The 10 Best LED Lanterns You Should Buy In 2021

Brighten up your space using the best LED lanterns. The market has different designs that help cut through the darkness on the dimmest and stormiest nights effortlessly. The following review has the best LED lanterns in 2021.

The Top 10 Best LED Lanterns

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#10. Classic Decorative Wall Lantern

Honeywell Decorative Wall Lantern

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  • By: Honeywell

This wall lantern produces a warm white color at 800 lumens. That makes it great as a decorative wall piece to improve the current ambiance. Not only that, but also the size is enough to create an interesting and contemporary feel to any place. This item weighs around 6.2 pounds and uses minimal space. You can carry and install it in seconds to suit a variety of locations.

In addition, this item includes a 2700K warmth with a lovely finish for added appeal. The glass lens is clear as the dusk to dawn operation operates automatically. You don’t have to continuously set it on and off for more convenience. Moreover, this gadget has a metallic body for long-lasting use and energy-efficient only using 8 watts.

  • Warm white color
  • Attractive design
  • Energy-efficient
  • Metallic body
  • Clear glass lens
  • Not dimmable


Honeywell produces a warm white color at 800 lumens ideal as a decorative wall piece. Also, the dusk to dawn operates automatically for easy use.

#9. LED Outdoor Wall Lantern

Altair 9 Led Outdoor Wall Lantern

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  • By: Altair

Altair is another best LED lantern ideal for outdoor use. It has a sturdy design that withstands extreme weather for long-lasting use. Not only that, but also the burnished bronze finish makes it stand out from the rest for extra shine. You can hang it around the patio and other places to liven up the location.

This item uses 11 watts, which makes it among the energy-effect models in the market. Now you can enjoy about 772 lumens in a stylish round glass shape. Plus, the adjustable settings lets you set the light to turn off at dawn and on at dusk. With an Energy Star approval, even mounting on wet locations is allowed.

  • Outdoor use
  • Burnished bronze finish
  • 11 watts power use
  • Adjustable settings
  • Energy Star
  • A lot warmer than other designs


If you want an LED lantern that’s perfect for the outdoor scenes, you’ve found it. Altair is made for outside use and produces 772 lumens of light. Besides, you can adjust the dawn and dusk settings to suit your lighting needs.

#8. Water Resistant LED Camping Lantern Flashlight

Energizer LED Camping Lantern Flashlight

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  • By: Energizer Lighting

ENERGIZER POWER: Energizer LED works with only three Energizer MAX D cells that provide maximum power. Note that the batteries are not included in the packaging. Besides, the advanced design delivers 500 lumens of bright light when set in high mode. It gives you brilliant visibility for different tasks such as night time camping, working around the house, or during blackouts. What’s more, the versatile modes let you switch between three light levels: night, low, and high by clicking the glow-in-the-dark dial.

Additionally, this top LED lantern runs up to approximately 650 hours when used in low mode. And for easy portability, the handheld structure is easy to carry to desired locations. Moreover, sturdy construction is virtually indestructible and water-resistant. It can even handle light splashes and drops without worrying about cracks.

  • Battery-operated
  • Brilliant visibility
  • Versatile lighting modes
  • Handheld
  • Quality construction
  • The lowest setting is too dim


This battery-powered lantern provides a maximum power of 500 lumens. It has enough brightness that’s perfect for nighttime camping, working around the house, or during blackouts. Also, the virtually indestructible structure has excellent water resistance.

#7. Vintage Style Decorative Lantern

zkee 11 Vintage Style Decorative Lantern

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  • By: zkee

Zkee is another best LED lantern with an innovative and stylish battery-saving design. Designed with 12 LEDs, it is much brighter and reliable than most versions. Not only that, but also you don’t need to use old candle lanterns when you have this unit. With a modern circuit board style, the light can run for 50 days when you use the Timer setting. You need to buy two AA batteries for it to function correctly.

Thanks to the flickering warm flame design, you can use it as a decorative indoor or outdoor decor. Plus, it works well for parties, weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. An added advantage is that this unit is a worry-free operation with an automatic system. It runs on for 4 hours and then turns off for excellent energy-efficiency.

  • Battery-saving
  • Bright and reliable
  • Circuit board style
  • Indoors/outdoors
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive


Zkee lantern has an innovative and stylish battery-saving design. It uses a modern circuit board style that lasts for 50 days. Plus, a flicker warm flame style is perfect for parties, weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

#6. LED Camping Lantern Flashlight With Handle

Rayovac Sportsman LED Camping Lantern Flashlight

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  • By: Rayovac

Fold this top LED lantern by Rayovac for secure storage. It occupies little space for you to carry in a compact location such as a bag. Also, it produces up to 300 lumens that come in handy to illuminate your workplace up to a 45-foot radius. Pick the nightlight, low or high lighting modes to suit your application and placement area.

Moreover, this item has passed the drop tests to handle falls to three feet. It also has shatterproof and shock-absorbent thanks to the rubber bezel. Plus, the material also adds a unique modern element for exciting appeal. We also like the versatile lighting system with a thick rubber handle for easy carrying. Not only that, but also you can hang this product to a secure location when camping or not in use.

  • Folds easily
  • Bright light
  • Multiple light settings
  • Easy hanging and carry
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Not rechargeable


This lantern folds easily for you to store quickly and safely. It produces 300 lumens to brighten your workspace or camping ground. Not only that, but also the rubber bezel has excellent shock absorbency.

#5. Water Resistant & Compact Lantern

AYL Starlight 700 - Water-Resistant

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  • By: AYL

If you want the best LED lantern that lasts over 100,000 hours, we have a solution. AYL uses four COB LED bulbs that output up to 1300 lumens. That means a crystal clear clarity suitable for emergencies, outages, hurricanes, camping, or hiking. In addition, this unit’s three D cells last up to 6 days ideal for a long weekend trip. With a lightweight and shockproof structure, you don’t have to worry about splashes and light showers. Also, you can set it up on your favorite outdoor or indoor spot to enhance the ambiance.

We also like the convenient hook at the base of this lamp for a quick setup. Choose one of the three lighting modes: flashing strobe, low or high, to fit your lighting needs. Not only that, but also the switching the settings is quick by using the switch button.

  • Over 100,000 hours
  • 1300 lumens
  • Battery-powered
  • Three lighting modes
  • Shockproof
  • Long process for shutting off the light


Enjoy over 100,000 hours of reliable lighting with this LED lantern. It uses four COB LED bulbs that output up to 1300 lumens. Besides, the three lighting modes: flashing strobe, low or high, suits most lighting needs.

#4. 30-Day Duro LED Portable Lantern

UST 30-Day Duro LED Portable 700 Lumen Lantern

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  • By: UST

UST is another great LED lantern that uses minimal placement space. It measures 7.2 inches tall x 3.75 inches wide for easy use. Not only that, but also carrying from one area to the other is comfortable thanks to the 1.1-pound weight. This lamp comes with four light modes, including SOS, low, medium, and high. For emergencies, just set the first level for quick solutions.

Furthermore, this item is powered by three D batteries to deliver a clear and bright light up to 700 lumens. Hang it from a secure object by using the convenient recessed hook on the base. And a removable globe comes in handy when using it as an area lamp.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Secure recessed hook
  • Easy to use
  • Bright light
  • Orange and titanium colors only


This lantern is compact and uses minimal placement space. Powered by three D batteries, it offers a clear and bright light.

#3. Brushed Nickel LED Camping Lantern

Enbrighten Brushed Nickel LED Camping Lantern

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  • By: Enbrighten

Customize your lighting with this best LED lantern by Enbrighten. It has three-level dimming that lets you change the brightness. Besides, a carabiner handle comes in handy to give you secure it to a fixed position. Preferably you can hang it to act as an overhead decorative light source. In addition, the textured grip prevents any slips or falls during portability as well as storage. Designed to offer 360-degrees of light, this accessory is perfect for spaces up to 60 feet. Use it at camping, during severe storms or power outages.

Producing up to 550 lumens, this lamp runs up to 200 hours to shine a dark or poorly-lit location. Note that the box does not come with the six D batteries for seamless operation. Additionally, this gadget is more reliable and energy-efficiency than the rest for indoor and outdoor applications. Built from impact-resistant material and IPX4 waterproof rating, this item is perfect for lighting a tent trail area.

  • Customizable lighting
  • For outdoors/indoors
  • Battery-powered
  • Waterproof
  • Impact-resistant
  • Could be sturdier


You can customize the brightness of this lantern thanks to the three-level dimming. It suits most people’s lighting needs, whether outdoors or indoors. Plus, a bright 550 lumens power is perfect for rooms up to 60 feet.

#2. LED Camping Lantern

Gold Armour LED Camping Lantern

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  • By: Gold Armour

Using the latest technology, this best LED lantern illuminates a larger area than most. Its Chip-On-Board COB LED system has a warmer color to eliminate that cold feeling in most areas. Not only that, but also it leaves a sleepless night more intact with little distractions. This unit provides 500 lumens, which is enough for outdoor use when camping, hiking, and much more. You can even use it for outages, storms, emergencies, hurricanes, and party events.

What’s more, the military-grade plastic is water-resistant for extra durability. That means safe and convenient use indoors or outdoors. We also like the advanced collapsible design to use small storage space when you push the ergonomic button. Not only that, but also its lightweight style frees your hand from carrying fatigue. Powered by alkaline batteries, it comes in handy in places with no direct electricity source. Gift it to friends, family, or close loved one who enjoys the outdoor scene.

  • Illuminates a large area
  • Warmer color
  • 500 lumens
  • outdoor/indoor
  • Battery-powered
  • The closure needs improvement


This lantern illuminates a larger place than most in the market. It is perfect for outages, storms, emergencies, hurricanes, and party events. Also, the military-grade plastic is water-resistant for extra durability.

#1. 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

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  • By: Vont

Equipped with 30 LEDs, this lantern is super bright to illuminate a large area. It cuts through the darkness on the dimmest and stormiest nights effortlessly. Not only that, but also its compact structure fits perfectly in most areas to change and beautify the setup. Besides, this lamp can be used in a room or tent to last 3X longer than the rest over 90 hours. With a collapsible structure, it increases and reduces the light as you expand or collapse this accessory. It fits an emergency kit or backpack for quick portability.

This lamp acts as a backup source for situations such as hurricanes and blackouts. Made from aircraft-grade materials, this unit is indestructible and waterproof. It can withstand a drop up to 10 feet and also temporary submersion in water. Another feature that makes it stand out is the stylish and superior look ideal as a camping or outdoor gift.

  • Super bright
  • Over 90 hours
  • Collapsible
  • Durable material
  • Stylish camping gift
  • Too bright for kids


This is a super bright lantern that cuts through the darkness on the dimmest and stormiest nights effortlessly. It is collapsible into a small structure, just like a phone to fit an emergency kit safely. Not only that but also the aircraft-grade material is sturdy and waterproof.

To Conclude

Cut through the darkness on the dimmest and stormiest nights with the best LED lantern. It comes in handy during storms, outages, camping, and other situations. Plus, the newer designs of the best LED lanterns can be used indoors or outdoors.

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