The 9 Best Popcorn Machines In 2021 – Review & Guides

When it comes to a healthy snack, homemade popcorn does come to mind. And if you are looking for the best popcorn machines, you can use this article as a reference. You decide on the quantity, oils, and kernels to use. Also, you won’t worry about having to dash to the store and leaving the comfort of your home. You may also be planning to start a popcorn making business. In recent years, the popularity of popcorn machines has risen.

This comes in a period where people are cautious about what they consume. You’ll find all kinds of popcorn makers in the market. They’ll come in all manner of design, capacity, speed, reliability, and much more. What may fit your needs may not be appropriate for another person. You want a unit that works fast, reliable, and is easy to maintain. If you are looking for the best popcorn machine on the market, you should find this review handy.

The Top 9 Best Popcorn Machines

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#9. Retro Style Popcorn Popper

Great Northern Popcorn Machine Pop Pup 2-1:2oz Retro Style Popcorn Popper

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  • By: Great Northern

This is a high-quality popcorn machine. It’s suitable for many situations and works pretty okay. The capacity of 2.5 ounces will handle a decent volume. It works fast and delivers quality and great looking popcorn. The accessory doesn’t take up too much space. It also operates silently and doesn’t create too much mess. This is due to closed design. Inserting the kernels is easy.

It comprises a stainless steel kettle which handles the heat well. Moreover, it doesn’t become stained easily. For easier stirring of the contents, you find a simple stirring system. The pull-out popcorn tray is well placed and also easy to operate. It’s a well-made machine and should last for a relatively long period. Moreover, it’s hygienically designed and easy to clean.

  • Easy to use and fast
  • Well built and versatile
  • Produces high quality and tasty popcorn
  • Works great and energy efficient
  • The capacity isn’t very large

Our Verdict

This is a nice popcorn making machine. It’s suitable for a small as well as a large number of users and is ideal for domestic and commercial use. We like the nice capacity which should be okay for most needs. It’s a well-made machine that should handle the use well. It’s a simple unit that is easy to use.

#8. Hot & Fresh Countertop Style Popcorn Popper Machine

Hot and Fresh Countertop Style Popcorn Popper Machine-Makes Approx. 3 Gallons…

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  • By: Superior Popcorn Company

If making great-tasting and looking popcorns what you desire, this machine will be perfect. This popcorn machine looks simple but does work well. This has stable styling for better handling and to minimize spillage. It handles a large volume and is ideal for most situations. It requires some assembly before use. This is nevertheless is simple and straight forward. The clear glass offers good views of the operations and the contents. Besides, it works relatively fast. You should have a decent volume of popcorns in a very short time.

It comprises Heavy-duty construction and is made from stainless steel. The powder coating helps to enhance the beauty and also prevents corrosion, fading, or rust. The deluxe model has a nice simple control for good operation and convenience. Besides, you get nice lighting for good illumination and a practical stirrer.

  • It pops kernels fast
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain
  • The unit is of high quality and durable
  • The capacity is good enough for most needs
  • The description isn’t the best

Our Verdict

You’ll find this popcorn making machine durable. It’s simple to use and comes with a nice volume. It’s not a heavy unit and carrying it around isn’t a problem. It heats upon fast and ensures that all the kernels pop. It’s an energy-efficient unit despite its fast operation.

#7. Hot Air Popcorn Maker With Measuring Cup

Popcorn Popper, Hot Air Popcorn Maker, 1200W Popcorn Machine with Measuring Cup

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  • By: Homdox

If you want the best service and good reliability, you should give this unit a thought. The Homdox popcorn popper is suited for domestics use and has a good capacity. It works fairly fast and you should be enjoying good popcorn in minutes. The accessory is easy to operate even for a beginner. It has a basic design and minimal controls. Despite the basic style, the popcorn it makes is tasty and good looking.

It comes ready to use and doesn’t take up lots of space. The heating is fairly fast and also evenly distributed. This ensures that the kernels pop nicely. You’ll find very few unpopped pieces. With this unit, you don’t need any oil. It’s also very easy to clean. The surfaces don’t get stained, greasy, or dirt easily.

  • Reliable and simple use
  • It heats up fast and works quickly
  • Has a decent volume
  • Suitable for any type of popcorn
  • It’s not ideal for demanding or commercial use

Our Verdict

This product is ideal for home use. It heats up fast and also is easy to use. The capacity is quite decent and should be okay for the entire family. The smooth nature improves the cleanup. It should last for a long time if handled as recommended.

#6. Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper Machine With Stirring Rod

West Bend 82505 Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper Machine with Stirring Rod...

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  • By: West Bend

If making excellent and nice-looking popcorn is what you want, this device will certainly be ideal. It looks easy yet very functional. It has a steady design for much better handling as well as to decrease spilling. This one manages a good quantity and is ideal for a lot of circumstances. And it needs some setting up before usage. This is, however, is straightforward and also simple. It functions reasonably fast and you ought to have a respectable quantity of snacks in minutes.

It is made sturdily and tough. This extends its durability and effectiveness. The powder coating aids in boosting the elegance as well as protects against rust, fading, or corrosion. The luxurious design has a wonderful, straightforward control. You also get lights for excellent lighting. Also included is simple yet practical stirrer.

  • Easy to use as well as quick
  • Well constructed and also flexible
  • Creates delicious popcorn
  • Functions well and conserves power
  • It does require some assembly

Our Verdict

This unit should be a good choice for many settings. It has a practical size and also works fairly fast. It’s lightweight but still strong. It will endure the use well and is also easy to use. Cleaning and maintaining the popcorn machine is also simple and easy.

#5. Vintage Professional Popcorn & Concession Cart

Nostalgia CCP610 Vintage New 10-Ounce Professional Popcorn & Concession Cart…

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  • By: Nostalgia

This is an excellent quality popcorn maker. It appropriates for lots of scenarios and functions quite well. The capacity will certainly take care of a good quantity while the quick functioning provides wonderful popcorns fast. The device does not occupy way too much room and also runs quietly. Putting the kernels inside the compartment is very easy.

It made of stainless steel which is easy to take care of. It does not end up being discolored and also doesn’t need harsh or frequent cleaning. For simpler mixing of the contents, you get a straightforward mixing system. The pull-out tray is well-positioned and simple to use. It’s well-made equipment and ought to last for a fairly extended period. It’s hygienically developed and also simple to clean.

  • High quality and affordable
  • Well made and durable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Produces a good volume fast
  • It’s a little large for domestic use

Our Verdict

This popcorn maker is reliable and long-lasting. It’s straightforward to use as well as features a good quantity. It’s not a heavy device and is portable. It warms up quick and also guarantees that all the kernels pop. It’s a reliable device and also consumes lesser energy than its alternatives.

#4. Roosevelt Antique Countertop Style Popcorn Popper Machine

6010 Great Northern Red 8oz Roosevelt Antique Countertop Style Popcorn Popper Machine

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  • By: Great Northern Popcorn Company

If you desire to make popcorn and speedy service, you need to think about this machine. The Great Northern popcorn machine is fit for domestics and commercial settings and is easy to use. It has an excellent ability and functions relatively quick .you will be delighting in excellent popcorn in minutes. The maker is simple to run even for a novice. It has a simple f layout and marginal controls. In spite of the standard design, the unit makes delicious and excellent looking popcorns.

It comes prepared for use and also does not take up a great deal of space. The heating is rather quick as well as uniformly dispersed. This makes certain that the snack stands out perfectly. You’ll discover very few unpopped kernels. With this system, you do not require to use lots of effort. It’s additionally extremely simple to clean and take care. The surface does not get tarnished, oily, or dusty quickly.

  • It cooks quite fast
  • Stylish and functional design
  • Doesn’t create any mess in the surrounding
  • Delivers a good volume of popcorn
  • It’s somewhat large for the home

Our Verdict

This is a wonderful popcorn making equipment. It’s appropriate for both home and commercial use. We like the capacity which should be all right for most demands. It’s a well-made maker that is also easy to manage. Using it is straightforward and very easy.

#3. Popcorn Machine With Movie Theater Style

Great Northern Popcorn Red Matinee Movie Theater Style 8 oz. Ounce …

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  • By: Great Northern Popcorn Company

This is top-quality equipment and is appropriates for several circumstances. It functions all right for most everyday needs. The capacity will certainly manage a suitable quantity. It works quickly and also delivers top quality and also fantastic looking popcorns. The device does not use up way too much space or power. It additionally runs calmly and also does not produce a mess. This is because of nice style which also makes putting the kernel inside simple.

It does not end up being tainted thanks to the stainless steel construction. Moreover, the smooth finish makes cleanup easier. For much easier mixing, it features an easy stirring unit. The pull-out snack tray is well put as well as very easy to use. It’s a well made and long-lasting and Thanks to the hygienic nature, cleaning is simple.

  • It’s trendy and very useful
  • Does not mess in the surrounding
  • Provides a great tasting popcorn
  • Easy to clean and take care of
  • It requires some minor assembly

Our Verdict

This item is appropriate for home use. The design and capability should be all right for a lot of requirements. It’s well-made equipment that will handle the usage well. It’s simple and basic which makes using easy. It’s relatively tough and should deliver durable service.

#2. Commercial Quality Popcorn Popper Machine

6210 Great Northern Pop Heaven Commercial Quality Popcorn Popper Machine, 12 Ounce

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  • By: Great Northern Popcorn Company

If you want quality popcorn, this machine is ideal. The 6210 Great Northern Pop Heaven machine is fit for domestic and commercial use and has great capability. It functions relatively fast and is also easy to operate. The device is also appropriate for a novice. It has a simple layout and makes delicious and nice-looking popcorn. It comes all set for use and does not take up lots of space. Also, it requires basic assembly which can be done by a novice.

The lid opens and closes easily for the better introduction of the kernels. Moreover, it has a good dimension which helps to prevent spillage and wastage. To guarantee that the popcorns are well cooked, it distributes the heating evenly. With this item, you get a simple and reliable popcorn machine. You also have more peace-of-mind since it comes from a reputable brand.

  • Simple and straightforward usage
  • It warms up quickly
  • Functions promptly
  • Has a respectable capacity
  • It’s not super heavy duty

Our Verdict

This item is perfect for many situations. You can use for self, you and your partner, or for the entire family. It warms up quick and is very easy to make use of. The capacity is fairly good and is also energy efficient. The smooth nature boosts the cleaning whereas the sturdy built extends its reliability and longevity.

#1. Bar Style Popcorn Machine Set

Olde Midway Bar Style Popcorn Machine Maker Popper with 8-Ounce Kettle - Black

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  • By: Olde Midway

If making fantastic snacks is what you want, this equipment will certainly be excellent. It looks simple, yet it does function well. It has a good design for better operation. This also lessens the possibility of spilling. It handles a big quantity and also is perfect for a lot of circumstances. It needs some setting up prior to usage, but this is easy. You get a clear glass for excellent viewing of the content and process.

Thanks to the speedy operation and efficacy, you’ll have a suitable quantity of snacks in a short time. It boasts of durable construction and also is stable. The powder finish aids in improving the charm as well as offer additional protection against rust, fading, or corrosion. The sleek and elegant finish improves cleanup whereas the illumination enhances the functionality.

  • Appropriate for many areas
  • It’s simple to clean
  • It’s of premium quality and resilient
  • The capacity is sufficient for most requirements
  • It looks a little dull

Our Verdict

This machine is sturdy and easy to use. It features a good size and capacity, and it’s not very heavy. It heats up fairly fast and will pop the kernels quite well. It’s a reliable unit and also energy efficient. Cleaning is also pretty straight forward.

The Best Popcorn Machine Buying Guide

Thanks to improving technology and rising competition, you’ll find different types of popcorn making machines. They’ve become more effective, efficient, and produce better results. Nonetheless, not every product is suitable. It may burn the popcorn, may have little capacity, or is not easy to maintain. The following are the things you need to look at when purchasing a product:


Before you buy a product, you first need to ascertain the right capacity. Is it for you and your spouse or for your very large family and friends? Is it for a movie theatre or commercial use? How much popcorn will you be preparing and how often? If it is for a small number so users, you don’t need a very large piece. However, if it’s for your family and occasional guests, you definitely need a larger unit. While a small unit may work, it will take up lots of time and effort. It will also increase the cost of power.


People want to be through making the popcorn in the shortest time possible. This is why they want the fastest unit. It will handle a decent volume and will ensure they kernels pop well. A good unit has variable heat to suit different situations. Too much heat will not only make the popcorns hard but may also burn them. A slow unit is equally not desirable.

Energy Efficiency

Popping the kernels doesn’t mean you need to sink deeper into the pocket to foot the bill. What you want is an apparatus that delivers top performance but doesn’t use too much energy. Finding the right pick is a matter of researching and comparing the available units. You need to look at the power rating (wattage), reading reviews, and talking to previous and current users. In the above review, however, we have focused only on the energy-efficient units.


A good unit will ensure that the popcorn is well made and also safe for human consumption. It will be made from safe materials which don’t contain any harmful or toxic compounds. BPA-free plastic, stainless steel is some good choices. In addition, it will have a seamless design which makes it harder for germs, oils, bacteria, and other harmful compounds to hide inside. It also makes cleaning easier.

Cleaning Ease

You don’t want to spend too much time cleaning and taking care of the popcorn making machine. With a good pick, it will be relatively easy and simple. It’s just a matter of using the hands or dishwasher, depending on the type. The surfaces, as stated earlier, will be smooth and won’t have any sharp corners, edges, or joints. In addition, it will be resistant to stains, dirt, dust, corrosion, rust, and other things. A good unit will maintain its elegant and hygienic nature for a long time.


The machines come with different prices. You’ll find very expensive models and also cheap models. Before starting the search, it pays to determine how much you are willing and comfortable to spend. This helps you from overspending, which very easy considering the many amazing units you have. You will find very affordable but still reliable pieces. For instance, the above units are of high quality and are decently priced.


It also pays to look at the manufacturer or source. Some companies have been in the scene for years and have been producing good products. Others are fairly new and haven’t been tested. It’s more likely that a product from a well-established company will serve you better than a startup. You’ll be able to read reviews about the products. Besides, their top-selling units will constantly feature in the best popcorn machine reviews. You should steer clear of a new product that doesn’t have any reviews.

NB: Consumers also look at the style, weight, color, and elegance.

In Conclusion

Making your own popcorn from home is a welcome idea. You get to choose the kernels, oils, and the right quantity. It also saves you the effort and time to visit a snack shop. You may also want to sell quality popcorn to people visiting the movie theatre. There are many good products that are readily available in the market. What may work for you or a particular situation may not be very ideal for another setting. It is essential you take some time to do some research and also compare the available pieces. The better approach is relying on credible product reviews. In this one, for example, we have looked at the best popcorn machines in the market. What remains is for you to pick your favorite one.

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