Top 10 Best Electric Tillers You Should Buy In 2021 — Products Review

Are you still using forks and other tools to till your garden? Or do you hire a professional? The truth is that these two methods work. However, the first one is very labor-intensive. You use lots of effort and time and will cover a small area. It will be a bit challenging if you are physically weak. It also may lead to aches, pain, soreness, and injury to different parts of the body. These include numbness, blisters, cuts, and bruises. The second option is equally effective. However, it will cost you more in terms of money. Also, you may need to work on the service provider’s schedule. This may mean delaying a job. Rather than using labor-intensive or costly methods, smart people are opting to use the best electric tillers. We recently reviewed the most popular products in the market and came with the right following list:

The Top 10 Best Electric Tillers

#10. Electric Tiller & Cultivator

Mantis 3550 Electric Tiller:Cultivator

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  • By: Mantis

Forget the forks, machetes, and rakes when tilling your garden. With the Mantis 3550 tiller cum cultivator, you will have an easier time doing it. It comes in a user-friendly and ergonomic design that makes the operation much easier. We love the 9-amp electric motor that delivers decent power to handle any kind of soil. The unit has nice handles and sturdy wheels for easy control. It will ride on different surfaces with minimal effort.

It comes with 2 speeds for better functionality. The tiller is made of tough steel, will bore deep, and is less likely to break or be warped. It does not produce noise or pollution ensuring the surrounding is clean and pollution-free. It is a lightweight piece, operating and controlling it shouldn’t have any challenges. The unit delivers professional results in a short time.

  • Easy to operate and professional service
  • Doesn’t produce too much noise
  • Doesn’t produce emissions
  • Can run for long periods without any issues
  • Not designed for 240V power

Our Verdict

This nice tiller delivers great service. It’s ideal for gardens of different sizes. It is lighter than most pieces out there and has good handling. It does not produce too much noise or emissions. The wheels and handles are well designed for easy control.

#9. Easy Operate Electric Tiller

Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

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  • By: Mantis

The Mantis 7250-00-03 is a high-quality tiller that delivers professional results. It’s among the easiest to use and will prove handy and easy to operate even for a first time user. The solid piece is built from tough metal to put up with the operations, environmental factors, small bangs and much more. The powerful 540-watt/ 0.75HP motor, together with the strong steel tines, dig deep into the soil. They will effortlessly break the soil, chop weed, and other vegetation and help to aerate the soil.

The possibility of tines bending or breaking is very low since they are made from solid steel. We love the ergonomic handle, which feels comfortable to the hands. The wheels also move freely for easier maneuvering. This is, no doubt, one among the best electric tillers.

  • Powerful and silent electric motor
  • Made from strong and durable materials
  • Doesn’t produce noise or any emission
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Not designed for 220-240V power

Our Verdict

This is a nice tiller for anyone looking for efficiency and reliability. It’s easy to operate and handles various soil types well. The motor feels sturdy and powerful and will run for long periods effortlessly. It is a simple device and this makes maintenance more user-friendly.

#8. 6 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator

Troy-Bilt TB154E 6 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator

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  • By: Troy-Bilt

Coming with a well-engineered cutting head and a powerful 6.5-amp motor, the Troy-Bilt TB154E is just what you need. It features tough made steel tillers that will dig as deep as 5 inches. They also handle different soils, clay, loamy, and other fairly well. They turn over the soil effectively and also retain their shape. The cutting width of 6-9 inches is ideal in most places. It delivers consistent results throughout for the best service.

The wheels move effortlessly on different terrains and are also sturdily built to handle the use. Thanks to its quiet nature, it’s useful in many settings, both residential and commercial. Assembling this unit and using it is easy. It also requires minimal maintenance.

  • A well-engineered head
  • Powerful and energy efficient electric motor
  • Good cutting depth and width
  • Seamless and silent operation
  • It is not a very big piece

Our Verdict

This is, without a doubt, one of the best electric tillers. It’s practical for both commercial and residential applications. It runs smoothly and effortlessly but still digs deep and wide. This allows you to finish the job sooner-rather-than-later. The wheels roll smoothly on different surfaces and also improve maneuverability.

#7. 10-Inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller

Greenworks 10-Inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller 27072

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  • By: Greenworks

Forget tools that require you to use lots of effort and spending too much time. With the Greenworks 27072 unit, you will perform the task more effectively. The first reason is the powerful 8-amp motor, which delivers decent power. The other reason is the toughly made steel tiller, which will go through any soil with minimal ease. The width and depth are also decent. All you need is one pass. You don’t need to keep going over a section continuously.

The wheels may look relatively small in comparison to other types. However, they run smoothly on the ground. The handle is smooth but offers a nice grip. This minimizes slippage and provides you with a firm grip. It features a lightweight frame that improves control and saves you effort.

  • Lightweight and strong construction
  • Good design and comfortable grip
  • Tough durable steel tiller
  • Good digging width and depth
  • Requires assembly

Our Verdict

Tilling your garden or lawn will be easier with this tool. It feels easy on the hands, thanks to the nice handle and the smooth-rolling wheels. The frame steel is lighter than other types, and this improves maneuverability. The motor delivers good power and is relatively silent.

#6. 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Garden Cultivator & Tiller

BLACK+DECKER LGC120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Garden Cultivator:Tiller

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Made from hardened steel, the BLACK+DECKER LGC120 to many people is known as one of the best electric tillers. It will make tilling easier and more effective. It digs deeper and wider than most pieces out there. This speeds up the operation and also saves you time and effort. The 20-volt motor delivers decent power to run the tiller. It has a nice height, which suits most users. You won’t strain or bend your back. It won’t breakdown under load courtesy of the tough construction.

The quality of materials of construction is good. It will take the abuse, for instance, abrasion, bangs, knocks, and vibration, pretty well. The solid frame is resistant to corrosion and rust and is easy to clean. The unit isn’t noisy and does not emit smoke or any exhaust fumes.

  • Good ergonomic design
  • Strong solid steel frame
  • Good digging depth and width
  • Easy to operate and works great
  • the battery does not last very long

Our Verdict

This tiller is worth buying. It runs smoothly and works great in different kinds of soil. The frame is made of solid steel and is lacelike to break or warp. The tiller is also strong and sturdy and will dig through different soils with ease.

#5. 9-Amp Electric Garden Tiller & Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ601E Tiller Joe 9-Amp Electric Garden Tiller:Cultivator

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  • By: Sun Joe

Tilling the garden or lawn does not need to feel like a chore. With this unit by Sun Joe, you will have an easier time. It comes in a simple and basic design to suits even a first time user. It runs smoothly and feels robust courtesy of the 9-amp motor. The wheel also rides smoothly on different grounds. It is an ergonomically designed piece that should suit any user well. It is a perfect choice for residential and commercial settings.

The handle is easy to operate and has a decent height to suit users of different height. It comprises a solid steel frame that won’t break or bend easily under the load. The motor is powerful, not very noisy, and produces no emissions. Taking care of this electric tiller is simple and easy.

  • Made from tough high-quality steel
  • The wheels move smoothly on different surfaces
  • It doesn’t produce any noise or smoke
  • Works great in different settings
  • The tines are somewhat short

Our Verdict

We like how strong the unit feels. It will handle the operations and different grounds fairly well. It is a relatively lightly unit and is compact. Maneuvering it is, therefore, not a problem. The wheels move smoothly on the surfaces, and the tillers cut deep.

#4. 6.5 Amp Electric Tiller & Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe 14-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Tiller:Cultivator

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  • By: Sun Joe

With the Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller, you will soon forget about using machetes, forks or rakes when tilling the garden. It comes in an ergonomic design for easy operation and comfort. The good nature also minimizes fatigue. It has a 6.5-amp electric motor that generates good power. The tough steel tines dig as deep as 7 inches and as wide as 14 inches. It will work on most soils without problems.

The handles are comfortable on the hands while the sturdy wheels ride smoothly on different surfaces. The speed is decent for most applications and should hasten the operation. The tough steel is unlikely to break or get bent during use. The unit produces minimal noise and no pollution. This makes sure the environment is safeguarded. It is a lightweight and compact for easy control.

  • Easy to use and energy efficient
  • Durable and maximum performance
  • Doesn’t produce noise or emissions
  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Not designed for very large gardens

Our Verdict

This garden tiller works great on gardens of different sizes. It is much lighter than most alternatives, and this improves the good handling. This, however, offers good performance and works on most soil types. It does not produce any emissions, and the noise is minimal. The wheels roll smoothly, and the handle is comfortable and easy to use.

#3. Electric Garden Tiller & Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller:Cultivator

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  • By: Sun Joe

The Sun Joe TJ604E is a good tiller that delivers good and timely results. It is easy to use and operate. The solid piece is made from tough metal. It will tolerate the use, various soils, operation, bangs, abrasions and much more. The powerful 13.5-amp motor, together with tough steel tines, digs as deep as 8 inches and as wide as 16 inches. It effortlessly breaks and turns over the soil.

The tines bending or breaking is very likely thanks to the durable steel construction. The ergonomic handle feels comfortable and minimizes fatigue. Moreover, the wheels move swiftly and maintain a nice grip on the surface.

  • Powerful and durable electric motor
  • Made from durable materials
  • Produce minimal noise and no emission
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • It is a relatively heavy piece

Our Verdict

This well-built tiller should suit anyone searching for a reliable, durable and efficient piece. It is also easy to operate and works well in different types of soil. The motor is powerful, sturdy and energy-efficient. It will run continuously and is energy efficient. It is simple and easy to maintain.

#2. 12-Amp Electric Tiller & Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator

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  • By: Sun Joe

Coming with a 12.5-amp motor, the Sun Joe TJ603E delivers a good performance. It is ranked as one of the best electric tillers around. It comprises strong steel tillers that will dig 8 inches deep as 16 inches wide. They are suitable for different soils including clay, loamy, sandy and more. They cultivate effectively and come with a 3-position wheel for easy adjustment. The height is okay for most people, and the handles feel very comfortable

The wheels move smoothly on the ground and are also easy to control. The motor is powerful and appropriate for many residential and commercial settings. With a noise rating of 93decibels, it is okay for most places. It will not require you wearing earmuffs or worrying that you are disturbing the peace. Assembling the tiller is easy and straightforward. The maintenance it requires is minimal.

  • Durable and sturdy metal parts
  • Comfortable and easy-to-adjust handle
  • Ergonomic styled and comfortable
  • Minimal noise
  • Runs via 120V and not ideal for 240V

Our Verdict

This is a lightweight trimmer that will handle most of your digging and cultivating needs. It has an adjustable head and handles for easy operation. The unit moves fast and efficiently. It is also ergonomically styled and will minimize fatigue and discomfort. With proper handling, it should give you good service for many years to come.

#1. Corded Electric Tiller & Cultivator

Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Volt Corded Electric Tiller:Cultivator

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  • By: Earthwise

The days of spending so much time and effort tilling and cultivating the garden are long gone. You also don’t need to worry about polluting the environment with smoke, emission, or noise. With the Earthwise TC70001, you get a reliable and solidly built electric tiller. It handles the job more effectively and works relatively fast. You will be done within a short time. The powerful 8.5-amp motor produces good power but is still energy efficient. It also runs smoothly and silently. The tillers are tough and made from durable steel. They dig through the soil with minimal ease. It will go as deep as 8 inches, and the maximum width is 16 inches. This is acceptable.

The wheels run smoothly and produce minimal noise. They maintain a firm grip on the surface. They are also easy to control just like the flexible handle. The grip is smooth and ergonomic for good comfort, and it minimizes the likelihood of numbness or soreness on the fingers even after extended operation. It’s not a very heavy piece, and operating it for long sessions inst a challenge. All these reasons are why we consider this product as the best electric tiller on the market.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Broad and tough blades
  • Good cutting depth and width
  • Smooth rolling wheels
  • The unit is corded and this limits the coverage

Our Verdict

This tilling accessory is well built from tough materials. It’s also lightweight and compact for easy operation. The wheels move smoothly on different soils. The handle feels cozy, and the motor delivers a good performance. Taking care and maintaining the tiller is simple and easy.

Why Choose Electric Tillers?

Thanks to ever-improving technology, you will come across all kinds of products. You can purchase them from a brick and mortar store or better still order them online. Stiff competition is making them more affordable. The quality is also improving. Nevertheless, people are opting for electric tillers because of the flowing reasons:

Lighter Weight

One thing that stands out with electric tillers is that they are lighter than their gas-powered counterparts are. This is because they have fewer parts. No combustion engine, no gas tank. Being lighter in weight, you can operate the unit for a longer period without getting too tired. It is also easier to maneuver due to the better weight. Nonetheless, it is important to ensure that you don’t sacrifice power and efficiency for weight. Always try to balance the two.

Minimal Emission

The modern world has become more conscious of the environment. This comes at a time where issues surrounding global warming, green gas effect, destruction of the ozone layer, increasing respiratory illnesses are rife. Electric tillers are preferred over other options because they have lesser emissions and pollutions. They do not feature a combustion motor; hence, there will be no exhaust fumes or smoke. Besides, they won’t require too much oil to lubricate the moving parts. In fact, most will require no oil at all.

Less Noisy

When tilling the garden or lawn, you want peace and quiet and so do the people or animals around. However, with a gas-powered unit, for instance, a small tractor, you definitely have to bear the noise. The accessory can be loud especially if you are using the older devices. However, with an electric tiller, you will enjoy a less noisy environment. This allows you to work even in areas that require utmost silence or even at odd hours. The noise level is rated in decibels (dB), and the lower the figure, the more silent the unit.

Minimal Maintenance

People desire something easier to maintain. They don’t want an accessory that keeps breaking down too often and needing repairs. They don’t want to spend lots of time maintaining or cleaning items. Such are some reasons that make the electric unit a better option. It has fewer parts, which makes it less likely to breakdown. The unit does not require an oil change. Moreover, it does not require regular refueling. This makes the item more user-friendly in regards to maintenance.

More Affordable

A closer look at the different options shows that the electric type is much cheaper than the other alternatives. The first contributing reason is the minimal parts. The other explanation is that they take lesser materials of construction. Another reason is that more companies are entering the scene and opting to go electric rather than gas. The cost of purchasing is lower than that of gas-powered units. The cost of maintenance is also lower. You don’t need to keep buying fuel. This makes the item cheaper both in short as well as in the long run.


Tilling your lawn or garden does not need to be a noisy affair. You don’t need to bear the unit, which is not only disturbing but also annoying to the people around. You also should not contribute to environmental pollution, particularly today where people are encouraged to safeguard the ecosystem. What you and other consumers need is an electric tiller. It produces less noise and emissions, is easier to use and maintain, and is energy-efficient and light in weight. This improves its maneuverability and allows you to handle it for long sessions without getting too tired.

In the review above, we have looked at some of the best electric tillers you will get in the market. We went for high quality, durable, reliable, efficient, affordable and easy to maintain the tool. We also picked units that come from reputable firms, enjoy positive comments and reviews, and also are readily available. You are thus assured of quality longlasting service and maximum satisfaction.

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