Discover Top 8 Best Healthy Fruit Snacks For Kids – 2020 Products Review

Kids love snacks. In fact, many parents and guardians struggle to limit how much their children consume. One of the biggest worries for most people is that most of the snacks aren’t healthy. They have no natural value while some contain too many artificial additives. These include colorings, binders, fillers, stabilizers and more. Consuming too much of the snack may lead it poor health or even the child becoming inactive or lazy. You also don’t want your child beaming overweight or obesity because of high carb or sugar content. As an alternative, parents are turning to the best healthy fruit snacks for kids.

They offer health benefits and will help the child grow in a healthy manner. They also are less likely to cause any side effects. In fact, top products contain natural ingredients which include vegetal and fruit. The following review looks at the top healthy fruit snacks. We picked highly rated products that score well in regards to being nutritious and healthy. They also come in a kid-friendly form. The colors look great, the taste and smell are nice, and they also are all-natural and safe. After going through the review, we are certain you will discover something that will suit your child/ children.

The Top 8 Best Healthy Fruit Snacks For Kids

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#8. Vitamin C Fruit Flavored Snacks

Curious George Fruit Flavored Snacks - 5 Pouches (pack of 6)

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  • By: Kids Classics

Your kids or grandkids will love these fruit snacks. It’s very healthy, thanks to having natural fruits and being derived from quality sources. The fruity scents and flavor should work great with most kids. We also love the nice packing which makes removal convenient and also conserves the nutrients and flavor to ensure you get a great tasting snack. It contains a high concentration of vitamin c. This helps to improve immunity in the body. You, child/ children, will also enjoy the fresh taste.

It’s appropriate for kids of different ages and comes in a decent size and shape to make consumption easy. It doesn’t contain any harmful compounds, for example, fillers, stabilizers, or binders, gluten, corn syrup which may cause allergic reactions. This makes it suitable even for vegans or people with gluten intolerance. Due to their delicious nature, your kids will always be asking for them and looking to enjoy theory sumptuousness. They are of good quality and the price is also affordable.

  • Nice fruity flavor
  • Many different flavors
  • Sweet and tasty
  • Natural and no side effects
  • The description may be a little confusing

Our Verdict

Like most other kids, your children or grandkids will definitely love these fruit snacks. We love the nice taste and scents which makes them very palatable. They are also sweet and colorful and will appeal to any kids. The packaging is pretty decent and it ensures the content is well protected and the flavor is also conserved.

#7. Organic Fruit Snacks With Superfruit Flavors

Tasty Brand Organic Fruit Snacks, Superfruit Flavors

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  • By: Tasty Brand

We love the natural taste of this snack. It offers more assurance of the healthy aspect of the product. They come in different flavors and these include strawberry, cranberry, grape, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, passion fruit, and pomegranate. The high nutrient concentration and good quality make it a good choice for most children, be it a growing infant, toddler or a more mature one.

The size is also right and will fit comfortably inside the mouth. The color is also fantastic and also eye-catching. This will definitely have your kid(s) salivating even before they place it in the mouth. It is not very sugary and the child will be able to tolerate the item. It also feels smooth in the mouth and this makes swallowing easier. And considering they are natural, they won’t have any adverse effect on the child’s health. They are suitable for summer camp, road trips, dance, school lunches and much more.

  • Great snack for kids of different ages
  • Come in an assortment of flavors
  • Delicious and tasty
  • No GMOs or gluten
  • Are a little pricey in comparison to other options

Our Verdict

Your children will love these fruit snacks. They look amazing and are very colorful. Scents and tastes are also good. We love the high concentration of vitamin C and other nutrients. This helps to boost immunity. They are also safe and don’t contain harmful compounds. They are easy to consume and also are not too sweet.

#6. Fruit Snacks Berry Collision Pack of 40

Black Forest Fruit Snacks Berry Collision - Pack of 40

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  • By: Black Forest

These fruit snacks look good and also taste great. Any child should find them tasty and sweet. They are made from real fruit and vegetable juice. You can, therefore, be certain your kid is enjoying and getting essential nutrients. These include minerals and vitamins. They are free of gluten, GMOs and other harmful compounds. This ensures your kid’s health will be protected at all times. They also don’t contain any fat or high carbs. This prevents cases of obesity or being overweight.

The pack comes in a beautiful friendly design which makes accessing them easy. It also prevents contamination or loss of nutrients and flavor. Other than kids, adults seem also to like them a lot. Once you Taste them, you’ll be hooked. Fortunately, they are very safe and also nutritious. Some consumers, however, complain that the pack is small with each 0.8-ounce bag containing just 8 pieces.

  • Natural and GMO-free
  • Not very gummy.
  • Good texture
  • Great flavor and texture
  • The bags are small

Our Verdict

If you want the best healthy fruit snack for kids, this pack is worth acquiring. It contains tasty and nutritious snacks that will suit any child. They are made from natural fruit and vegetables. This means the child will enjoy vitamin C, minerals and other essential nutrients. The size is good and easy to swallow. The colors are also amazing and attractive to kids.

#5. Organic Fruit & Veggie Stix Variety Pack

Nature's Bandits Organic Fruit & Veggie Stix, Variety Pack (Blueberry & Mixed Berry)

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  • By: Nature’s Bandits

Nature’s Bandits has many products on the market. This one, however, is among the best healthy fruit snack for kids. The first thing we like about it is the fairly large pack. This simply means that you get a lot more value for your money. You get 2 boxes and each contains five 0.6-ounce bags. The pieces, just like the pack, Are also relatively large. They nonetheless fit the mouth quite well. We love the smooth finish which doesn’t feel rough or irritate the inside of the mouth. They also have good tackiness which improves the experience។

In addition to that, they are all-natural and are made from safe and highly nutritious fruit and vegetables. They don’t contain GMOs, gluten or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. You can thus be sure of your child’s safety. It also doesn’t have any corn syrup or high fructose or Trans fats. This minimizes the possibility of introduces lots of calories which may cause obesity or laziness. They are suitable for vegans and also have approval from the USDA.

  • The pack is fairly big and has good volume
  • They taste natural and sweet
  • Have no side effects or allergenic reactions
  • Suitable for any kid including adults
  • The pack isn’t very fancy

Our Verdict

These snacks look amazing and taste great. They are also healthy and nutritious. Kids of all ages including adults love the color, scent, and taste. They have a decent size which fits inside the mouth nicely. They also aren’t too sugary and also don’t feel too tacky. We love the simple yet practical packaging which improves handling.

#4. Organic Superfoods Twist Apple Blueberry Pomegranate

Happy Squeeze Organic Superfoods Twist Apple Blueberry Pomegranate

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  • By: Happy Baby

Children of different ages will love this fruity snack. They are suitable for growing babies, toddlers as well as kids. They come in a nice user-friendly piece which is easy to handle. It also protects the contents and prevents the escape of the flavor and nutrients. They consist of things such as organic cereals, freeze-dried yogurt treats, and toddler snack. Also, they are healthy and sourced from naturals and safe products. Also, they have a nice fruity scent and are also sweet and tasty. Kids will definitely love them. The packaging is also practical and good. This prevents contamination or them losing their scent and flavor. It also makes access to treats easier.

The high nutrient value boosts health. It doesn’t contain toxic compounds such as paraben, gluten or artificial sweeteners. Moreover, it won’t cause any side effects or allergic reactions. They are a great source of vitamin C and will come handy for many occasions. These include a family vacation, road trips, school excursions, dance practice, and much more.

  • Nice fruity taste and flavor
  • Good quality and affordable.
  • Sweet and taste natural
  • Well-packaged and a good quantity
  • The pouch is small

Our Verdict

Your children will love these fruit-flavored snacks. They taste and smell nice and are also available in good sizes. The sweet and colorful nature appeals to any child. We like the nice packaging which preserves the nutrient, taste, and smell. They are suitable for school trips, road trips, dance and much more.

#3. Nut Free Apple Wildberry Fruit To Go Strips

SunRype Fruit Snacks Apple Wildberry Fruit to Go Strips, Nut-Free (Case of 55)

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  • By: SunRype

Do you desire a healthy fruit snack for kids? Well, how about the SunRype Fruit. It’s a popular choice for many people. It comes with an amazing flavor (apple and Wildberry) that is bound to nourish the young one’s appetite. Like other top choices, it is derived from natural fruit. No artifice colorings, flavors, or sweeteners. You also don’t need to worry about side effects caused by GMOs, gluten, fat, or corn starch, because of its contusions none of that.

The taste feels very real and natural. It doesn’t leave a funny sugary taste or too much color in the mouth. In addition to the great taste, it gives you child vitamin C which boosts immunity. The product comes in a nice package which makes retrieving the snack easy. It also offers protection from dirt, moisture, and other things.

  • Made from natural and safe ingredients
  • Doesn’t have any gluten for fat
  • Rich in vitamin C and minerals
  • Good and handy pack
  • Feels a bit tacky

Our Verdict

This snack is just what your child needs .it looks great thanks to the nice color and shape. The taste is also natural and very sweet. However, it’s not too sugary. It’s all natural and is nutrient-rich. This ensures the youngster enjoys the taste and gets vital nutrients. We also love the simple but practical pack.

#2. Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks, Summer Strawberry

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  • By: Annie’s Homegrown

This is a light and tasty snack that should suit kids of different ages. It’s also sweet but not too sugary such that it leaves a not so nice feel in the mouth. It comprises all natural ingredients which give the body the necessary nutrients. The most notable is vitamin C which plays a vital role in a healthy immune system. We love the natural taste and the fact that it doesn’t feel too dry or tacky. This amuses incoming it essay and also doesn’t feel a funny texture ire tissue in the mouth.

The product comes in a smooth finish and the size is also right. Taking it should not be a problem even for growing toddlers. The strips are relatively thin and don’t take up lots of space. They will fit nicely inside a purse, carriers, lunchbox, handbag, drawer, and other places. The ingredients are well labeled on the pack for your peace-of-mind.

  • Great taste and nutritious
  • Slim and portable pack
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Healthy and safe
  • The packaging isn’t the best

Our Verdict

This is a good snack for kids. It’s tasty and sweet just the way children love it. It also has a nice color and smooth texture. The slim nature makes carrying it in a handbag, purse, lunchbox and other places easy. It’s sweet but not too sweet and also has an alluring color and shape. The ingredients are clearly labeled on the pack.

#1. Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks, Variety Pack

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  • By: Annie’s Homegrown

These snacks are lovely and quite tasty and sweet. They have a smooth texture and seem to melt in the mouth. They have a gummy jell feel but still, feel solid. This allows the kid or even adults to chew them slowly. It feels natural courtesy of being made from real fruits. It is certified organic and doesn’t have synthetic compounds such as color, flavor, preservatives, or fillers. It’s also nutrient-rich and will help the child develop and grow well.

Also absent are things such as gluten fructose, and GMOs. What you get is real fruit juice. It’s rich in vitamin C which is essential for a developing child. This pack has several flavors to cater to varied needs. You get Sunny Citrus, Berry Patch, Tropical Treat, and Summer Strawberry. The bites come in a good size to fit well in the child’s mouth. In total, this pack has 24 snack pouches. To prevent spillage or contamination, the pack comes in a tightly taped design. This also prevents the entry of moisture, dust, dirt and other things.

  • Taste like real fruit
  • No artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives
  • Doesn’t contain fructose corn syrup
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No Gluten, gelatin or soy
  • They finish rather quickly

Our Verdict

This fruit snack is good for any kid. They are sweet and have a pleasant smell and taste. They also come in nice bite sizes to fit well inside the mouth. The texture is smooth and the packaging is also good. They are safe, natural and organic certified too.

Benefits of Healthy Fruit Snack for Kids

Many parents and guardians are switching from normal snacks to healthy fruit snacks. This comes at a time where concerns are being raised about the health of children and snacks. Cases of poor health such as obesity, lifestyle diseases, poor oral health, laziness, and low energy levels are on the rise. To deal with the above problems, people are opting for healthier options. The following are some of the benefits of the fruit snacks:

More Palatable and Enjoyable

Truth is that many children don’t like taking raw fruits or vegetables. In fact, it’s always tussle trying to convince him/her to take a bite or spoon of fruit, veggies or salads. However, we know that kids love consuming snacks. In fact, many are willing to dump a real meal for a snack. By converting the fruit into a snack, it becomes easier for the child to consume it. He/she will be thinking it’s the normal snack while you know that it is a healthier option. To make them more child-friendly, the manufacturer uses nice textures, colors, and flavors.

Provides Essentials Nutrients

The normal snacks usually have little or no benefits to the kid. What most products will provide are simple sugars which are not healthy. They also have many artificial additives such as colors and flavors which also may have negative effects. Fortunately, with a healthy fruit snack, your child will get essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibers and more. They Are derived for real fruit and vegetable and will contain what is found in them. The products follow a strict manufacturing process to ensure the nutrients are conserved and that the final product is beneficial.

Have No Side Effects

Research shows that most snacks contribute to unhealthy or poorly lifestyles. The high carb and sugar content increase the calories in the body. And with modern kids preferring to stay indoors to plays video and computer games, or watch television or movies rather than going out, it’s no wonder that cases of obesity or being overweight are increases. Tummy problems have also been noted. Healthy fruit snacks consisting of purely natural ingredients which are healthy to the bodies. The vitamins and minerals boost the immune system, the fiber content or roughage promotes good bowel movement and metabolism. They also don’t contain synthetic ingredients such as coloring, flavors, or binders.

Taste As Great As Their Alternatives

What comes to the minds of many kids when talking about fruits or vegetable is a boring or bland taste. Many also find choosing them a little hard while some simply don’t have time to sit down and finish the salad or entire fruit. But with snacks, they will consume it as they play or do other things. It is as simple as tossing a chewing gum or a tacky candy in the mouth. They can continue to chew the item for many minutes nonstop. The fruity snacks look similar to other types. They are colorful, sweet, and also come in as assortments. Kids will be willing to consume them at any time.


You don’t need to stop your kids from snacking. You also should not worry about the unhealthy effects of snacks such as low energy levels, side effects, or risk of obesity. What your child needs are the best healthy fruit shackles. They are natural and derived from things such as fruit and vegetables. They will contain the juice or hard ingredients. On top of that, they will provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and much more.

At the same time, they will taste great just the way kids love them. They come in different forms, colors, scents, flavors, texture and more. This ensures your children will get something that appeal to them. They may prefer the chewable type, sticky or tacky products.

The above review has highlighted the best healthy fruit snacks for kids. All the featured products are very nutritious, healthy, and will suit any kid. They don’t contain any harmful or artificial compounds such as gluten, synthetic colors, Gmos, gelatin, corn syrup or any other. This prevents the likelihood of side effects. We are certain y that your child will love the above products. You also don’t need to worry about the negative health effects.

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