Top 10 Best Pancake Mixes of 2021 – Review

The pancakes in most cafes are tasty, but they can get quite costly for someone. You can prepare your flavorful batter ingredients to produce a fluffy result at the convenience of your home. No need to run to a breakfast outlet every moment you want a muffin, waffle, cookie, or even a pancake. The wide accessibility of pancake mixes in the market has made this possible. They come in different flavors, sizes, and ingredients. For most people, they prefer one that is gluten-free, while others don’t mind the fatty elements. Choosing the ideal one can get a bit tricky. No more need for that anymore. In this review, we have the best pancake mixes in 2021. Read through to get more information.

The Top 10 Best Pancake Mixes

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#1. Protein Pancake, Flapjack & Waffle Baking Mix

Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancake Power Cakes, Flapjack & Waffle Baking Mix

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  • By: Kodiak Cakes
  • Size: 20 Ounce
  • Flavor: Buttermilk

This is the best Pancake mix in this list. Kodiak Cakes are reknown for their healthy and tasty ingredients. After being featured in one popular show, it has become most people’s favorite mix. Not only because of popularity but because of the all-natural ingredients. You don’t have to worry about any health risks when you use this mix. It contains whole grains, higher protein level, oat flour, and more ingredients. You can add milk or eggs if you want more proteins in your pancakes. The pack of three guarantees tasty continuous batters in case one pack finishes.

For people who prefer fewer proteins in their cakes, pancakes and other pastry, just add water. The combination produces a soft and fluffy result with excellent aroma. No need to google for the most uncomplicated recipes online when you can follow the available directions.

  • Nice-looking packaging
  • Easy to mix
  • All-natural ingredients
  • 14g protein/ serving
  • A bit pricey

Our Verdict

No need to google for cake mixtures online which is time-consuming. The Kodak cake mix is ideal for people who want a quick batter mixing without lengthy processes. The ingredients can be used for all standard baking mixes to create a tasty result.

#2. Gluten Free Pancake Mix

King Arthur Flour Gluten Free 15-Ounce Pancake Mix

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  • By: King Arthur Flour
  • Size: 15 Ounce
  • Flavor: Gluten-Free

Having this best pancake mix can save you tons of money used to run to cafes and pastry shops. It produces gluten-free waffles and pancakes which have just the right fluffiness. You and your family will enjoy up to 4-inch pancakes that are delicious and appealing. The whole box is around 15 ounces and can make 16 large pancakes. That’s enough to cater for all your breakfast needs without running out of cake mix.

Fortified with calcium, iron, and vitamin B, rest assured you get the require strong elements in your system. There are no unfavorable chemical agents like artificial food coloring or flavorings. With a gluten-free certification by GFCO, you can use this cake mix with confidence. Because of these reasons, there is no doubt that this one should be in the list of best pancake mixes

  • Large weight
  • Gluten-free and healthy
  • Simple to follow directions
  • Lightweight
  • Makes different batter mixtures
  • Too crumbly

Our Verdict

With a gluten-free certification, King Arthur mix offers more delicious and fluffy pancakes. It is an award-winning mix because of its healthy ingredients. You can use non-continuously throughout the week because of considerable weight. The packaging looks good and offers simple handling.

#3. Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix

Stonewall Kitchen Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix

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  • By: Stonewall Kitchen
  • Size: 16 Ounces
  • Flavor: Wheat and buttermilk

There is no need for using the unhealthy cake mix that doesn’t indicate all their ingredients. The above product offers a buttermilk taste that feels smooth to the mouth. Made of natural ingredients including wheat, you get the much-needed nutrients in your body. You can use it any time of the day, especially for breakfast, dinner and even brunch to keep you going for the day. Thanks to clear directions, you can come up with simple recipes for dinner and midnight snacks.

  • Great with other accompaniments
  • Creates tasty waffles
  • Flavorful and sweet pancakes
  • Simple to mix
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

Did you know you can use a pancake mix to create other pastries? Yes, you can. Stonewall Kitchen mix is renown for its healthy and flavorful offerings. It is best for making pancakes and even waffles. Just mix in with water or if you prefer add eggs to add more protein in your batter. Jams and syrups work well with the pancake. Also, this product boasts of buttermilk presence for a smooth taste. Add blueberries to make the flavor much sweeter and flavorful.

#4. Farmhouse Pancake and Waffle Mix Pack

Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse Pancake and Waffle Mix

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  • By: Stonewall Kitchen
  • Size: 33 Ounce
  • Flavor: Vanilla

Stonewall Kitchen offers delicious jams, mixes, and other food products. With this pancake mix, it guarantees an easy to prepare procedure. Boasting of dried buttermilk and malted flour, it is among the top-rated products. You can add milk, melted butter, eggs, and water to enhance its taste. But remember, if you want extra toppings, maple syrup and blueberries are great alternatives.

It’s perfect for all occasions such as a brunch get together for people to indulge in tasty waffles and pancakes. Featuring two 33-ounce packagings, allows you to use one at a time for more efficient use.

  • Moist and flavorful waffles
  • Decent vanilla flavor
  • Cooks easily
  • Easy to prepare
  • Not that fluffy

Our Verdict

Most people love pancakes that have a hint of flavor in them. The above mix does not disappoint because it has a bit of vanilla flavor. The malted flour makes pancakes and waffles light and fluffy while creating a flavor aroma. Enjoy a quick fix any time of the day with easy to prepare directions to make pancakes, muffins, waffles, cookies plus more.

#5. Almond Flour Pancake & Waffle Mix

Simple Mills Almond Flour Mix, Pancake & Waffle, Naturally Gluten Free

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  • By: Simple Mills
  • Size: 10.7 Ounces
  • Flavor: Almond, Coconut

Having a healthy breakfast early in the morning is a good routine. The waffle mix above ensures you create your batter to keep you energetic throughout the day. It boasts of a blend of coconut sugar, coconut flour and almond flour that work well together to produce amazing flavors. The flavor stands out from the typical single-flavored pancake mixes. Use this product to create flavorful batters such as pancakes or waffles.

With a gluten-free certification, it lacks emulsifiers, dairy, soy, corn that affect digestion. Add a bit of oat to ensure you have enough healthy skin and protein. The lightweight design gives you simple pouring of the content into your favorite mixing bowl.

  • Multipurpose
  • Non-GMO
  • Zero emulsifiers
  • Healthy whole food ingredients
  • Coarse consistency

Our Verdict

There is a flour mix that doesn’t have the necessary nutrients. The Simple Mills pancake mix is suitable for use any time of the day. It has enough nutrients level with the use of whole food ingredients. Makes pancakes or waffles with an effortless preparation because of an easy to use packaging.

#6. Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Hungry Jack 7-Ounce Buttermilk Pancake Mix

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  • By: Hungry Jack
  • Size: 7 Ounce Pouches -12 Pack
  • Flavor: Buttermilk

Hungry Jack is a renown brand for making pancake mixes. It offers a nostalgic feeling because of its traditional taste flavors. With 7-ounce pouches quickly eliminates the need for dry ingredients measuring. This is quite great for a person who has limited time or prefers a straightforward mixing. No need for measuring tools and whatnot.

Preparation is simply a quick and enjoyment process. For a batch of pancake or waffle batter. Open one 7-ounce pouch, empty to a mixing bowl, add water and then mix. Follow the directions available on the packaging for best results. Also, you can play around with your ingredients to enhance different flavors. A pouch creates around a dozen average-sized pancakes.

  • Easy to prepare
  • Produces good pancakes
  • Tasty mix
  • Fluffy and sweet
  • Lacks smaller packaging

Our Verdict

Hungry Jack pancake mixes are not only a good source of calcium and iron but contain six vitamins to keep you satisfied. The one above has 7-ounce pouches to give a simple preparation. Also, among the many varieties of Hungry Jack flavors, including blueberry wheat, chocolate chip, holiday funfetti plus more, you get better nutritional value. No need to add egg or oil, add water.

#7. Aunt Jemima Pancake & Waffle Mix

Aunt Jemima Pancake & Waffle Mix, Original Complete, 50 Servings Box

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  • By: Quaker
  • Size: 80 Ounces
  • Flavor: Buttermilk and more

The Aunt Jemima brand is best known for breakfast related recipes. The most common ones being syrup and pancakes. This packaging features amazing ingredients that need a bit of water or other wet ingredients to create mouthwatering pancakes and waffles. Just follow the directions on the box and wait for great results with ideal moistness. The fluffy pancakes can act as a base for whipped cream, blueberries, bananas, or other accompaniments.

Although the packaging is not that great, it is full of delicious mix. You require only water to mix up the ingredients to produce a thick consistency. But note that the texture depends on the number of wet ingredients you put.

  • Good price
  • Large size
  • Nice texture and low fat
  • Creates delicious pancakes
  • Poor packaging design

Our Verdict

Most reviewers and users agree this pancake produces fluffy results as compared to other cake mixes. It is a good source of iron and calcium that are essential for a growing baby and adults. It makes up to 50 servings to take you a long way.

#8. Shake ‘n Pour Pancake Mix

Betty Crocker Bisquick Baking Mix, Shake 'n Pour Pancake Mix, Buttermilk

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  • By: Bisquick
  • Size: 10.6 ounces, 8 Pack
  • Flavor: Buttermilk

Making small or large-sized pancakes from any essential flour mix, it can get a bit lengthy in preparation. With this pancake mix, it offers a simple portioning with its bottle design. Now you can pour your preferred consistency after mixing water. No need of using batter spoons, ladles or even mixing bowl or measuring cups because of a modern batter application. Not only do you get a quicker preparation but also a messy-free working surface. Say goodbye to tiresome afterward cleanups.

The uniquely designed bottle enhances your mixing to offer a comfortable hand-hold action while pouring. All you need is syrup, butter, and a fork. Featuring eight 10.6-ounce bottles, allows efficient use to last a whole week or about two months of Sunday breakfasts.

  • Homemade taste
  • Creates a variety of recipes
  • Quick and easy cooking
  • Messy-free preparation
  • The leftover batter tends to thicken

Our Verdict

If you need fluffy buttermilk pancakes, you are at the right place. The Betty Crocker pancake mix offers a messy free preparation with its bottle design. This design stands out from the standard box packaging. It is easy to use and provides a homemade taste.

#9. Krusteaz Pancake Mix With Buttermilk

Krusteaz Pancake Mix, Buttermilk

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  • By: Continental Mills Baking
  • Size: 56 Ounces
  • Flavor: Buttermilk

Some people prefer using pancake mix because of their ingredients. When you use the Krusteaz mix, you not only get value for your money but a good source of calcium. It contains zero trans fat that works well for most people, especially those on a diet. Made of a blend of soft wheat flours ensures the waffles or pancakes come out light and fluffy. Adding a touch of creamy buttermilk enhances the taste to a notch of deliciousness.

This versatile mix works well for waffles, crepes, and other recipes. There are no restrictions on what you top up. You can add your favorite fruits such as bananas, or blueberries, syrups, whipped cream plus more to make breakfast a pleasant tasteful experience.

  • Versatile for different batter ingredients
  • Cost-effective
  • Large quantity
  • Easy to cook
  • Needs more flavoring

Our Verdict

Save all the money you spend at deli shops. This is a large-sized packaging that is suitable for a large-sized family. Prepare hearty breakfasts with natural preparations. Make beautiful crepes, waffles, cookies, quick, and more amazing recipes. Add water for simple cooking and ideal consistency.

#10. Classic Pannekoeken And German Pancake Mix

The Prepared Pantry Classic Pannekoeken And German Pancake Mix

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  • By: The Prepared Pantry
  • Size: 2 Pounds
  • Flavor: Buttermilk and Artificial Flavors

Bring closer German recipes to your home. This mix comes with directions for German pancake recipes that are easy to follow. Just add a bit of flavor with extra toppings such as blueberries, chocolate, syrup, oats, and more. For little kids, adding bananas and tasty fruits makes it an instant hit. Use a pannekoeken pan for best results. It turns the batter into beautifully browned pancakes.

The batter rises to around four inches boasting of moist and ideal fluffiness. You can prepare pancakes quicker as compared to the use of traditional mixing. It required dry and wet ingredients measurements that consumed a lot of time. For this one, mix with water or eggs plus milk, and you are good to go.

  • Fluffy and tasty
  • Easy to prepare
  • Simple German pancake recipes
  • Works well with fruits accompaniments
  • Needs more flavor

Our Verdict

Running to the nearby cafe to get an “okay” pancake should no longer be a priority. The above pancake mixture has healthy ingredients to produce a tasty waffle or pancake. Just add water, eggs, or milk to make more flavorful and full of proteins pancakes. The whole serving makes about nine nicely-browned 11-inch pancakes ideal for a large family.

What Do You Need To Create Delightful Pancakes From The Best Pancake Mixes?

Pancakes don’t just come out evenly cooked and good-looking. Some things involve the whole process. For instance, the amount of heat, the type of cookware, ingredients, and batter consistency. Let us look at the top things to consider to get you that delicious pancake or waffle.


A tool for producing evenly browned pancakes is the spatula. It offers straightforward and efficient cooking. Some users use a spoon, but it does not go all the way down for the perfect flip. Professional chefs are experienced eno8ugh to toss the pancakes into the air with ease. The suitable spatula should feature a thin edge for simple under the pancake access and flipping. This guarantees zero wrinklings or tearing of the pancake. For people who have a nonstick skillet or nonstick pan, they can use a rubber or silicone spatula.

Package Design

The wide variety of pancake mixes is packaged in boxes. But nowadays, you can find ones in bottles. The bottle design is more comfortable to use because it does not require mixing bowls, spoons, and measuring cups. What you need is the addition of water and shake until it reaches your preferred consistency. For the box packaging, they are easier to store and manage. Directly pour the mix amount into a bowl and mix away. The design depends on what makes you most comfortable.

Frying Pan

The primary kitchen tool is the type of cookware used for making pancakes. A low-quality pan will likely make the batter stick and produce unevenly cooked waffles. Also, it ruins the ingredients and gives you a laborious cleanup. The main rules for the ideal pan are wide enough, no hot spots and non-stick. Use or purchase a griddle, skillet, or container that has a non-stick coating. Most coatings are rust-proof and made of premium material. Some even don’t require oil to prepare meals and even better recipes. Always avoid pans that have sloped sides and use one with a heavy bottom.

Dry Ingredients

The raising agents play an essential role in the fluffiness factor. The main agents used in the baking soda and baking powder. Remember that the shelf life is between 6-12 months from the day you open it. In case you are unsure, add half a teaspoon of the baking soda or powder in 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar. For a fresh raising agent, it will fizz and bubble.

Wet Ingredients

The wet ingredients include water, milk, egg, and more. It all depends on your preferences. Note that all wet ingredients should always be at room temperature. Your pancakes become sultry every time you use cold, wet ingredients. Using buttermilk instead of plain milk provides a moist and fluffier pancake. And you can always create your buttermilk at home if you don’t have one at hand. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar into one cup of milk. Toss all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and stir using a spoon or whisk or until the lumps are gone. Don’t worry, if the batter is a little lumpy. If you over-mix it your mixture, your pancakes will come out thinner. For people who love smaller pancakes, add more water.

Art of Cooking

After all the preparation, cooking comes next. The significant factors that affect this process are heat temperature, timing, and cooking skills. First, test the first batch to gauge the heat temperature and adjust it to correct levels. Ensure the pan is not too hot to prevent pancake burning. Also, if it’s not up to the ideal hotness, your batter will smear. Sprinkle drops of water, and if they simmer, you can start cooking.

Flipping and Frying

Never flatten the pancake using the spatula for quicker cooking. Most people do not realize they cook faster but come out flat. Flip your pancakes when they start to bubble, and the bottoms are brown. Do not flip the more than once because it results in a tougher texture. All these tips are a great way to achieve the perfect pancake.

In Conclusion

If you know preparing a pancake from scratch is frustrating to you, there is a solution. The use of a pancake mixes. This mix has different ingredients and flavors to suit the user. There are some that have a vanilla flavor which is a fave to most users. Other feature chocolate chips to add a sweet taste. This mix does not deter you from adding your ingredients and accompanies. Kids prefer maple syrup, blueberries, and other fresh fruits. For other people, topping up with a whipping cream is just the best blend of taste. You can purchase a cake mixes from different online stores. But picking the best one can become hard. Simply read through the products above and select the best pancake mixes currently in the market. They produce tasty, moist, crispy and delicious pancakes plus another batter including waffles, crepes, muffins and more.

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