The 12 Best Label Makers On The Market – Review

A label maker gives you added convenient when creating different prints on items. It is very affordable to provide you with added convenience and performance. Also, this device can print labels on envelopes, packages, discs, file folders, postage, banners and more. In this review, we feature the best label maker in 2020.

The Top 12 Best Label Makers

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#12. Desktop Kit Case 2 Tapes

Dymo LM210D Desktop Kit Case 2 Tapes

  • By: DYMO

Dymo label maker allows you to quickly edit and type texts using the QWERTY-style keyboard and a wide graphical display. All your printing is made much simpler for your home and entire office work. Kudos to the quick-access dials that efficiently enter currency, punctuation, and symbols. The quick reference guide provides additional information on how to use this accessory. Read through it carefully in case you get stuck on a specific feature.

On top of that, this device can save up to 9 labels. It prevents constant retyping when making a new design. Also, it produces up to 10 copies of your tag with six font sizes, eight different boxes, and even seven styles. The included user interface is so simple to navigate. This makes it suitable for beginners who are new to the label printing process. It comes with black print on white, yellow tapes and 6 AA batteries for added convenience.

  • Simple to use
  • Large storage
  • Quick access buttons
  • Compatible AC adapter
  • Quick reference guide
  • The tape needs more adhesiveness

Our Verdict

The above label maker provides a quick label making and editing label. Featuring a reliable storage case, it offers maximum protection against dust, wind and other unfavorable condition during travels and storage. Its small-sized is appealing and fits on the hand comfortably.

#11. Industrial Label Maker & Carry Case

DYMO Industrial Label Maker & Carry Case

  • By: DYMO

DYMO company does not disappoint in the products they have in the market. The above label maker uses an advanced technology that prints Code 128 and Code 39 bar codes on 19mm wide labels. It also has a sturdy construction that made with durability in mind to offer a premium service.

Also, you can clean and maintain this labeling tool with maximum ease by using a soft damp cloth. Featuring an industry complaint design that meets the ANSI and TIA standards, you get a guarantee of quality and safe use.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Simple label-making
  • Time-saving
  • Efficient and durable
  • The labels backings hard to peel apart

Our Verdict

Dymo does not joke around when producing professional-looking labels. It has a time-saving functionality including one-touch buttons that automatically spaces, sizes, and format a label character for patch and electrical panels, wire and cable flags, terminal and 110 blocks, vertical and horizontal wraps and fixed-length applications.

#10. P-Touch Cube Plus Versatile Label Maker

Brother P-Touch Cube Plus PT-P710BT Versatile Label Maker

  • By: Brother

You get a lightweight and portable service, with this Brother P-Touch label maker. It uses a superior Bluetooth wireless technology to help you design and print custom or pre-designed labels up to one inch wide. All this you can do from your Android mobile device, desktop or Apple devices. With flexible software compatibility, you get to select three Brother software apps for pre-designed templates with different fonts, symbols, and frames such as Brother iPrint label, P-touch editor and Design & Print.

This device lets you enjoy a wide assortment of label templates at home or in the office. It is so small and powerful at the same time to offer a premium service. The included glitter gold starter tape, black on white tape, inbuilt battery plus a USB cable give you improved and simple label making the process.

  • Bluetooth technology
  • Highest software compatibility
  • Lightweight portable
  • Affordable
  • Longlasting
  • Too much tape waste

Our Verdict

The above unit comes with extra accessories such as two starter tape to give you a convenient label making. The included USB cable allows simple file transfer to a PC. Also, this device uses a Li-ion battery to power it that can last for an extended period.

#9. Compact Label Maker

Epson LabelWorks LW-400 Label Maker

  • By: Epson

Typing and printing labels in poor-lit places can be a challenge. The Epson label maker comes with a backlit display that allows you to make labels with maximum ease and comfort. It also powered by AA batteries to enable use on the go for meetings and other travel business ventures. For best performance, use Polaroid cells that offer a longer charge conserve and slow draining.

With a cost-effective structure, it produces labels with smaller margins, unlike other brands that leave a considerable space. This mechanism is less wasteful up to 60% to add more convenience. Featuring a sizeable integrated memory, it can store over 50 files which are enough for many label designs. Choose from a wide variety of formatting options such as 14 fonts, 300+ inbuilt symbols, ten styles, bar codes, over 74 frames and more.

  • Bright backlit display
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of formatting characters
  • Simple computer wiring
  • Lightweight
  • The keys are challenging to use

Our Verdict

Whether you are servicing a breaker box, in a server room, or organizing your workplace, you can rely on the Epson label printer to get the job done. The backlit display helps you make labels anytime and anywhere with maximum comfort.

#8. Handheld Label Printer With Rubber Bumpers

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer with Rubber Bumpers

  • By: Brady

The above handheld printer offers simple handling because of a texturized grip. Featuring an innovated keyboard, it produces multi-line labels to enhance clear identification of panels, wires, circuit boards, plus more industrial items. You can use this device for an extended period no matter the proximity because it has a tough exterior consisting of molded rubber bumpers for excellent impact resistance. This is great for use in offices where there are frequent movements.

Boasting of a QWERTY keyboard that contains numbers 0 to 9 and letters A to Z, it gives you convenient character selection displayed on the large LCD screen as you type. The text prints in 5 font sizes between 6-40 points and in a single color. Powered by 6 AA alkaline batteries, this enhances smooth portability and easy use.

  • Tough construction
  • Creates multi-line labels
  • Impact-resistant
  • Electrical marking
  • Easy to use
  • When you leave the batteries in the label maker, it drains until you remove them

Our Verdict

This unit is small-sized to improve portability and ease of operation. Comes with a robust casing that withstands extreme use. The electrical and wire marking produces customized wire wraps, terminal block labels, heat-shrink sleeves, fuse box, electrical panel, wire harness ID labels in seconds.

#7. High Speed Professional Label Printer

Brother QL-700 High-speed, Professional Label Printer

  • By: Brother

Most users know Brother company because of their high-peroxiding office products. The above accessory comes with an easy to read manual that is suitable for both new and expert label makers. You can check the details when you see a new feature you are not come across before. The black finish provides a stylish use in most office and home setups while allowing simple maintenance.

With a premium technology, it delivers a fast process up to 93 labels in every minute. Also, this mechanism prints easy-peel pre-sized and rounded-corner labels, the printing can be done on film tapes and continuous length paper for signs and banners up to 3 ft. long. Another feature is you get to save a considerable amount of paper labels that help in creating labels for envelopes, packages, discs, file folders, postage, banners and more.

  • Auto cutter
  • Rounded corner labels
  • No ink use
  • Cost-effective label production
  • Quick and precise cuts
  • Inferior software

Our Verdict

This label maker has a simple user-interface to allow simple use for new and experts label makers. Featuring an advanced printing technology, it prints labels for envelopes, packages, discs, file folders and more. You write without using ink or toner because of convenient drop-in tape rolls.

#6. PC Connectable Label Maker

Brother P-touch PT1230PC, PC-Connectable Label Maker

  • By: Brother

The above label maker is among the inexpensive tools as compared to the others with the same price range. You can print elegant labels with speed and simplicity using a user-friendly design that gives you better label design with precision, secure and convenient printing. Operating this label creator is simple by plugging into your PC and start creating and formatting to your preference.

This device does not force its users to install software to operate. Immediately you turn it on, you can begin the creation process within minutes. Moreover, the premium keyboard lets you design your preferred label, review, and finally click the print option for professional output. For best performance, use the original TZe tapes to a maximum of 12mm.

  • Plug and play connection
  • Simple label design
  • Multiple lines of text printing
  • Flexible
  • Compatible with Windows
  • The AC adapter must be compatible for this device to work

Our Verdict

Do you know you can have a fast, easy and secure labeling? Yes, you can get with the above gadget boasting of a user-friendly design to enhance simple use. With a lightweight structure, it is simple to carry and store. The plug-and-play design offers seamless connectivity without software installation.

#5. PC Connectable Label Maker

Brother P-touch, PTD600VP, PC-Connectable Label Maker

  • By: Brother

Some label makers in the market use traditional systems that lack the modern features for simple operation. That is the opposite of the above unit with an advanced technology that allows PC and Mac connectivity for excellent design capability. If you do not have a nearby computer, you can use it as a stand-alone labeling tool to get the job done.

This gadget saves lots of time when creating professional labels to let you print up to 7 lines of text. Also, it supports extensive character printing up to 8 font sizes. The included 600 symbols, 99 frames, 14 fonts, and 11 styles allow personalized labeling for business, personal or asset management projects. It has a large memory that improves efficiency by saving up to 99 frequently used labels to give you quick and smooth printing.

  • PC-compatible
  • Easy label creation
  • Sturdy USB cable
  • Large keyboard keys
  • Superior editor label software
  • The design waste the label maker tape

Our Verdict

The P-touch label maker is suitable for businesses who want an easy and quick way to q create different professional and durable labels on the go or at the office. Comes with a durable carry case for safe storage and portability. Also, the AC adapter is well-made to offer maximum safety during a power outlet connection.

#4. Compact P-touch Label Maker

Brother P-touch Label Maker

  • By: Brother

Brother company has numerous products for home and office use including the above label maker. Featuring a compact structure, it is suitable for extended use without causing discomfort or hand fatigue. For a person with a bulk project that needs labeling can use this tool that has a quick type QWERTY professional keyboard. The keyboard allows versatile and fast labeling to save you time and effort.

You can add over 600 symbols, 99 frames, and also 14 fonts with seven sizes by using the one-touch keys. Comes with a durable AC adapter to connect to a power source, or if you prefer, you can use 6 AA batteries. With a white finish, it looks good in any setting while adding brightness and elegance at the same time.

  • Graphical display
  • Simple formatting and editing
  • Time-saving equipment
  • Durable labels
  • Lightweight
  • Uses too much tape on each label end

Our Verdict

The PT-D400AD label maker offers a comfortable and versatile performance. It has a compact structure for simple use, storage, and maintenance. You can label lots of things with natural ease because of its advanced design.

#3. Fast P-touch Best Label Maker

Brother P-touch Best Label Maker

  • By: Brother

The unit above from Brother is one of the best label maker that offers the most convenient and quickest top-loading tape style. Made of premium material it can withstand even the harshest operation to give you extended service. Also, its bold black finish provides simple maintenance and cleaning while complementing the existing home or office decor. Wipe off the cover with a soft damp cloth to extend its lifespan and appeal.

Featuring a large keyboard using the QWERTY-style format, it offers a quick tape loading for added convenience. You can format and edit label designs using the full color together and double-check with the high-resolution backlit display. Plus, you get better viewability at night or in dark-lit places with the bright screen.

  • PC-connectable
  • Bright color backlit
  • QWERTY-style keyboard
  • Comfortable typing
  • Automatic tape cutter
  • leaves a significant gap in between labels

Our Verdict

This accessory provided the quickest top-loading tape style. It lets you connect to a MAC or PC when you have additional formatting you want to make with quick access. The included AC adapter is compatible with this device to give you a safe operation. For a person who is on the go for outdoor projects, the use of batteries helps to power it for simple label making.

#2. Direct Thermal Label Printer For Home & Office

DYMO Label Printer For Home And Office

  • By: DYMO

Some label makers in the market focus on the aesthetics instead of performance. The DYMO product offers fast labeling while saving you tons of money and time. It uses a turbo labeling technology and superior printing to create up to 71 4-line address, file folder, name badges, barcode labels, plus more per minute. With a premium mechanism, it ensures there is little to zero paper waste because it prints with precise quantities.

The use of ink for all your printing is no longer a determinant. This handy device boasts of a direct thermal printing mechanism that eliminates the cost of toner and ink, making it a cost-effective label maker. Its versatile design is suitable for you at home and also in the office for labeling tasks such as barcode, name badges, and others. After labeling, you can have a better file organization to improve your performance and manageability. This is why this is one of the best label makers in the market.

  • Thermal printing technology
  • Easy to use
  • Quick labeling
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Versatile
  • Software needs improvement

Our Verdict

You do not have to spend too much money to get a customized label. The DYMO is suitable for home and office for all labeling tasks. Also, it is very lightweight to enhance simple use and storage. The modern construction allows simple customized label creation.

#1. Durable Label Maker With One-Touch Smart Keys

DYMO Label Maker With One-Touch Smart Keys

  • By: DYMO

DYMO is among the best label makers which offers a clean and durable label making. With its compact size, it is highly portable and easy to use for labeling just about anything. You can type text using the QWERTY keyboard. You can edit it using one-touch formatting keys and also print with perfect precision. This results in a professional output that is clean without lines or streaks. This unit lets you print custom labels with over 20 format texts and over 200 symbols plus clip art.

For the best service, use a high-quality label tape available in different colors. The battery is longlasting to give you prolonged performance and an automatic switch-off button. Additionally, its construction lets you format the text with italics, bold, underlining and more. This process is further enhanced with a large display that shows all the formatting and writing as it will appear on your expected label.

  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Quick formatting
  • Simple text editing
  • Extended battery life
  • Tape seal is not strong

Our Verdict

If you want a durable label maker that produces high-quality results, the above one works best. The printing process does not take much time by pressing the Print button after all the formatting to create a professional-looking label. It is compatible with the water-proof DYMO D1 labels to provide the right measurement for the project.

Tips For Choosing The Best Label Maker

Thermal Printing

Some label printers in the market still use traditional printing methods. They consume a lot of time, money and energy. If you want the best one, go for one that has a thermal printing mechanism. The main reason why most users prefer this over the old ones is that it uses no toner or ink. Did you know that a character does not have to be black? Yes, this is possible with the thermal mechanism that uses tapes that create red, white, gold, navy plus more text colors.

Operation Complexity

Complicated label makers can frustrate a user especially if it is the first time. Check out for the features and design that offers a user-friendly structure. Are the dials easy to press? Do they connect easily and perform the function without lags? All these are important for a person who plans to label objects frequently. Another thing is what the label device can imprint on. Some products only function on small-sized files. Still, others have advanced styles to create labels for envelopes, packages, discs, file folders, postage, banners and more.

Keyboard Design

Most label makers have a QWERTY-style keyboard that features different numbers, letters, and other special characters. The manual has one-touch shortcuts typically to frames, fonts, symbols, and many more to make printing simpler. Also, you can check the different console that has a variety of text and font styles. You can enjoy decorative and fun labeling at the comfort of your home, office or on the go. A person in the graphic design, business, and other industries can use a unit that can print icons, symbols, decorative borders, wire wraps, bar codes and also emojis.

Power Type

Does the printer use batteries or an AC adapter? This feature depends mostly on the user. If you feel recharging the batteries and replacing them is not a deal-breaker, you can go for one that is powered by them. Another user will prefer the use of an AC adapter over the cells because of the convenience of charging without worrying about battery draining. But remember that when there is a power blackout, or you are in transit, the battery-powered one is more convenient. Also, if you fail to use a label printer for long, the batteries lose their performance and power.


Most label printers nowadays come with an inbuilt memory that saves the frequently-used phrases or labels to prevent retyping each time you create a name. Some devices have a large memory that can store various labels without the need of deleting the previous ones you created.


For the best label makers, we have them in the above list. Pick one that suits your needs and work performance. You can create your customized labels by use of a user-friendly device. The label printer prints label on envelopes, packages, discs, file folders, postage, banners and more. Also, it is very inexpensive for most business owners to afford while getting better file organization.

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