The 13 Best Garage Cabinets You Should Own

A good cabinet in your garage helps in the storage and organization of your tools. You will be able to identify a specific tool easily, and it saves you from having to place it anywhere. Nothing is as frustrating as having to search for a tool while in between a task. It not only wastes time but also may make you very frustrated. A cabinet provides decent space for you to store your tools. You will come across many types in the market. Some are very good while others are not so good. In this read, we would review the best garage cabinets in the market.

The Top 13 Best Garage Cabinets

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#13. Ultra HD 2-Door Rolling Cabinet

Ultra HD 2-Door Rolling Cabinet

  • By: POLET

The Polet 2-door cabinet is ideal for most garages. It is easy to assemble, install and has a decent capacity. The unit is built from tough steel to handle the tools, environmental factors, use, and abuse. The accessory is designed to offer good storage space and to help you improve the organization. It features several compartments to handle different kinds and sizes of tools. The storage capacity is very practical while the nice style enhances the elegance of the accessory as well as the surrounding. It’s suitable for different spaces and easy to maintain. The item is stable, sturdy and also durable.

  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Comes with a decent storage capacity
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to use and durable
  • It is a small unit

Our Verdict

The above cabinet is simple in design and easy to install. You do not need special tools or skills. You can manage the assembly without help from another person. It is made from durable material to deliver strength and longevity. The design and capacity can handle a good load quite well.

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#12. 7 Piece Garage Cabinets

NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Gray 7 Piece Set, Garage Cabinets, 50421

  • By: NewAge Products Inc.

This garage cabinet is suitable for many places including the home and commercial garage. It is made from tough steel and bamboo worktops to handle the use and tools and measures 108(W) x 18(D) x77.25 (H) inches. The storage capacity is quite good for most applications. It looks very elegant and will blend well with most surroundings. It comes with multiple compartments to handle various tools, and organizing them is easy. It’s well built and should last for a long time. The doors lock tightly to protect the tools from unauthorized hands or loss. Assembling this unit is straightforward and simple. All you need are the basic day-to-day tools and follow the included instructions.

  • Sleek and trendy design
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Safe locking doors
  • Good design and storage capacity
  • Requires assembly

Our Verdict

If you desire proper storage and organization in your garage, this cabinet is worth a thought. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use and has good storage capacity. It is tough and suitable thanks it the solid metal construction. It has a sleek design and enhances the overall decor.

#11. Pro 3.0 Series 18-Gauge Metal Wall Cabinet

NewAge Products 52000 Pro 3.0 Series 18-Gauge Metal Wall Cabinet, Gray

  • By: NewAge Products Inc.

NewAge Products is no stranger when it comes to the best garage cabinets. This accessory is among the best sellers from the company. The wall cabinet can handle up to 200lbs while the shelf capacity is 100lbs. It is very simple to assemble and install. An individual should be able to assemble and fit it without assistance. You also don’t need special tools or superior skills. It comes with several compartments for convenient storage and better organization. It offers easy access and thus saves you time and effort. The cabinet has a good locking system to safeguard the tools from unauthorized access.

  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Comes in a nice finish
  • Several compartments for easy organization
  • Heavy-gauge construction
  • It is a heavy unit

Our Verdict

The NewAge Products 52000 offers you practical storage space for your garage tools and accessories. It is easy and quick to install and looks okay in a different surrounding. The heavy-duty construction and durable materials handle the applications well. It can handle a good volume of tools thanks to the decent capacity.

#10. Steel Storage Cabinet With Lockable Doors & Adjustable Shelves

Steel Storage Cabinet 71 Tall, Lockable Doors and Adjustable Shelves…

  • By: Fedmax

Looking for the best garage cabinet? Search no more, for we have just what you need. The Fedmax unit is a good choice for most garage needs. It is made from metal to deliver maximum performance and reliability. It is a durable piece that handles the use well and should last for many years. Also, it has a good capacity of 900lbs to cater for most needs. You can store small and large tools wells thanks to the several compartments and shelves. It also offers convenient access to the stored items. The accessory comes in a basic style, and the installation is easy. You can place it in many locations without any issues.

  • Easy to install and use
  • High quality and strong built
  • Good protection to your valuables
  • Good size and capacity
  • It is a bit tall for short people or low spaces

Our Verdict

Fedmax cabinet offers nice storage for your valuables. It is stronger than many options out there and comes in strong and durable construction. The simple design improves the installation whereas the nice finish enhances it is beauty. We love the size and capacity as well as the easy maintenance and cleaning.

#9. UltraHD Wall Storage Cabinet

UltraHD Wall Storage Cabinet - 24x12x28

  • By: Seville Classics

This garage cabinet comes in a practical yet simple styling. It will fit in most spaces with minimal issue. The unit measures 24x12x28 inches and has a load capacity of up to 200 lbs. The accessory is easy to assemble and fit and features a tough locking door. It ensures all tools are safe and are properly organized. This prevents unauthorized access, untidiness or loses. The multiple compartments can handle various tools well. It is a high-quality unit but still Very affordable. The powder coating on the frame protects it from corrosion, rust and improves its appearance. And from what consumers are saying, it will last for a long period.

  • Good storage capacity
  • Well made of strong materials
  • Easy organization of the item
  • Simple to maintain
  • It is not a very big unit

Our Verdict

This cabinet enhances the safety of your garage accessories. It has different drawers to help in proper organization. The items are easy customizing to suit the garage space. It has a nick capacity and will handle the tools, use, and movement. The nice finish boosts its looks as well as that of the surrounding.

#8. 2 Door Wall Cabinet With Two Shelves

Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet with two Shelves, Steel, GS00727021

  • By: HMC Holdings LLC – Homak

With this unit, your valuables will be well stored and protected. The Homak is durable and suitable for mild and heavy use. It features a unique design to enhance usability and to minimize wear and tear. The unit measures 12″ x 26.75″ x 26.88 inches and can handle a large load quite well. Assembly is also simple, and you get an easy-to-follow booklet. Armed with clear instructions, it should take you little time to assemble the unit. The door closes smoothly but tightly and ensures the stored items are safeguarded. It is made of steel and comes in a design. This provides good strength and reliability.

  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Frees up space
  • Made from tough and durable material
  • Strong steel panels
  • The packaging is thin

Our Verdict

This steel cabinet is suitable for domestic and commercial garages. It comprises tough steel to deliver good service, strength, and longevity. The space is adequate for a good number of tools and also enhances the organization and neatness. The item has quality doors for extra protection.

#7. Ready-To-Assemble 3/4 Door Modular GearBox

Gladiator GAGB28KDYG Ready-to-Assemble 3:4 Door Modular GearBox

  • By: Gladiator

The Gladiator GAGB28KDYG, known to be among the best garage cabinets. It comes ready-to-assemble and can handle a maximum load of 300 lbs. It comprises steel panels that are held together with heavy-duty Allen head bolts. The shelves are fully adjustable and offer versatile storage.

It is a tough made unit and should put up with the operating, abrasion, knocks, bangs and environmental factors. The metal reinforcing improves the sturdiness or strength and will tolerate the bangs, movement, vibrations and more. Assembling this unit should take a short time. And once finished, it will remain study all through. We love the modern looking finish, which matches most decors well. The smooth finish also improves cleanup and maintenance. For better security, the doors lock tightly.

  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Well made, durable and affordable
  • It’s a heavy unit

Our Verdict

This garage cabinet is sturdily built from heavy-duty metal. It is a high-quality piece but still pocket-friendly priced. It has decent size and good holding capacity to cater to most needs. The unit is useful for home as well as commercial applications.

#6. Wall Storage Cabinet With Resin Construction

Suncast Wall Storage Cabinet - Resin Construction for Wall Mounted Garage Storage…

  • By: Suncast

The Suncast wall cabinet is among the reliable units available in the market; it delivers decent storage and is made of strong materials. It should deliver decent service for a long time. Also, it holds light and heavy items and has a smooth operation. This item features a basic design for easy use. It comes ready to use and no extra accessory or customization is needed. You also get simple instructions to aid you in the installation. The smooth finish improves its elegance and simplifies the maintenance. It measures 30(W) x 12(D) x 30.25(H) inches and should be okay for most spaces.

  • Simple to follow installation directions
  • Heavy-duty and durable design
  • Well built and reliable
  • Good looking and easy to clean
  • It is somewhat bulky

Our Verdict

Suncast wall cabinet allows you to store your tools well while in the garage. It has good capacity and provides decent space for better organization. The unit is strong, solid and also durable. The doors open and close smoothly and will remain tightly locked to prevent loss or theft of items.

#5. Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet UHD16234

  • By: Seville Classics

We love this cabinet because of its versatility and reliability. It is also a strong and durable unit. It features robust panels that are made of steel. They will put up with the storage, movement, bangs, and abrasion and much more. It measures 36(W) x 18(D) x 72(H) inches after assemble and features 3 adjustable shelves. The size is quite good and will fit nicely in many settings. It also has a good capacity to hold a considerable volume of tools and accessories. The conventional design plus the trendy look blends well with various decors. Moreover, the provided hardware and instruction should speed up the installation.

  • Made from premium steel
  • Strong and heavy-duty construction
  • Good storage space
  • Trendy and rust-resistant finish
  • It’s not designed for wall mounting

Our Verdict

This cabinet offers excellent storage and feels well built. It comes in a simple design for easy use and the installation is straightforward. The finish is smooth and resistant to rust, corrosion, and stain. The doors operate smoothly and close tightly.

#4. Full-Door Wall GearBox Steel Cabinet

Gladiator GAWG28FDYG Full-Door Wall GearBox Steel Cabinet

  • By: Gladiator

For most garages, the Gladiator GAWG28FDYG cabinet is ideal. Assembling, installing, and using it is easy. The device is made of hard steel to manage the use, environmental variables, and mishandling. It is designed to provide proper storage space and boost the organization. It has several compartments for handling various tool types. The storage is very practical while the beautiful style enhances both the accessory’s elegance and the surrounding environment. It is fit and easy to maintain for different spaces. The product is stable, robust and longlasting as well. With all these reasons, there’s no doubt that this is among the best garage cabinets on the market.

  • Easy to assembly
  • Has a decent storage capacity
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It is a heavy item

Our Verdict

This cabinet is easy to install and simple to design. No unique instruments or abilities are needed to fit it. Without help from another person, you can still manage the assembly. To deliver strength and longevity, it is made of high quality and durable material. It puts up with a high load well.

#3. Stainless Steel Ultra HD Tall Storage Cabinet

UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet - Stainless Steel

  • By: UltraHD

This garage cabinet is appropriate for many locations, including the garage for home use and business use. It is made of hard steel for handling use and tools. It measures 36(W) x 18(D) x 72(H) inches and works great with most applications. The storage capability of 600lbs is good and looks trendy to suit most surroundings. Managing the instruments is simple thanks to the many compartments and simple design. It is well constructed and is expected to last a long time. To safeguard the instruments against unauthorized individuals or loss, the doors lock tightly. It’s straightforward and easy to assemble this unit. All you need are the common tools and follow the directions included.

  • Sleek and modern looking
  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Doors lock tightly
  • Good load capacity
  • It is a relatively tall unit

Our Verdict

This cabinet is worth consideration if you want adequate storage and organization in your garage. It is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use and has excellent ability for storage. Thanks to the sturdy metal construction, it is tough and reliable. It has a trendy design and very practical.

#2. Elite Storage Cabinet

Prepac WEW-3230 Elite Storage Cabinet 32” Wall, White

  • By: Prepac

When it comes to the finest garage cabinets, Prepac brand is no stranger. This accessory is one of the company’s best. With a dimension of 30.75(W) x 28.75(H) x 10.75(D) inches, the unit should prove reliable. Assembling and installing is very easy. It should be possible for a person to assemble and fit without help. Special instruments or superior abilities are also not needed. For easy storage and better organization, it comes with several shelves. It provides simple access, saving you time and effort. To protect the instruments from unauthorized access, the cabinet has a nice locking system.

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • A nice finish and design
  • Comes with several shelves and compartments
  • Heavy-gauge construction
  • It looks somewhat plain

Our Verdict

Prepac cabinet provides you good storage room for garage instruments and accessories. Installation is simple and fast and looks fine in many settings, both domestic and commercial. The applications are handled well by the heavy-duty construction and tough materials. Thanks to good storage capacity, it can manage a substantial quantity of tools.

#1. 44-Drawer Hardware & Craft Plastic Cabinet

Akro-Mils 10144REDBLK 44-Drawer Hardware Craft Plastic Cabinet, Red Black

  • By: Akro-Mils

If you want the best garage cabinet, you’ll find this piece a good pick for most garage requirements. The Akro-Mils 10144REDBLK provide maximum efficiency and is reliable. It’s made of strong metal and is durable. It handles the use well and is expected to last many years. It has a nice capacity to meet most requirements. Thanks to the various compartments and racks, you can store both tiny and big instruments. It also provides easy access to the goods stored. Moreover, the item features a basic design and easy to install. It is resistant to chipping, warping, fading, and rust and corrosion.

  • Easy and quick to install
  • High quality and durable
  • Good protection to the tools
  • Good size and capacity
  • It is not heavy-duty

Our Verdict

This cabinet provides your tools with good storage. It is strong and is built from durable materials. The design is simple and improves the installation. We like the size and storage volume, which is practical. Cleaning and maintenance is simple and assembly is a no-brainer and takes a relatively short time.

Best Garage Cabinet – Buying Guide

When planning to buy a garage cabinet, you must pay attention to the following things. Failure to which may lead you to regret your decision.

Installation Ease

A good unit will be easy to install. It will take less time and effort. In addition, a single person should be able to do the installation by him/herself. Some types are more complex than others are. And unless you have some prior knowledge or are willing you learn, it will take you a long time. Top products come with easy to follow installation guide and instructions.

Construction Quality

It pays to look at the materials of build. This determines the quality, performance, and reliability. Steel, metal, and wood are some common materials of choice. They are liked because they are sturdy, strong, durable, and easy to maintain. They will also withstand the use, abuse, and environmental factors.

Number of Shelves

Some cabinets feature multiple shelves or compartments to handle more loads. The shelves also help in the organization of tools. This makes it easy to locate a specific tool and also improve the neatness of the garage. The space may vary from small to large or may all be of similar size. Small types will have fewer compartments or shelves and are best suited for a smaller number of tools or space.


It is necessary to look at the dimensions of the garage cabinet. If your space is small, you should go for a smaller unit. However, if you large or lots of space, you can get away with a large unit. Also important is looking at the height. Short people will struggle to reach the top shelves or compartments of a tall unit. You need to make certain the cabinet does not cause any obstruction or limit the available space since this may interfere with the movement.

Other things that you need to look at include the capacity, design, brand, cost, maintenance ease, stability, and portability.


If you desire to own the best garage cabinet in the market, all you need is to pick a product from the above review. They are reliable, well made from tough and heavy-duty material, are quite strong and durable and have good storage capacity. Assembling the pieces is also easy and takes a short time. You don’t need exceptional skills or complex tools. They come with shelves and compartments for simple operation and to improve the organization. This also makes finding a particular tool easier.

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