10 Best Immersion Blenders You Need — Review In 2021

Make a tasty smoothie or milkshake at the comfort of your home by using a reliable blending machine. It can help slice, chop and mash fruits and vegetable as well as solid meat products. Also, it saves time and effort, unlike using traditional designs. In this review, we look at the best immersion blender in the market.

The Top 10 Best Immersion Blenders

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#10. Compact Hand Blender

Proctor-Silex 59738A Hand Blender

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  • By: Proctor Silex

Carry this unit anywhere around the house or for outdoor use, thanks to the 5ft cord. It ensures maneuvering is as simple as possible around the kitchen and other areas. An added advantage is the two-speed choices to meet different food types needs and also prevent over-blending. This accessory has a quality-made grip that contours to your hand shape for a quick blending with less fatigue. Costing around 15 dollars, it is affordable and blends different types of veggies easily.

We love the stainless steel blade design that guarantees a rust-free and odor-free service. That means you can bend different chopped ingredients such as fruits without worrying about health issues. This blender uses only 150 watts of power, making it more energy-efficient to save on electricity bills and give you a reliable performance.

  • Easy, fast and quick to use
  • 2-speed controls
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Long 5ft cable
  • Ergonomic grip
  • The blades need more strength to crush solid foods

Our Verdict

With a 5ft cord, you can use this blender to maneuver comfortably around the kitchen. Comfortably hold the ergonomic handle to reduce hand fatigue while getting the desired results. This machine uses 150 watts of power to improve the electricity consumption for lesser bills. It measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 15.1 inches to use only the requires storage space.

#9. Versatile Immersion Blender

Betty Crocker BC-1303CK Immersion Blender

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  • By: Betty Crocker

What makes Betty Crocker immersion blender among the best in its simplicity of maintenance. It has a blending shaft made of dishwasher safe material and quickly detaches to give you a simple cleaning. Another thing is the include beaker perfect for storing smoothies, baby food, and more products. Slice and dice quickly with the 18/10 stainless steel blade and high peak power of 400-watts.

Boasting of a sleek look, it brings out a contemporary style as the handle adds more gripping comfort. Also, the control switch is easy to use when making tasty smoothies and milkshakes. The above accessory lets you whip up a snack in minutes to save on time and energy. You can freely adjust the speed settings with pulse control to have either a slow or fast blending action. No more worries of over-blending or under-blending because of one-speed selection.

  • Stylish and durable design
  • Stainless steel foot
  • 3-speed selection
  • 600mm mixing beaker
  • Easy to maintain
  • According to some users, it overheats after a continual operation

Our Verdict

This immersion blender is easier to maintain than its competitors because of the removable dishwasher safe blending shaft. With a user-friendly control switch and a handle, they offer more comfort for quick and easy operation. The detachable stainless steel foot and a two-speed selection allow easy blending rate choice.

#8. Lightweight Hand Blender

Philips ProMix Hand Blender

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Measuring 4.5 x 4.5 x 17 inches with a 2.6-pound weight, this blender is lightweight for comfortable use. It requires one click to trigger the potato masher to blend potatoes for a silky smooth veggie puree or tasty baby food. Using the XL chopper, you can prepare a sizeable food amount such as chopped fruits and freshly ground meats as well as vegetables. With a ProMix technology, it offers optimal food blending for a smooth result without manually stirring and mixing.

Make your whisking action a quick and safe operation, thanks to the whisk attachment. It works well for dips, mayonnaise, whisking eggs and whipping cream. Click the double mixer option for delicious homemade pastries, batter, soft cupcakes, and smooth batters. With a variable speed control, you can use one hand to blend food. Lightly press to get low-speeds for whipping foods like eggs, and push harder to make whipped cream.

  • Simple to use speed control
  • Unique ProMix technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • Single-button release
  • Powerful motor
  • It is not as powerful as other blenders

Our Verdict

This handheld blender is lightweight for a comfortable use measuring 4.5 x 4.5 x 17 inches. Operating this device by a simple click to create tasty baby food and veggie puree. The whisk attachment helps make fluffy cream, mayonnaise, and dips.

#7. 3-Speed Hand Blender

KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender

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  • By: KitchenAid

Blending all your favorite foods to make tasty smoothies is much more comfortable with this hand blender. It has a lovely contour silver finish to add shiny and beautiful effects in any kitchen. The color also coordinates well with accessories like tabletops, sinks, cabinets, and even walls. The provided whisk attachment is best for whipping egg whites, cream, emulsify mayonnaise or vinaigrettes. Use the 2 1/2-cup chopper made from BPA-free material with lid locks to chop herbs, nuts, cooked meat and cheese in the chopper bowl. Note that the top-rack is dishwasher safe to improve the time and effort during washing.

The detachable blending arm measuring 8 inches has fixed blade locks for smooth operation. In addition, the blades are strong enough to withstand executive blending tasks without the worry of malfunctioning. This machine has a modern blending technology to help blends different ingredients for milkshakes, baby food, smoothies, and soups. Moreover, it has a 3-Cup blending Jar that serves or stores the finished product for later.

  • BPA-free chopper
  • Safe lid locks
  • 2-cup blending jar
  • Non-slip handle
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Splashes liquid when the lid is not fully closed

Our Verdict

KitchenAid company has been around for quite some time, and this hand blender looks excellent with its contour silver finish. An 8-inch blending arm is detachable to improve use and storage.

#6. Powerful Immersion Blender

Best Immersion Blender

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  • By: AICOK

Improve your eating lifestyle with this blender that supports a healthy food choice. Equipped with a powerful 300-watt motor, it can comfortably handle more blending and whisking tasks quietly. Also, it is compatible with 120 Volts to give you a safe plugging action. Press the button while this device aids in making delicious juices, milkshakes, baby food, dips, sauces, and soups. All parts of this accessory are dishwasher safe to enhance cleanup and BPA free for added safety.

Featuring two-speed options, this item lets you choose between the 14000rpm and 22000rpm to meet all your blending needs. Now, you can extract nutrition from soft, hard, and different sized ingredients. Not only that but also whip up a drink in minutes to save time and energy. Ultra-hard S-shaped blades made of premium stainless steel and the blending shaft help to draw food inward. That means a finer, even and faster result. The shaft with floral patterns prevents splashing for a spotless kitchen.

  • Handles more blending actions
  • Easy to use
  • Modern blending technology
  • 2-speed options
  • Non-slip handle
  • Produces a burnt smell in continuous use

Our Verdict

Aicok blender supports a healthy lifestyle as you make your favorite foods. Ts 300W motor can handle multiple blending tasks without damaging. Also, it works well with 120volts plug to give you more convenience when connected to a wall outlet. Comes with 2-speed options to meet different blending needs.

#5. Multiquick Hand Blender

Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender

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  • By: Braun

If you love blending chunks of frozen fruits such as whole strawberries or ice, this is not an ideal option. Braun is suitable for soft foods such as veggies to make tasty smoothies and milkshakes. Boasting of a modern PowerBell technology with durable blades made of stainless steel improve the blending performance. The material is rust and fade-free to give you a lasting service without worry of health problems.

The included EasyClick feature ensures all the attachments detach quickly by a simple click. Also, the use of 350 watts helps to deliver better operation precision as the German-engineered motor supports an easy pureeing, whisking, and blending of your favorite foods. Another functionality is a Turbo Boost that ads more power in each action. Hold the soft grip handle for more comfort as the 20-ounce container holds the contents.

  • PowerBell technology
  • Durable and sharp blades
  • Deliver smoother results
  • Turbo boost function
  • Soft grip handle
  • Not ideal for blending large chunks of frozen foods or ice

Our Verdict

Braun hand blender is perfect for soft foods such as chopped fruits to make a tasty smoothie. It has quality blades that handle multiple tasks quickly and efficiently. The blending shaft with a bell shape offers finer results. With a PowerBell system, you can blend ingredients quickly while eliminating splashing to save time on cleaning.

#4. 2-Speed Hand Blender

KitchenAid KHB1231IC 2-Speed Hand Blender

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  • By: KitchenAid

What makes KitchenAid among the top brands in the market is because of its quality products. This hand blender has a lovely ice finish to add beauty in most settings. You can choose a different color, including Tangerine, cranberry, matte gray, and green apple to complement the existing kitchen’s style. Thanks to a removable 8-inch blending arm, you can comfortably turn to different angles more comfortably. Plus, the fixed blade locks the motor casing in place for a smooth operation.

We understand some blending tools are made of low-quality materials leading to splashes, rusting, and fading. You don’t have to go through these inconveniences because this unit has a stainless steel blade to blend foods quickly. Use it to make tasty baby food, soups, and even chocolate milkshakes. Moreover, you don’t have to use kitchen gloves every time you operate this machine. It has a soft and non-slip handle to improve continuous blending.

  • Lovely ice finish
  • Multiple color choices
  • Flexible blending arm
  • Multipurpose design
  • Fixed blade
  • Little operating instructions

Our Verdict

The above KitchenAid hand blender is simple to use and looks great with an ice color finish. An 8-inch blending arm offers secure and safe operation. The blade is sharp and reliable to help create tasty smoothies, and milkshakes. Comes with soft grip and anti-slip handle for a steady blending.

#3. Control Grip Immersion Blender

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

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  • By: Breville

Breville immersion blender has multiple attachments to give you a convenient blending action at home. With the included containers, you can blend or chop without experiencing any spillovers. Also, that means your work surface is less cluttered for simple cleanup. Another thing is the quality blades sharp enough to cut different food products and even ice to perfection. This accessory has a unique bell-shaped base with internal ribbing to help reduce suction while giving greater control.

The ergonomic control grip offers a stable holding even with wet hands. It has a simple to use trigger function to improve blending operation. Furthermore, the bowl capacity is 25 ounces while the blending jug is 42 ounces to hold more content comfortably. The whisk attachment helps you to incorporate air into cream and egg whites.

  • Steady bell-shaped base
  • Offers greater control
  • Ergonomic control grip
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Anti-scratch base
  • Takes up a large storage room because of the many attachments

Our Verdict

The above immersion blender comes with various attachments such as whisk to give you added blending convenience. You can mix or chop soft food items such as veggies without spillover to enhance cleaning. The sharp and sturdy blades are easy to clean. With a non-scratch base, it prevents scratching your pots and working surfaces.

#2. Ultra-Stick Immersion Blender

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick Immersion Blender

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  • By: Mueller Austria

Some hand blenders are unsteady, especially when placed on a smooth surface causing damages. You can switch to the above one boasting of a non-slip base and grip to deliver maximum stability. Blending all your favorite ingredients is easier, comfortable, and efficient. The full copper motor has exceptional quality to withstand continuous use great for small to large families that love tasty smoothies and foods. Also, the material lasts three times longer than other brand’s motors to give you value for money.

For better versatility, this machine has a removable blending arm plus durable fixed blade to lock the motor body to improve operation. Moreover, an S-shaped stainless steel blade blends ingredients for soups, baby foods, milkshakes or smoothies together with the included whisk attachment. In case of operating problems, read the manual that offers clear instructions for better performance.

  • Sophisticated design
  • Exceptional quality
  • Versatile and durable
  • Multiple attachments
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Produces high pitched sound

Our Verdict

Mueller Austria has come up with this immersion blender with a comfortable grip to offer a non-slip holding. With a sophisticated design and subtle color, it looks great in any kitchen. The copper motor can bear extreme use without overheating or malfunctioning. Silver is a timeless color, and this blending machine offers shiny and clean effects.

#1. Comfortable Immersion Hand Blender

Immersion Hand Blender

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  • By: Utalent

Blending food is more comfortable and quicker with the Utalent hand blender. It is made from premium material with quality attachments to save time and energy in the kitchen. With detachable components, cleaning is not only safe but comfortable. Remove the parts and wash with soapy water for best results. Use the egg-whisk for simple mixtures like pancake batter to save time and energy. We like the mixing wand made of thick stainless steel with a modern 4-blade system to mix foods easily.

Featuring a milk frother, you can make creamy foams for your favorite drinks like coffee. Now you have no reason to visit coffee places to enjoy a tasty beverage. This machine uses 250 watts of energy, which is a bit higher than the other designs but delivers premium performance. It also comes with eight speeds and turbo function suitable for baby food, soups, and milkshakes. At the same time, it produces low sound and shakes to give you a comfortable whisking action.

  • Motor runs strong
  • Good blending power
  • Simple speed adjustment
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Uses high power than other brands

Our Verdict

Utalent hand blender offers a quicker blending action to save time and energy. The detachable attachments are chemical-free, FDA certified, and dishwasher safe for simple cleaning. The mixing wand helps mix food more smoothly and evenly great for smoothies and other soft products.

Buying Guide For The Best Immersion Blender

Choosing a hand blender is not a simple task because of the many designs in the market. You need to create enough time to do proper research on the features that meet all your blending needs. For instance, speed options matter a lot when it comes to mashing soft or hard foods. Another thing is the design of the handle to offer maximum grip support. The following guide has the top factors to consider when planning to purchase an immersion blender.

Speed and Motor

The rate of the blender will either improve or reduce blending performance. Usually, a well-made motor will support the whole process while preventing the other parts from getting overworked. Always, check the available options for speeds as some designs have more than two rate variables. Usually, there are low and high settings to meet different blending needs in the kitchen. Also, it will help create tasty results in a suitable time frame.

Blade Design and Material

The other thing to consider is the blade design and material. The newer models are made of stainless steel because of its high strength and rust-proof capabilities. This helps a lot because blending compromises of lots of liquid food to create smoothies, baby food s, and even milkshakes. Compare the different blender styles to get one with quality blade material that is sharp enough to cut through even the toughest foods such as ice and meats.

The Material Used for Construction

The material used to construct the immersion blender should be high-quality for delivering a lasting performance. Many manufacturers use plastic because of its simple maintenance, cleaning, and handling. Also, it has better aesthetics when compared to the other elements. Most of these units use BPA-free plastic-free of chemicals and toxins to prevent both health and environmental issues.

Ease of Cleaning

What comes next is the cleaning procedure. Do you need to use experience cleanup solutions? Does it require too much time and effort? These are some questions that come in handy when selecting a reliable blender. Go for one that has dishwasher safe and removable parts to improve the cleaning process. At the same time, you get better access to the trickiest areas of the blending machine.


Another thing to check is the versatility in terms of performance and type of foods. Some models have premium construction using top-notch technology to handle both soft and hard food items. For instance, some can blend ice, solid-frozen meat, and other tough elements quickly without malfunctioning. Others work well with soft foods such as chopped veggies, fruits, and meats. It all depends on the purpose for using the machine. An extra tip is to look for a design with lid locks to help chop herbs, nuts, cooked meat, and cheese.

Bowl Capacity

Lastly, how large is the container? Can it hold more than two cups of blended foods? Usually, an immersion blender has a 2-3-cup capacity for all the mixed content to land in after blending. If you use the machine once in a while, you can choose one with a lower beaker capacity. For frequent use, use the larger designs to prevent constant emptying and refilling of chopped fruits or veggies.

In Conclusion

Pick the best immersion blender from the products above and enjoy a tasty milkshake at the comfort of your home. Using a blending machine to help come up with tasty smoothies, baby food, and milkshake is possible without spending too much. Some cost under 15 dollars consisting of user-friendly features to improve the blending action. Also, you can go for a design with a different speed setting to meet your needs in the kitchen. Remember, the material used in the overall constriction, blades, and handle matters a lot to support comfortable handling.

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