Top 10 Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees Of All Time — Review

If your budget is tight, you can use an artificial tree to bring a festive mood in your home. It creates a lovely and lively ambiance in any place in an affordable way. In this review, we have the best fiber optic Christmas tree in the market.

The Top 10 Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

#10. Green Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Holiday Time 32 Inch Green Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

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  • By: Holiday Time

If you want a permanent tree that offers a sense of festivity in your home, the above one is an alternative. It’s one of the best fiber optic Christmas trees you can get. Weighing just 2 pounds, you can position and reposition it as frequently as you want. Also, the size does not take up too much space with a dimension of 17 x 17 x 32 inches. Place it on a suitable desk, table or floor to meets your mood for the season. This product is simple to use by plugging into your computer or wall outlet. There is no need for batteries that require constant replacements.

For 30 dollars, this fiber optic tree delivers the expected results. It resembles a pine fur tree and has multicolored tips such as blue, red, and much more. Now, you can improve the current style in your bedroom, living room, or workplace without breaking the bank. The structure acts as a suitable holiday gift for a loved one such as mother, father, uncle, aunt, and more people. They can enhance their cheerful mood and at the same time, sparkle the space.

  • Offers a festive mood
  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Multicolored design
  • Looks artificial

Our Verdict

This fiber optic tree is a permanent festive decoration that delivers a sparkly effect. It measures 17 x 17 x 32 inches to use the least desk, table, or floor space. Also, you can lift and place on a suitable position effortlessly with its 2-pound weight.

#9. Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Holiday Time Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

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  • By: Holiday Time

We understand time and money can be limited for some people to get a real tree during the holidays. That’s why this fiber optic tree is a helpful solution to ensure you get the festive cheer in your home, workplace, classroom, library, and other places. Costing under 40 dollars, it is a bit pricier than others but gives you a reliable service. Its modern design works with a USB cable or standard plug to provide you with various power options. Plug into a computer USB port and enjoy a nice sparkling of multicolored lights.

We like the construction that gives you long-term use. It is made of quality material that easily bears excessive use and is not affected by weather changes. Measuring 32 inches, it works well on most small to medium spaces such as a table or desk to offer additional beauty to the site. At the same time, it improves the festive mood. It weighs 28 pounds with a weighted style to ensure no slips or wobbles.

  • Multipurpose
  • Simple to set up
  • Weighted design
  • Color-changing lighting
  • Sturdy base

Our Verdict

Use the above tree as a backup when you don’t have money or time to hunt for a real one. It comes with color-changing lights that illuminate beautifully in a place such as a classroom, office, or at home. Also, you can use it as a Christmas decoration to brighten up an area.

#8. Artificial Christmas Tree

Goplus 7FT Artificial Christmas Tree

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  • By: Goplus

We love the eco-friendly effects this tree delivers to make it safer than the rest. Its blades are premium PVC material that offers a natural and fuller look. Also, it is anti-crush to give you extended use. With 8 flash modes including flash, sequential, waves, and combination, you can pick the one that suits you, thanks to an adjusting button. The lighting scheme will change automatically to add a lovely light illumination at home during the festive season. The above accessory is pre-lit with LED lights and optical fiber tubes that consume low power, making it energy-saving.

All the small bulbs of this tree light continuously to improve the ambiance in a place. The included metal stand is much stronger than other materials to provide maximum stability even in aggressive operation. Moreover, it has a plastic cover to prevent dust, dirt, and other elements from coming into contact. The casing acts as a floor protector to safeguard the surface from scratches and dents in each repositioning.

You might want to read:
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Quality PVC material
  • Anti-crush design
  • Steady metal stand
  • Does not scratch floors
  • Lacks a controller for pattern changing

Our Verdict

Goplus tree offers an Eco-safe service than other models in the market. The blades are constructed using premium PVC material, which is anti-crush and delivers a more natural look. This item is pre-lit to use the lowest power and ensure your electricity bills are at a minimum. It comes with a metal stand to enhance stability and give you a worry-free placement.

#7. Colorful Fiber Optic Silver Artificial Christmas Tree

Colorful Fiber Optic Silver Artificial Christmas Tree

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  • By: Holiday Time

Holiday Time artificial tree is perfect for tabletops, desks, and other small spaces. It is 32x 17 inches to fit different areas comfortably. Use it in your living room, classroom, and other sites to bring the Christmas cheer and mood. An added advantage is a dual power feature that allows connecting to a USB port or a standard plug for you to enjoy a quick operation. Whether you are far from a wall outlet, you still get a lovely color scheme for added convenience. It cost 30 dollars to give you a cheery festive mood without overspending perfect for most budgets.

Boasting of 83 optic tips, this item lights up consistently suitable for dorm rooms, office or home. You can match it with existing decors like books, bedding, curtain, toys and much more. It has a silver finish that delivers a glowy effect as well as shines the holiday cheer in your home. Your kids and loved ones will enjoy the lighting system that requires zero maintenance. Although it is smaller than other brands, it brings back childhood Christmas memories.

  • For small spaces
  • Versatile design
  • It has 83 optic tips
  • Simple to use
  • Brings back childhood memories
  • A bit small

Our Verdict

The above accessory measures 32 x 17 inches to fit in small areas and also deliver a lovely ambiance. Use this tree at home, dorm room, classroom, or in the office to extend the holiday mood. The included 83 optic lights illuminate a place continuously as the colors change to create a sparkling effect.

#6. Sleek Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Northwoods Greenery 3'' Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

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  • By: Northwoods Greenery

The reason why this product is on this list of the best fiber optic Christmas trees is because this pre-lit tree glows in continuous motion, thanks to the changing colors. It has a modern design with a 360-degree swivel function that showcases the lovely detailing. No need to rotate it manually for you to have a straightforward use. The spinning process with Christmas carols serenade you and your loved ones during the holidays. For best results, plug into a wall outlet and enjoy a harmonious feel at home or in the office. Featuring lush and elegant green branches, this accessory sparkles with the well-made fiber optic tubes that change shades from yellows to reds, greens and purples, and yellows to blues.

Northwoods Greenery unit brings the festive magic closer to home with 18 attached ornaments including candles, stars, and traditional round balls. They work seamlessly to bring a cheerful and harmonious mood in any place. Switch the preset melodies on that feature 25 classic holiday tones to make the moment more memorable. A nice touch is a revolving gold-tone base that moves smoothly to display each angle beautifully. This product comes with a UL-listed adapter for safe powering, and the 5.25-inch stand offers maximum support.

  • Continuous color motion
  • Comes with 18 attached ornaments
  • Quality fiber optic branches
  • Lovely green aspects
  • Wide rotation
  • The plastic base feels cheap

Our Verdict

If you want a tree that glows in a continuous color scheme, this one is ideal. With a modern design, you don’t have to rotate it manually but watch as it spins at a wide 360-degree angle to showcases every detail and ornaments. The fiber optic tubes change colors from yellows to blues, reds to yellow, and much more to improve the atmosphere and mood.

#5. Green Fiber Optic Tree

32 Green Fiber Optic Tree

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  • By: Holiday Time

A Christmas tree can be artificial and still deliver the same effect as the real one. For this one, it weighs over 2 pounds, to give you a lightweight and safe use. Carry it around and place it in a suitable position with ease, unlike the bulkier designs. Even a child can reposition it without adult assistance. It comes with 83 optic tips that illuminate different colors in a continuous motion. They create a cheerful and warm atmosphere suitable for home, dorm room, apartments, and even workplaces. It measures 19.7 x 19.7 x 32 inches, to utilize only the needed desk or floor room.

There is no need for batteries to power this item. It has an innovative dual-power structure that allows connecting to USB or standard plug. Not only to give you a convenient switching on/off but also it saves energy. The use of multiple batteries can get costly in the long-run. Additionally, it pre-lit to brightens up an area during the festive season such as Christmas and New year. Your family and guests will enjoy the cheery mood it brings out during movie watching or dinner.

  • Brings out a natural feel
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Simple to assemble
  • Brightens an area
  • Does not require batteries
  • Needs more lights

Our Verdict

This artificial tree delivers a natural fee just like a real one. It weighs 2 pounds to give you a comfortable and straightforward setup. Also, you can carry and store it effortlessly to a suitable place. Operated by a class IV adapter, it improves safety every time you light up the display.

#4. Compact Fiber Optic Holiday Tree

Northwoods GreeneryTM Fiber Optic Holiday Tree

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  • By: Northwoods GreeneryTM

Create lovely memories in your household with the above holiday tree. Boasting of an attractive green finish, it resembles a natural tree to give you a nostalgic feeling. The shade also works well with most objects such as furniture, books, painting, and much more to deliver a coordinated style. For a brighter feel, match it with white or silver tones. It is 32 inches suitable for placing on a desk, table, tabletop and other small places to use the smallest room.

This product comes with ball ornaments that improve the overall look and make it more festive. The balls are lightweight as they liven the style. To power on, use the provided UL adapter that guarantees safety even in non-stop use. Now, you have an additional reason to invite your guests over for them to see the lovely accents. The continuous color show with special needles are made of fiber optic tubes for a lasting effect.

  • Creates lovely memories
  • Attractive green finish
  • Coordinates well with the preexisting decor
  • 32-inch size
  • For small spacing
  • The blue colors are not as bright

Our Verdict

Amaze your guests with this tree that creates lasting memories. Its green finish and included ball ornaments add a festive mood in any place. Also, you can place on a table or desk with its 32-inch size. With a continuous color show, you can put in any location around your home for a festive effect.

#3. Colorful Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

National Tree 36 Inch Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

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  • By: National Tree Company

National Tree Company has come up with this fiber optic tree that delivers both practicality and beauty. It has a dimension of 26 x 26 x 48″ and weighs 7.05 pounds to let you have a simple placement. It is suitable in a living room, classroom, or workplace, thanks to its 3ft height. Also, you can carry it around from place to place effortlessly as it fits in a large bag to enhance portability. The lovely green access and a gold column base create a contemporary and fun feeling. Pair it with existing decors such as ornaments, tablecloth and much more to bring the festivities closer to home.

With a column stand, it has better strength to enhance stability as you showcase the different details to friends and loved ones. Gift to a family member who loves a Christmas mood in their household. Not only is it practical but useful. Crafted with modern materials, it can withstand tough use to ensure you have minimal to zero repairs. The bulb from the base illuminates bright light in any setting to deliver a super bright changing scheme.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Measures 3 ft. Tall
  • Lovely gold column base
  • Super bright lighting
  • For Indoor Display
  • Suitable for indoors

Our Verdict

The above tree adds beauty and functionality in any place with a 3ft height, perfect for indoors as the gold column base adds shiny elements. Also, it has a single bulb that illuminates a bright array of lights to beautify a room. Weighing over 7 pounds, it is weighted and sturdy for stable operation.

#2. Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Goplus Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

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  • By: Goplus

If you are looking for a fiber optic tree that requires a simple installation, Goplus has got you. It comes in a 2-piece design to guarantee a fast row-by-row setup by connecting it to the stand. All the branches are pre-attached to the trunk, for you to link the LED top star for a fuller and natural look. Featuring 230 LED lights and 230 tips, they are made of PVC material to deliver more realism and prevent crushing. Now, you can use it for extended damage worry-free for all seasons. Each tip has fiber optic ornament to give you a festive color-changing effect suitable for a workplace or home.

With four levels of lights, they change color automatically after you connect to a power source. Pick the mode that suits the ambiance and occasion the intuitive controller at the base. Unlike the cheap plastic stands, this one is constructed of metal for better support and stability. No more worries of toppling case especially when kids and pets are playing.

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Easy to assembles
  • Festive color-changing scheme
  • 4-level multicolored lights
  • Metal stand
  • It has a few light setting

Our Verdict

Goplus Christmas tree is simple to install with it 2-piece design. Connect row by row the attach the stand for more stability. The included LED top star plus PVC construction makes the whole unit fuller and natural-looking. Use it in a classroom, home, or office to bring the festive cheer in any place.

#1. Artificial Christmas Tree

Goplus 6FT Artificial Christmas Tree

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  • By: Goplus

Adding decorations to a preferred space in your home brings lovely details, especially during the festive season. The Goplus tree is the best fiber optic Christmas tree to pop out an interesting effect during Christmas. Boasting of a metal stand, no more worries about falls and unsteadiness. The material has a higher strength than the rest to keep the whole unit in place, even in long-term operation. We love the 8 flash modes that illuminate different color schemes such as sequential, flash, and waves. You can select one that has your ideal color combination by pressing the intuitive button.

Measuring 6ft, it is tall enough to resemble an actual tree suitable for a living room and other large places. This accessory requires simple steps to assembly. Put all the branches in position and the metal stand. Ensure you straighten put the blades for a fuller and natural look. Another thing is the multicolored LED lights that brighten an area without causing damage to you and the environment. That means you can use it in sites with kids and even the elderly.

  • Nice Christmas decoration
  • Steady metals stand
  • Delivers maximum stability
  • 6ft tall
  • 8 color modes
  • The LED lights are too bright for some users

Our Verdict

Using the Goplus artificial tree acts as a nice Christmas decor to brighten up places. It is metal stand is much stronger and durable to deliver maximum stability. Also, you can select a lighting color scheme from the 8 modes to liven up the ambiance. This item is 6ft tall, making it ideal for high places such as a living room.

In Conclusion

When the holiday season nears, you have to be prepared with the decorations. The best fiber optic Christmas tree comes in handy to deliver a warm, cheerful and festive season on your home, office, classroom, classroom and more places. If you want a reliable and lasting one, pick one from the above list.

1 thought on “Top 10 Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees Of All Time — Review”

  1. Buying Guide For The Best Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

    A Christmas tree is the top decor elements in most households and businesses. It livens up a place and brings a festive mood to extend the holiday feeling. Sometimes, the budget to buy one might not be enough, and that’s why most people opt to use the fiber optic designs. Before settling on one, we have the following guide that gives you more tips to have a better buying decision.

    Size: The first thing is the size of the Christmas tree. Will it fit a small area or require a more extensive floor room? If you want one to place on a desk, table or tabletop. The many designs have varying sizes. Some go as low as 3ft tall while other more than 6ftt. Pick one that meets your needs and the placement site.

    Material: What materials are used to create the tree? For a fiber optic tree, the branches and blades are typically made of PVC because of its anti-crush capabilities. That means you can redecorate the tree with other lightweight ornaments without worrying about breaking. Also, the material lasts longer than the rest after excessive use.

    Price: Lastly, check the price of the artificial tree. If it does not meet your budget, there are cheaper options in the market that deliver an excellent service. Others cost under 30 dollars and come with multiple elements such as details, various LED lights, and a sturdy base. Look for the features that give you the desired results.


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