Top 10 Best Home Rowing Machines — Products Review In 2021

If you like working out in the comfort of your home, you will appreciate a rowing machine. It comes in a compact size and doesn’t take too much space. You can use it in a room, backyard, balcony, and many other places. Setting it up is equally easy even for a beginner. Most will come with very simple and easy to follow instructions. In fact, you should be done with the assembly within a very short time. A versatile machine exercises different parts of the body. These include the arms, Forearms, biceps, triceps, legs, shoulders, chest and much more. It’s considered an all-round machine and suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Finding a good piece can be a little difficult. You also may lack the time and knowledge to determine the most suitable unit. In this review, we will look at the best home rowing machines in the market.

The Top 10 Best Home Rowing Machines

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#1. Model D Indoor Rowing Machine With PM5

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

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  • By: Concept2

You can do rowing exercises right from home. All you need is a decent home rowing machine. The Concept2 Model D is a good choice for beginners and professionals too. It’s well made and will handle up to 500 lbs of weight without problems. We like how fast and easy it assembles. Also, you don’t need specials tools or much time to do this. Included in the pack are simple and easy to follow instruction s. It has a good small design and nonslip pedals to stop the feet from sliding off. It’s created to manage even extreme workouts and is sufficient for many customers.

It’s a tough and secure machine that lasts a long time. The seat reduces the probability of you sliding off thanks to the good style and supportive nature. The machine is also comfortable and doesn’t require lots of maintenance. It’s ideal for low impact workout that involves legs, major muscle, arms, and core. Lastly, it is effective for high calorie-burning motion.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in a space-saving design
  • Elegant design and well-built
  • Easy to assemble
  • The resistance may feel a little extreme for newbies

Our Verdict

This is great exercise machine and is appropriates for the house. It’s space-efficient and takes up very little area. Putting together the device is easy and simple and you do not require extensive abilities. It’s well constructed and also long-lasting.

#2. Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine With 16 Level Tension

MaxKare Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine 16 Level Tension Resistance Exercise...

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  • By: MaxKare

If you desire full-motion home rowing machine, you will certainly appreciate the MaxKare Magnetic Rower. It targets individuals that love rowing exercises or plan to start. And as you can see, it’s a fully functional system. It will target various areas of the body including biceps, arms, upper legs, triceps, back, butts, calf, abdominal and more. It is likewise suitable for muscular tissue toning and cardio workouts. The unit has great resistance, which should satisfy various demands.

The elevation is additionally great for most individuals. It’s not too high or too low. It stays form and constant throughout, and this prevents the individual from slipping or falling. The device feels very sturdy and is also durable. Moreover, it’s a good pick for both children and grownups and is created to deal with high weight. The 16 levels of resistance are very effective, and adjusting the tension is easy. The great ergonomic style and good comfort are some of its key selling points.

  • Assembling the machine is uncomplicated
  • Very supportive and comfortable
  • Really stable and well balanced
  • Made from hardwearing materials
  • Handles the exercises well
  • Changing the resistance may feel a little tough at first

Our Verdict

We like this machine for the simple design and easy assembly. It’s also very functional and versatile. It is a good selection for newbies and specialists also. We like the height and the decent size. This makes jumping on and off simpler. It runs efficiently and does not make lots of sound. This machine will handle the workouts well and also last for a very long time.

#3. Water Rowing Machine With Heart Rate Sensor

GOPLUS Water Rowing Machine, with Heart Rate Sensor, Indoor Rower with Adjustable Resistance…

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  • By: Goplus

When talking about reliable rowing machines, it’s common you hear about the Goplus brand. The brand boasts of lots of great options, and this is a fine example. It might look simple but will work well. It can put-up with extreme workouts, and the sturdy construction will handle even the heavy users well. It’s a strong machine the stays consistent throughout use. It has a smooth rolling mechanism which improves the workout. The resistance is also pretty decent and is easy to adjust. The low lying nature makes getting on and off it easier. And Like other selections in this checklist, it’s well constructed from solid and sturdy steel. It will certainly deal with the use, abrasion, vibration and much more.

Rowing at home is alot easier with this one of the best home rowing machine. The device additionally is quieter than many various other alternatives. Using it also in quiet environments or even at night ought to not be an issue. The top-notch construction and nonslip legs prevent unnecessary movement. This also prevents the user from slipping especially in extreme workout. The indoor rower is ideal for many locations. It doesn’t move or vibrate too much thanks to the nonslip legs.

  • Solid and durable built
  • Easy assembly and very Comfy
  • Good resistance levels
  • Suitable for many workouts and users
  • Easy to maintains and clean
  • The instructions aren’t very clear

Our Verdict

This rowing machine runs efficiently and flawlessly. It additionally has excellent resistance and also feels extremely comfy. You can work out with it for lengthy sessions and won’t feel too weary. It’s a sturdy system and remains constant for the best results. Additionally, it is simple to assemble and does not call for routine upkeep.

#4. Magnetic Exercise Rower With Adjustable Resistance

Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine (BK)

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  • By: Merax

Looking for the best home rowing machine? The Merax Magnetic is amongst the most effective options available in the market. It is small and needs just a little area. You can hence use it in the home gym, backyard, balcony, and other places. Setting up is basic and takes little time and effort. Also, you do not require many tools or greet expertise. It has an easy nature yet is still extremely well constructed. The steel framework takes care of the weight of as much as 250 pounds and is an excellent selection for most people.

The elevation is also good and will certainly function fine for different customers. The lightweight seat offers decent support and is also very comfy. And to see exactly how you are doing and also to help you set targets, the workout equipment has a well-placed and nice-looking LCD screens. The folding nature makes storage and carrying easy whereas the nonslip legs keep it steady at all times.

  • It consists of a hard steel structure
  • The device Offers excellent support
  • It’s very comfortable and stays firm
  • The rowing mechanism is smooth and silent
  • The LCD screen is easy-to-read
  • The foot pedals may feel a little hard initially

Our Verdict

This home rower is ideal for both newbies and experienced individuals. It’s a standard item and really simple to set up. Nevertheless, it can take care of big people as well as demanding workouts. It’s made from durable steel and has a strong design. The seat is very comfortable and has good support. It’s not very noisy and functions seamlessly.

#5. Rowing Machine Rower With Workout App & Free Motion Arms

Fitbill Rowing Machine Rower with Workout App, Hydraulic Resistance, and Free Motion Arms

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  • By: fitbill

This must be a great option for many individuals. It is well crafted and will certainly manage the rowing rather well. It does not have lots of unneeded accessories, and this makes using it pretty easy. You do not require many tools or great skills. Besides, you will appreciate the straightforward and clear guidelines inside the pack. The device is appropriate for the young, old, novices and specialists. It is made from steel and durable plastic and has good stability and strength. It will keep the individual well balanced and also comfortable.

The functional item will exercise various areas of the body including the arms, belly area, lower arms, shoulders, knees and much more. It is fit for a series of rowing exercises and has a good hydraulic system. This allows you to adjust the resistance to fit your demands. The free motion arms make it more versatile and effective. It is a durable peace and will tolerate the heavyweight. It is well constructed, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

  • It’s very easy to assemble and use
  • Can support heavy users well
  • The machine is extremely efficient
  • It is well constructed and durable
  • The unit is for a variety of exercises
  • It may feel a little low for some users

Our Verdict

This is an excellent rowing machine and is appropriates for novices and experts. The adaptable device works out various body areas and is extremely reliable. It is made from durable steel and stays constant throughout use. This offers you more guarantee in regards to safety. Setting up is easy and simple.

#6. Aero Air Fan Rowing Machine Rower With LCD Monitor

EFITMENT Aero Air Fan Rowing Machine Rower w:LCD Monitor, 245 LB Weight Capacity…

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If you want full-motion rowing, you will find the EFITMENT Aero rower a good choice. The brand is well known for producing good products. This is just one of them. It targets people who engage in rowing or love rowing workouts. And as you can see, it’s a versatile unit. It will prove effective in different zones of the body. The most notable include arms, thighs, back, buttocks, calves, and abdomen. It is also ideal for muscle toning and cardiovascular exercises.

The equipment has good resistance, which can also be adjusted to cater to different needs. The height is also good for most people. It remains steady throughout and will not wobble. This allows the user to focus on the task. The heavy-duty piece will support both kids and adults well. It is designed to handle up to 245 lbs of weight. We like how fast it assembles and the good ergonomic design. The LCD screen is well-placed in a convenient area. It’s clear and will show different parameters.

  • Assembling the machine is straightforward
  • It is very steady and well balanced
  • The machine handles heavy users quite well
  • It has made from tough and durable materials
  • Adjusting the resistance feel little hard initially

Our Verdict

We love how basic this machine is. It is a good choice for newbies and professionals too. The height is a little lower than some stations. This makes getting on and off easier. It operates smoothly and does not make lots of noise. With good use and following, the recommendations this machine will last for a long time.

#7. Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine With LCD Display & Adjustable Resistance

Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine, Folding Rower with LCD Display and Adjustable Resistance….

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  • By: Goplus

Goplus is no stranger when it comes to reliable rowing machines. The brand Hs many good choices, and this is a good example. It may look basic but will have the job done. A sturdy machine remains firm and steady during use. It supports users with different weights quite well. We like how low it is as this makes getting on and off it more convenient. Like other choices in this list, it’s well built from strong and durable metal. It will handle the use, stress, banging, and vibrations quite well.

The unit also has good resistance to suit most workout and people. It is also easy to adjust. The unit is very smooth in operation and more silent than most other options. Using it even in silent environs should not be a problem. The high-quality aluminum beam enhances the strength and support as well. It is more resistant to corrosion, fading, and rust. This makes maintaining it easier than other options.

  • Strong and Durable construction
  • Good supports and very Comfortable
  • Adjusting e the Resistance is easy
  • You get 8 levels of resistance
  • It’s little pricey than some options

Our Verdict

This rowing machine works great. It operates smoothly and seamlessly. The accessory also has good supports and feels very comfortable. You can exercise with it for long sessions and won’t get too tired. It’s a well-built unit and stays steady at all times. It is easy to put together and does not require regular maintenance.

#8. Folding Magnetic Resistance Rower

XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Folding Magnetic Resistance Rower

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  • By: XTERRA Fitness

XTERRA Fitness ERG200 is among the best home rowing machines in the current market. It is compact and requires little space. You can thus use it in many locations. This includes the home gym, backyard, balcony, and other places. Assembly is simple and straightforward. You don’t need complex tools or skills. It has a simple nature but is still very well built. Chances of it coming apart are very low. The compact frame handles a weight of up to 250 lbs. it should be a good choice for most people.

The height is also good and will work okay for users of different heights and ages. The Dual extruded aluminum seat offers good supports and is very comfortable. You also get slide rails for extra support and good balance. To see how you are performing and the current settings, you get a well-placed and nice-looking LCD. Thanks to the folding nature, moving around or storing the unit isn’t hard. In fact, it will fit in tight spaces quite well.

  • It comprises a tough steel frame
  • Provides good support and is very steady
  • Has smooth and seamless motion
  • The LCD monitor is easy-to-read
  • It is not recommended for a weight exceeding 250lbs

Our Verdict

This rower targets both beginners and seasoned users. It’s a basic piece and also very easy to assembly. Nonetheless, it can handle a large load quite well. It’s made from robust metal and has solid engineering. Chances of it coming apart are very low. It rides smoothly and makes minimal noise.

#9. Hydraulic Rowing Machine With LCD Monitor & Adjustable Resistance

GOPLUS Hydraulic Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor, Adjustable Resistance ….

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  • By: Goplus

This should be a good choice for most users. It is well crafted and will handle the rowing quite well. It is also very basic and does not have many unnecessary things. Setting it up is simple and straight forward. You don’t need to have immense experience. Besides, you will find simple and clear instructions inside the pack. The accessory is suitable for the young, old, beginners and professionals. It is made from tough materials, including metal and heavy-duty plastic. It has good stability to keep the user well balanced and safe.

The versatile piece wills work out different sections of the body. These include the biceps, tummy region, forearms, shoulders, knees and many more. It is effective pieces of equipment for a range of rowing workouts. Thanks to the good hydraulic system, you can easily change the resistance to suit your needs. It is also a heavy-duty unit and will handle a load of up to 250 pounds. The unit is well built, durable, and will deliver good service for many years.

  • This unit is easy to assemble and use
  • It has a good load/ weight capacity
  • The machine is very effective and well built
  • It suitable for a range of workouts
  • It is a little heavy in comparison to some options

Our Verdict

This is a good rowing machine. It is suitable for beginners and professionals too. The flexible unit exercises different body sections. It is very effective, and you feel the effects after every session. It is made from sturdy metal and remains steady during use. Assembly is simple and takes a short time.

#10. Magnetic Rowing Machine With LCD Display

Sunny Health Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine with LCD Display….

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  • By: Sunny Health & Fitness

You don’t need to visit the local gym for rowing exercises. You can do it right from home. With this unit by Sunny Health, you get good and effective equipment. It’s a simple piece that will prove effective even for a novice. It has a nice compact styling to conserve space. It’s built from heavy-duty steel and will tolerate the extreme workout quite well. The unit has nonslip pedals to prevent the feet from slipping off especially in demanding situations. It’s designed to handle a maximum weight of 250 lbs. This is good enough for most users.

For extra strength and stability, it features a 44-inch rail inseam. Besides, it has a pleasant seat which is also very supportive. It minimizes the likelihood of you or any other user slipping off. The 8 levels of resistance support various needs, and selecting a particular setting is very easy. It has a large digital LCD monitor for showing the activities. Moreover, you also get some nice firm grip handlebars.

  • It works great and doesn’t produce too much noise
  • It’s compact and doesn’t require lots of space
  • Using and taking care of the machine is easy
  • It’s a well made and safe machine
  • It requires some assembly

Our Verdict

This is good workout equipment. It’s suitable for the home and delivers a good performance. Additionally, it’s space-efficient and occupies minimal space. Assembling the unit is simple and straightforward. You don’t need great skills. Once assembled it remains firm.

Best Rowing Machines Buying Guide

Rowing machines are very useful when it comes to effective workouts at home. The key is to choose the right one so that you can always have productive exercises every day. This buying guide will come in handy if you are looking for some tips on buying the best rowing machines. We have put together a few important things that you should look for, so check them out.


Comfort is the main thing to have when it comes to daily exercise. The comfortable rowing machines are the ones that have wide and cushioned seat. At the same time, go for the option that has the design that conform with the shape of your body. When it is comfortable, you will be likely to work out longer which leads to a more effective result. Also, make sure that the machine has foam grips so that the comfort will also be in your hands. That also allows for a better grip for a longer training as well, so don’t overlook this part.­

Key Features

This is a very important thing to consider because additional key features provide extra comfort and convenience for you. There are some crucial key features that you might want to have in your rowing machine such as:

  • Display Monitor: Most rowing machines come with this function to indicate your distance, strokes, calories burned, time, and more. It helps you to set and meet your target easily, so it is useful to have this feature.
  • Foldability: If you have limited space, you need to have a foldable rowing machine. That way, you can easily fold them for an easy storage after use which is simply convenient.
  • Weight Capacity: Weight is an unstable number that people who exercise regularly experience. The advice is to go for the rowing machines that can handle high weight capacity. Even if you are not a heavy person, it is better to go for a tougher option because its durability is better.
  • Workout Tracker: Even more modern, you can connect the machine to an app on your smartphones as well. That allows you to record and track your fitness journey easily which is simply great.

Resistance Types

There are four types of rowing machines that you should know which are:

  • Air: is very common in fitness centres as they give a smooth and natural rowing stroke.
  • Water: is so popular because they provide the life-like rowing experience just like rowing real boats.
  • Hydraulic Piston: is compact and easy to store, and their price is very affordable.
  • Magnetic: works quietly and smoothly, and they are very easy to maintain.

Each type has unique benefits and features in their own way to match with different users’ preference and expectations. It depends on what you want in a rowing machine to choose the perfect type for your home workouts.


When you purchase an exercise equipment for home use, space is the first thing that you should have in mind. We refer to the amount of space that you have for the machine, and the space that the machine takes. You have to go for the option that can fit comfortably in the room that you save for your rowing machine. Rowing machines are typically longer than most exercise equipment out there. That is why you have to make sure that the one that you pick will fit in the space that you have. Also, make sure that there is enough room for your hands to move freely as you row. If not, you will not be able to use your rowing machine conveniently and comfortably at all.


With the best home rowing machine, you should have an enjoyable and fruitful experience. Finding the right rowing machine for home use should not be a hard task. You don’t need to spend lots of time or effort looking around. You also should not take chances if you have limited knowledge. Also, you do not have to bursts the bank account to own the most suitable piece. What you need is the right guidance and information. In the above review, we have looked at the most popular and reliable options in the market. Our focus was on reliability, effectiveness, versatility, stability, durability, and affordability. The truth is that all the above options score highly in the critical fields.

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