Discover Top 10 Best Fog Machines — 2020 Products Review

You’ve probably have seen fog machines in many places. The most notable include clubs, bars, Halloween events, concerts, stage performances, and many more. The accessory helps to create a fog or mist which brings out a nice appeal. You’ll find all types of products in the market. Some are ideal for large spaces while others are best used for small areas. They will also come with different capacities, weights, and sizes. When looking for one, you might be confused about which you should go for. This is much harder today since there are so many products. You also need to spend a little bit of time and effort. Well, not exactly. By using this review of the best fog machines in the market, all you need is just to pick your favorite piece.

The Top 10 Best Fog Machines

#10. 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine With Wireless Remote Control

Virhuck 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine with Wireless Remote Control…

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  • By: Virhuck

If you want a nice fog generating machine, you should give the Virhuck-400 a thought. It’s a 400-watt unit and comes in a basic style. It doesn’t have too most unnecessary features. It’s made from tough aluminum and should serve you well for a long time. The lightweight piece is also very portable. Besides, it’s compact and doesn’t require lots of space.

The unit has a 2000CFM rating and will deliver the haze as far as 3 meters. The unit also nicely distributes the fog. This ensures the entire area is well covered. It’s easy to use and comes with a reliable wireless remote control. Thanks to its portable nature, carrying it around isn’t hard.

  • Compact fog machine
  • Emits good fog and runs silently
  • Easy to control
  • Made from a durable aluminum body
  • It’s not a very large machine

Our Verdict

The Virhuck 400-Watt does a good job of generating fog. It hosts up faster than most options. The operation is also decent and covers a pretty large area. You get a simple wireless remote control for easy operation. It’s a solid unit that is made from lightweight and tough aluminum.

#9. Portable Fog Machine

【2019 Upgraded】amzdeal Fog Machine, Portable Smoke Machine...

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  • By: amzdeal

This fog machine will make the event more fun and lively. It’s suitable for Halloween, home party, Christmas, weddings, concerts, shows and much more. It’s a compact piece that takes up minimal space. Moreover, it’s not very heavy and comes with a handle. This makes carrying and moving it around more convenient. It’s made from strong materials and has a durable design. It will handle the operation well and also should last for many years.

The fog production is good and is also well dispersed. This covers a larger area faster. It doesn’t generate too much noise but just a small hissing sound. The 400-watt unit will spray up to 1000 CFM which is quite good. It works fairly fast and doesn’t need any tweaking. According to the company, it should be ready in about 20 seconds. The built-in led lights help to liven up the ambiance. You also get a wireless remote control for easy operation

  • Good fog production and distribution
  • It works fast and is also silent
  • The unit is lightweight and portable
  • It’s versatile and suitable for many situations
  • It’s a small machine

Our Verdict

This is a good fogger for the home, bar, club and many other places. It’s a small unit and takes up little spec. It, however, works relatively fast and is also energy efficient. The fog production and dispersing are pretty good. It can run for long periods without any issues.

#8. Smoke Machine Portable With LED Lights

Fog Machine, Miric Smoke Machine Portable with LED Lights …

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  • By: Miric

The Miric fogger ranks among the top picks in the current market. It’s designed for indoor use and works pretty well. It releases the fog faster than most alternatives. The dispersion is also better, and it doesn’t make lots of noise. Using the unit is very easy even for a beginner. It’s a basic piece and comes with easy-to-follow and clear instructions. It’s a 400-watt machine and should be okay for most situations. These include the home, bar, club, concert and more. Rated 1000CFM, to will distribute the fog pretty far. Besides, it also doesn’t seem to struggle. The unit comprises a tough iron outer shell. This handles the use, movements, abrasion, bangs and more. You can control it wirelessly via remote control or with the wired option.

  • Easy to operate and simple design
  • Good operation and durable construction
  • It’s made from tough and durable materials
  • It’s non-toxic and comes in a safe deign
  • The fog isn’t very intense

Our Verdict

This is a good fog machine. It’s also among the affordable pieces you can get. The accessory works well and is also very easy to use. It’s made from tough materials and should last for a long time. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any toxic compounds. It is compact and lightweight for convenient carrying.

#7. Portable Smoke Machine Hood & LED light

Fog Machine, GECKO Smoke Machine hood portable LED light …

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  • By: Gecko

Gecko is a respected brand when it comes to the best fog machines. It prides on many options. But this, in our opinion, is one of the most reliable. It’s a small unit and is also lighter than most of the other options. You shouldn’t have problems carrying it. It takes up little space and can be used even in small spaces. The unit feels very solid and strong as well. It should, therefore, tolerate the use, bangs, and abrasion well.

The accessory is fast and will produce good fog in less than 20 seconds. It maintains good performance and also evenly distributes the fog. Also included are led lights to brighten the mood and surroundings. You get both wireless and wired control options.

  • Made from durable iron material
  • Has a strong and heat-resistant ceasing
  • Comes with a 250ml tank
  • Creates a colorful, vibrant and foggy ambiance
  • It doesn’t come with the fog juice

Our Verdict

This machine will add life and excitement to the event. It’s simple in design but does a good job. The fog is produced quickly and also dispersed fast. The controls are user-friendly, and it also produces just a hissing sound. The versatile nature and portable design suit it in many situations.

#6. Portable & Lightweight Smoke Machine

Fog Machine, Smoke Machine, 500-Watt Upstartech Portable …

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  • By: Upstartech

This fogger will make the occasion extra enjoyable and lively. Notable areas of use include party, Halloween, club, Xmas, wedding and stage performances. It’s a portable item that occupies little room, and it’s not heavy or very bulky. This boosts portability. It’s made from solid metal and has a sturdy style. It will manage the task well and last for several years.

The fog manufacturing is great and so is the distribution. Also, it covers a bigger area much faster and does not produce too much sound. The 500-watt device sprays far and works rapidly. It does not require any additional accessories or tools. You, however, will need the fog juice. To add color and Vibrance to the event, it features inbuilt led lights aid.

  • High quality and durable design
  • Great fog creation and circulation
  • It functions quickly and efficiently
  • Compact and light-weight
  • It’s a little machine

Our Verdict

This is a great fogger for the residence, bar, club and several other areas. It’s a compact device and occupies little space. It, nonetheless, functions fairly quickly and is additionally reliable. The fog manufacturing and distribution are respectable. It can operate for extended periods with no problems.

#5. Fog Machine With Controllable Lights

JDR Fog Machine with Controllable lights, DJ LED Smoke Machine

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  • By: JDR

The JDR fog machine is rated as one of the leading choices in the present market. It’s made for interior use and functions quite well. The unit releases the fog much faster than the majority of choices. The diffusion is additionally far better, and it does not make too much sound. Using the gadget is extremely simple land straight forward.

The basic item includes easy-to-follow directions and will be ready for use in no time. The machine is all right for many circumstances Such as the house, bar, club, performance, wedding, Halloween and even more. It disperses the haze well and also works effortlessly. The iron construction takes care of the use, abrasion, bangs and environmental factors.

  • Basic layout and Easy to use
  • Good design and durable
  • Doesn’t contain harmful compounds
  • Works well and silently
  • It doesn’t have a continuous mode/ feature

Our Verdict

This is an excellent fogger and ranks amongst the inexpensive items you can obtain. The accessory works well and is additionally simple to use. It’s made from strong materials to last for a long time. Like other good picks, it does not consist of any type of harmful substances. It is also small and lightweight for hassle-free carrying.

#4. Wireless Professional Haze Fog Machine

Easife 2019 NEW 500W Wireless Remote Control Professional Haze Fog Machine …

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  • By: Easife

Easife is a revered brand name when it pertains to top quality and reliable foggers. This 500-watt unit is one of the most trustworthy options. It may be small and compact but works better than a lot of the other choices. It is also lightweight, and you shouldn’t have trouble carrying it.

The unit occupies a little area and feels extremely strong. It should, for this reason, endure the use, knocks, extended use, bangs, and abrasion well. The device is quick and will create great haze in a short time. It’s efficient and uniformly disperses the fog. The tough casing protects the sensitive internals well. It also has a simple handle for easy carrying.

  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Good looking and effective design
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • High quality and reliable
  • It does not have a physical trigger

Our Verdict

This machine will take enjoyment to the next level. It’s has a simple layout and is easy to install and use. The fog is generated promptly and additionally distributed quickly. The controls are easy to use and work instantly. It very functional, reliable and only produces a simple hissing noise.

#3. Professional Fog Machine With Wireless Remote Control

Halloween Fog Machine - Fansteck Professional Wireless Remote Control...

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  • By: Fansteck

This Fansteck Professional haze machine is what you need to make the celebration far more delightful and lively. It’s suitable for Halloween, Xmas, wedding celebration, parties, disco, club and much more. It’s among the most mobile pieces you’ll get in the market. It not large and is also lightweight. This makes carrying and handling less complicated. It’s made from strong aluminum and will put-up with the use well. The material also helps to dissipate the heat much faster. Moreover, it’s less likely it rust or corrodes.

The fog production is decent, and the coverage is wider than other options, thanks to the 2000CFM rating. It does not create excessive noise and is also energy efficient. The 400-watt system will spray the fog far and in a nice style. It operates quickly and does not call for any kind of tweaking. You get a cordless remote control for easy use.

  • Fast heating and fog distribution
  • Made from strong and compact aluminum
  • Large capacity fog juice tank
  • Decent coverage and minimal noise
  • It doesn’t come with the fog juice

Our Verdict

This is a superb fogger for the home, bar, club and several different other places. It’s a little gadget and works relatively fast. It’s also power-efficient and produces the haze quite well. The dispersing is also good, and it runs smoothly and quietly.

#2. Compact Fog Machine With 7 Color LED Lights

Fog Machine, 7 Color LED Lights, Crenova FM-03 Compact Portable Smoke Machine…

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  • By: Crenova

The Crenova fogger is among the top units in today’s market. It’s fit for indoor and outdoor use and has many features. Rated 500 watts and with a 2000CFM capacity, it will blow the fog pretty far. It should have heated up in about 3 minutes. And once ready, it maintains consistency all through. The diffusion is furthermore far better, and it also doesn’t make lots of sounds. Using the system is simple and also comes with clear instructions.

The unit is great for most situations. These include wedding, parade floats, home, bar, club, and much more. The gadget boasts of storing exterior covering and will endure the use, activities, abrasion, bangs and more. With a full tank, it will deliver the haze for as many as 3 hours.

  • Very solidly built and durable
  • Easy setup and use
  • Fast heating and good fog dispersion
  • Colorful and silent operation
  • It’s somewhat small compared to some options

Our Verdict

This is a decent fogger and also among the cost-effective choices you can acquire. The accessory works well and is very basic for easy use. It’s made from strong materials and will last for an extended period. Besides, it does not consist of any kind of unsafe materials. Although tough, it’s still very lightweight for easy carrying.

#1. Fog Machine With Controllable LED Lights

JDR Fog Machine with Controllable lights, DJ LED Smoke Machine…

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  • By: JDR

JDR is an acknowledged brand and has many wonderful foggers in the market. This is amongst the most trustworthy and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. It’s a little unit and also lighter than most. The item needs little space and can easily be moved from location to location. It feels truly solid and should handle the use, bangs, falls, and abrasion well.

Setting up is fairly simple, and it will need less than 3 minutes to heat up fully. It generates wonderful haze and spreads it well. You can control the pattern as well as the rate of dispersion and intensity. Besides, you get led lights to brighten up the area as well as wireless and wired remote control.

  • Compact and portable machine
  • Built from sturdy aluminum
  • Good heat dissipation and rapid warm-up
  • Durable and long lifespan
  • The instructions are somewhat too brief

Our Verdict

This machine will definitely make the party, event, Halloween or Christmas full of life. It’s simple in format yet does a fantastic job. The haze is produced quickly and also dispersed fast. The controls are simple and easy to operate. You also get a wireless remote control for extra convenience. The versatile nature suits it in many circumstances.

Best Fog Machine Buying Guide

Before you spend money on a fogger, you need to ask yourself several questions. This helps you to pick the right product the first time. This will save you from regretting later after you discover it doesn’t work right. It may be too small or too large. The unit may be a little heavy hence not portable, or may not be long-lasting and reliable. You also don’t want to bust the budget. The following are the general questions:

What is the right size?

The foggers come in all manner of sizes and shapes. You’ll find small, medium as well as large units. What may be okay for certain need may not be ideal in another situation. For instance, for a small room, you don’t want a very large apiece. However, if it’s for a concert or show on stage, you require larger piece. The available space greatly influences the choice and so does the portability. It pays to familiarize oneself with the different sizes.

How much are you willing to spend?

Yes, you want a fogger. Maybe it’s for you or will be a gift for somebody’s lease. But how much are you willing to spend? You don’t want to spend too much and then face financial issues later on. You also don’t want to pick a low-quality item just because you want to spend the minimum possible. The products come with different prices. You’ll get very costly, average and also more affordable options. You’ll also get a product that is an affordable bust is still quite decent. At the same time, you may spend so much on a substandard unit. You should take the time to look around or rely on a credible review.

Where do you plan to use it?

Why are we purchasing the unit? Is it for use in the home for Halloween and parties or use in the bar or club? Will you be using it indoors or you’ll also use it outdoors? How large is space? These questions all point to the area of use. If it’s for the home, you can get away with a small unit. However, for a large bar, club or concert, a bigger unit is more appropriate. If it’s for indoor use only, then it doesn’t need to be fully weatherproof. But, if you intend to place it outdoors, it must be weatherproof and also 100% waterproof.

What are consumers saying?

Buying a product is in thing and making certain it’s the right one is another. However, in many instances, you can’t really tell whether it’s the best. This is because vendors and manufacturers exaggerate or leave out some information. Reading reviews is one of the best ways to find out more about a fogger. Consumers, both current and previous, will talk about their experiences. Experts and analysts will also take time to review a unit. A good one will enjoy good comments and positive reviews. Poor choices will have more negative reviews and comments than positive ones.

During the search, the following things play a vital role; size, weight, sound, fog output, portability, price, reliability, brand, design, and features.


With a fog machine, you’ll make an event stand out and more fun. It may be Halloween, a stage perforce, concert, party, Christmas or any other. Whichever it is, you must choose the right product. You don’t want a unit that produces too little or too much fog. You don’t want a gadget that shoots the fog in just one direction. People also don’t want a unit that sounds funny or is too noisy. Also important is ensuring that its portable piece. In the above review, we have the best fog machines in the market. All you need is to simply choose your favorite piece.

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