Top 15 Best Electric Coolers Of All Time — Product Reviews

Going to a beach party or a road trip is an exciting experience, especially if there are drinks involved. Most people prefer to use a cooling unit to keep them cold for long hours. Also, it is much easier to transport to and from different places. Some newer designs don’t require the placing of ice packs beforehand so as content to have your suitable temperature. In this review, we have the best electric cooler in the market.

The Top 15 Best Electric Coolers

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#15. Electric Cooler & Warmer

K-Box Electric Cooler and Warmer

  • By: Koozam

One of the best electric coolers, Koozam, it has a lovely blue finish that standouts from the typical grey and silver color to complement its surroundings. There is no need to use ice packs that require continuous refiling, take too much space, and leave a watery mess. This unit maintains 40°F temp to cool content without any ice to relieve you from extra load and cleaning. With a vast 48-quart storage room, it holds 6 2-liter bottles and cans of beer or 60 cans of drinks. The removable dividers are an excellent addition that creates a 2-slot design to enhance simple storage and organizing. Its durable wheels and two handles make it simple to pull and carry. Also, the handgrip allows you to pick the cooler on the ground or take.

  • Removable dividers
  • 2-slot item organization
  • Simple to use
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Not as effective

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an electric cooler that adds beauty to the environment, the above blue one is an excellent choice. This large capacity storage container to heat & warm or cool & chill food & drink. It features two 6 FT. integrated cords for connecting to your wall outlet and the other for power adapters. Both have a compact storage slot to accommodate after use.

#14. Electric Cooler & Warmer With Large Storage

Knox Best Electric Cooler and Warmer

  • By: Knox

Knox cooler and warmer is suitable for RVs, minivan and small spaces due to its portable design. It has a large capacity to heat, cool, chill, and warm drinks and food. Simply, plug into standard wall outlets or use your car power adapters with the integrated power cables. You don’t need to carry a backup charger to keep your content in the preferred temperature. Boasting of a 48-quart space, it stores multiple soda cans as you customize the storage design using the provided divider into a 2-slot compartment.

  • For car homes
  • Vast storage room
  • Chills without ice
  • Simple plugging
  • Easy to use
  • No color varieties

Our Verdict

The above unit is suitable for small spaces like RVs to enhance travel and use compact space. It comes with smooth rolling wheels that move quickly on different terrains. Plus, the handles improve simple pushing and carrying of the cooler.

#13. 54 Quart Electric Cooler

COSTWAY 54 Quart Electric Cooler, Black, and Grey


Costway is among the coolers with a large capacity that holds multiple drinks. It has a 52-liter space perfect for home, and other outdoor activities as well as road trips. Withstanding harsh environment is a possibility, with the shockproof construction to keep content in good condition even in bumpy road and unfavorable weather conditions. Featuring a full LCD with a modern digitized temperature adjustment, it adds convenience as you select your suitable mode. An advantage is an advanced battery protection system with 3 levels, including low, medium, and high to meet various needs as it protects the car battery.

  • Multi-use
  • Shockproof design
  • Unique battery protection system
  • Fast cooling
  • Digitized temperature adjustment
  • It does not keep the temperature well

Our Verdict

The above 52-quart cooler is a perfect accessory for road-trips to hold multiple soda or beer cans. It can achieve a 30-minute cooling up to 32°F, thanks to the compressor cooling technology. Preferably, you can select the ECO mode to save energy or MAX mode to cool items faster.

#12. 36 qt. Kool Kaddy Cooler

Koolatron 36 qt. Kool Kaddy Cooler

  • By: Koolatron

The above cooler adds beauty to its surroundings with the grey finish, which is subtle and simple to maintain. Wipe with a damp cloth the non-electrical parts to enhance longevity and beauty. It is made with polypropylene plastic, which is a sturdy material that can bear even the most robust use perfect for travels. Cool or warm your contents with a car cigarette lighter adapter for added convenience.

  • Optimal and simple storage
  • Easy content access
  • Quality construction
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • The indicator for cool is hard to see

Our Verdict

Look cool as you take a drink out from this grey electric cooler. It sits either vertically or horizontally to double as an upright fridge or chest. Also, it cools to 40 degrees F and heats to 135 degrees F to give you a reliable service.

#11. 26-Quart Best Electric Cooler

Koolatron P25 26-Quart Best Electric Cooler

  • By: Koolatron

The above unit is ideal for a festive goer, traveler, or tailgater to carry lots of beverages and drinks. With a 24 liter capacity, you can keep items cold for long hours as you enjoy a cold soda or beer. Plus, and play mechanism is what makes this item more user-friendly. Connect to a12 volt power outlet and wait as it starts operation. Also, the use of thermoelectric cooling system keeps beverages at a temperature up to 40° F below ambient levels. It does not require any CFCs or icepacks to relieve you from messy cleanups or use of extra storage space.

  • Stylish cord storage
  • Reliable AC adapter
  • Simple to connect the power cord
  • Travel-friendly
  • Perfect gift
  • The handles could be better

Our Verdict

If you love traveling and carrying lots of cold drinks, this cooler is the perfect outdoor companion. Featuring a locking flip-up handle, it enhances portability while the cord storage compartment prevent cable damage by the sun or other elements.

#10.12V Electric Powered Portable Cooler

Dometic CFX 40W 12v Electric Powered Portable Cooler

  • By: Dometic

Among the best electric cooler is Dometic’s, It delivers a longlasting and simple service even in continuous use perfect for solar system applications. It has a heavy-duty construction with a robust closing mechanism and reinforced corners to shock-absorb elements in case of drops. Also, you get maximum protection from unfavorable weather elements that might pose a threat to the surface. When you connect this item, it utilizes minimal energy of approximately 0.665 kWh/24h to prevent battery drain and high electricity bills.

  • No need for ice
  • Flexible operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Heavy duty design
  • Comes with a USB port
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

You can spend your money on this cooler that is pricier than the rest to get modern features that deliver an outstanding service. With a low power consumption using DC or AC makes this cooler perfect for solar system applications.

#9. 40-Quart With 110-volt Converter Coolers

Igloo Iceless 40-Quart with 110-volt Converter Coolers, Silver

  • By: Igloo

Igloo is simple to use without any complicated procedures to give you a smooth performance. Moreover, it has a silver finish to blends in well with most car interior styles and other surrounding decors. The color also adds a shiny and elegant element to the environment. Using a new convection cooling system. It quickly circulates cold air to keep drinks crisp and refreshing. No need to indulge in warm soda or beer because of travel such as road trips. This item is powered by a 12V adapter or a 110V outlet to keep electricity bills at a minimum.

  • Affordable
  • Fast cooling
  • Circulates cold air efficiently
  • Simple to operate
  • Chic design
  • The lid system is flimsy

Our Verdict

The above electric cooler has a modern yet simple design to offer a straightforward use. Its Convection cooling technology cools down to 38 degrees Fahrenheit to keep drinks cold for an extended time and also use minimal energy. With a dual orientation, it acts as a refrigerator or ice chest perfect for travels.temperature

#8. 29 qt. Voyager Cooler

Koolatron 29 qt. Voyager Cooler

  • By: Koolatron

Carry tons of food and multiple beverages on your travels with this Voyager cooler. Made of longlasting material, it accommodates 48 12-ounce cans or food supply to keep you sorted for the whole trip. Powered by a vehicle’s 12V outlet, it consumes minim energy to prevent battery drain. Plus, the hard body structure safely rests vertically or horizontally for maximum stability. Containing the contents is improved with a well-made lid that seals easily without using too much hand effort. This mid-sized unit has compact cord storage to save space and give you a simple operation during connection.

  • No Ice required
  • Holds multiple soda cans
  • Superior thermoelectric cooling system
  • Heavy-duty design ideal
  • Spacious and durable
  • Takes time to cool items

Our Verdict

Voyager cooler is the perfect solution for holding tons of items and keep them cold. It has a compact storage for the power that takes minimal space to improve the look and access.

#7. Sleek Xtreme Electric Cooler

Coleman Cooler | Xtreme Best Electric Cooler

  • By: Coleman

This electric cooler by Coleman keeps ice melt-free up to five days perfect for outdoor activities such as barbecues, camping, beach party, and tailgating. Discard all the worries about indulging warm or hot drinks in hot summer. Its large interior can hold multiple items, including 100 cans of drinks or food to keep them fresh and at a suitable temperature. You can access beverages more efficiently, thanks to the secure cup holders that are strong enough to offer maximum stability. There are no crush handles to ensure a controlled and safe lifting.

  • Keeps ice longer without melting
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Multipurpose
  • Well-insulated
  • Easy beverage access
  • The plastic looks flimsy

Our Verdict

Coleman cooler is among the top-rated products that keep ice intact for extended periods. The insulated walls and lid offer five 5 full days of melt-free ice at 90 degrees perfect for most outdoor activities. Also, low carbon dioxide insulation reduces carbon emissions to keep the environment safe.

#6. 18 qt. Compact Cooler With Handle

Koolatron 18 qt. Compact Cooler

  • By: Koolatron

We understand some cooling accessories take too much floor or car space. This one has a compact and slim design ideal for SUVs, minivans and other small vehicles. Made from quality plastic with a hard side can withstand the toughest of use. Also, you can fold down the handle to minimize storage space use. If you are worried about energy consumption, this box uses only 12 volts to warm or cool food and drinks. Plus into a standard power outlet in your hotel, cottage or home.

  • Compact and slim design
  • For small vehicles
  • Energy efficient
  • Quickly cools and warms
  • Folding handle
  • The thermoelectric cooling limits the temperature reduction

Our Verdict

This cooler has a small profile to utilize minimal storage space and enhance portability. With an inbuilt fan and sturdy motor, it quietly circulates air for even heating and cooling. The thermoelectric cooling mechanism cools to a 40F degree below outside temperature and heats to 135 degrees.

#5. Portable Fridge Freezer & Cooler

ARB 10800352 Fridge Freezer - 37 Quart

  • By: ARB

If you are looking for the best electric cooler that maintains temperature to the lowest level, stop searching. With this one, it keeps the temperature at zero degrees, making it a true in-car freezer or refrigerator. Whether you are traveling during the summer, your content stays cold. Plus, the capacity is large enough to accommodate fist cans with a 12-ounce weight or a 2-liter bottle. An important function is the contents remain cool while the vehicle is off, and the adjustable automatic battery protection technology prevents vehicle battery drain. Not only is this safe but energy efficient.

  • Maintains zero degrees temperature
  • Holds fifty cans
  • Adjustable automatic battery system
  • Two power cables
  • Inexpensive
  • The startup requires a high amount of battery voltage

Our Verdict

Some coolers fail to go below 30 degrees, but the ARB maintains a temperature of zero degrees to keep contents cold. Comes with two power cords to connect to a car’s 12/24-volt DC outlet, and the AC cable to allow you to plug into a standard AC power outlet.

#4. Cooler| 40-Quart Portable Cooler

Coleman Cooler| 40-Quart Portable Cooler

  • By: Coleman

The Coleman cooler is suitable for BBQ, camping, picnics, tailgates, road trips and outdoor activities. Thanks to the cold thermoelectric structure, it can keep drinks and food at an optimal temperature. The contents are much colder than the outside temperature. Now you have no excuse to postpone an impromptu travel or beach party. This item’s door opens from the right or left to provide you with maximum flexibility. Also, you can travel light with its 40-quart capacity that accommodates 44 cans.

  • 40-quart capacity
  • Portable and sturdy
  • Simple to operate
  • Energy efficient
  • Sleek design
  • The fan is louder than other brands

Our Verdict

Coleman is a favorite brand to many users and has come up with this cooler that has excellent versatility. You can use it for picnics, tailgates, beach parties, and other outdoor events. It is lightweight to improve travels and take minimal storage room.

#3. 24 Liter Electric Cooler & Warmer

Wagan EL6224 24 Liter Best Electric Cooler and Warmer

  • By: Wagan 140°F

Most coolers in the market only cool items, but this one can also warm. It heats food items to 140°F to ensures you don’t eat cold snacks and much more during car trips. This heating is completed with a 7.5ft cord that is long enough to connect comfortably to a cigarette lighter. The capacity is larger than other brands to hold four 2-liter bottles in an upright position. This functionality standout from the rest, which only keeps a bottle in slanted or horizontal areas.

  • Cools and warms
  • Holds 2l bottles upright
  • Heavy duty handle
  • Easy transport
  • Off, cold and off switch
  • The cord is not detachable

Our Verdict

The above cooler warms and cools items. It has an ergonomic handle for easy transport and a 24-liter capacity that holds 27 cans of four 2-liter bottles. A 2-temperature setting cools and warms by activating the cold/hot/off button.

#2. Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

  • By: Igloo

We love this cooler that quickly cools items without the need for ice. Measuring 18 x 13 x 15 inches, it accommodates different things safely to keep them at their initial temperature. It has an ergonomic structure with a curved back that hugs your side during transport for added comfort. Also, the provided 8ft power cable plugs quickly into a standard 12V DC cigarette lighter ideal for travels. For a quiet cooling, it uses a brushless motor plus a unique convection cooling technology to circulate cold air.

  • Cools without ice
  • Quiet motor operation
  • Convection cooling system
  • Circulates cold air
  • 8ft power cord
  • The fan wears out over time

Our Verdict

This unit is a great solution to keep beverage and food cool for more extended periods. It comes with a brushless motor to deliver quiet operation. Plus, the convection cooling system keeps items cold for long down to 36°F below the atmospheric temperature.

#1. Mini Fridge Electric Cooler & Warmer

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

  • By: Cooluli

The Cooluli Classic cooler has a modern style perfect for portability. With a spacious interior of 4 liters, it can accommodate multiple items and keep them safely intact without damage. Also, you can look stylish as you carry this lightweight unit, thanks to its matte finish weighing 4 lbs that blend in most environments. You can use it in different places such as beach, poolside, party and other outdoor areas to store snacks, beer, drinks, food, breast milk, medications, skincare, and insulin. With simple construction, this box is suitable for beauty essentials for keeping moisturizers, masks, serums, creams, and other beauty products. Pick a color that complements your lifestyle from blue, black, fuchsia, pink, red, and much more. There’s no doubt that this one is the best electric cooler.

  • Convenient and lightweight
  • Multiple functions
  • Versatile construction
  • Energy efficient
  • Ultra-quiet
  • The height is a bit short

Our Verdict

The above cooler box is simple to carry from and to different places with its user-friendly design. Using a semiconductor operation, it delivers an ultra-quiet, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient service.

Buying Guide For The Best Electric Cooler

There are a lot of electric coolers in the market which can frustrate you if you want a reliable and high-performing one. We have done all the research for you to give you an easier choice selection. The following guide is based on warming and cooling functions, powering option, simplicity of use, and many more.

Cools and Warms

The newer models of coolers can cool and warm. If you prefer one that only keeps drinks cold, you can get from a variety of stores or pick one from the top products. A unit that performs both heating and chilling is ideal for road trips to ensure the occupants in the car have a snack, meal, drink and more at the preferred temperature.

Maintain Temperatures for Long

The next thing to consider is the maximum time the cooler can maintain the set temperatures. Some can go as long as five days to keep ice pack melt-free. While others melt after a few hours. Check the previous customer reviews and compare different units to get one that has a longer temperature retaining.

Power Connectivity

Mostly, electric coolers are powered by two methods, including a car cigarette lighter adapter or the standard wall outlet. For the latter, it is ideal for places where there is an electric source such as homes, RVs, and much more. For the battery-powered ones, it is perfect for travels such as camping, tailgating, beach party, and more outdoor activities. If you spend long hours on the road, choose one that has the car battery powering option to prevent foods from going stale, especially in hot days.


Lastly, the size of the cooler box. Most are compact to fit minimal spaces and enhance portability. Look for designs that also have handles to make lifting and carrying smoother. The grips should be strong enough to handle constant use. Some models have folding hands grips that improve the slim shape.


Keeping your drinks cold and food warm during travels does not have to be stressful or expensive. Choose one of the above products to get the best electric cooler to make the road trip more exciting. Also, you can enjoy a chilly drink anytime with your friends and family.

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