Top 9 Best Deodorants For Kids You Should Buy

Due to their active nature, Kids also tend to sweat a lot. This is a good thing since it helps them stay fresh and also helps to eliminate dirt, germs, bacteria, and toxins from the body. As a parent, guardian, elder sibling, teacher or any other person, you should always encourage the child to go out there and play. You should discourage them from staying indoors and watching TV or playing video games all day or night long. The only exception is when the weather out there is conducive. For example, when it’s raining hard, windy, stormy, snowy or y too hot. One thing that can be a turnoff is body odor due to sweat. And this is more reason you should consider gifting them the best deodorant for kids.

It is specifically made for kids. The packaging, the scent, bottle design, and ingredient will be kid-friendly. It will also have nice graphics and colors which appeal to young users. And since they don’t sweat as much as adults, it tends to be a little milder. Other things that make a good product include it not having a burning sensation or irritating the skin. It also won’t cause stains on clothes, and also doesn’t cause a mess even when it’s not properly closed. There are many products on the market. Nevertheless, the following are the best kid’s deodorants.

The Top 9 Best Deodorants For Kids

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#9. Body Wash & Lotion Set

Good For You Girls Body Care Set, Body Wash, Body Lotion

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  • By: Good For You Girls

If you want the right deodorant for your daughter or grandchild, then you should give this product a thought. It’s been in the market for some time and ranks among the most effective and kid-friendly products. Good for You Girls product is suitable for kids of different stages. It comes in a nice simple pack that makes application easy. The capacity is also good enough and will provide many cycles of use.

The ingredients are clearly labeled for your peace-of-mind. And from what most consumers are saying that it’s among the safest products in the market. It doesn’t have and side effects such as dry and flaky skin, rashes, irritation or any other. It also has a soothing effect that keeps the region well moisturized.

  • Alcohol-free and aluminum-free
  • Easy to apply
  • Good design and capacity
  • Suitable for most girls
  • Not designed for boys

Our Verdict

This is a good deodorant for most kids. It’s simple for easy application and also doesn’t have a powerful smell. The application is easy, thanks to the smooth-rolling head. It is made from all-natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any toxic or harsh chemicals. The long staying power gives the user 24-hour protection.

#8. 100% Natural Organic Roll-On Deodorant For Children

KIDS 100% Natural Organic Healthy Roll-on Deodorant for Children

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  • By: FoodGradeOrganic

FoodGradeOrganic is well-known for delivering high-quality deodorants for kids and adults too. This is among the most notable ones. It comes in a simple pack which makes using it very easy. The cap opens easily and the ball rolls smoothly. It applies just a little amount to prevent making the area too watery. At the same time, it doesn’t release too much and this helps to conserve it. This product has a nice smell which most users will love. We also like the practical pack which improves usability.

The scent is pleasant but not too strong. We also love the extended staying power which prevents the user from having to make several applications in the course of the day. It’s easy on the hand and is packed in a friendly bottle.

  • Good capacity and bottle design
  • Doesn’t feel sticky or watery
  • Nice scent and kid-friendly
  • Contains no harsh or banned chemicals
  • The smell isn’t very strong

Our Verdict

We love how easy it is to use this product. The bottle is fairly small and also lightweight at the same time. It feels smooth to the skin and is also comfy in hand. The high-quality ingredients provide long protection from odor. It’s a good pick for both boys and girls. It doesn’t feel tacky and also doesn’t make the skin too dry.

#7. Wicked Cool Deodorant For Boys

Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool Deodorant for Boys Freestyle

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  • By: Tom’s of Maine

If you want your child to smell fresh all day, then this product is what you should get him or her. The high-quality deodorant suits boys of different stages. The pack is smaller than most in its class and this improves the handling, storage, and carrying. It’s derived from natural ingredients and offers good protection. Chances of rashes, itchiness, and reddening, dry or oily skin are unlikely.

It provides 24-hour protection from odor and one application is all that your child needs for the entire day. It is easy to use and glides smoothly on the skin. It’s not too watery to cause a mess and also doesn’t leave a sticky feeling.

  • Works great with any child
  • Doesn’t contain Phthalates
  • Easy to use
  • Derived from natural ingredients
  • Not suitable for girls

Our Verdict

Your child, grandchild or any other will appreciate this deodorant. It looks trendy just the way kids love em. The texture is also good and this makes applying it easy. The ingredients are safe for the skin and chances or side effects are unlikely. The good capacity offers many cycles of use.

#6. All Natural Long Lasting Organic Cream Deodorant For Kids

Truly’s – All Natural, Long Lasting Organic Cream Deodorant for Kids

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  • By: Truly’s

Suitable for kids and teens of different ages, the Truly’s – All Natural, is considered one of the best deodorants for kids. It looks stylish, thanks to the trendy bottle design and good graphics. The product works okay with most users and is safe for any skin, even the soft and sensitive type. It’s made of natural ingredients that help to combat sweat, odor, dust, bacteria and other things.

The product offers 24-hour body odor protection meaning that one application is good enough for the entire day or night. It does not leave stains or discoloration on the clothing. This makes it safe for most garments and fabric. It also has a mild and pleasant scent.

  • Doesn’t leave a sticky feel
  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn’t clog the skin pores
  • Safe on all skin types
  • May spill when placed sideways with the cap open

Our Verdict

This roll-on is perfect for kids and teens. It works effectively to stop odor and also doesn’t have any negative reactions. The natural ingredients are effective and also safe for the skin. It has long staying power which offers a long-lasting effect. The good cap and design prevent it from spilling the contents. It also doesn’t stain or leave marks on clothing.

#5. Vegan & Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant

Good for You Girls Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant, Kids, Teens, Vegan

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  • By: Good For You Girls

Good for You Girls deodorant will keep the young one fresh and smelling good all day long. It contains a natural ingredient which is safe to the user and the environment too. The lack of harmful chemicals prevents negative effects such as irritability, sensitivity, burning sensation or dryness. The product is suitable for users of varied ages.

The product is safe on any skin and can be used with other products and won’t have a counter reaction. The bottle fits well in hand and also has a decent volume. A small amount is all that your kid needs to enjoy 24-hour odor protection.

  • Nice smell and texture
  • Doesn’t contain aluminum or paraben
  • Alcohol-free and dermatologist-tested
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Not targeted at boys

Our Verdict

This product will give the user 24-hour protection against bad smell. It’s made of natural ingredients which keep the user safe from side effect. It rolls smoothly on the skin and leaves a small amount. This good enough for the entire day. The smell is nice and also not too strong. Its dermatologist tested and should be safe on shy skin tope.

#4. Clean, Organic & Natural Deodorant

The MOST Clean, Organic and Natural Deodorant that Actually Works

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  • By: Love Myself Organics

If you want your child to smell fresh without worrying about odor or side effects, this deodorant is just perfect. It’s good for young kids and teens, both boys and girls. It doesn’t feel too bulky and is also not too small. It’s derived from natural ingredients, which coconut oil being one of the key ingredients. This gives it a nice smooth consistency and texture. It spread nicely on the skin and you don’t need to use a large quantity.

It’s among the safest products on offer since it doesn’t contain aluminum, paraben, artificial scents, colorings, starch, alcohol, or sulfate. Instead, you find things such as 100% pure butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, sandalwood, Vegan Candelilla wax, and pure essential oil. Other than kids and teens, it’s also useful for teens, the youth, and adults as well.

  • Cruelty-free and long-lasting effect
  • Doesn’t contains harsh chemicals or sulfates
  • Skin friendly and vegan-friendly
  • Pleasant scent and good pack
  • Has an oily feel

Our Verdict

This deodorant is versatile and ideal for kids, tweens, teens, and adults too. It smells nice and the scent isn’t too strong. It will keep the armpit free of odor and also minimizes the sweating. The all-natural ingredients are safe and very effective. It also has moisturizing effects to prevent dry skin.

#3. Natural Roll On Deodorant With 24 Hour Protection

Keep it Kind Fresh Kidz Natural Roll on Deodorant 24 Hour Protection – Girls

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  • By: Fresh Kidz

The natural roll-on deodorant doesn’t feel too sticky, oily, or watery. It also doesn’t leave a “skin-line” or tacky feeling. It’s easy to use and doesn’t have any burning sensation. Also, it won’t cause side effects such as rashes, dryness, oiliness, flaking or redness. It smells nice and is also not very strong.

It doesn’t have a burning sensation and also doesn’t leave the armpit too dry or too wet. The contents won’t spill out even when placed sideways. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, paraben or any other. It’s safe for any skin type, even the sensitive one. It’s a safe product that can be used by both boys and girls.

  • High quality and affordable
  • Good scent and a nice pack
  • Suitable for any skin type
  • Easy to apply
  • The smell is somewhat mild

Our Verdict

We love this deodorant for many reasons. The pack is very nice and should appeal to young users. It has a nice bottle and cap which prevents any spillage. The ingredients are natural and won’t cause any negative effects. The capacity is also good for day-to-day use. A small amount will go a long way in ensuring the kid feels fresh and won’t smell of sweat.

#2. Natural Roll On Deodorant 24 Hour Protection For Boys

Fresh Kidz Natural Roll on Deodorant 24 Hour Protection - Boys

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  • By: Fresh Kidz

This deodorant will not only help to combat odor but also kill germs and bacteria. It’s based on superior technology which aims at ensuring the kids smell nice all day long. The cruelty-free product is safe for any skin type and contains natural ingredients. The pure organic ingredients prevent body odor and also reduce sweating.

It comes in a mild consistency which spreads nicely on the skin. It isn’t too watery such that it soaks through the clothes. It’s also not too dense that it leaves a thin film on the skin. The pack is made from recyclable BPA-free materials and is therefore safe to the environment. It’s also spill proof and easy to use.

  • Easy application
  • Safe on any skin
  • 24-hour odor protection
  • Contains safe natural ingredients
  • The scent is a bit strong

Our Verdict

This is a very safe deodorant for kids. It won’t cause any chaffing, irritation, or color change. The formula has a good consistency for easy spreading. The staying on power is also good and the user will feel fresh and protected for as many as 24 hours.

#1. Coconut Dream Organic & Natural Deodorant

Organic Fields of Heather Coconut Dream Organic & Natural Deodorant

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  • By: Organic Fields of Heather

Most kids will love the smell of this deodorant. Apart from kids, it’s also a good choice for teens and adults. The roll-on comes in a user-friendly pack. It will fit in the small hands well and has a spill-proof design. It doesn’t itch, chafe, or leave the skin too dry. The ingredients, which include coconut oil, aloe vera and cocoa butter, are very effective. Not only do they combat sweat but also Deal with bacteria, germs, dirt, and other things

It’s safe and won’t harm the skin or environment. It doesn’t contain GMOs, sulfates, aluminum paraben, or any toxic compounds. The scent is also pleasant and not too strong. The product also helps to soothe and moisturize the skin. It is effective and also safe on any surface. Cases of chaffed, dry, or flakey skin are unlikely. A simple application will ensure to provide all-day long freshness and protection. No wonder this is among the best deodorants for kids.

  • Natural and safe ingredient
  • The scent is amazing
  • Long-lasting effect
  • No side effects and doesn’t stain clothes
  • The texture is a bit oily

Our Verdict

Your child or even you will love this deodorant. The smell is nice and will combat the body odor. The consistency is also good and this ensures it spreads easily for better coverage. It’s made from natural ingredients and won’t cause any side effects.

What To Look At When Buying The Best Deodorant For Kids

You’ll indeed get all kinds of products. You can get them online or from a physical retail outlet. Most are quite good. However, we still got some bad “apples” out there. And without proper knowledge, information or guidance, you may just end up purchasing a not-so-good product. The following are some of the things you need to look at:


Kids, unlike adults, aren’t so careful. They will not close the cap well. They may leave it lying on its side, or may even accidentally sit or step on it. This leads it the possibility of the contents seeping or pouring out and creating a mess or staining the surrounding. When looking for a product, it pays to make certain it comes in a kid-friendly pack. The cap will seal tightly and the contents won’t ooze out even if the bottle isn’t capped.


The last thing in your mind is spending more time, effort or money trying to get rid of stains caused by the deodorant. The product may be excellent. However, if it leaves discoloration on the cloth, then it’s not worth buying. Some may not only stain the armpit section but will also affect the integrity of the fabric. It may become hard or even start deteriorating or ripping. Always ensure that the product doesn’t leave any stains on the clothing.


You should pay attention to what is contained in the bottle. Just like the deodorants for adults, the label; will indicate the ingredients. As a parent or guardian, you should take a step further to learn more about the contents. This helps to prevent your child from applying harmful compounds on the skin. Carcinogenic products may cause skin conditions or even terminal diseases such as cancer. You also should pick products that do not contain any banned substances including mercury or lead. Steer clear of things such as Triclosan, aluminum, Paraben, and artificial dyes.


It’s common to hear or even witness a child complaining about the deodorant causing a burning sensation. It may also make the armpit itchy, cause dry flaky skin, or leaves a patchy texture. This is normally due to the skin reacting to some ingredients. Simple alcohol is known to cause irritability and sensitivity. It is used in many products and you should avoid products that contain the ingredient or related compounds.

Application Ease

Unlike you or any other mature user, the kid will be new to using the product. He/she may use too much or too little or may have a challenge reaching under the armpit. You should choose products that are simple to use. It will have an ergonomically styled bottle which is easy to handle. The front/application point should be kid-friendly. A ball that rolls easily or a stick that gets wet automatically. A good product won’t feel too bulky and also the ingredients won’t be very wet.


You should pick a product that is effective. This means that it will combat the sweat and the nice smell lasts for a longer time. It also won’t feel tacky or make the area too dry. Other than combating the bad odor, good products also have a soothing effect. They will help to moisturize the area to prevent dryness and also the skin color/tone changing. Some of the vital ingredients include coconut oil, zinc oxide, aloe, baking soda, aloe, hops extract, witch hazel, natural waxes, and kaolin clay.


Although a product may be said it is safe, it may react with your child’s skin. Notable symptoms include itchiness, reddening, rashes, dry flaky skin, white patches or sensitivity. Before application under the armpit, the user should try it on a small area such as on the back of the hand or arm. Thereafter he/she should observe if there is any reaction. If not, the user is good to go. If there is a reaction then don’t use the product.

In Conclusion

Children especially the more mature will sweat during play. Adolescents will even sweat more due to bodily changes. This means they will not smell so good after playing or after being in a hot, stuffy or sunny environment. Many teens will be very conscious of themselves. They don’t want to smell bad and get the not-so-friendly stares. It may even be shunned or ridiculed by their friends. As a parent or guardian, you can help them smell good even after sweating. What you need is buying them a nice deodorant meant for kids.

In the above reviews, we have outlined the best deodorants for kids. We had to look through so many good products and spending a good amount of time and effort. The above pieces scored better than the rest in many areas. These include being skin-friendly, not causing any irritation, or side effects, coming in a friendly pack, and also not being too watery and causing spillage. Also, the products have a decent volume, the scent is nice, and the contents don’t cause stains or discoloration on the cloth.

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