Top 10 Best Ironing Board Cabinets 2020 – Products Review

Ironing clothes does not have to be a hard chore when you use a reliable accessory. Most people use an ironing board because it is simple to install, use, and maintain. Also, it requires minimal setup space, making it perfect for RVs, dorms, apartments, and other places. In this review, we look at the best ironing board cabinet.

The Top 10 Best Ironing Board Cabinets

#10. Wall Mount Ironing Board Cabinet

Facilehome Ironing Board Cabinet Wall Mounted

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  • By: Facilehome

We understand some ironing boards in the market have flimsy construction that breaks down after little use. The above one ensures you have extended use even after numerous folding and unfolding, cleaning and other ironing tasks. Now you have no excuse as to why you have a shirt or pant with wrinkles. With a lovely white color, it instantly adds brightens in your space and makes the room look much bigger. Not only is this perfect for RVs, dorms, apartments, but to give an illusion of a larger area.

The Facilehome cabinet is made of long-lasting MDF wood that guarantees more durability and simple maintenance. You can comfortably hang it on your wall and set it to your preferred height using the triangular brackets for simple installation. This eliminates the use of support legs, which takes up space, and some have inferior built.

Folding up when done ironing, saves space to reveal a mirror you can use to make up yourself or decorate your home.

  • No assembly
  • Strong construction
  • Easy to use
  • Good-looking
  • Stable and space-saving
  • Rust elements on the wood

Our Verdict

Stop using too much effort and time during ironing clothes because the above one is well-made to eliminate constant body positioning and re-positioning. Some devices only have one fixed height level, which does not favor people with different heights and especially the wheelchair-bound. This cabinet uses a hanging structure for you to set up on a wall to your suitable height.

#9. Space Saving Wall Mounted White Finished Ironing Board

Upton Home Space-saving Wall-mounted White Finished Ironing Board

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  • By: Upton

Whether you are ironing a few or huge loads of clothes, the action has to be effortless and enjoyable. Most people dislike doing this task generally because they lack a secure space to place their clothes. That is why the Upton wall-mounted cabinet offers an immediate solution to give you more convenience and quicker clothes pressing. Boasting of a white finish, you only require minimum cleaning and take care. For best results, use a soft dry cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt to enhance durability.

With a dimension of 42 x 16 x 7 inches, it has the perfect size to allow a quicker and smooth operation. Some boards are too short, which eventually takes more of your time and effort as intended. Another thing is the included storage center for you to safely keep all your essentials such as scissors and sewing kit for easier access.

  • Safe and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant white finish
  • Inexpensive
  • Helps to deliver a comfortable ironing
  • The door is irreversible

Our Verdict

This ironing board adds more convenience in all your pressing needs at the comfort of your home. With a white finish, it adds the much-needed appeal in its surroundings while complementing the existing style for a more polished look. Constructed with quality material guarantees longevity while the double hooks allow simple hanging of items.

#8. Versatile Ironing Center Without Door

Broan-NuTone ICUNUWX Ironing Center Without Door

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  • By: Broan-NuTone

The above ironing cabinet is among the cost-effective boards in the market. Not only does it create a safe but also a sturdy ironing place. Now you get comfortable and easy clothes pressing no matter the size of your room. It has a modern structure. It conveniently stores and allows easy access to ironing materials such as iron box and more to make pressing less of a chore but an enjoyable task. Also, this product comes with a spacious interior shelving to keep laundry items, including lint roller, starch, clothespins in a secure location.

The low profile design of this item helps to keep the center from leveling out or protruding out of your wall to leave only the attractive design and efficient functionality. This board installs as a surface or recess to maximize simplicity of installation and perfectly fits anywhere it is set. Featuring a 180-degree swiveling, three height settings and right or left door mount, this unit delivers better flexibility on the place to set the ironing center.

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Multiple height settings
  • Low-profile construction
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Convenient storage
  • The door is sold separately

Our Verdict

The fear of having uncomfortable ironing because of the pressing tool is eliminated with the above Broan-NuTone board. It gives you a quick, sturdy, and convenient ironing. With an unfinished birch wood finish, its cabinet accepts the current indoor accessories to match your home decor.

#7. Brown Hide Away Ironing Board Center Cabinet

Organizedlife Brown Hide Away Ironing Board Center Cabinet

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  • By: Organizedlife

You can have comfortable ironing and at the same time add elegance to that space. The above cabinet features a mirrored door that gives a variety of uses such as act as a dressing mirror when in a hurry and also improves the look as it complements the existing. Not only does this save you money but also gives you a cleaner look without purchasing additional utilities. Another thing we love is the brown finish that offers natural beauty and simple maintenance as it stands out from the usual white color.

Featuring a space-saving construction, this unit allows quick folding into a compact structure for compact storage in the craft room, laundry room, bedroom, sewing room plus more. Also, it included four wooden shelves that offer additional space to keep your essentials for quick access. This eliminates the constant back and forth movement as you press your clothes and other activities. With high versatility, it has four parts, including the cabinet, ironing station, real glass mirror, and shelves for added convenience.

  • Durable and eco-friendly materials
  • Simple installation
  • The mirrored door acts as a dressing mirror
  • Strong locking latch
  • Easy to use
  • Lacks enough space to hold an iron box

Our Verdict

Organizedlife has come up with this ironing cabinet that provides an ergonomic service. The provided instructions and mounting hardware enhance simple installation without the use of special tools. Made with premium MDF wood for better durability and stability.

#6. Adjustable Ironing Board

Hideaway Ironing Board Supreme Unfinished Maple

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  • By: Hide-Away Ironing Boards

There are so many reasons why we think this product is among the best ironing board cabinets. First of all, we love this ironing board because it is made with comfort in mind. You no longer have to use the unreliable units that break or lose the original performance after a short while. With this one, it has a unique 180-degree swivel that allows you to rotate up to your suitable position for additional comfort. You free the worries of having restrictions in only one location.

This item is constructed from real wood plus a premium metal mesh for longevity and stable use. The wood adds natural beauty to its environment and gives you a simple cleaning. Wipe off with a dry cloth to enhance durability and appeal. Additionally, this sleeve board is a unique composite for easy setup due to the modern structure and clear instructions.

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and user-friendly
  • Heat resistant
  • Wide swiveling angle
  • The plastic hinges look flimsy

Our Verdict

If you want an ironing cabinet that gives you total freedom to set to a comfortable angle, search no more. The above one from a renown company comes with a fantastic 180-degree swivel for ultimate comfort in most directions. With a heat-shielded accessory, you can store your iron safely even when hot. Also, the locking latch adds more safety when not in use, while the hooks allow straightforward clothes hanging.

#5. Built-In Cabinet Ironing Board

USAFlagCases Built-in Ironing Board Cabinet Raw Wood

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  • By: USAFlagCases

If you live in a small apartment or you prefer utilities that do not take up too much space, then the product above is the best ironing board cabinet for you. Not only does it look good, but it gives you more organized clothes pressing. You can paint the raw wood for better style complementing or leave it as it is to get a natural feel and decor. The wood is strong enough to withstand continuous use and numerous folding and unfolding, hence guarantees an extended use.

This accessory weighs around 29 pounds, which is sturdy enough to bear extreme pressures caused by constant folding and unfolding. You can safely secure your iron box using the integrated iron storage for quick and convenient ironing. Plus, the three shelves offer enough space to keep different utilities such as scissors, sewing kit, garments, and others. Another feature is a routed door that saves space between studs gives you a simple installation.

  • Not that heavy or too lightweight
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Convenient ironing tool
  • Looks appealing after mounting
  • Better padding for extra comfort
  • Requires finishing

Our Verdict

If you want an ironing board that gives off a natural feel and look, then the one above offers that and more. It has a raw wood finish for you to paint your ideal color to blend with the existing decor. Comes with iron storage for sturdy placement of your iron during pressing. The included pad is soft to touch and does not go flat over time.

#4. White Wall Mount Ironing Board Cabinet

Organizedlife White Wall Mount Ironing Board Center Cabinet

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  • By: Organizedlife

Organizedlife never disappoints in the products they produce, including this ironing board cabinet. Boasting ingenious design, you can wall mount anywhere to save space and add convenience in all your clothes pressing. The included locking latch located at the back of the board to give you secure storage after you fold up the unit by closing the lock then the door. After this process, you will see the mirror, which consists of two hangers-on its entry to let you hand a variety of garments.

Comes with a unique 4-part design including the cabinet, ironing station, real glass mirror, and shelves to keep your utilities organized and clean appearance. There are two hooks ideal for hanging attire on the back door. If you are in a hurry and just finished pressing, you can use the mirror as a dressing mirror. Folding up the ironing cabinet to make yourself as you step out for all your essential tasks.

  • Secure clothes pressing
  • Simple folding and unfolding
  • Multipurpose
  • Space-saving
  • Compact and organized storage
  • Hard to use comfortably

Our Verdict

You do not have to keep on searching for an instant solution to all your ironing and storage needs. This cabinet adds extra convenience and at the same time, gives the maximum user versatility. Fold this unit, close the secure locking latch and finally close the door for a compact storage. The inside of the board cab9net has sturdy four shelves made of wood for organizing your utilities such as iron, sewing kit, scissors and many more.

#3. Iron ‘N Fold Floor Cabinet

Household Essentials 18300-1 Iron 'N Fold Floor Cabinet

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  • By: Household Essentials

We love this iron cabinet because it caters for people of all heights. Featuring versatile height adjustments, you can set the position you feel most comfortable and also it ensures persons in a wheelchair have simple access. They do not have to make any seating amendments to press their clothes at home. Plus, it saves time on setup and preparation of an ironing surface. Moreover, the cover is made from durable cotton that gives you the softest and yet secure place for pressing clothes as it lasts longer than other materials.

With a floor-standing design, this accessory lets you screw to a wall to give you simple access and use each time you iron your clothes. Plus, this style offers a cleaner look in your space without taking up too much room. A bonus function is a sliding floor that opens to the right or left to accommodate the right or left-hand people comfortably. Measuring 48.5 x 18.5 x 5.37 inches, it is long enough to cater for all your ironing needs even for the longest clothes. The stand is very sturdy, together with mounting hardware, to keep the cabinet in a secure position.

  • Scorch and heat resistant
  • Multiple height adjustments
  • Comfortable wheelchair access
  • Ideal for left and right-handed people
  • Strong cotton fabric
  • There is no space for storing an iron box

Our Verdict

Household Essentials ironing cabinet can be used for people with different heights. The cover is made with quality cotton that offers heat and scorch resistant. With a 5-mm cushioning, it delivers ultimate comfort and smooth ironing surface. The included baseboard cutout ensures a simple setup over existing baseboards in the market.

#2. Ironing Board Cabinet With Strong Hooks

Southern Enterprises Best Ironing Board Cabinet

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  • By: Southern Enterprises

Ironing should not be a dreaded and time-consuming chore when you use the above ironing board. It has a modern structure that lets you have the most straightforward and comfortable ironing chore and also saves time. Open the latch door, lower the board for installation, and you can use it as frequently or long as you want. The two shelves give you additional space to keep supplies like scissors, sewing kits, lint brushes, and more.

For added convenience, you can hand your utilities using the strong two hooks. And after finishing ironing, fold this unit, latch the door as you view your ironed clothes through the mirror. Besides, this mirror adds a stylish look to the overall design. The included center has a space for storing your iron with water bottle or starch. This is an excellent function because some ironing cabinets are too small or space-focused. They fail to include places to place your iron. There’s no doubt that this one is among the best ironing board cabinets.

  • Lovely off-white finish
  • Stylish mirrored front
  • Strong hanging hooks
  • Multiple storage slots
  • Fully assembled
  • The screws for holding the stand are not sufficient

Our Verdict

Whether you have a busy lifestyle or not, this ironing board saves you time for preparation. Fold it down from the wall and press your clothes with ultimate comfort. The off-white finish looks good in most settings and quickly brightens and makes your space look much more significant. To enhance durability, dust or wipe odd using a soft dry napkin or cloth without abrasive cleaners. Also, do not set up in direct sunlight that might lead to fading and unappealing appearance.

#1. StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet

Household Essentials 18100-1 StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet

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  • By: Household Essentials

Some people live in small spaces such as RVs, dorms, apartments, or studio rooms, and they make sure they use every inch effectively. The above ironing board aids in utilizing minimal space due to its compact structure. It has a folding mechanism that allows you to fold in and out for simplicity of storage. Moreover, the cotton cover comes in handy to act as a smooth and quality surface for all your ironing needs. Place your shirt, dress, and other garments and set your iron box to the correct temperature to get fast and relaxing action.

This item requires installation for you to use without discomfort. Cit into your drywall and insert the board into the cutout. As a bonus, the provided instructions give you more information on the setup for you to use less effort and time. Featuring a swiveling design which can rotate 180 degrees smoothly to ensure both right and left-handed people have easy ironing. No need for constant positioning and re-positioning your body every time you want to make that favorite attire for a date, work, or travels look sleek and sharp.

  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use
  • Space-saving design
  • Smooth rotation
  • Clear instructions
  • The cotton cover is loose and wrinkles

Our Verdict

The Household Essentials ironing cabinet offers excellent space-saving and reliable functionality. With a small profile, it uses little wall space, making it great for dorms, RVs, and other areas. The fiber pad with a 5mm thickness is soft to touch and adds additional comfort.

Buying Guide For The Best Ironing Board Cabinet

Probably you lack enough time to set up the ironing place to get quick and efficient clothes pressing. Some people live in small spaces such as apartments, dorms, RVs, studio rooms plus more and every inch matters. That’s why purchasing extra accessories in an important decision and its performance. We have looked at the top things that will improve your ironing without spending too much money, space, installation, and more. They are as follows:


Storage plays a vital role in how convenient the pressing will be. Some ironing cabinets have multiple compartments while others lack even a space to place your iron box. Go for one that comes with shelves that let you keep clothes, sewing kit, scissors, and other laundry items. Plus, you can locate hooks that allow easy hanging of utilities.


How simple is the setup? Does it consume to much time? Do you need extra information to connect the parts? These questions and more are what you should consider before purchase. Nowadays, most ironing boards have a modern structure which requires zero installation. But for those that expect a setup, they take less than 30 minutes. Look out for a unit that is straightforward when you wall mount and does not interfere with the room’s design


If you live in a small house or want something that consumes the least space, there are a variety of ironing boards that boast of a low-profile. Not only to give you a secure but comfortable use. This process is improved by its folding mechanism that folds in and out to create a more organized space.

Height Adjustments

Lastly, try and check the different products that come with various levels of height. Some only have one fixed position that fails to serve people with limited mobility, wheelchair-bound, and also for the tallest ones. Remember when you have a comfortable position, the less of a chore the pressing becomes.

In Conclusion

There is no need to use flimsy boards that do not give you the expected ironing results. Pick one from the list above, which offer long-lasting and easy use. Not only to give your room an additional elegance but keep the laundry items in organized storage. If you are searching for the best ironing board cabinets, look no more as you purchase with added confidence and information when you read through this review.

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