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If you are looking for the best glass cutters, then this article might be very helpful for you to read before deciding to buy one. Cutting glass has become much easier than it used to be. You no longer need complex tools or depending on an expert. It is also safer than before, thanks to better tools and improving technology. All these, together with increasing competition, have led to all kinds of products in the market. However, many products have come with some challenges.

You need to spend more time and effort to pick out a particular piece, and you need to have good knowledge about the products. Rather than following this route, people prefer to depend on reviews, credible ones for that matter. This saves them time, effort and offers more certainly in regards to reliability. A good tool will be easy to use, durable, efficient, economically designed, user-friendly, has a nice grip, and also affordable. After looking at the current market, we were able to pick out the best glass cutters, and they are as follows:

The Top 9 Best Glass Cutters

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#9. Heavy Duty Pencil Glass Cutter

IMT Heavy Duty Pencil Glass Cutter Oil Feed Tungsten Carbide Tip

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  • By: IMT

Cutting glass, tiles, mosaic, and other things will no longer be a struggle. With this cutter, it will be easier, and you will get good results. It is among the small pieces in the market, but the service is impressive. It works great and will score deep enough; this makes it a good choice even for thick glass. The tip comprises tungsten carbide, which is more effective than other options. The 6-20mm head works well and is suitable for most types of glass.

It comes with an effective oil feed system for better performance and cleaner cut. It is a relatively accurate piece, and you will get professional results. The handle is comfortable eleven even held for a long time. It fits nicely in the hands and is unlikely to slip. It also doesn’t make the hand sweaty.

  • Works well on different types of glass
  • Fits nicely in the hand
  • Easy to use and operate
  • The handle is smooth and comfortable
  • It does not come with oil

Our Verdict

This glass cutter should be what you are after. It is well made and longlasting. The heavy-duty nature and high-quality build handle the cutting, bangs, abrasions, sweaty and wet hands pretty well. It glides smoothly but still creates a deep score on the glass for quick cutting.

#8. Professional Heavy Duty Metal Handle Oil Feed Glass Cutter

Perfect Score Professional Heavy Duty Metal Handle Oil Feed Glass Cutter

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  • By: Perfect Score

Just as the name implies, this curing tool delivers the Perfect Score. It cuts deep, and this makes it easier to snap or split the glass. The carbide on the cutting wheels will cut glass easily and doesn’t lose its sharp edge easily. It’s ideal for plain, stained, textured and other types of glass. The design makes handling easy, whereas the smooth handle fits nicely in hand. The pencil-style handgrip is quite good, and this also improves the handling.

It comprises a durable brass body to withstand the operation, bangs, falls, abrasion and more. It’s a small unit that fits nicely in the hands. It comes with a self-oiling mechanism to save you the stress of releasing the oil. The head, like in most others, is replaceable.



  • It does not score deep

Our Verdict

This glass cut performs pretty well for its size. It is smaller and lighter than some types, and this improves the handling. The unit cuts smoothly and produces a score of decent depth. The handle is smooth and non-slip. This minimizes the possibility of the tool slipping and ruining the job.

#7. Pistol Grip Glass Cutter With Oil Reservoir

Studio Pro 653 Pistol Grip Glass Cutter with Oil Reservoir

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  • By: StudioPRO

This is an affordable and high-quality glass cutter. It is made out of strong and heavy-duty materials and should last a long time. It comes equipped with effective cutting wheels to speed up the operation and deliver good results. Using the tool is easy, and it comprises a comfortable handle. This provides a good grip and feels comfortable. It is ergonomically styled and has a user-convenient design for decent and safe handling. This ensures you have good working experience, especially during extended use.

It delivers clean and smooth cuts, which ensure the job is done accurately and professionally. The tool leaves clean cuts and is sturdy and strong. It handles different types of glass, including single and double strength. The versatile unit is appropriate for cutting plain glass, stained glass, windows, mirrors, glass shelves and much more.

  • Comes in a simple and user-friendly design
  • It is made from strong and durable materials
  • Using the glass cutter is simple and easy
  • It is comfortable and ergonomically design
  • Its feel somewhat small

Our Verdict

This tool makes cutting different types of glasses easy. It is a small piece and very comfortable. The item cuts fast and is very accurate. You don’t need to exert lots of pressure, yet it delivers professional results. We love the smooth finish which offers a non-slip grip.

#6. Heavy Duty Oil Feed Glass Cutter

2 Pack Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter - Heavy Duty Perfect for Cutting, Window Panes…

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  • By: Hotnew tools

This glass cutter is among the reasonably priced units in the market. This makes it is a top choice for both beginners and professionals. Although affordable and simple, it is a high-quality piece that delivers good results. It is also versatile to work on many glass types, including plain, stained, colored, single strength, double strength, and may more. The wheel protrusion is accurate and works well whether cutting straight or in curves. The heavy-duty steel wheel handles the use and should last for a long time.

The design suits it for most needs and requires minimal maintenance. Another likable thing is the lightweight and compact size. You will use minimal effort, and it is unlikely to cause soreness or fatigue. The nice finish does not make the hands to sweat a lot.

  • Well-made and effective design
  • Effective on different types of glasses
  • High quality and affordable
  • Easy to use and durable construction
  • It not ideal for very thick glass

Our Verdict

Cutting different glass is easy with this glass cutter. It’s small and fits comfortably in the hands. The weight and size are quite appropriate for most needs. Although basic, it delivers accurate results. The ergonomic styling, together with good comfort, allows you to handle it for long sessions without any issues.

#5. Accurate Plastic Cutting Tool

Hyde Tools 45730 Plastic Cutting Tool

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  • By: Hyde Tools

A novice or professional in the glass-cutting field will find this tool worth buying. It is rated among the most user- friendly and versatile pieces in the market. It comes in a simple style, which makes using it easy even by a novice. Moreover, it simplifies maintenance. The efficient glass cutter works relatively fast and does not require lots of effort to use. Nevertheless, the results are quite decent. It does not seem to struggle like other types and will cut in curves or straight well.

We like the smooth handles, which has a nice finish and grip. Chances of it slipping and ruining the work or causing injury are minimal. Moreover, it feels nice to the skin and does not encourage sweat formation. This means you will be able to handle it with little risk of it slipping.

  • Easy to use and take care of
  • Cuts accurately and fast
  • It is made from durable and strong materials
  • The unit is well made and very comfortable
  • The handle is somewhat bulky

Our Verdict

Cutting glass should not be a challenge. With this cutting unit, you will be able to cut all manner of glasses. The style is simple which makes it ideal even for novices. It has a simple non-slip handle, which provides a nice grip. The cutting tip works fast and produces clean and accurate cuts.

#4. Custom Grip Super Glass Cutter

Custom-grip Supercutter - Glass Cutter - Assorted Colors (Original Version)

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  • By: VGCE

This is another top-quality glass cutter. The efficient unit is ideal for both amateurs and professionals. It is a simple piece but delivers good results fast. The tool is also durable and is made out of tough materials. It works on single & double glass, plain, stained, colored and any other types. The portable tool makes carrying and storage easy. it’s lightweight, small, compact and fits in the hands and bag fairly well.

It features a carbide-tipped cutting blade and delivers amazing results. The notches handle the task well, whereas the non-slip handle prevents slippage, which may result in poor results or accidents. It is a user-friendly piece and even beginners won’t struggle to use it. The wooden handle improves comfort and is easy to clean. It has a nice fit and looks stylish.

  • Well-built and easy to use
  • Cuts accurately and fast
  • Works on most glass types
  • Ergonomic and non-slip handle
  • The handle isn’t very strong

Our Verdict

With this glass cutting tool, you will be able to deliver better results. The professionally styled unit is ideal for most users, including novices and professionals. The size and weight are good to fit nicely in the hands. It features a firm non-slip handle, and the possibility of it slipping is very low.

#3. DIY Glass Cutter

Red Devil 106370 DIY Glass Cutter

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  • By: Red Devil

With this tool, cutting glass will be less of a challenge. It is also effective on tiles, mosaic and other things. Using it is easier and simpler than most options out there. You also get good results within a shorter time. It is a small piece but produces amazing service. It scores deep for easier cutting even with thick glass. The tough tip comprises a steel wheel and will handle most glass types. It is more effective and reliable than most alternatives.

The effective oil feed system offers good performance and minimizes friction. This results in a cleaner cut and works faster. The handle is non-slip and won’t make the hands sweat too much. Moreover, it is ergonomically styled to minimize tiredness even after long usage. The zinc die-cast construction puts up with the use well.

  • Suitable with different types of glass
  • Fits comfortably in the hand
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Smooth and comfortable handle
  • It’s not very effective for very thick glass

Our Verdict

This glass cutter is well made and delivers professional results. It is heavy-duty and is built from high-quality materials. It handles the task, bangs, abrasions, and wet hands well. This one cuts smoothly and deeply for good results. The handle feels comfortable and solid.

#2. Original Metal Handle Straight Head Oil Cutter

CRL TOYO Original Supercutter Metal Handle Straight Head Oil Cutter

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  • By: CRL

The CRL TOYO Supercutter is ranked among the most reliable in the industry. It comes in a simple and user-friendly design for easy and safe operation. The unit works on most glass types and delivers professional results. It features a high-quality carbide-cutting wheel that is precisely ground to deliver good results. The cutting head is also top grade and can be replaced easily. The cutting wheel has a long life and should endure the use and abuse well. It delivers clean scores and cuts and is fast.

The automatic oil system dispenses a little oil to ensure the wheel stays lubricated at all times. This minimizes the effort required and ensures the results are clean and accurate. One score run is all you need to make the cut. The handle is smooth and non-slip and provides a nice grip. It is made of brass and comes with a decent reservoir for oil.

  • Solid and durable construction
  • Easy to operate
  • Feels nice snowy in the hands
  • Scores deeply for fine cutting
  • The instructions are somewhat basic

Our Verdict

This should be the glass cutter you are looking for. It is a small and compact tool, and this improves its usability. The tip is very sturdy and scores deep into the glass. These results into a clean-cut, and you will need less effort. The lubricating system is good while the handle is smooth and comfortable.

#1. Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter (1)

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  • By: Toyo

If you want a professional-looking glass cutter or want the best results fast, this glasscutter should be what you require.

The materials are top-quality and will tolerate the use, environmental factors, sweat, and other things well. It is a fast unit, and you should be done with the job in a short time. The head and handle are well designed for easy operation while the small and lightweight nature improves handling.

It features an ergonomic a conformable handle that provides a decent grip. This allows you to control the tool better and improves safety. Like other top types, it will work on thin, medium thick and thick glass. The small nature improves usability, whereas the heavy-duty nature extends its longevity. It is well made from strong materials, high quality, and easy to take care of.

  • Good design and lightweight
  • Fits nicely in the hands
  • Smooth and effortless cutting
  • Comprises tough and durable materials
  • It does not come with oil

Our Verdict

This glasscutter performs quite well despite its small size. It is also lighter than some types and handling it is, therefore, more convenient. The device cuts smoothly and accurately and creates a deep score. It features a smooth handle with a non-slip grip. This reduces the likelihood of the tool slipping.

How To Pick The Best Glass Cutter

Picking a glass cuter and owning the best one are two different things. However, without proper knowledge or information, you may not know the difference. In fact, what you may think is the best may end up frustrating you. It may not cut right, may need lots of effort, it will slip due to poor grip, or will make your fingers and hands sore or numb due to poor design. You can minimize the likelihood of making the wrong choice by focusing on the following things.

Good Grip

A good cutter will have the right grip. It will not slip during use even with wet or oily hands. It also will not feel to rough on the hands. The accessory will boast of a non-slip texture that ensures you maintain a nice hold for the best performance. If it has poor texture or finish, it may slip during use, and this will lead to poor results or even injury.

Ergonomic Design

It’s essential that you make certain it has good ergonomics. The handle will fit right in the hands. This minimizes fatigue especially if you use it continuously after a long time. It will be lightweight for easy handling and better comfort. If it feels heavy, you will get tired using it. It is also essential that you make sure the length and thickness are good.


You will come across so many products in the market. Nevertheless, it is paramount that you make ensure it is user-friendly. The first thing is that it should be easy to operate. With just a little effort, it should be able to cut through the glass. The other thing is it should be compact and lightweight. Also important is ensuring it’s simple and doesn’t need additional accessories. A user-friendly tool will be easy to take care off and does not rust, fade or corrode easily.


Like other products, when purchasing the cutting tool, you desire to own it for many years. You also want it to work well on different types of glass. To achieve this, you should focus on longlasting and durable products. This entails looking at the construction quality, engineering, design, and the materials used. The tougher the materials, the longer the accessory will last. This applies to the head /cutting wheel as well as the handle. Good products will enjoy positive comments and reviews.


Glass comes in all manner of designs, thickness, sizes, and hardness. Like other users, you prefer a tool that will be able to work well on various types of glass. It will be effective on thin, thick, plain, stained, colored and other types. Most top products will come in a multifunctional design and will handle the various kinds of glass well. You won’t need to purchase several cutting tools.

Good Performance

The performance of the unit should be good. It should cut in a straight line, cuts deep enough, and the cutting point maintains the sharpness for a long time. A poor product will tend to cut unevenly, may result in slippage or gets jammed, or will provide inconsistent results. Talking to other users, focusing on reputable brands, and reading reviews help you to identify good tools.

Brand Reputation

There are many brands of glasscutters. Some firms have been in the market for years while others are new in the scene. A known fact is that a well-established company is more likely to deliver a good product in comparison to a newly formed company. It will also have more products on offer, and their items will have been reviewed a number of times. It is always advisable to go for predictions that come from a reputable brand.

Besides the above things, you also need to look at the size, design, weight, quality, cost and consumer expert reviews.


The glasscutter is a handy and a must-have tool for many people. It allows you to cut different types of glass faster and in a more convenient manner. It is also safer, and the chances of accidents or injuries are minimal. You will come by so many types in the market. Nevertheless, they all are not the same. Some are quite good; others are okay or average, while you still have some not so good products. Identifying and comparing the many items can be a little hard.

Fortunately, we have reviewed the best glass cutters in the market. We focused on reliability, quality build, comfort, ergonomics, easy operation, and much more. All you need is to look at the review one more time and pick the one that suits you the best. You will most likely enjoy good service, reliability, durability, and peace-of-mind.

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