Top 13 Best Indoor String Lights In 2021 – Review

You can decorate your home by adding a premium string lights. This is a product made of a long cable that has bulbs or small LEDs that illuminate lighting brightness and effects of your choice. Also, it provides a warm and relaxing ambiance perfect for a wedding, party, homecoming, and other occasions. In this review, we look at the best indoor string light currently in the market.

The Top 13 Best Indoor String Lights

#13. LED Starry Light For All Occasions

Dailyart LED Starry Light For All Occasions

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  • By: Dailyart

Dailyart not only looks good but provides a nice warm and relaxing ambiance. With a lightweight design, it is easy to set up and uninstall without too much entanglement. You can easily detangle the string to give you more accessible storage and new setup the next time you use the series. This product has a 13 feet length that features 40 translucent globes to illuminate both indoors and outdoors.

This item has quality bulbs that are non-friable because of the translucent plastic as compared to the glass globes for extended service. Even if it offers bright lighting, it does not overheat even after prolonged use. It comes with a water-resistant battery box that protects the battery from unfavorable elements such as rain, dust, and too much sunlight.

  • Provides a relaxing ambiance
  • 40 quality globes
  • Non-friable
  • Waterproof battery box
  • Convenient use and storage
  • The battery does not last long

Our Verdict

The above light string provides excellent aesthetics to any place. Its multipurpose design is great for outdoor and indoor use such as weddings, parties, Christmas, New year and other occasions. You can hang them comfortably because the wire provides maximum flexibility.

#12. Indoor/Outdoor String Lights

SUNTHIN 48ft Indoor-Outdoor String Lights

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Sunthin covers a broad lighting area for all your home and outdoor decor. A bonus is the durable hanging loops and E26 sockets that enhance the installation that saves you money on the purchase of loops making this accessory a money-saving option. It has a length of 48 feet featuring 15 hanging sockets that offer a broad area lighting to allow a warm and beautiful indoor an outdoor decoration.

The above lighting accessory is constructed from premium wire together with durable sockets that deliver a waterproof service for all-season use. It has three spare bulbs. In case one gets damaged to give you an immediate replacement, which is more convenient than running to the shops just for a single alternative. The sockets form reliable insulation to keep humid or other wet conditions out for enhanced durability.

  • ETL approved
  • Creates a warm atmosphere
  • Easy connection
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy duty LED bulbs
  • Needs a tight screw to work

Our Verdict

SUNTHIN string lights create an elegant ambiance in your backyard, suitable for dinner parties and cocktail parties. The included 18 incandescent globes with 15 E26 sockets fit any bulb that has a compatible base to give you simple style switching option. It’s a commercial grade light string with female plugs that ensure a secure end-to-end connection.

#11. 300-LED Indoor String Light

Twinkle Star 300-LED Indoor String Light

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  • By: Twinkle Star

Some string lights don’t last that long after a few weeks of use. After a short period, you will notice a few globes have burnt out or broken. The above one withstands extreme pressure to provide a premium service. It looks good while at the same time, offer a warm white glow to acts as an excellent decor addition. Use it for Christmas, weddings, gardens, parties and other places.

Thanks to a durable design with a long cable consisting of 300 LED lights, to illuminate a broad area easily. With a UL certification using 29 volts, it ensures a safe output and easy plugging with a transformer, while saving energy. Comes with eight modes of lighting, including In waves, combination, sequential, slow fade, and more to give you a wide variety on the light and brightness.

  • Perfect gift
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Widespread lighting
  • Lacks a variety of lighting pattern

Our Verdict

The Twinkle offers a simple stringing for an indoor wall to add warmth and a nice-looking appearance. Place it on a window curtain for different occasions such as parties, birthdays, homecoming, plus more. The 300 LED offers widespread lighting to create a warm ambiance and powerful illumination.

#10. 100 LED String Light For Indoors

Ehome 100 LED String Light For Indoors

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  • By: Ehome

The ehome indoor and outdoor string lights easily beautify a place to add a beautiful decor theme to the existing accessories. Made of heavy-duty copper, it provides a waterproof function, which is a great solution to use for both indoors and outdoors. It does not matter what weather conditions or the season you choose to decorate your deck, gazebo, patio, backyards, and other places.

With a 33ft length wire, it makes it more convenient and easier to use as a decorative component. Plus, the 100 independent LEDs can work individuality even if one globe gets damage. This is an excellent functionality that allows simple replacement as compared to some stringing bulbs that need a complete replacement when one bulb burns out.

You do not need batteries to charge it, which costs more in the long run as compared to a power source. Plug into a laptop, power bank, USB port, or any other USB-enabled devices.

  • Different powering methods
  • Convenient use
  • Simple stringing
  • Lovely decoration
  • Waterproof material
  • Lacks a USB cable

Our Verdict

Do you know you can use string lights continuously without overheating? The ehome is well-made with quality design and materials to allow bright lighting without any cases of burnouts. It has an insulated paint copper and 5V power supply to offer a cool touch after extended use.

#9. 20 LED Warm White Indoor String Light

echosari 20LED Warm White Indoor String Light

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  • By: echosari

You do not have to spend a ton of money to beautify your indoor and outdoor appearance. This string lights from echosari costs around 7 dollars, which is excellent for providing an inexpensive performance. You can string it around different objects such as wedding venue decorations, table centerpiece, over a nursery bed, or draped on a mantelpiece or over a mirror. You can enhance the theme of your party with this string lighting suitable for party decorations.

With a total feer of 7.5 feet with 20 warm white bulbs, it illuminates a broad area unlike other products on the market. It comes with an automatic cycling timer that stays on for 6 hours and switches for around 18 hours in each 24-hour operation. To activate this feature, place the black dial in the center located on the batter box upper.

  • Easy to use
  • Battery-powered
  • Additional home accessory
  • Automatic cycling timer
  • Intuitive buttons
  • Battery-powered is not as cost-effective

Our Verdict

The above accessory is suitable for delivering subtle lighting when outdoors during a camping trip. Also, it can be draped over different objects such as a mantelpiece, bed, trellis, or around a mirror, making it a limitless venue decor product.

#8. Indoor String Light With Remote & Timer

Koopower Indoor String Light with Remote and Timer

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  • By: Koopower

The unit above is among the best indoor string lights. Koopower indoor string light delivers a warm white glow using 200 high-quality LED bulbs. It is ideal for use at Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Home-Comings, plus other celebrations to provide your home a cozy glow for an inviting feel. Featuring a timing program functionality that sets to 6 hours on and 18 hours off for enhanced set-and-forget lighting operation. In case you doze off or find yourself busy with the celebrations, you have the full protection of energy conversation.

Once you pick your preferred mode, the memory function allows the use of this exact setting when you operate it the next time. This means you do not have to re-set new settings until you switch off. Remember that the timer works when switched at “timer” mode. An included wireless remote control provides smooth and convenient operation.

  • Safe voltage plug
  • Perfect for all occasions
  • A nice gift
  • Variable bulb modes and brightness
  • Advanced timing program
  • You cannot control the lights manually

Our Verdict

This lighting provides a warm glow to illuminate different areas in your home. Featuring a variety of modes and brightness settings, it delivers the ideal solution for all decorative lighting features from dim, bright, and even subtle lighting. Include safe transformer ensures a low voltage use for better energy consumption.

#7. Waterproof Starry Indoor & Outdoor String Light

Waterproof 66 Ft Starry Indoor And Outdoor String Light

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  • By: 12APM

The 12APM string bulb allows simple powering by use of a USB adapter, computer, power bank plus other USB-enabled devices. With a length of 66 feet, it is quite long to flex around different objects with much ease.

A bonus functionality is an integrated strong on/off switch also made of bendable waterproof copper that allows shaping into any symbol or design. The wire is durable to enhance an excellent synergy for better coverage to give a fairy effect night lighting without overheating.

Most string bulbs are powered mostly by an adapter. The 12APM uses a USB port that allows you to use a power bank and USB adapter plus other power sources that has a USB interface. Boasting of a longlasting LED and golden copper wire, you not only get an energy-efficient but cost-effective lighting. The bulbs are waterproof, ideal for use in both dry and wet areas without damage or burnout, unlike the other units with low-quality material.

  • Simple to use on/off switch
  • Waterproof copper wire
  • Flexible material
  • Durable
  • Does not overheat
  • Does not come with a USB adapter

Our Verdict

The 12APM string light allows the use of USB adapter to power it, making it an energy-efficient unit. You get to use around the house walls, decks, under a table, under a bed board and many other places. The copper wire is plated to offer a natural shaping for daily applications.

#6. G40 Globe String Lights With Clear Bulbs

25Ft G40 Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs

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  • By: Brightown

Some lighting strings are difficult to use when flexing around an object. The Brightown is simple and does not tangle during and after use to give you a smooth linking. Its black aspects add a dash of robust and bold aesthetics while allowing simple maintenance. This product is approximately around 25 feet long with 25 bright G40 bulbs that offer a warm and lovely ambiance. The bulbs are IP44 waterproof to allow use under the average atmospheric conditions.

You can use this unit with confidence and ease even if one globe gets damaged because of its end to end connectable. This means that the rest of the lights will work as usual, and you can do a quick replacement to the others. Additionally, it versatile enough perfect for weddings, tents, gardens, gatherings, city rooftops, dinner parties, birthday parties, and also gazebos.

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Parallel connection
  • Versatile
  • UL listed durable socket base
  • Super fragile

Our Verdict

The lights are super fragile, but with great care, they offer an extended performance. Also, this accessory is flexible enough with waterproof material to allow use indoors and outdoors. The rest of the globes in the string work as usual even if one bulb is burnt out.

#5. LED Globe String Lights

Minetom 33 FT LED Globe String Lights

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  • By: Minetom

Minetom allows a broader coverage because of its length. It has 33 feet dimensions with 100 globes that offer a warm light in a vast place such as patios, decks, bedrooms, parties, and even tents. With a 4.3-inch space between the bulbs and a 5-inch lead wire featuring a male plug, gives you simple operation and added convenience. These lights are good-looking and offer a warm light ideal for underneath a loft bed to brighten up a bedroom.

Some units on the market consume too much power and end up overheating and causing damage to sockets and other bulbs. The above one uses low energy making it perfect for continuous use without increasing your electricity bills. Although it is a bit rough during weaving, especially around a bed frame, they deliver excellent performance. You can use this product for a long time because of its sturdy built that can withstand extreme pressures brought by use and the environment.

  • Commercial quality
  • Multipurpose
  • Lovely design
  • A nice gift
  • Energy-efficient
  • Tangles easily

Our Verdict

The Minetom string globe covers a larger area as compared to the shorter length string lights. It as a low-voltage consumption to ensure you have minimal electricity bills. With a waterproof design, it is perfect for indoors and outdoors.

#4. String Lights For Indoor & Outdoor Commercial Decor

Lampat String Lights For Indoor And Outdoor Commercial Decor

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  • By: LAMPAT

Cost around 17 dollars, this Lampat string lights is a pocket-friendly accessory to create an appealing aspect outside and inside your home. The included high-quality candelabra socket base is UL listed to give you a safe connection without the worry of circuit damage.

This unit measure around 25 feet long with bright 25 G40 bulbs that use an end-to-end connection for you to place around different areas. For example, the backyards, patios, bistro, tents, weddings, parties, pool umbrellas, decks, and even pergola.

This string light features a 6-inch lead consisting of a male plug with 12-inch spacing between bulbs to give you a simple connection and lighting scheme. In case there is a removed or broken bulb, the others will still light up because of its connectivity technology. Now you have a reliable product that adds more convenience even after a bulb blowout or damage.

  • Superior end-to-end connection
  • Premium candelabra socket base
  • Covers a large area
  • Excellent for indoor/outdoor
  • Beautiful lighting scheme
  • Lacks a cord lead

Our Verdict

The string lights above are great for indoor and outdoor use. With a bulb, spacing is 12 inches to create a clean lighting appearance perfect for different places such as patios, decks and more. Also, this unit is lightweight and detangles easily after each use. As an advantage, you can link up to three strands for a larger area.

#3. Fairy String Multicolor Changing Twinkle Lights With Remote

Homestarry Fairy String Multicolor Changing Twinkle Lights with Remote

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  • By: Homestarry

Homestarry has a variety of lights with different shapes, lengths, and even cost. The above one offers a variety of multicolor using a battery pack to change the color scheme as it operates. This makes it suitable for decorating the garden, bedroom, front porch, patio, backyard, and more. Boasting of an easy to use remote, it changed the light over 13 color schemes including red, green, yellow, blue, purple, and much more. It gives you a warm ambiance to relax.

You can fine adjust the lighting brightness using the available three light modes from a steady-on, jump, and also fade. Moreover, it has a unique smart timer that automatically switches off the lighting when the time set has been reached. When you set the timer accurately, you achieve a warm glittering “welcome home” message.

  • Premium battery case
  • CE and FCC certification
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Multi-color lighting
  • Affordable
  • Heavy battery pack

Our Verdict

Some units offer less than five color schemes. The one above has 13 additional colors to give you a better and warm ambiance. Its design also works well for different occasions such as Christmas on a Christmas tree, valentines day, wedding, New Year’s party and much more.

#2. Durable LED String Lights

TaoTronics 33ft LED String Lights

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  • By: TaoTronics

TaoTronocs string lights are among the best indoor string lights. It offer durable and cost-effective service. It does not overheat after extended use, making it an energy-efficient product. You can touch with your bare hands during and after use because of its cool exterior. Thanks to a water-resistant power adapter with a low profile, it is concealable to create a clean look when stringing the lights. Also, it has passed the UL certification to enhance security to it and the user. The durable copper wires are waterproof ideal for both dry and rainy seasons without dulling or discoloring.

This unit produces a white-yellow warm white that illuminate in a dark-lit place to create a romantic ambiance. The lighting is a beautiful decor addition to a balcony, backyard, and even inside the home to spice up the existing design. Use it for a welcome back party to add a sense of pleasant warm feelings.

Another thing is that the copper wire is flexible enough to let you have smooth coiling with a paper tub. It avoids mess and delivers secure storage. This gives you an easier preparation for the next use because it untangles pretty quickly.

  • Waterproof adapter
  • Water-resistant controller
  • Versatile
  • Cool to touch
  • Easy to use
  • It cannot be connected together

Our Verdict

The string lights above offer an affordable service and simple use. They remain cool after prolonged use. Also, it emits low heat for better energy use. You can use it even in the rain because of its waterproof materials.

#1. Starry Fairy Light Strings For Indoor & Outdoor Decoration

Starry Fairy Light Strings For Indoor & Outdoor Decoration

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By: Vont 

The best fairy light strings should be versatile like this one so that decoration is convenient and easy. This is why I highly recommend this option because you can use it to adorn a wide range of items. From curtains to wall and other objects, this fairy light string is ideal for them all. Thanks to its flexibility, the string is easy to shape and wrap around pretty much anything. The special part is that the brightness from the string glows beautifully especially when you turn off the light.

On top of that, this fairy light string is durable and waterproof. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use while the quality is long lasting. There are 200 LEDs, and the string is 66 feet long which is just great for a pretty much any decoration. The whole thing is cool to touch and versatile to use, and its performance is amazing. As one of the best fairy string lights in the market, this option will not let you down.

  • Bright and beautiful glow
  • Easy to bend, shape, and wrap
  • Durable, versatile, and waterproof
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The copper wire is a little thin

Our Verdict

So easy and simple, this fairy string light is very convenient to use for home decoration. It looks very beautiful and works great, no doubt why many users highly recommend this option.

Buying Guide For The Best Indoor String Light


Purchasing string lights that damage after a few days is not cost-effective or excellent performance. For this reason, do proper research to determine the units that have a durable construction implementing quality materials. One way to do this is to read the reviews about that product to get a better idea of its performance. Also, check out the materials used in the structure, such as copper, which is the commonly used one.

Energy Efficiency

Some bulbs consume a lot of electricity, which increases your electricity bill. Nowadays, there are better designs with updated technology that uses only a little power. Even some string lights are powered by batteries which work well in places that lack electricity or have frequent blackouts. In your research, make sure the lighting bulbs illuminate enough light, especially for outdoor use.


All users have a different purpose for the string lights. A person might prefer a lighting system that features bright globes, while another wants one that emits a warm one. Therefore, select the bulbs that fit your needs while considering the lumens-rating.


If you want the best indoor string lights, we have them on the above list for you to make a simple buying. String lights are not only for occasions such as Christmas, New year, and birthday parties. It can also be used as a decorative element inside and outside your home for the decks, patio, decks, window, and other areas. Also, the right quality product will serve you for an extended period without consuming too much energy, making it a cost-effective lighting unit.

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