The 11 Best Cowboy Boots You Should Buy – 2020 Review

When searching for cowboy boots, your wish is to own a good pair. It should fit well and will be very comfortable. The interior will be super smooth and cozy. It will be made from tough materials that handle harsh terrains and everyday needs. You also want a product that is easy to clean, simple to maintain, and also looks chic and stylish. Other things that play a role in the selection include the design, weight, size, and price. In this review, we will look at the best cowboy boots in the market:

The Top 11 Best Cowboy Boots

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#11. Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Boot With Pull-Up Tabs

MVE Shoes Women's Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boot with Pull-Up Tabs

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  • By: MVE

Coming in a dark tan color, these boots look classy and elegant. They are designed for women and come in many sizes. They fit well right from the word go and don’t feel too loose or you tight. Moreover, they have good flexibility for easy putting on and taking off. We like the smooth interior which feels soft on the skin. It also won’t scratch or feel uncomfortable.

The western style is very trendy and should go well with most events. They will match different outfits including dresses, skirts, shorts, and jeans. The footwear also feels tough thanks to the leather material. This offers you more assurance in terms of longevity and reliability.

  • Very stylish and elegant
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • A smooth and plush interior
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Goes well with different outfits
  • They may feel a little tight the first time

Our Verdict

This pair of boots targets women who love looking stylish and fashionable. The western-styled boots are ideal for many events and can be worn with different outfits. We Like the lightweight and comfortable feel. They also have tough leather and should offer durable service.

#10. Women’s Western Cowboy Distressed Boot With Pull-Up Tabs

Charles Albert Women's Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boot with Pull-Up Tabs

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  • By: Charles Albert

If you love western cowboy boots, you’ll appreciate this pair from Charles Albert. The brand is well known, and you should be more at ease in regards to reliability. The pair is made from tough material but still feels lightweight. You shouldn’t experience any discomfort or fatigue. It has a nice synthetic sole that keeps you stable and prevents any chances of slipping or falling.

It has a wide design which makes wearing and removing easy. Moreover, the smooth interior adds to the convenience and comfort. The 2.65-inch stacked heels bring out an authentic cowboy look. It also isn’t very noisy and is durable. The mocha color blends nicely with most outfits.

  • The lining is soft and comfortable
  • Versatile and blends with most outfits
  • Good wearability and nice cushioning
  • The quality is good and the price affordable
  • Good support and balance
  • It may feel somewhat narrow for people with wide feet

Our Verdict

This item blends elegance and versatility. It can be worn in many settings without any issues. At the same time, it looks very elegant and stylish. The women boot has a wider design and a smooth interior lining. This makes wearing and removal easy.

#9. Women’s Gaucho Boot

Coconuts by Matisse Women's Gaucho Boot

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  • By: Coconuts by Matisse

Women who love western cowboy boots will appreciate this pair. It comes in a nice style and also looks very classy. The boot is suited for women wearers and is made from tough and durable materials. It will handle the outdoors, regular use, and rough use pretty well. We also love the tan color which contributes to its nice looks.

It features smooth and soft inner lining that feels cozy and also warm. This ensures your feet are well protected. The synthetic sole feels grippy and minimizes the chances of you falling. Moreover, the 13.5-inch opening improves the ease of wearing and removal. It requires minimal cleaning and maintenance and should offer you decent service.

  • Good looking and very trendy
  • Smooth interior and tough exterior
  • Comfortable and nice cushioning
  • It has a shorter breaking period compared to other options
  • Good quality and pocket-friendly priced
  • The ankle section may feel a little small

Our Verdict

This is one of the best cow boots you can find in the market. It’s a beautiful looking piece that should suit different people. We love the authentic look which brings out the cowgirl in you. Although light, it’s pretty tough. It’s made from high greed materials and features a tough sole

#8. Women’s Classic Embroidered Western Rodeo Cowboy Boots

Canyon Trails Women's Classic Pointed Toe Embroidered Western Rodeo Cowboy Boots

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  • By: Canyon Trails

Like most other women, you’ll appreciate these boots. They have a genuine look and also feel quite comfortable. The stylish pair is suitable for adorning with most outfits. These include a skirt, shorts, jeans, and much more. They have a nice height and weight, and the interior is equally smooth. It features good embroidery to bring out the western effect. They are well-tailored and look very precise.

The footwear is sturdy and will handle most things thrown its way. It doesn’t matter if it’s walking in the rugged terrains, ranches, or in the smooth streets in the town. For easier wearing or removing, they come with some functional pull tabs. The tan color is also chic while the good flexibility boosts its comfort.

  • Easy to wear and takeoff
  • High quality and durable
  • Thick and long-lasting rubber outsole
  • Grippy and flexible outsole
  • Good support and comfortable
  • The calf is bit tight

Our Verdict

These are indeed good cowboy boots. They have a genuine look and also are very comfortable. They are wider than most options and also very flexible. Taking them off and wearing is simple and effortlessly. They maintain a cozy interior and don’t feel too stuffy even on hot days.

#7. Men’s London Western Boot

Laredo Men's London Western Boot

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  • By: Laredo

The Laredo boots look elegant and stylish. They are made from 100% genuine leather and can be found in lots of sizes. These boots fit well right and don’t really feel tight or loose. They have excellent adaptability for better wearability. We also like the smooth inside which really feels soft on the skin. It additionally won’t feel rough or unpleasant to the skin.

The western design is fashionable and will complement a lot of occasions. They blend well with different attires including skirt, shorts, and pants. The shoes additionally really feel tough thanks to the natural leather material. This provides you a lot more guarantee in regards to durability and integrity.

  • Really classy and fashionable
  • Made from 100% genuine leather
  • Easy to put on and takeoff
  • A smooth and cozy inside
  • Light-weight and breathable
  • They may feel somewhat narrow

Our Verdict

This set of boots targets people that love looking trendy and comfortable. They come in western styling and are excellent for lots of occasions. They also can be put on with various attires. We Like the lightweight and flexibility. They likewise have tough natural leather and are durable.

#6. Men’s Groundbreaker Work Boot

Ariat Work Men's Groundbreaker Work Boot

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  • By: Ariat

If you are a man who loves western cowboy boots, you’ll value the Ariat Work Groundbreaker boots. They comprise of 100% full-grain leather for toughness. You also find a suede section for extra beauty and comfort. Both materials, although tough, are lightweight. You won’t experience tiredness or discomfort even after long-wearing. The brown color looks trendy and mixes perfectly with a lot of attires.

It has a wonderful rubber sole that maintains stability and traction. Chances of you sliding or falling are minimal. It has a large style that makes putting on and removal easy. The smooth inside is comfortable and convenient. The sole isn’t too loud during walking and is long-lasting.

  • Well built and durable
  • A soft and comfy lining
  • Functional and blends well with the majority of clothing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High quality and cost-effective
  • The boots may be a little tight initially

Our Verdict

This footwear mixes style, reliability, comfort, and convenience. It can be put on in several setups with no problems. At the exact same time, it looks classy and fashionable. The boot has a broader layout and a smooth interior which makes putting on and removal much easier.

#5. Men’s Cowboy Boots

Guide Gear Men's 12 Cowboy Boots

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  • By: Guide Gear

Men that love cowboy boots will find this pair by Guide Gear pair suitable. It has great design and additionally looks really elegant. The boot is fit for male users and comes in tan. It’s made from hard and sturdy materials that will endure the outdoors and harsh use. We additionally love the tan color which adds to its good appearances as well as the smooth and soft interior.

The lining feels comfy and also warm. This guarantees your feet are well secured. The grippy sole lessens the possibilities of you slipping or falling and also lasts for a long time. Moreover, the wider opening enhances the convenience of putting or removing the boot. Cleaning and maintaining the boot is simple and easy.

  • Great looking and durable
  • Smooth and cozy
  • Tough and firm-grip rubber outside
  • Takes a shorter time to break-in
  • High quality and well-priced
  • The upper isn’t 100% leather

Our Verdict

This is among the best cow boots you can locate on the market. It looks lovely and should match your taste and preference. We love the genuine appearance which highlights the cowboy spirit. It’s made from quality and durable materials and doesn’t make lots of noise when walking.

#4. Men’s All Leather Cowboy Boots

Old West Boots Men's Tbm3010

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  • By: Old West Boots

You, like the majority of men out there, will appreciate these boots. They have an authentic appearance and are made from 100% genuine leather. The smooth interior feels rather comfy and also isn’t too warm even on hot days. The elegant boots blend well with a lot of clothing including a skirt, shorts, denim, and a lot more. The heel has a good elevation and doesn’t make noise. This is due to the rubber construction.

They have excellent stitching and are also well-tailored for toughness and also brings out the western appeal. The shoes are durable and will manage the use, whether indoors or outdoors well. And with the boot opening measuring about 14.25 inches around, it shouldn’t be a struggle to wear or remove them.

  • All leather and very tough
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Quality and strong stitching
  • Smooth and cozy interior
  • The rubber sole provides nice grip
  • Requires some time to break-in

Our Verdict

These are, without a doubt, among the best cowboy boots. They have a genuine look and likewise are extremely comfy. They are broader than the majority of alternatives and additionally extremely adaptable. Taking them off and using is basic and easy. Besides, they have a comfy inside and don’t feel stuffy or sweaty.

#3. Men’s Rambler Western Boot

Ariat Men's Rambler Western Boot

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  • By: Ariat

Available in an Earth/Brown Bomber, these boots target male wearers. They look stylish and elegant and should appeal to most individuals. Also, they fit well from the start and don’t require any break-in. They have good flexibility for simple wearing and adjustment. Moreover, the interior is smooth which feels soft on the skin. You, therefore, shouldn’t worry about the legs feeling uncomfortable.

The western layout is clearly evident and works okay with most events. They go well with a skirt, shorts, jeans, trousers and much more. The footwear furthermore is hardwearing thanks to the all-natural leather material. It can handle the rugged terrains, farm life, horse riding and much more. It’s also a good pair for a leisure walk in town. And coming from a respected brand, you’ll have even more assurance with toughness and stability.

  • Truly stylish and elegant
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • A smooth and luxurious interior
  • Light-weight and comfortable
  • Suits different clothing and styles
  • It looks a bit plain

Our Verdict

These boots target men looking to stand out and look stylish. The western boots are elegant and suited for many occasions. They also blend quite well with a majority of the outfits. We Like the lightweight and comfortable nature which guarantees you of long and decent service.

They comprise tough all-natural leather and are easy to take care of.

#2. Men’s Sport Western Boot

ARIAT Men's Sport Western Boot

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  • By: Ariat

If you have a thing for western cowboy boots or would like to gift someone who does, you’ll find the Ariat Sport Western boot appropriate. The brand is prominent, and you should be more certain in regards to comfort, stability, reliability and much more. They are made from 100% leather and should endure the use well. Nevertheless, it is still lightweight hence won’t bog you down a lot. Moreover, you ought to not experience any kind of discomfort or soreness.

The heel is very supportive and handles users of different weights quite well. It furthermore doesn’t make noise when walking. The fiddle brown color looks okay with many outfits and individual styles. Cleaning and maintaining this footwear is much easier than most other types.

  • The lining is soft and comfortable
  • Stylish and combines with most of clothes
  • Easy to wear/remove and excellent cushioning
  • The quality is good and durable
  • Offers decent support and comfort
  • The leather finish isn’t super smooth

Our Verdict

This item blends design and comfort for maximum satisfaction. It can be worn with different outfits without any issues. Moreover, it looks very authentic and trendy. The boot has a smooth and non-stuffy interior and this makes putting it on and removal simple.

#1. Men’s Sport Patriot Western Boot

ARIAT Men's Sport Patriot Western Boot

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  • By: Ariat

These boots are loved by a good number of men. They boast of a genuine look and a smooth and cozy interior. The classy style is appropriate for many events and matches different apparel. The heel has a nice height and is also supportive. It has a remarkable Duratread rubber sole that keeps you well balanced. This offers a good hold on most surfaces, and the likelihood of falling is greatly reduced. It’s also non-marking to prevent staining the flooring.

They are well-built and also long-lasting. They will handle most factors well and functions well both indoors and outdoors. The boot has a flexible design for good wearability and a nice interior to prevent stuffiness or excessive sweating. The interior is also less prone to odor or getting stains. Besides, the mocha color is stylish and doesn’t come off easily.

  • Good quality and durable
  • Thick and resilient rubber outsole
  • The rubber outsole is Grippy and versatile
  • Good support and very comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • It may feel a bit tight the first time

Our Verdict

These are good cowboy boots. They have a good and genuine appearance and are also very comfortable. They are more versatile than most of choices and suit may users. Taking them off and is easy and quick. They boast of a comfortable interior that doesn’t feel rough or stuffy.

Why People Wear Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have been around for centuries. And despite the changing tastes, they are still very popular. In fact, they seem to be back in trend. But why do people opt for these footwear? The following are some of the main reasons:


One thing that many people agree on is that the boots are in trend. They never seem to go out of trend. This is due to the love for the footwear, association with some certain trades and regions. To cater to the changing tastes, manufacturers always try to keep with the changes by releasing newer models. They, however, ensure the originality is still maintained.


These are among the most versatile footwear you’ll come across. You’ll find so many types, colors, designs, brands, and much. This comes about due to their many years of existence as well as growing appreciation. You’ll find choices for kids, teens, adults, men, women, casual, fancy and some that somewhat look formal. They can be worn in many settings and will look good in any.


The boots have always been associated with both toughness and ruggedness. The cowboys wore them when herding cattle and doing farm work. With the tough surroundings, it was essential to come up with something that can handle the use well. The boots will feature tough materials with leather being the most common. The sole will be made from tough hide or any other material and won’t wear out quickly. Another important observation is that they will boost strong stitching to prevent ripping.


The footwear looks very stylish and fashionable. Most come with unique designs and patterns and will cater to different tastes. The manufacturers will release new fashions and styles every other day. Generally, they’ll have a traditional or classic appeal. You’ll, however, find types that look more contemporary while others will try to merge the two aspects.


The item is very functional and practical. It performs well in the harsh and tough terrains, for instance, cow herding and ranching. It also looks okay to wear to an event. This means you can wear them while on the farm and also in town. The design and material do play a role in all these.


Many people where footwear as part of a tradition. They’ve grown in a region where everyone seems to be wearing them. And to be part of the culture, they will also wear them. As a visitor to the culture, you’ll feel more at home blending into the culture. A good example is in rodeo where the boot is part and parcel of the activity.


The above cowboy boots are the top in the market. With the best cowboy boots, you’ll experience maximum satisfaction. They are well built and durable to withstand the use and tough terrains. Also, they all come from reputable brands to give you more assurance in regard to reliability and durability. On top of that, they are also very stylish and will match the tastes and desires of most users. Cleaning and taking care of them is easy, and they are affordable despite their high quality.

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