Best Electronic Guitars Review – Top 8 Products

Choosing a gentle best electronic guitar can be a tricky affair. This doesn’t just apply to beginners but seasoned users as well. First, there are many types to choose from. In fact, newer models are always being released into the market. What may look right for you may not be ideal for another person. Second, the suitability of the unit is influenced by your experience. Advanced pieces may be a little more sophisticated, and inexperienced users will face challenges.

For beginners, it’s better to first learn the arts with a basic unit. Third, there is stiff competition among dealers and manufacturers, and most will say that their products are the best. This is, however not always true. This means that a potential or prospective buyer needs to spend a little more time researching and comparing the available choices. Other crucial things which complicate the choosing and buying process include weight, size, quality, brand reputation, and more. In the following reviews, we will shed some light on what we believe are the best electronic guitars.

The Top 8 Best Electronic Guitars

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#8. Electric Guitar Package For Kids

30 Kids 1:2 Size ULTIMATE Electric Guitar Package

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  • By: Raptor
  • Color: Red
  • Size: 30 Inches

This guitar is designed for kids. It comes in a size that fits well in their little hands. It’s also lightweight and combat for long handling. The basic piece is well made and also feels quite solid. The credit is given to the solid basswood body and the map [dale neck. The design is kid-friendly and will help beginners understand the basics. It’s also a good choice for youngsters who want to take their skills a notch higher. The guitar has a smooth finish to prevent injury or abrasion.

The sleek nature makes it more tolerant of stains, dust, oils, and other things. It delivers decent sound quality and is also easy to vary the tone and pitch. The controls are well-placed for easy reach. It also requires minimal effort to tune. Being a complete package, you also get other essentials. These include an amp, strap cable, gig bag, replacements E strings, adjustment tools, and Raptor guitar picks.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Well build and very solid
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • The amplifier is a little small

Our Verdict

This is a nice piece for kids. It is small enough for their hands and also is relatively lightweight. It is high quality and should handle the playing, abrasion, a little mishandling, and the environmental factors well. Lastly, it has a sleek and trendy design which most kids would love.

#7. Full Size All-Wood Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar

Best Choice Products 41in Full Size All-Wood Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar

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  • By: Best Choice Products
  • Color: Sunburst
  • Size: 41 Inches

When talking about the best electronic guitars, the Sunburst name does deserve a mention. The company has released many models in the past and is currently doing so. This piece is among the best selling units. It targets beginners as well as intermediate players. The unit is very stylish and should appeal to many people. It’s made of durable materials like okoume wood (neck) and linden wood (top). This gives it the strength to endure the use, scratching, banging, vibrations, and more. The smooth surface is resistant to water, moisture, stains, greases, and other things. It won’t lose its elegance easily and is also easy to clean.

The 41-inch long guitar feels just right in most hands. It’s well balanced and the controls are in convenient places. They work great and you should achieve the desired sound effect easily. The 10-watt amplifier is quite decent for its size. And for better movement, the company throws in a practical gig bag.

  • Good size and weight
  • Easy to play and tune
  • Made of durable materials
  • Good amplifier
  • The tuner could do with some improvement

Our Verdict

This is a pretty nice unit for beginners, intermediates as well as more experienced players. It has a good length and weight and feels okay in the hands. The handle is smooth and the weight is well distributed. Tuning the unit is also easy and the controls are within reach. Some consumers, however, say the tuner isn’t the best. Overall, it’s a piece that is worth a thought.

#6. Full Size Electric Guitar For Beginner Set

ISIN Full Size Electric Guitar for Beginner with Amp and Accessories Pack Guitar Bag

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  • By: ISIN
  • Color: Gold
  • Size: Full

This guitar will suit all your needs. It also can be a nice gift for your kid, teen, spouse, sibling, or friend. It comes in full size and will work Okay with users of different ages. The weight is well distributed and this improves the handling. Holding it for long periods will therefore not be a challenge. In comparison, to other alternatives, it’s among the lightest in weight. Also, it’s more compact and this should work well with most users.

The neck and body are made of solid wood and should handle the knocks, abrasions, and environmental factors well. The strings are also of good quality and won’t break anyhow. They produce decent sound if tuned properly. It comes with a reliable amplifier, a plectrum, a convenient shoulder strap as well as a carry bag. The unit is, without a doubt, high quality. Nevertheless, it is pocket-friendly priced and most people will appreciate the price tag.

  • Hugh quality construction
  • Solidly built and durable
  • Easy to operate and tune
  • Suitable for most users
  • May feel a little heavy for younger users

Our Verdict

This is a nice guitar for newbies as well as seasoned users. It comes in full size and fits nicely in the hands. The body and neck are made from wood and will handle the needs and environmental factors well. The amplifier is very effective and the guitar bag is also good. For its quality, the price is pocket-friendly.

#5. Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package

Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package

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  • By: Ashthorpe
  • Color: Red
  • Size: 41 Inches

This guitar is designed for beginners and semi-skilled users. It has a good full size to fit in most hands well and doesn’t feel our off-balance. It’s also relatively lightweight and will handle long play sessions well. It’s well made from solid spruce wood and basswood. The strings are made of steel and are less likely to snap. They also come in different sizes to create different pitch /sound. It will make learning or improving skills easier thanks to the simple style.

The guitar features a smooth finish and has no sharp corners or edges. This prevents injury or scratching. Also, the sleek nature is more resistant to stains, dust, oils, greases, and other things. It produces good sound and is easy to adjust the tone and pitch. The controls are located in an easy reach position and require little effort to tune. You also get other vital essentials like strap cable, gig bag, adjustment tools, and 4-band pickup.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very solid and well build
  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • The strings aren’t super strong

Our Verdict

This guitar is a nice pick for most beginners and intermediates. The size and weight feel right and are also very basic. It is high quality and durable piece and should handle the use, abrasion, a little abuse, bangs, and knacks well. It is sleek and also easy to maintain.

#4. Cutaway Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar, Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Electric 36 Inch 3:4 Acoustic Guitars Beginner

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  • By: Vangoa
  • Size: 36 Inches

This is among the best electronic guitars. It works great with beginners. It’s not very large and also not too small. The 36-inch length should prove all right for most people and their needs. It’s made of tough materials such as wood (body and neck) and steel (strings). This gives it sturdiness to put-up with banging, vibrations, environmental factors, regular use, and more.

The surface is smooth and also resistant to moisture, stains, greases, water, fading, discoloration, and other things. It also preserves its beauty and makes cleaning and maintenance are easier compared to other types.

The guitar is suitable for right-handed users and is well balanced. A user is, therefore, able to handle it well, even for long sessions. Like other good picks, the controls are located in a strategic point for easy reach. It plays great when tuned properly and the strings are also tough. You also get a 2 Band EQ (Treble and Bass), Extra Strings, Capo, Cable, Picks, and Carry Bag.

  • Easy to play and carry
  • Good size and design
  • Made of strong materials
  • Good quality and sound
  • The strings are a little high

Our Verdict

Most people will find this guitar quite capable. The length and weight are good. The construction is solid and durable and it also has a good weight. Tuning it is also not very hard and it maintains the tone and pitch. It’s more enduring to vibrations, abrasions, falls, and knocks. It comes fully loaded and ready for play.

#3. Beginner Electric Guitar

Fender Squier by Vintage Modified Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar - 3 Color Sunburst

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  • By: Fender
  • Color: Natural
  • Size: Full

The fender guitar should be perfect for your needs. It looks very sleek and professionally styled to handle different requirements. It comes in full size and is suitable for different ages. The good weight distribution creates a good balance and improves handling. Playing the instrument for long sessions is thus not very challenging.

In comparison to most other types, it’s lightweight and also more portable. The body and neck are made of wood to endure with play, knocks, abrasions, falls, and more. It has a natural look which should suit most people.

The tough strings won’t break easily and will also produce decent sound. This, however, needs proper tuning. The Satin finish gives it a modern look and also makes it more able to resist dust, oils, greases, moisture, dirt, and more. The High-quality unit is pocket-friendly priced and won’t dent your pocket. If not for self, you can gift it to your kid, teen, sibling, spouse, or friend.

  • Decent hardware
  • Nice sleek finish
  • Good sound and easy tuning
  • Good value for money
  • Not a heavy-duty piece

Our Verdict

People looking for high quality and affordable guitar will appreciate this unit. It looks classy and is easy to operate. Like other top choices, it’s made of solid wood and also makes use of strong strings. The weight, length, and balance are also on point. If handled properly, this unit will last for many years.

#2. Full Size Electric Guitar Pack For Beginner

ZENY 39 Full Size Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack Beginner

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  • By: ZENY
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 39 Inches

The ZENY guitar is ideal for a beginner. It measures 39 inches long and fits okay in most hands. It’s a good choice for right-handed people and has a slimmer profile than most pieces. The unit is lightweight and won’t weigh the user down even after a long session. It’s made from maple wood and feels solid and well balanced. The design is friendly and will make learning more effective and fun. To prevent injury, it has a smooth finish and no sharp edges. This also makes it more effective against stains, dust, oils, bangs, and other things.

Just like other electronic guitars in this list, this one produces good sound and is much easier to vary the tone, treble bass, and pitch. The well-placed controls are easy to reach and are quite effective. You’ll use lesser effort and the sound will change instantly. The starter package comes with all the important accessories. These include a nylon carrying case strap cable, and adjustment tools. You, therefore, won’t need to spend extra money on accessories.

  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to handle and lightweight
  • Good sound quality
  • Smooth finish and attractive
  • Not for left-handed people

Our Verdict

This is a nice piece for right-handed beginners. The length and weight are decent and the construction is excellent. It doesn’t break or chip easily and also produces good sound. It endures the vibrations, carrying, bumps and other things quite well. And for easy cleanup and to enhance its appearance, it features a smooth sleek finish.

#1. Full Size Electric Guitar Pack

Full Size Green Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack Beginner Starter

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  • By: Best Choice Products
  • Color: Green
  • Size: 39.5 Inches

Talk about the best electronic guitars and this unit by Best Choice Products is more likely to be mentioned. It’s a top-selling unit and mostly targets beginners. The item looks trendy and stylish to appeal to most consumers. It’s made of hardwood which makes it strong, durable and will offer long-lasting service. It puts up with regular plays, banging, vibrations, abrasion, humidity and much more. Moreover, the smooth finish doesn’t lose its beauty easily. Cleaning and wiping the finish is also easy.

The 39.5-inch long guitar is ideal for right-handed users and is well balanced. The controls and tuning bits are very effective and responsive. You’ll notice a change even at the slightest touch. Besides the guitar, you also get an amp, microphone outlet, base control, volume control, and treble and drive button. And for better handling, movement, and protection from dust, dirt, moisture and other things, it also includes a carry bag.

  • Good length and size
  • Easy to tune
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Good amplifier and controls
  • Not very effective for professionals

Our Verdict

Beginners will find this guitar a good choice. It boasts of a good style and is also well balanced. It won’t make a user too tired and is also easy to balance in the hands. The smooth ergonomic handle contributes to this. It’s sleek and easy to clean and also maintains its sleek finish for a long time. It comes with all the necessary accessories and is also easy to tune.

Caring For Your Electronic Guitar

Without proper care and maintenance, even the most sturdily built guitar won’t last long. It’s common to hear of an average unit lasting way longer than a high-end piece. It will also maintain good performance while the more expensive unit will degrade over time. Usually, it all boils down to care and maintenance. The following are some tips to ensuring the instruments serves you well for many years.

Keeping the Strings Clean

The strings are among the most overlooked parts of a guitar. Many people will spend some time wiping the handle, board, and other components. However, they will neglect the strings. Due to this, they will accumulate oils, greases, sweat, moisture, dust, dirt, and other particles over time. This will affect the structural integrity and may also make some strings to start corroding.

The general recommendation is to wipe the strings after every play session. This helps to eliminate the mentioned shortcomings. You should use a clean cloth, an old t-shirt, or any other non-aggressive and non-abrasive materials. Don’t use scouring pads, steel wool, or canvas.

Store It in a Case

Most guitars come with a case. However, due to regular use or because of being in a hurry, many people will choose to place it on a table, bench, couch, cabinet, closet and other places as it is. The reason is that it takes time to open the case, remove the guitar, and then follow the same process during storage.

Unfortunately, the materials (wood, strings, bridges…) can be affected by environmental factors. Moisture, sweat, dust, animal excrement, bird dropping may find their way inside openings, crevices send more. This will undoubtedly affect the appearance. A case also takes the impact, instead of the guitar, during a fall, bang, and impact. The rule of thumb is to place the instrument in the case and also ensure it’s tightly locked.

Keep the Cable Tucked In

It’s not uncommon to find the guitar is well stored but the other things are left lying around. The biggest victim is the cable. People will unplug it from the guitar and leave it connected to the amplifier. Some will still leave it connected to the instrument when not playing the instruments. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to trip on the cable. What this means is that you will have the guitars along and this will lead to damage. For instance, scratches, dents, chips, or pitting. It may also damage some sensitive electronics inside the guitar and this means an expensive repair.

You should always make sure the cable is unhooked from the guitar and amplifier and stored in a safe location.

Be Gentle With It

Yes, you may want to strum the instrument like Rockstar. However, this doesn’t mean you need to be rough with the device. Playing the guitar should be a gentle process. You should use light force at all time. This applies when pulling strings, tightening or loosening the knobs, fiddling with the switches and much more.

Also important is avoiding scratching it against objects, dropping it too often, banging it on objects, or letting kids and pets to play with it. Even the strongest guitar will be unable to take all the beating. Eventually, it will call it a day and you will need to purchase another one.


With the best electronic guitars, you’ll be able to learn or produce quality music. After going through the above read, we believe that now you are more knowledgeable about electronic guitars. We began with a brief introduction on why finding a good piece is hard. We followed this up with the reviews of the best pieces in the current market. Here, we looked at the key features, pros, cons and also gave our verdict about it. Thereafter, we gave you tips on how to take care of and use your guitar.

We aimed to help you handle the piece properly so as you get long-lasting service. Notable things included proper handling, regular cleaning, and correct storage, keeping it in a nice place, and replacing parts using high-quality pieces. In summary, the above reviews will prove useful for any prospective guitar buyer. It’s also okay for a person curious about the top models or who already own a piece but would like to take good care of it.

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