The 13 Best Electric Staplers You Should Own — Product Reviews

Using the manual staplers leads to pains, fatigue, and low productivity. The reason why most people in school, home and offices prefer a more advanced unit is because of efficiency. The newer designs come with precision stapling to make the work neater, faster and easier. In this review, we have the best electric stapler that delivers outstanding service.

The Top 13 Best Electric Staplers

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#13. Noiseless Electronic Stapler

Max EH-70F Max Electronic EH-70F Stapler

  • By: Max

There are so many reasons why we think this item as one of the best electric staplers. First of all, we love Max stapler because it can handle a large amount of paper stapling at the same time. Some units work well with the least sheets, which is not ideal for someone with a considerable workload. You can staple up to 70 prints hence saving time and energy. The grey finish looks good and blends with most office supplies. Place it together with different-colored paper, pencils, staple boxes, and more accessories for easier access.

Made of powerful motor, this item guarantees a super-quiet operation. No more loud noises every time you press the papers. Loading comes after extended use as this product can accommodate up to 5,000 staples. Also, it has a flat-clinch staple technology to stack printouts evenly and neatly.

  • Easy to use
  • Chic design
  • Simple to maintain
  • Noiseless stapling
  • Auto shut-off
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

The Max stapler can staple multiple papers at the same to give you a safer job completion. It comes with an auto shut-off safety for perfect positioning to provide you with the desired results. Also, it looks good with the lovely gray finish.

#12. Stanley Bostitch Electric Stapler

BOS02210 - Stanley Bostitch Electric Stapler

  • By: Bostitch Office

The above unit uses an impulse drive system that helps to deliver a simple non-stop stapling. Plus, the NoJam technology ensures you have a smooth action. Not only does is make this the most reliable but also saves time to finish a workload. The included carbon steel driver blade improves durability for you to use for a more extended period. This item comes with a urethane sound dampening for a noise-free sapling.

The fusion of metal and plastic construction work together to deliver more strength and straightforward operation. No rust or stains as you punch all those offices or home papers. For a quicker sheet positioning, it features an adjustable paper stop and a full paper lead. The onboard staple trays with four additional sticks ensure you have extended use before feeding another set.

  • Affordable
  • Perfect weight
  • Easy to use
  • Electric
  • Uses standard staples
  • The staple depth is not adjustable

Our Verdict

If you want a staple that delivers a simple uninterrupted stapling, you have found it. The above one is made of quality material metal and plastic that provide smooth operation. You can staple as many sheets as you want without worries of jamming.

#11. Flat Clinch Electric Stapler

PraxxisPro - Powerhouse Flat-Clinch Electric Stapler

  • By: PraxxisPro

PraxxisPro has gone a step further to ensure you have the best stapling performance than the rest. A bonus feature is the free 5000 premium staples to give you an extended use before the purchasing of another set. You can use this item in the library, school, home, office, and other places that require frequent stapling. If you prefer using a manual action, you can switch it from the electric mode for added convenience. This makes it perfect for areas with no electricity or when on the move.

With a unique patented clinching design, this accessory uses a flat cinch to deliver not only great strength but also a higher sheet capacity. The staple remover is an excellent addition to help you remove wrongly stapled files while the smooth structure matches any desktop look.

  • Improved stapling action
  • Electric or manual options
  • Comes with 5000 staples
  • Strong and reliable
  • Simple operation
  • A bit large

Our Verdict

You can get value for money when using this stapler, which comes with free staples. It has a 2-style stapling, including electric and manual, to fit the user’s preferences. With a lightweight design, it is simple to hold free from hand fatigue.

#10. Professional Electric Stapler

Rapid 5080e Professional Electric Stapler

  • By: Rapid

If you work in an office that requires frequent stapling, using a reliable accessory is essential. The Rapid stapler has a price of over 340 dollars. It is quite pricey for most home users, but at the same time delivers outstanding performance with zero hitches like paper jams and breaking. You can stack 90 sheets of paper, thanks to the stapling cartridge, to lessen the workload and give you a smooth action. No more stapling the whole day to finish up large piles of papers when you have this item.

To help reduce paper stacks, it comes with a flat clinch design. Plus, the mechanism ensures you get a noiseless action even after a large workload. Another thing is a modern design that performs over 500 000 Stapling operations to make the service much more straightforward.

  • Flat clinch design
  • Reduces paper stacks
  • 90-sheet capacity
  • Multi-purpose
  • Durable material
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

The rapid stapler is among the quickest and reliable stapler in the market. It can accommodate up to 90 sheets of paper, which is more than other designs with the same price range. The noiseless operation and high-frequent stapling add more convenience.

#9. Impulse 25 Electric StaplerBOS02210 - Stanley Bostitch Impulse 25 Electric Stapler

  • By: Bostitch Office

The above stapler has a magnetized paper clip slot that gives you a more natural angling and precise stapling. You do not have to position and re-position every time you want to finish a project much quicker. The throat depth is1/2 inch while the front-loads a strip 210 of 1/4inch for added convenience. Moreover, you can use the standard staples which are available in almost all stores to give you a more comfortable purchase after the completion of the current set.

The provided 5’6′ cord is long enough to give you a broader area to work without restrictions. Some cables are too short, forcing the user to operate near the power source limiting smooth mobility. This item has an LED light that improves the action, especially in low-lit places. Plus, the suction cup feet offer additional stability on most surfaces for steady service.

  • Long Cord
  • Quality LED light
  • Strong suction cup
  • Magnetized paper clip compartment
  • 1/2″ throat depth
  • Heavy

Our Verdict

You can use this stapler to get a precise and quick stapling. It has a 45-degree orientation and strong suction cup feet to give you a smooth and stable action. The electric design is much faster than the manual ones to handle a large load within minutes.

#8. Electric Stapler With 20 Sheet Capacity

Swingline Electric Stapler, 20 Sheet Capacity

  • By: Swingline

If you are looking for a stapler with a lovely finish, stop the search. The above one has an elegant look with a silver finish to give you simple maintenance as it adds beauty to space. Wipe with a soft dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust. The price is affordable and consists of numerous features that make stapling a breeze. You can gift this to a loved one or a friend who works in an office that requires frequent stapling.

This accessory is noiselessness and efficient with a user-control switch. You can perform multiple operations in either a manual or automatic system for added convenience. Activate the powerful motor with a simple touch to start the action. Another thing is the provided Optima staples plus a QuickLoad for the magazine to eject faster.

  • Chic design
  • Simple to clean
  • Quick load
  • Intuitive button
  • Flexible operation
  • Slow staple action

Our Verdict

Swingline stapler has an elegant silver finish to offer a timeless fashion. The low staple indicator lets you know when the staples are almost running out. With a detachable staple remover and staples you get a more natural use. This item is flexible to allow a battery or plug-in operation.

#7. Portable Electric Stapler With Full Strip

Swingline Portable Electric Stapler, Full Strip

  • By: Swingline

Swingline has longlasting products, including the above one that offers the user the most straightforward use. Made with premium materials, it can bear the pressure of non-stop use even in a huge pile of paper. Plus, the 20 sheets stapling at once makes the job much more comfortable.

Boasting of a compact design, not only to promote productivity but also precision. This process is further improved with a precision-adjustment guide to limit any inaccuracies. No more staple wasting because of paper gaps or inaccuracy, especially if using low-quality products. The small-profile conserves desk or table space as well as complements the rest of the supplies.

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Fast action
  • Affordable
  • It is difficult to pull out the staple holder

Our Verdict

Swingline is among the top-leading home and office supplier of quality products. The stapler above is easy to use and a battery-operated stapler to encourage safety and convenience. It has a compact structure to use less desk space.

#6. Electric & Battery-Operated Stapler

Electric and Battery-Operated Stapler

  • By: OfficeGoods

If you have a friend who needs a staple suitable for home and office supplies, then go for the above one.It’s no doubt, one of the best electric staplers on the market. It ensures a jam-free performance with the sturdy built. Also, there are zero interruptions because the design consists of eco-friendly materials. Not only for a consistent but also smooth stapling. It uses standard size staples for added convenience. With a compact structure, this item fits any drawer or desk to deliver the needed power to get work done efficiently.

Whether you are handling small or huge workloads, the repetitive action is a breeze. The features full strip staples give you an immediate start eliminating the need to run to the stores. Moreover, it is multipurpose for home, office, or school uses all depending on the user’s preferences. The supplied AC adapter is great for fast connectivity, or you can power using 6AA batteries.

  • Quality construction
  • Easy to hold
  • Time-saving
  • Compact
  • Reliable and convenient
  • Loud

Our Verdict

The above staple is suitable for multiple places, including school, home, library, and the office. Powered by an AC adapter or battery makes it reliable and convenient. It comes with a stapling guide for you to adjust to the area where you need the exact stapling.

#5. Electric Stapler With Staple Remover

Jiraph Electric Stapler with Staple Remover

  • By: Jiraph

We love Jiraph electric staple because of its extra accessories to make the action much smoother. The included staple remover allows you to remove the unwanted staples form different papers. With a jam-free technology, this item can handle up to 25 documents at the same time. Additionally, the heavy-duty construction guarantees an accurate and effortless stapling. This accessory looks good and has an ideal length to enhance smooth handling.

If you need to move across your office or home, you have complete freedom. This stapler is battery operated to enhance mobility and more easily use on the go. Even if you are in the house, you can plug into the nearest wall outlet for quicker and battery-saving operation. An excellent addition is a 14-point depth that allows easy adjustability to the perfect position. What this means is that the sheet is left organized and neat after the action. Press the button and lock to the suitable length between 25″ to 1.65″.

  • Fast stapling
  • Convenient staple remover
  • Jam-free
  • Battery or wall powered
  • Easy to use
  • The staples land below where it is needed

Our Verdict

You can use this stapler that comes with multiple accessories such as staple remover, staples, and a gorgeous gift box for added convenience. It is fully loaded with quality staples for you to start stapling immediately out of the box. The construction is longlasting and pressure-resistant.

#4. Impulse 45 Sheet Electric Stapler

Bostitch Impulse 45 Sheet Electric Stapler

  • By: Bostitch Office

Bostitch makes premium staplers that surpass the performance of the rest in the market. The one above uses a unique Impulse Drive Technology that allows you to remove the stack of sheets immediately after the stapler punches. There is no need to wait for the retraction process as the other electric staplers. Constructed from longlasting materials, it can bear lengthy sapling tasks. Plus, it uses a PowerCrown 1/4 inch for 20 sheets and 3/8 inch for 45 sheets.

The constant paper jam of other staplers makes the job more tedious than it should be. With this one, it boasts of a no-jam technology that helps to eliminate this issue to enhance a smooth operation. The included refill alert light comes in handy to remove second-guessing and constant rechecking of the remaining staples. It turns on when the staples are almost complete for you to reload.

  • Simple to handle
  • Stylish black finish
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Eliminates staple jams
  • Refill alert light
  • Leaves an indent mark on the first sheet

Our Verdict

The above item lets you remove a paper stack after stapling to save time and increase productivity. Featuring a hidden staple storage slot, it gives you a worry-free use as you have constant staple backup. Besides, this unit has a push-button that opens the magazine for quick reloads. It is a value pack that comes with 5,000 staples and a staple remover located on top of the unit.

#3. 30 Sheet Electric Stapler

Bostitch Impulse 30 Electric Stapler, 30 Sheet Capacity, Black

  • By: Bostitch Office

For people who do lots of stapling, this electric stapler is ideal. Featuring a compact staple storage slot, you eliminate the constant visit to the closet for a refill. This gives you a smooth and worry-free operation, no matter the workload. An excellent addition is a refill alert indicator that lights up when you are running out of staples to take out the guesswork. It turns on for you to make a refill or do it at a later time without causing any interruptions.

It is time to discard the traditional units that require a lengthy reload process. With this one, you press the push button to open the magazine to insert a strip of staples. The sturdy design, it can handle up to 30 sheets to make a sizeable stapling task seem less tedious.

  • Fate stapling speed
  • Refill alert indicator
  • Staple storage compartment
  • Easy reload push button
  • Inexpensive
  • Jams occasionally

Our Verdict

The Bostitch Impulse stapler is perfect for a vast stapling work because of modern technology. It comes with a staple bin that lets you concentrate on the task rather than the staples remaining. Also, it has a black finish which never goes out of style.

#2. Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

  • By: EcoElectronix

One among the best electric staplers is the EcoElectronix stapler. It quickly staples up to 25 papers to guarantee a quiet, fast, and simple-to-use. It comes with pre-loaded staples give you an immediate operation once you open the packaging. No more frills due to low-quality design. This accessory is compact and yet powerful to deliver a reliable stapling for an extended period.

Say goodbye to lengthy stapling that leave the hands sore. Using a traditional stapler can cause pain, and that’s why this electric one is much better. It eliminates the worry of arthritis and carpal tunnel from repetitive stapling. Not only does it do all the work, but also gives you a pain-free stapling experience. For beginners and even experts, the precision might be off, especially in a huge task. It can cause too close or too far stapling at the edge leading to constant redos.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Time-saving
  • Battery or AC powered
  • Uses standard size staples
  • Not ideal for big stacks of sheet

Our Verdict

You spend less time stapling using EcoElectronix as compared to the manual staplers. It allows stapling up to 25 papers in a matter of seconds without causing hand pain and fatigue. This item offers perfect accuracy every time and is powered by AC power or battery to suit your preferences.

#1. Anti-Jam Electric Staple

Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple

  • By: Stanley

Stanley staple has a bright yellow color that adds a pop of brightness in most home and office spaces. This color standouts from the typical black and silver shades to bring more beauty and practicality. Made from heavy-duty material, it can bear non-stop use and at the same time give you reliable service. Another thing is an innovative power lever that is perfect for hard or soft materials. Use it for that lengthy stapling task you have been holding off for a while and complete much faster than anticipated.

This accessory comes with an 8-foot power cable to let you have simple movement around the work surface. Some fixtures have a short cord that restricts you from moving at a far distance, especially if connected to a power outlet. Moreover, it uses an Arrow T-50 staples, and 1/2″, 9/16″ and 5/8″ brads. All these reasons are why we consider this as the best electric stapler.

  • Long 8-foot cord
  • Improved design
  • Fast and reliable
  • Anti-jam mechanism
  • Easy to operate
  • The angle needs improvement

Our Verdict

Stanley offers a powerful ergonomic performance than the rest in the market. With a yellow finish, it looks good in most home and office desk. The 8-foot power cable is long enough to enhance a simple operation and maneuvering. Also, this unit has a Quick-jam-clear technology to give you a hassle-free stapling.

Buying Guide For The Best Electric Stapler

A stapler can make your workload either time-consuming or the opposite. We have come up with an informative guide to give you a more comfortable purchasing as you pick your ideal product.

Jam Technology

This is the first thing you should look for when buying an electric stapler. If it continually jams after punching a few papers, then the construction might be faulty or only handles lesser sheets. Go for one that is powerful enough to offer a no-stop operation with zero difficulties.

Power Type

The next thing to consider is the type of power-operated the stapler. Most designs either use an Ac adapter, batteries or both. If you reside in a place with constant power outages, a battery-powered unit is an excellent choice. But if you dislike charging batteries and prefer an instant use, an electric stapler works well.

Staple Tray

Lastly, check the tray construction. Some can be hard to pull off, leading to break, and others are well-made for smooth access. The tray should be long enough to hold a strip of staples comfortably without constant reloads.

In Conclusion

Make your work more comfortable in the office as you staple multiple files by using the best electric stapler. It comes in handy to make the task faster, convenient and easier. Pick the suitable one from the above list that suits your needs and makes the job seem less tedious.

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