Top 10 Best Dual Camera Baby Monitors 2020 Review

With the hectic lifestyle we lead, it has become a challenge to keep an eye on your “bundle of joy.” You may be at work but you would like to know how your baby is doing. Is he sleeping? Does she look okay? Is she happy or crying? And much more. To help you keep an eye, you can count on dual camera baby monitor. It relays live images of the baby and gives you full views. You’ll also listen to the breathing just to be sure. It gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is well. There are all kinds of products readily available in the market. These include audio monitors, video monitors, and monitors with sensor pads. In the following review, we will look at the top 10 best dual camera baby monitors.

The Top 10 Best Dual Camera Baby Monitors

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#10. Baby Monitor With Two Cameras & Auto Night Vision

LBtech Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras and 4.3 LCD, Auto Night Vision

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  • By: LBTech

First in our list, this one from LBtech Video is one of the best dual camera baby monitor. It is a good choice for any parent. It comes in a decent size and is also lightweight. This makes it easy to place it in many areas without any issues. It also doesn’t occupy lots of space and is also very portable. The nice 4.3-inch LCD screen provides very good and clear images. Youll be able to see even the small details clearly. Adjusting the angle, tilt, and other parameters are simple and easy.

You also get good audio thanks to the nice built-in speakers. This allows you to monitor the breathing or listen to baby sounds. This comes with 2 HD cameras and a reliable night vision. It features a low battery alert, several lullabies, and volume control. It will also alert you when it’s out of range. With this camera, you’ll definitely have peace of mind.

  • Works in two different rooms
  • Can monitor two separate babies simultaneously
  • Clear and large display
  • High-resolution images
  • May make some slight hissing sound

Our Verdict

This is a good camera for monitoring the baby. It’s very easy and simple to mount and operate. It comes in a simple design, and this makes using it simple. The unit supports 2 cameras, all of which are high quality and reliable. The images are clear and colorful. The night vision and the sound are also on point.

#9. Baby Monitor With Large Screen

Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras, 4.3 Large Screen by Moonybaby

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  • By: moonybaby

Moonybaby video baby monitor comes with 2 cameras. This allows you to monitor the baby in 2 separate rooms. The images are displayed via the 4.3-inch LCD screen. It comes in full color to give you sharp and clear images. It works wirelessly and will transmit live video feed and audio. The superior technology reduces the likelihood of interference or signal drop.

The LED light shows the sound level while the night vision allows you to monitor the baby in the dark or at night. It features zoom, tilt, and pan features which let you vary the position, angle and other things. And to prevent it from running out of power, it features a low battery alert. The out-of-range alert prevents you from getting out of touch with baby. Using and installing this camera is pretty easy and straight forward. It’s also lightweight, compact and easy to carry around.

  • Good images and sound
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Long battery life
  • Automatic night vision
  • Doesn’t support Wi-Fi

Our Verdict

This is a good camera monitor that will make watching over the baby easy. The LCD screen has a nice size, and the images are clear and bright even in night vision mode. The unit has a good capturing angle, and the zoom is also good. The battery lasts much longer than most alternatives.

#8. Baby Monitor With LCD Color Display

Motorola Comfort 50-2 Video Baby Monitor 5 LCD Color Display

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  • By: Motorola Baby

Boasting of 2 cameras, the Motorola Comfort 50-2 camera lets you monitor several babies at the same time. You can also configure it to work in 2 different locations. It comes with many features, including zoom, scan, tilt, pan, and night vision. They all aim at giving you the best experience. You can easily adjust the color, angle, tilt, and more. The images are pretty good, thanks to the good resolution and the larger 5-inch LCD color display. It also gets a nod for good audio. You’ll hear the baby making sounds, breathing, and more.

To help soothe or entertain the baby, it features some sweet lullaby tunes. It supports two-way communication, which lets you talk to your infant or baby. The LCD screen has a decent size, and the unit itself has a beautiful design and weight. It comes ready to use, and mounting and operating it is a breeze.

  • The LCD display is large
  • The images and clear, sharp and colorful
  • Has a good wireless range
  • 5 Soothing lullabies
  • The zoom feature isn’t very powerful

Our Verdict

Monitoring your baby is made easier with this unit. It’s smaller than most types out there. However, the LCD display is large. This ensures the images are clearer and sharp. We love the good audio and effective zoom and tilt function. The battery does keep a charge for a longer time in comparison to others.

#7. Baby Monitor With Two Cameras & 4.3″ Screen

Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras and 4.3 Screen by Axvue, Model E612

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  • By: Axvue

You don’t need to constantly worry about your baby when you are away from home. You also don’t need to invest in an expensive unit. With the Axvue baby monitor, you get one of the best dual camera baby monitors. It has a practical 4.3-inch LCD display that transmits colorful and clear images. Everything is captured in real-time you’ll have the most current information.

The 2 built-in cameras can capture 2 different babies at the same time. And for better viewing, it comes with an innovative split-screen. The wireless unit has good range and is less susceptible to signal drop or interference. It also has a good sound quality and is lightweight. Another likable thing is the reliable night vision which makes watching the baby at night convenient.

  • Good size and very practical
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Good videos images and sound quality
  • Supports two-way communication
  • The power cord isn’t very long

Our Verdict

You will enjoy the images that this camera baby monitor transmits. They are crystal clear and also colorful. This also applies to the night vision mode. It runs flawlessly and is less affected by the signal drop. The range and coverage are also good. The battery has a longer lifespan than most other options.

#6. Baby Monitor With Split Screen & Wide View

MoonyBaby Baby Monitor with Two Cameras Split Screen, Wide View, 5 LCD Video

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  • By: moonybaby

With this monitor, you’ll be able to keep tabs on what your baby is up to. Is he/she sleeping, napping, crying, smiling, laughing or doing what? It’s a popular pick by many parents and guardians. Consumers love its simplicity which makes installation and use easy. However, although basic, it’s a very high-quality unit, and it will deliver a good performance. The 5inch LCD display gives clear and sharp views of the baby and the surrounding.

The built-in speaker is also good and allows you to hear everything. These include the baby laughing, crying, snoring, breathing and much more. Thanks to the automatic night vision, you don’t need to switch the mode from daylight to nighttime manually. It all happens instantly. It supports split-screen which means that it can work in different rooms or for several babies.

  • Easy to setup
  • High-quality videos
  • High motion detection
  • Good communication via the intercom
  • Good images even in poor or low light
  • May make some slight hissing sound

Our Verdict

This is a high-performance camera that works well. It has high-quality videos and the sound is sloes great. The pictures are clear and sharp env in low lighting. It’s a simple unit that takes a few minutes to install. Parathion is also simple.

#5. Baby Monitor With Two Cameras & 5″ Screen

Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras and 5 Screen by Axvue

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  • By: Axvue

The Axvue Video baby monitor is among the best dual camera baby monitors in the market. Many parents, guardians, and caregivers will find it worthwhile. It is relatively small and lightweight. And this improves handling and installation. It also takes up minimal space and is easy to move around with. The 5.0-inch LCD screen relays clear and sharp images for easy viewing of the baby. The sound is also audible and clear to help you listen to the baby.

The 2.4GHz digital technology supports wireless connectivity and has a good range. We love the long-lasting battery that can operate for as many as 9 hours nonstop. Thanks to the Auto Switch mode, you can switch between 4 cameras without problems.

  • Great picture quality
  • Good range
  • Can be paired with other cameras easily
  • Good battery life
  • Temperature sensor works great
  • Does not swivel for 360 degrees

Our Verdict

This camera makes monitoring the baby convenient. It’s easy to use and is made of high-quality materials. The simple design improves installation and operation while the 2 cameras can monitor 2 babies at the same time. The images and sound are clear and the night vision is also good.

#4. Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

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  • By: Summer Infant

Summer Infant video baby monitor has dual cameras to monitor the baby or babies. It relays the images via the small and colorful 3.5-inch LCD screen. The sharp and clear images ensure you see even the small details. Through the 2.4GHz digital technology, it relays live video and audio. It’s less prone to interference or signal drop and maintains the clarity.

It has a good range of 183 meters/ 600 feet and boasts of a long-life battery. The night vision is reliable and also clear. It comes with multi-level zoom, tilt, scan, and two pan features for added functionality. The low battery alert prevents the unit from running out of charge. You also get an out-of-range alert and two-way communication. With all these great features, it’s difficult to say that this isn’t one of the best dual camera baby monitor on the market.

  • Good clear images
  • Decent audible sound
  • Easy to operate
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Multilevel zoom
  • No beep for low battery alert

Our Verdict

This camera baby monitor is versatile and suitable for most needs. It features a small but clear LCD screen. It transmits clear and sharp images, and the sound is also quite good. The images are still clear even at night. The zoom is very versatile just like the pan and tilt. And with a long-lasting battery, it will run for a longer period.

#3. Baby Monitor With Two Cameras

Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras and Comfort-Designed Screen by Axvue, Model E662

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  • By: Axvue

The Axvue camera will monitor a baby or several of them simultaneously. It works great thanks to the superior digital technology. The 2.8-inch LCD may be smaller than most in the market. Nevertheless, it does its job well. The videos and images are pretty decent and also colorful. It is less susceptible to blurry or “snowy” images. The feature-rich unit comprises zoom, scan, tilt, pan, and much more. The night vision is reliable and also relays clear images in the dark.

The 2.4GHz digital technology supports high-speed transmission and is more tolerant of interference or loss of signal. You’ll hear the baby breathing and making sounds. And with the two-way communication, you’ll be able to talk or sing to the baby. It’s small, lightweight and portable, and mounting and using it is pretty easy and simple.

  • Well-built and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Clear, sharp and colorful images
  • Good wireless connectivity and range
  • The LCD display is somewhat small

Our Verdict

Monitoring your baby is best done with this unit. Although smaller than most types, it does have sharp and clear images. The resolution is high and the color acceptable. The audio is good, and you get features such as zoom, pan, and tilt. The battery keeps a charge for a long time while the good portability improves handling.

#2. Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor With Night Vision & Two Cameras

VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Two Cameras

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  • By: VTech

Why worry about your baby when you are not at home. With this camera monitor by VTech, you’ll keep it easy in the infant or toddler. It has a 2.8-inch full-color LCD display that relays clear and vibrant images. It transmits in real-time, thus allowing you to stay abreast of the happenings.

The 2 cameras can even work with 2 babies or in different rooms.

The 2.4GHz wireless unit has nice coverage and range. One piece is suitable for a large area. This is further enhanced by the zoom, tilt, and pan functions. The sound quality is good, and the night vision also works great. It’s well built and should put up with the use and environmental factors well.

  • Works in two different rooms
  • Easy to setup up.
  • High resolution and sharp images
  • Large and clear screen
  • You may at times hear a very minute static sound

Our Verdict

This camera baby monitor transmits crystal clear and colorful images even in night vision mode. It runs smoothly and has good range and coverage. Operating the device is straight forward, and it doesn’t require constant monitoring. The long-lasting battery has a better lifespan than other types.

#1. Baby Monitor With Two Digital Cameras

Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Two Digital Cameras

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  • By: Babysense

The Babysense Video monitor is that best dual camera baby moniter on this list. It’s what you need to check on your baby while away from home. It is smaller than most pieces in the market. The LCD display is about 2.4 inches while there are options that are as large as 5.0 inches. Nevertheless, it has very good views and sound. The high resolution and superior technology relay sharp and clear videos. You’ll be able to see the baby and the surroundings easily. The zoom function is also very good, and it allows you to have a better look.

The sound is also not bad for the size. You can hear the breathing, laughing, giggling, coughing and much more. The enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology supports live stable streaming and high definition. The night vision is fairly good and works automatically. To help soothe the baby, it comes with several lullabies.

  • Supports wide view
  • Easy zooming
  • Good two-way communication
  • The battery lasts a long time
  • The picture may look a bit fuzzy in the dark

Our Verdict

This is a good baby monitor. It is simply very effective. The unit is useful in many situations and is also very simple to operate. The technology is stable and can combat interference and also has a good range. Talking to the baby is easy, and the sound is audible.

Dual Camera Baby Monitor Buying Guide

You’ll find all kinds of products in the market. Small, medium size, large, bulk, lightweight, colorful, plain and much more. What may look okay may soon prove unreliable in the short or long run. The images may be excellent but the sound may not be so good. It may have good clarity but the size of the videos is a little small. To increase the chances of picking the best product, you should pay attention to the following things:

Video Quality

You should go for a product that relays high quality and clear images. This will allow you or have good views of the baby. The clarity has to do with the resolution, pixels, and also the size of the display. Reading the specifications, talking to experts, and also following good reviews helps. The videos should be clear in the daytime as well as the night.

Spend Quality

Besides seeing the baby, you also want to hear what’s happening. Is he breathing okay? Does the cough sound bad or it’s just a sneeze? Can the baby hear you, and can you hear the sound, giggle, laugh and other sounds? A good unit comes with a high-quality speaker. It will capture and relay the sound in a clearer manner.

Display Size

Modern types come with an LCD display. It is colored and with the right technology, will be able to present the true picture. The colors will be right and so will be the clarity. The first step is choosing a fairly large display. The most common will range from 2.8 to 5.0 inches. You may find a smaller display with better resolution more effective than a large screen display with low resolution. Trying different types before purchasing and reading reviews should help you to pick a good product.

Battery Life

You must pick a product with a long-lasting battery. You don’t want to keep charging it or worrying about it running out of charge. Top choices come with quality batteries that can last for as many as 8 hours. They will also recharge fast and won’t feel too hot after continuous use. Also critical is to make sure there is a battery level indicator. This shows the percentage of charge remaining or whether it’s on or off. A battery alert that beeps is also recommended.

Two-Way Communication

You should pick a piece that supports two-way communications. This allows you to talk to your baby even when far. Yes, everything might look okay. However, you will be surer if you can hear the baby making sounds. The sound should be clear from your side and also from the baby’s side. There should be hissing, crackling, interference or signal drop. Other things that are worth considering include the size, installation ease, user-friendliness, portability, quality, features, performance, and price.


The days of worrying about your baby when away from home will be over. All you need is to acquire a good camera monitor. It will relay live images and sounds of the baby, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on him /her at all times. In the above review, we’ve looked at the best dual camera baby monitors in the market. We went for high quality, well built, durable, and reliable pieces. We believe that you’ll have peace-of-mind, knowing you can always check on your baby whenever you want.

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