quality so that the meeting will process smoothly. Try not to imagine an important and big meeting that stops midway because of the poor quality microphones. Such disaster should never happen at all cost no matter what. Quality always comes with price, and you really should spend on this because quality matters most in this context.


The types of microphone that you choose should also be suitable for the type of conference room that you have. There are 4 main types of microphone that you can select for your conference room which include:

  • Gooseneck: (a directional microphone) is ideal for close-up speech which is commonly used in panels, lecture podiums, and formal meetings. When a person isn’t talking, they can easily mute the mic so that the other speaker can talk. It is very convenient to use, and it is very formal and elegant to have in the room as well.
  • Handheld: is wireless, and you can move around while talking freely. This type of microphone offers tremendous flexibility in various settings such as lectures, on-stage conference with hosts, discussions, and more. It is ideal for multiple people who involve in one topic where they can easily pass the microphone to one another.
  • Tabletop: are available in both directional and omnidirectional microphone patterns. You can easily fix it to the table or use it wirelessly for flexibility, and it is great for any conference rooms. If you go for this option, we recommend having one microphone per two or three people. It will be convenient and easy to use as well as economical to have.
  • Wearable: is a lightweight, compact, and very common type for presentations, interpretations, and more. This option is ideal for various occasions in lecture halls, training rooms, multipurpose rooms, and others. Wearable microphones are also highly versatile and convenient to use as well since speakers can easily move around. By adding a headset connector, conference speakers or interpreters can also have a two-way conversation with their listeners as well.

Wired vs Wireless

Each option is good in their own way, the choice is all yours to select the right microphones. To make it easy for you, we have brought pros and cons of both microphones so that you can decide.

Wired Microphones

  • The charging or battery is needed
  • The signal is reliable
  • Inexpensive
  • Difficult to move with it
  • Cables can cause a large mess sometimes

Wireless Microphones

  • Easy to move
  • Easy to position
  • Suitable for rooms that rearrange furniture frequently
  • Needs charging or battery changing
  • You can’t have more than 20 mics in one room
  • Mics’ frequencies can interfere between one another


Good communication is key during a conference or seminar. You want all the participants to hear what the speaker is saying clearly. They should not strain their ears because the sound is distorted or is affected by other outside noise. You want the sound to be very clear. Unfortunately, with most microphones, the experience won’t be very good. We recently looked at the market to try to pick out the top microphones. To do this, we concentrated on the sound quality, easy adjustability of the microphone, anti-interference characteristics, portability, space-efficient, and reliability. The above pieces, in our view, are the best conference room microphones. They deliver good sound, are easy to operate, save space, and are versatile. They also are well made, high quality, and easy to use. With any of the pieces, the conference is bound to be a success.

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