The Top 9 Best Drain Cleaning Machines Review In 2021

Remove pipe clogs with the best drain cleaning machines. It has a motor and other parts that work together to remove debris and blockages in sewer lines. You can use it for utility sinks, kitchen, bathtubs, downspouts, bathroom, and shower drains. The following review has the best drain cleaning machines in the market.

The Top 9 Best Drain Cleaning Machines

#1. Auto Feed Drain Cleaning Machine

Ridgid 36003 K-45AF-5 Auto-Feed Drain Cleaning Machine

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  • By: Ridgid

This drain cleaning tool, with its small size, improves carrying and storage. You can lift it quickly when going for outdoor cleaning jobs. Another thing is the two-piece drum with a twist-lock design. That means the cord remains tangle-free even after continuous operation. In addition, this equipment works perfectly with most cutters, pliers, tool organizers, and hand tools.

We love the hardened and yet smooth cone that delivers a 45-degree flare in double or single laps. That lets you complete the task quickly with minimal interference. Besides, this gadget’s single clamp screws allow you to clamp and remove the tubing with ease. Also, it is made from longlasting material that withstands repeated use. You can enjoy a flexible operation, thanks to the long inner core wire with a 5/16 inch diameter.

With the help of a 115-volt motor, you can rest easy knowing that all parts work together easily for more effectiveness. Furthermore, a simple design is easy to uses great for small line cleaning. The auto-feed system extends and retrieves the cord at 22 feet per minute. After use, place your machine inside the supplied carrying case for added safety.

  • Compact and reliable
  • For small cleaning jobs
  • Tangle-free operation
  • Easy clamping and tube removal
  • Convenient carrying case
  • For small drain cleaning jobs

Our Verdict

Improve your drain cleaning with this compact machine. It is lightweight and supports small cleanup jobs. Also, you can enjoy a tangle-free operation with its modern twist-lock design. This item comes with a single clamp screw to encourage an easy removal of the tubing. Plus an Auto-feed system easily extends and retrieves the cord at 22 feet per minute.

#2. Drain Auger Clog Remover With Long Drain Snake

Drain Auger, TACKLIFE Drain Snake 25Ft

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Why not save cash for hiring plumbers? The Tacklife is an excellent drain clog remover that gives you value for money and also efficiency. Not only that, but also you can watch the video to get more operational instructions. This item is reliable and performs well in multiple places. Boasting of a quality torque motor, it spins at 560RPM. That means easy and quick cleaning that requires minimal hand effort.

Besides, this gadget’s engine gives you a stronger load-bearing capacity to satisfy a heavy workload demand. Use it for utility sinks, kitchen, bathtubs, downspouts, bathroom, and shower drains. Compared to the old cleaners like hand drain augers, this one has a flexible shaft with an auto-telescopic function. What this means is less work when working in a demanding task. Note that the dredge drains from 0.75 to 3 inches in diameter by 7.5m steel shaft. It meets multiple applications like L and S pipes, as its segmented design style supports easy shaft replacement.

Powered by a 20volt lithium-ion battery, this machine is super convenient. The cell runs for a significant time to give you continuous operation. Plus, a bright LED light increases visibility, especially in enclosed spaces or a dark environment. Make this product a thanksgiving gift to a loved one to clean their sewer line and drainage system. As a bonus, the battery and shaft are replaceable to prevent buying another machine.

  • Cost-effective
  • Quality motor service
  • Strong load-bearing capacity
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy shaft replacement
  • Needs better forward speed power

Our Verdict

This is an affordable machine that saves you money for hiring plumbers. With a strong torque motor, it is efficient and fast. It can spin 560 rotations in a minute, hence uses less energy. Another thing is the strong load-bearing capacity that supports a heavy workload. This machine is versatile for cleaning utility sinks, kitchen, and downspout drains.

#3. Electric Drain Pipe Auger Cleaner With Compact Sewer Snake

Goplus Electric Drain Pipe Auger Cleaner 50 Ft 1:2'' Compact Sewer Snake

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  • By: Goplus

The color and construction of this best drain cleaning machine give you excellent functionality. Boasting a red finish, you can place it with other cleaning tools for easy access. Made from steel, this machine has a premium coating for maximum rust protection and durability. The material allows you to work on dry and wet areas without chipping or cracking.

The Goplus cleaner comes with a convenient handle to enhance carrying. Not only that, but also you can carry your unit to and from multiple spaces more comfortably. What’s more, this gadget’s base features a 2-foot cover that keeps your floor free of scratches or markings. And you can adjust another 2 feet for better stability.

The included hardened and corrosion-resistant steel cable measures 1/2″ x 50Ft. Plus, a convenient sealed quick-change cord drum, helps reduce splashes. Now, your space is less messy and orderly. This set contains four cutting tools with different shapes. It has a spade cutter, boring bulb cutter, two arrow cutters, and a c-cutter. An added advantage is a small tool tray on the frame for quick tool change and storage.

  • Excellent functionality
  • Quality steel construction
  • Easy carrying
  • Flexible steel cable
  • Four cutting tools
  • For small jobs

Our Verdict

GoPlus sewer snake has excellent functionality and beauty. Its red and black finish add appeal in most store locations. Also, its steel construction ensures you have a rust-free and durable service. This gadget comes with a 50ft cable for more flexibility. And the four cutting tools improve working action.

#4. Electric Drain Cleaning Machine

VEVOR 50 Feet by 1:2 Inch Electric Drain Auger

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  • By: VEVOR

Vevor drain auger has a professional design in a compact housing. It is super portable, making it ideal for pipe home cleaning. Not only that, but also its small frame gives you an easy placement as well as navigation. This equipment’s steel frame has a 23-inch height with a sturdy bottom. They work together to deliver maximum wire core support and flexibility. In addition, the material is rust-proof to encourage a safe operation.

Moreover, this cleaner comes with an enclosed drum for longevity and security. It has a higher capacity than other brands which is perfect for extended cleaning tasks. For safety measures, a built-in GFCI provides additional precautions. The Springs rotate smoothly in multiple 90-degree twists without damaging your tubing. Its trapezoid joint supports an easy installation. We love the air-activated foot feature for quick and high performance.

Use the drum made from quality steel to get more protective. It keeps the cable safe in high efficiency. Not only that, but also the durable motor spins at 160 RPM which quickens the cleanup process while using less energy. Additionally, this machine has an enclosed body that minimizes messes during operation.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Steel frame
  • Flexible cable and springs
  • Easy to use
  • For small tasks
  • For home use

Our Verdict

If you want the best drain cleaning machine that is ultra-portable, VEVOR is a superior choice. It is compact and gives you easy handling as well as management. The included steel frame is strong for maximum support. Also, this item comes with flexible spring that bend in multiple 90° angles.

#5. Sectional Pipe Drain Cleaning Machine

Mophorn 3:4-4 Sectional Pipe Drain Cleaning Machine

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  • By: Mophorn

Stop spending too much time and money on drain cleaners that disappoint in service. Instead, go for the Mophorn best drain cleaning machine with a powerful motor that spins up to 400 rotations per minute. That means you can finish your task quicker than using traditional tools. Also, the engine is made from pure copper which has excellent conductivity as well as low resistance. So, it does not burn easily in a high-speed operation.

The outer housing of this product is rugged and strong. You can work on a lengthy and demanding job without minimal to no complications. Moreover, the shell protects the inside parts to improve performance. It is easy to use this accessory, thanks to the one-button design. Press it to change the direction when cleaning your pipe. Plus, a convenient plastic silver melt protector adds user safety and durability. Made of premium manganese steel, this item is resistant to rust and tough. That means high strength suitable for cornering.

  • Powerful 400RPM motor
  • low resistance pure copper
  • High-speed operation
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and secure
  • The three legs fall out

Our Verdict

This top drain cleaning machine cleans faster than the other brands. It has a 400RPM motor which offers an efficient and reliable service. Another feature we like is the simple one-button construction. Press it to change the direction of the pipe when cleaning your drain. Also, manganese steel is tough and rust-resistant.

#6. Drain Cleaning Machine With Strong Castors

COBRA PRODUCTS GIDDS-211332 3:4 x 100'

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  • By: Speedway

What makes this Speedway among the excellent drain cleaning machine is its comfortable movement. Boasting quality wheels, you can enjoy a smooth loading and unloading. The castors are also strong and abrasive-resistance to move on most surfaces easily. An added advantage is the 19-inch molded cord to support stair climbing and other raised platforms. Moreover, this gadget lets you have total control, thanks to its tilt-a-way dual handle. It has a fantastic power feed design to prevent hand fatigues as well as strains.

Equally important is the premium slotted end wire and a 4-pieces cutter set. You can trim your cable to meet your usage needs and also get a comfortable action. The cutting tools are sharp and convenient to keep your tool in perfect shape. Another feature we like is a strong capacity motor consisting of a reliable switch. You can control the reverse and forward motion of your item. And when you complete your cleaning, press the off dial to prevent energy loss and damages.

Priding of a thermal overload protector control, no more worries about electrical problems. This switch comes in handy to keep your cleaner safe at all times, even if there is an electricity blackout. This equipment is reliable and cleans 4-inch to 10-inch lines suitable for sewer lines, main drains, and root block blockages. Weighing around 215 pounds, it is weighted for a stable and operation with minimal vibrations.

  • Comfortable movement
  • Quality wheels
  • Strong capacitor motor
  • Safety overload protector
  • For sewer lines
  • Heavy

Our Verdict

There’s no need to use too much effort when operating this machine. It has quality wheels that encourage smooth loading and unloading. Not only that but also a reinforced molded cable with a 19-inch drum lets you climb up the stairs comfortably.

#7. Drain Cleaning Drum Machine

RIDGID 52363 K-400 Drum Machine

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  • By: Ridgid

The Ridgid company has a lot of products for cleaning your drain. With this one, it has a large drum capacity of 100 feet and a 10mm diameter cable. That means more dirt accommodation to prevent constant disposal. Besides, its cord is super flexible and yet strong to handle continuous use as well as movement. We love the multiple accessories such as bulb auger, C-cutter, spade cutter, and a-13 pin key. You can use your preferred tool that makes your cleaning much easier and comfortable.

For better flexibility, the cable has a 75-foot long x 10mm diameter. Now, you can maneuver around comfortably without worrying about distance coverage. Moreover, this gadget is versatile, making it perfect for service plumbers, institutional and facility maintenance departments, drain cleaners, and property management firms. Featuring a 380-Watt motor, it spins at 165 RPM. Not only that, but also it uses 115 voltage power to quicken your cleaning.

  • Large drum capacity
  • Flexible and durable cable
  • Comfortable cleaning
  • Quality motor speed
  • Easy to use
  • Quite pricey

Our Verdict

This best drain cleaning machine has a larger drum capacity than the other brands. It ensures you have a continuous operation with minimal distortions. Besides, its 75foot cable helps to promote simple movement and flexibility. Also, the wire has a solid core to add more durability and safety. This item uses 115 volts with a 380W motor for speed and efficiency.

#8. Lightweight Drain Cleaner

GENERAL WIRE SPRING PV-F Complete General Power

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  • By: General Wire Spring

Getting a reliable drain cleaning machine is hard due to the lack of information and many designs. If you prefer one that is easy to handle, you have found it. The General Wire Spring machine is lightweight and weighs just one pound. Not only that, but it also has a compact size. It measures 20.3 inches long x 11.7 inches wide x 11.6 inches to encourage comfortable handling. In addition, a convenient handle makes the job much easier as you enjoy superior control.

Featuring a modern and strong construction, it is made from high-quality material. You can work your device for an extended time, and it still delivers an excellent service. An added advantage is the body’s design that is easier to clean after you finish your job. That means simple maintenance without worrying about peeling, chipping, and even fading.

In addition, this product is manufactured in the USA and comes with additional accessories. The included parts and manual add more user convenience. In case of damage, you can repair your machine at home to cut hiring expert costs. We also like the stylish finish of this item. It looks great in most areas, and you can store it quickly after use. It does not take too much room, hence fits small places like a toolbox.

  • Simple to use
  • Quality construction
  • Lightweight
  • Compact storage
  • Stylish and dependable
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

The General wire spring machine is simple to use. With a convenient handle, you can work more quickly and comfortably than the other designs. Another thing is its 1-pound structure which is ultra-lightweight. This gadget quality construction is strong to give an extended service. Plus, the extra parts allow you to have an easy repair or replacement when need be.

#9. Brushless Motor Drain Cleaning Machine

MILWAUKEE M18ô FUELô Drain Snake W:Ca

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  • By: Milwaukee

With a modern brushless motor technology, the Milwaukee machine is effective and reliable. It brings excellent drain cleaning performance in your home without leaving debris behind. Also, it gives you better cleaning power than using corded designs. That makes it ideal for tough tasks through three drain lines. Not only that, but also its locking feed mechanism with a cable drive improves operation and simplicity. Another important feature is the REDLINK PLUS Intelligence for under load service. At the same time, it improves control for the best results.

This Drain Snake comes with a sealed drum to add more protection as it contains the mess inside. No more splutters and foul smell when cleaning your drainage. 20 inches long x 11.5 inches wide x 10.5 inches high is the perfect size for long-term use. Plus, its 1-pound weight makes it super easy to control.

In addition, this item’s lithium battery pack runs continuously through many jobs per charge. This gives you cordless mobility, power supply, and even safety in every cleaning process. As earlier stated, this machine uses an innovative technology that also helps maintain your chosen feed speed. What’s more, it has a twist-lock design that quickly auto-adjusts to compatible wire sizes for a firmer cord grip when working and feeding the clog.

  • Effective and reliable
  • Good clearing power
  • Simple mobility
  • Easy control
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • No color varieties

Our Verdict

The Milwaukee drain snake is an effective cleaning machine. It uses a brushless motor technology to give you better clearing power. Not only that but it runs by a battery that improves your mobility as well as power supply. You can work with maximum control, thanks to its 1-pound weight. And for dirt control, the sealed drum keeps them inside to minimize the mess.

The Best Drain Cleaning Machine: Buyers’ Guide

Because of many designs with the same and different features, picking out a drain cleaner is not easy. As a customer, you can get overwhelmed with a lot of details, especially if you have limited time. And if you ask the store owner, they never give out the full information about a specific product. So, we have this buyer guide with the most important factors when choosing the best drain cleaning machine.

Head Type

When comparing different machines, it is a good idea to check the drain snakes head types. The most common ones are as follows:

  1. Screw/ Coil head: Look at the design of your drain snake to see if it features a screw head. This helps you pull out the blockage more easily. Also, if the clog’s cause is paper towels or tissues, this screw head is the best option for this task.
  2. Interchangeable Head: This model has an interchangeable head to allow you to change and store easily. You don’t need to use specific tools for this process, hence gives you more convenience.
  3. Cutting head: The next type is the cutting head that removes blockages by cutting the clog away. Most professional plumbers prefer it to others because of its simple and effective service.
  4. Fixed Head: The last type of head is a fixed design. This means you cannot change it suitable for small household drainage jobs.

Auger Mechanism

Another feature to check is the Auger mechanism of the drain cleaner. It helps to turn your cord as it moves through the drain. Note that other designs lack this function, so make sure to check carefully from the many designs. Without it, it causes too much time to try to clear the blockage.


The diameter of this equipment should be smaller than the pipe or drainage width that is blocked. To be on the safer side, buy a drain snake that is 0.5 to 1-inch smaller in diameter than your clogged pipe. If unsure, go for a smaller size.

Cable Length

The cord length should be long to reach clogs more easily. Determine the wire size that suits your living place. For a single-storied building, the machine goes for a cable with a 50ft length. This works great for areas with a bathroom on the 2nd floor.

In Conclusion

Pick the best drain cleaning machine to enjoy a safe and comfortable cleanup. Also, you can use a design that operates by a rechargeable battery for more user convenience. Others are lightweight to support flexibility and movement.

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