Top 11 Best Korean Shampoos In 2021

The best Korean shampoos ensure your hair is healthy, moisturized, and nourished. Most have an improved formulation to combat hair loss, damage, and dryness. That means you spend less money to retain your strands’ natural health, shine and look. What’s more, they target damaged and color-treated hair that needs nourishment and healthy growth. Some are formulated with safe ingredients like ginseng and collagen to restore dry strands. Plus, those with CMC technology hydrate and condition your hair for shiny strands. Check out these best Korean shampoos we have below.

The Top 11 Best Korean Shampoos

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#11. Ryoe Korean Jinsaengbo Shampoo

Ryoe Korean Jinsaengbo Shampoo

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  • By: Ryoe

Some of the shampoos in the market tend to cause irritations and discomfort to the scalp. They leave it itchy and flaky, unlike this special-formulated brand. It has quality ingredients that tackle aging problems of the hair. Not only that but also it targets those with an oily scalp, whether men or women. With a 13.5-ounce container, the content is enough to last you many days. As a result, it saves money and leaves the strand shiny and fresh. In addition, the nutritional value this item provides is derived from ginseng extract. It eliminates 8 problems caused by hair and scalp aging for better hair growth.

Another cool benefit this product offers is safe and comfortable use. Priding an ergonomic design, you’ll enjoy accurate liquid dispensing. Plus, it measures 3.5 inches tall by 2.3 inches wide by 2 inches long for superior hold. And the profile accommodates a small rack or cabinet space for easy access. Furthermore, this gadget costs less than the rest but offers total oil prevention. It leaves you feeling refreshed, clean, and soothed thanks to the gentle ingredients.

In Summary:
  • Targets those with oily scalps for a non-irritant use
  • An ergonomic and space-saving bottle design
  • Leaves hair fresh and clean

#10. Village 11 Factory Korean Shampoo

Village 11 Factory Korean Shampoo

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Another best Korean shampoo in the market is Village 11 that contains safe botanical extracts. The elements are derived from iris roots to give your scalp and hair proper nutrition. Not only for improved moisture content, but also the design relieves hair loss. Unlike the other brands that aggravate the problem, this ensures the hair environment is healthy and safe for new strand growth. What’s more, this product comes infused with 7 types of materials listed on the SCI paper. They include salicylic acid, menthol, and panthenol to aid in hair loss.

This hair liquid is non-silicon and won’t leave residues after use. It makes sure your scalp is refreshed for a feel-good result in every rinse. Plus, a sulfate-free formulation is safe on natural hair to improve its strength and shiny appeal. And it leaves the strands moisturized and treated from the root. Note that the soft natural scent of this shampoo is non-irritant and refreshing.

In Summary:
  • Contains safe botanical extracts
  • Helps combat hair loss and damage
  • Doesn’t leave a residue after use

#9. Whamisa Organic Seeds Hair Shampoo

Whamisa Organic Seeds Hair Shampoo

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  • By: Whamisa

The Whamisa hair shampoo is formulated for oily scalps. It has a balance between Yuzu, Apple extracts, and Barley seed to maintain proper oil and water balance. At the same time, it supplies maximum nourishment for the scalp and hair. Besides, this bottle comes with cleansing properties that treat damaged strands. Note that the design has 67.2% organic ingredients for added hair safety. With powerful ferments, this accessory boosts nutrition and antioxidants’ value.

Moreover, this best Korean shampoo leaves the strands shiny and clean. It contains a subacid that matches your natural acidity level of your scalp to eliminate irritation and itchiness. Furthermore, it clears away and prevents dandruff buildup as the sulfate-free construction is safe for vegans and pregnant women.

In Summary:
  • Has Yuzu and Apple extracts ideal for oily scalps
  • Maintains proper oil and water balance
  • Boosts nutritional hair properties thanks to a sulfate-free technology

#8. Ryoe Korean Volume New Root Shampoo

Ryoe Korean Volume New Root Shampoo

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  • By: Ryoe

We love this best Korean shampoo by Ryoe to help strengthen your hair roots. It has an upgraded bottle design with a lovely dark brown finish. This color looks great on most countertops, racks, cabinets, and even open drawers. Not only for appealing display but also the container structure supports a safe use. With 500ml content, the liquid can last several days to save money and leave your scalp soothed. In addition, the included 500ml conditioner improves the moisture content in your hair and scalp.

If you know your friend has damaged and dry hair, this shampoo won’t disappoint. Its active ingredients volumize the hair from deep inside the roots while leaving the strands shiny. What’s more, it offers maximum nutrition to support new hair growth.

In Summary:
  • Helps to strengthen the hair roots
  • The bottle design is lovely and easy to store
  • Volumizes and nourishes dry hair while leaving the strands shiny

#7. Ryoe Jayang Yoon Mo Shampoo

Ryoe Jayang Yoon Mo Shampoo

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  • By: Ryoe

Ryoe is a renowned brand in the Korean hair industry, and this shampoo offers great hair treatment. Its superior formulation is ideal for hair loss caused by weakened hair roots. Also, it serves as a protector against thinning due to nutritional imbalance. You can follow the directions on the bottle to get a healthier and fresher hair. Besides, the design of the container looks great in most cabinets or racks. And has an ergonomic structure for secure carry.

What’s more, this hair liquid contains 200ml of revitalizing shampoo for amazing hair repair and restoration. It works for men and women who want to improve scalp conditions. Plus, it targets those with fermented oriental medicine to decrease hair loss and improve its thickness. Similarly, the gentle formulation improves hair growth speed for those with stress.

In Summary:
  • Ideal for hair loss and hair thinning problems
  • Helps repair and restore damaged hair
  • Improves hair growth speed

#6. CollaZen Care Collagen Shampoo

CollaZen Care Collagen Shampoo

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  • By: CollaZen Care Korean Collagen Biotin

Using this best Korean shampoo is easy and safe for all users. Simply wet your hair and massage enough liquid into a thick lather. Then focus on your roots and rinse thoroughly after the massage. Also, the formulation targets the male with damaged and color-treated hair. It leaves it shiny and healthy, unlike the other hair products. And the active ingredients are ginseng and collagen to restore dry strands.

Created with Oriental ingredients and technologies, this shampoo is much safer than other brands. It makes sure your scalp has enough moisture while leaving it smooth and nourished. Not only for moisturizing effects, but also the good-looking bottle contains 17.63 ounces of liquid. This results in a lasting and comfortable use before a need for a repurchase.

In Summary:
  • Easy and clear application instructions
  • Targets damaged and color-treated hair
  • Restores the health on dry strands

#5. Aekyung Kerasys Repairing Shampoo

Aekyung Kerasys Repairing Shampoo

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  • By: Aekyung

We love the active ingredient of this shampoo that helps repair dry and damaged hair. It has 600ml content that restores lost hair protein while straightening it from the inside out. What’s more, you can pick the wide choices of choice optimized for different hair and scalp types. As a result, you’ll get an improvement of strength and look with regular use. In addition, this product measures 3 inches long by 3 inches wide by 11 inches tall for a secure hold. It works perfectly for those with dry hair as the 600ml conditioner improves the moisture content.

Additionally, this hair loss restoration product nourishes elastic hair. It comes formulated with CMC technology that hydrates and conditions your hair. Besides, these ingredients leave the strands shiny and fresher for an extended period. In contrast, it maintains the moisture balance of your scalp for healthy hair growth.

In Summary:
  • Helps repair dry and damaged hair
  • Restore lost hair protein
  • Nourishes elastic hair to leave it stronger

#4. Legitime Scalp Care Shampoo

Legitime Scalp Care Shampoo

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  • By: Legitime Korean Hair Loss

This best Korean shampoo by Legitime Korean Hair Loss offers a deep cleansing wash. It costs less than the rest and comes in a 10.14-ounce bottle for safe use. What’s more, safe formulation is suitable for men and women. Not only to clear out dirt but leave your hair fresh and clean-looking. The ingredients work best for dry hair types to improve their health and nourishment. Plus, it prevents further hair loss while promoting healthy new hair development.

With all-natural botanical ingredients, this bottle produces a shiny and thick hair result. It’s manufactured in Korea to help strengthen hair roots for all genders. Not only for improved elasticity, but also the ingredients soothes and stimulates your scalp. This leaves it dandruff-free and scratch-free, unlike the others that cause discomfort. In addition, this item ensures you have manageable hair thanks to anti-thinning treatment.

In Summary:
  • Offers a deep cleansing service
  • Improves hair development and strength
  • Leaves dry scalp dandruff-free and soothing

#3. Ryoe Korean Herbal Hair Shampoo

Ryoe Korean Herbal Hair Shampoo

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Does your hair show signs of loss or damage? This shampoo has incredible ant-hair properties to offer ultimate protection. It improves your scalp environment for maximum care of the scalp and root. What’s more, it contains Red ginseng and Biota seed that lower the scalp’s heat. This means comfortable use every time you wash and rinse your hair.

Furthermore, this best Korean shampoo promotes good elasticity for your scalp. Not only to encourage a healthy and fresh hair environment. And a 500ml bottle design gives you a nice hold every time you dispense the liquid. Whether you have wet or damp hands, the surface stays firm on your hand.

In Summary:
  • Formulated to protect against hair loss
  • Contains Red ginseng to lower the scalp’s heat
  • Promotes good scalp elasticity and health

#2. Daeng Gi Meo 500ml Ri Ki Gold Shampoo

Daeng Gi Meo 500ml Ri Ki Gold Shampoo

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  • By: Daeng Gi Meo Ri

Daeng Gi Meo Ri has one of the best Korean shampoos in the market. This product targets both females and males thanks to a unisex construction. Not only that, but also it focuses on damaged strands that need nourishment and health. With a herbal and mild formulation, this unit contains changpo and green tea. It provides anti-oxidation, toxin removal, and skin protection services. Plus, it can detoxify any harmful elements that cause hair damage.

Weighing just 500ml, the liquid is enough to last for a few days on regular care. And the medicinal herbal aroma comes in handy to soften and caress your hair. It appeals to most individuals, thanks to a nice fragrance. Furthermore, the safe extracts increase hair moisture retention and panthenol for additional moisturization.

In Summary:
  • Targets both males and females
  • Has medicinal herbal extracts to increase hair moisture
  • Helps detoxify and protect damaged hair

#1. Esthetic House CP-1 Nourishing Shampoo

Esthetic House CP-1 Nourishing Shampoo

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  • By: CP-1

This product by CP-1 contains a bright and complex formula to care for your damaged hair. It has hydrolyzed silk, which gently caresses your hair to perfect health. Besides, the bottle holds 500ml of liquid to last for an extended time because a little goes a long way. You can use it to get maximum hair nourishment and scalp massage. Ensure you rinse out the content when your hair is clean and feeling fresh.

In addition, this hair unit works perfectly with warm water for it to reach every hair and scalp part. And wet hair gets thoroughly moisturized thanks to the conditioning elements. With safe ingredients, you can bring back the healthy and silk look of your hair. At the same time, it relaxes the itchy scalp and other skin ailments.

In Summary:
  • Suitable for damaged hair thanks to the complex formula
  • The hydrolyzed silk caresses hair for better hair growth
  • Works best with warm water and moist strands


The best Korean shampoos are widely accessible and offer amazing hair and scalp nourishment. They come safely formulated to tackle hair loss, damaged, color-treated, and unhealthy hair problems. What’s more, they aid in retaining your strands’ natural health, shine, and look. Some contain premium ingredients like ginseng and collagen to restore dry strands, while others use CMC technology to hydrate and condition the strands. Check out the list above and choose the best Korean shampoos.


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