Top 10 Best Portable Car Heaters Reviews In 2020

In this article, we will list down the best portable car heaters. So if you are looking for one, you have come to the right article. Cars do come with heaters. This gadget creates warm air that really comes handy in the cold days. It also plays a role in defrosting windows and helping a wet interior dry up faster. However, the truth is that most types are not very fast. They will depend on the car’s engine. This means it has to get warmed up first. Also, the coverage won’t be very extensive. While the front passengers and driver will quickly feel the heat, the ones at the back seat won’t really get warmed up.

Turning it on full blast may solve the situation. However, it may get a little hot for the people at the front. As a solution to this, manufacturers have come up with portable car heaters. They work better and are also versatile. They will work with many vehicles and are easy to operate. In this review, we will look at the best portable car heaters in the market.

The Top 10 Best Portable Car Heaters

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#10. Portable Car Heater With Auto Heater Fan & Fast Heating Defrosts

Portable Car Heater, Auto Heater Fan, Car Defogger, Fast Heating Defrosts…

  • By: Beacon Pet

Heating your car shouldn’t be hard. You just need to use this portable heater. It runs via 12v Dc and will work with many come. It also comes in universal style and requires no modification. You simply plug the power end into the cigarette lighter socket. It will work right from the start. You don’t need to wait for the car to get warmed up. It’s a simple piece which is easy to operate. We also love the lightweight, which makes carrying it easy.

The small size and compact nature improve the portability. It blends well with the car interior and can be placed in many locations. It’s a powerful unit and is rated 150-watts. This is pretty good for such a small piece. It works flawlessly and will run for as long as you want. The 360-degree rotation allows you to heat different parts of the car well.

  • This is a practical car heater
  • It works great and has good coverage
  • The unit is made from strong materials and is also durable
  • It looks good and handles the use well.
  • The heat production and distributing is pretty good
  • It’s not designed for 24V vehicles

Our Verdict

This is a nice heater. It works with different models and is also very effective. The small size occupies minimal space; hence, you can also place it many places with no problem. This is because the style and color match the interior well. It also rotates 360 degrees for good heat distribution.

#9. 2-In-1 Portable Fast Heating Car Heater With Heating

Upgrade Car Heater, 2 in 1 Portable Fast Heating Car Heater with Heating …

  • By: drtulz

This automotive heater will keep the car interior warm in cold days. It saves you from relying on the engine’s heat. You, therefore, won’t need to wait for a long time. It’s very easy to install and the process takes a few seconds. One placed on the select location, it stays firm. The sturdy nature prevents it from falling or toppling over, especially when driving on rough terrain. We love the basic styling which improves usability and installation. Despite the small size, the heat generated is pretty decent. It’s a high-quality piece and handles the use well. It won’t get too hot or come apart easily. Moreover, the trendy design blends nicely with the car interior.

The tough polymer plastic is pretty hard and won’t melt or crack easily. It also doesn’t lose its shape or color even after long use. The unit has a holder that rotates 180 degrees. You can, therefore, direct the heat in many directions without having to remove the device.

  • Versatile design and very effective
  • Heats the surrounding quickly
  • Ideal for different car models
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Adjusting the range and heat delivery is easy
  • It’s not very powerful

Our Verdict

This heater will ensure you stay warm even on cold days. It’s a simple device and very easy to operate. It works fast and will have the interior warmed up in less than a minute. It installs easy and remains firm. In addition to warming up the interior, it also helps to cool it in the hot days.

#8. 2-In-1 Portable 30 Second Fast Heating Car Heater

Yuauy Red Car Heater Vehicle 2 in1 Portable 30 Second Fast Heating ….

  • By: Yuauy

This heater and defroster work well with many vehicles. It has good heat production and also maintains consistency. Like most pieces on this review, it’s powered by 12 volts dc. This means it should work with most vehicles. It’s smaller than most alternatives and this helps to conserve space. We also like the lighter weight and slimmer nature. This minimizes unnecessary clutter in the car. It’s rated 150 watts and generates decent heat.

Based on ceramic heater technology, it works pretty faster and also conserves the heat. This helps to keep the power usage and wastage low. The cool-to-touch surface prevents any burns while the sturdy design minimizes the likelihood of it falling or tipping ever. Setting it up takes less than a minute. It also will start producing heat in less than 60 seconds. The Professionally designed unit includes a 180°rotary holder. This allows you to direct the heat in different directions.

  • The heater works fast and is very effective
  • It is nice looking and matches the car interior well
  • It’s made from high-grade materials
  • The item delivers good heat and doesn’t feel hot
  • It’s energy-efficient and reliable
  • It’s not very effective in heating large vehicles

Our Verdict

This is among the easiest to install car heaters. Within a minute, it should be ready to install. It’s also one of the trendy pieces and should match the interior well. The heat production and distribution is good. This ensures the car’s interior will be warmed up in a short time.

#7. Portable Heating Fan Defroster With Cigarette Lighter Plug

WINOMO 150W Portable Heating Fan Defroster Demister with Cigarette Lighter Plug…

  • By: WINOMO

If you’re looking for a good mobile heater, this piece should be okay. We like its good looks, simplicity, and versatility. It’s also basic and well designed to spread the heat better. The professional style and sturdy construction handle the use well. It has decent coverage and calmly warms the surroundings. Nor is it power-hungry thanks to energy-efficient technology. It also has an easy-to-use style for simple installation.

It’s good for vehicle, travel, camping and more. It’s tough thanks to the hardwearing materials. The possibility of coming apart, breaking or warping is minimal. The high power unit is ideal for many types of vehicles. It has an excellent design for easier operation and is also easy to keep. The cable is long enough for a better reach to the cigarette lighter socket. Besides being a vehicle heater, it also acts as a defogger. The piece requires minimum maintenance and care.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Very practical and ergonomically styled
  • Well-made and high quality
  • Suitable for car, travel, camping and more
  • Heats up the surrounding fast and conveniently
  • The plug may feel a little hot after some time

Our Verdict

This is a lovely portable car heater. It’s perfect for use in a number of places. These include cars, camping, and travel. It operates fine in any of the conditions and is very simple to install and operate the unit. It’s made of sturdy materials and lasts a long time.

#6. Portable Car Cooling Fan With Fan Fast Heating Defrost

Portable Car Cooling Fan, Auto Electronic Heater Fan Fast Heating Defrost 12V 150W...


It shouldn’t be difficult to heat your vehicle. All you need to do is use this mobile heater. It’s going to run via 12v DC and operating it is easy. The universal styled piece does not require any additional accessories or modification. You just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket. It’s going to work right from the beginning which means that you don’t have to wait for the vehicle to get warm. The lightweight makes it simple to carry and it also takes up little space.

The size is small and this enhances portability. It matches well with the interior of the vehicle and can be put in a number of places. It’s a strong device with a power rating of 150 watts. It operates seamless and runs for as long periods. The rotating nature enables you to heat the vehicle more effectively while the surface stays cool even after long-running sessions.

  • The heater works great and has nice coverage
  • It’s made from strong materials
  • It looks elegant and modern
  • The unit handles the use well.
  • It produces good heat and distributes it evenly
  • It’s not designed for 24V vehicles

Our Verdict

This is a lovely heater and operates with a variety of vehicles. It’s also reliable and energy-efficient. The small size occupies a minimal room, so you can position many locations without any challenges. It also rotates within a wide-angle for a nice distribution of heat. The car heater will last for a long time and maintains its good performance.

#5. Portable Car Heater With Cigarette Plug

Keenso Portable Car Heater, Car Heater That Plugs Into Cigarette Lighter Car Defroster…

  • By: Keenso

This car heater will keep the interior of the vehicle warm in cold days. You don’t need to depend on the heat of the engine. You also won’t have to wait too long for it to work optimally. It’s very e to install and needs no specific tools. You simply plug it into the cigarette lighter socket. The strong built will handle the operations well. It also remains sturdy and won’t fall over easily. Thanks to the ergonomic design and the nice handle, handling the accessory is convenient.

The simple design boosts usability and convenient. And although it’s small, the heat produced is quite decent. It’s well built to put up with the use. Moreover, the device maintains optimum silence. The surface won’t get too hot even after continuous use or break down. In addition, the trendy design blends beautifully with the interior of the vehicle. The plastic is fairly tough and will not melt or crack easily. The holder which rotates 180 degrees allows you to vary the direction of the heat flow. You, therefore, don’t need to keep moving it.

  • Versatile and very reliable
  • Heats the interior fast
  • Easy and quick operation
  • Good range and even heat delivery
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • It’s not very powerful

Our Verdict

This heater will keep the car interior warm when it’s cold… It’s a straightforward tool and it’s very easy to run. It works quickly and the interior will be warmed up in less than a minute. It’s simple to install and it’s also very firm. In addition to heating up the interior, it also helps to cool it on warm days.

#4. Portable Ceramic Heater For Car Heating & Windshield Defroster

STYLOOC Newest Portable Car Defroster, Car Defogger, Car Heater, 12V Car Fan…

  • By: DEWIN

This heater is ideal for a lot of cars. It has a good output of heat and also retains consistency. Its runs via 12 volts dc power hence work with most of the cars in the market. To preserve space and improve handling, it comes in a compact style. The weight is also lighter and makes carrying it more convenient. The 300-watt device produces a good amount of heat and the dispersion is also amazing.

Relying on superior technology, it operates much quicker and also conserves heat. This helps to maintain energy and top performance. The surface remains cool-to – to-touch even after long operation. The sturdy structure is less likely to tip over while the lightweight boosts handling. It requires less than a minute to set it up and will also begin generating heat in a very short while. The 180 ° rotary holder enables you to direct the heat in a variety of ways.

  • The heater works fast
  • It is fast and energy-efficient
  • It’s elegant and easy to use
  • The item is made from quality and durable materials
  • Its delivers good heating
  • It’s not designed for large spaces

Our Verdict

This is one of the simplest vehicle heaters to install. It should be ready to use within a minute. It’s also one of the elegant items in the market and this enhances the interior as well. The distribution of heat is good and it runs quietly. The interior of the car will be warmed up in a short time.

#3. Portable Car Defroster, Car Defogger & Car Heater

STYLOOC Newest Portable Car Defroster, Car Defogger, Car Heater, 12V Car Fan…


This heater should be the perfect solution to the cold car interior. It’s designed to easily generate hot air and warms up the car. It’s also useful in other situations such as inside a camping tent. The unit comes in a basic design that makes using it easy. For installation, you simply find a good location and then plug the long cables into the cigarette lighter. You’ll also notice that the cable is thicker and longer than other types. This helps to deliver better performance. It also will reach the cigarette lighter point better.

The unit works with 12 v Dc car electrics. It runs silently but deliveries amazing performance. In fact, it takes just a minute to feel the warmth. The unit is also good defogger and can be placed next to the windshield or rear window. The heat isn’t damaging and is therefore safe for other car zones.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Comes in a simple yet practical design
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Long and thick copper cable
  • Quick heating and defrosting
  • The heat isn’t very high

Our Verdict

This portable car Heater is perfect for most needs. The first noticeable thing is the nice appearance which looks great in the vehicles. Another good thing is the compact nature which saves the space in the car. It doesn’t need any tools for installation and should work right from the box. The quality of construction is good and it also lasts a long time.

#2. Portable Car Heater & Fan

12V Portable Car Heater or Fan - Cooling Car Space & Fast Heating Defrost Defogger…


This heater offers fast heating. This allows you to beat the cold and enjoy the ride. It’s based on advanced ceramic technology, which is known for its fast performance and efficiency. It’s a small device which shouldn’t be very noticeable in the car. Nonetheless, it looks very trendy and will match the car’s interior. The accessory is made from heavy-duty abs plastic. It should, therefore, handle the heat, regular movements, use, bangs, abrasion, and more. It has a longer cable than most pieces in the review and market. You, therefore, won’t struggle to connect it to the cigarette lighter point.

The 3 outlets enhance the release of the hot air. It takes just 60 seconds to feel the heat. It’s a smooth-running device and will ensure the ambiance is also silent. To cater to varying needs, the unit comes with different adjustments. The unit is multifunctional. When you are not trying to beat the cold, it will come in handy to beat the heat. It’s also a powerful cooling device.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Suitable for most vehicles
  • Adjusting the setting is easy
  • The heat delivery is amazing
  • The gadget is made of youth materials
  • It may not work very well with very large vehicles

Our Verdict

This is definitely among the best portable car heaters you can get. Its works pretty well and will cover a large area. It generates heat within a minute and maintains good performance. It’s also a good cooling fan to beat the cold. We like the sturdy nature which offers more guarantees in regards to durability.

#1. Car Defogger, Defroster, Heater & Windshield Defroster

Car Defogger, Car Defroster, Car Heater, Windshield Defroster…


If you want a reliable portable heater, this piece should just be fine. We like how nice it looks as this enhances the surrounding. It’s also well designed to distribute the heat far and wider. The professional-looking style has better coverage and heats up the surrounding quietly. It’s also not power-hungry thanks to the energy-efficient technology and design. Moreover, it has a user-friendly styling for easy installation and operation.

The versatile nature suits it in many situations. These include car, travel, mobile home, camping, and much more. It’s tough courtesy of the durable ABS construction. Chances of it breaking or warping due to heat are very low. It has a great design for easier operation and is also simple to maintain. The high-quality cable provides a good reach to the powerpoint, which is the cigarette lighter socket. It will take approximately 30 seconds to feel a change. In addition to being a car heater, it also doubles as a defogger.

  • Easy to install and very practical
  • Well-made and durable
  • Ergonomic and comfortable hand-held design
  • Suitable for many situations including car, travel, and camping
  • Heats up the surrounding fast and conveniently
  • The plug may feel hot after some time

Our Verdict

This is a nice heater and defogger. It’s ideal for use in many locations. These include car, camping, and travel. It works okay in any of the circumstances. Installing and operating the device is very easy. We also love the silent and consistent performance.


You don’t have to depend on a slow heater to warm up on your car. You also don’t need to endure the cold because the existing one has broken down. What you need is a portable type. It is movable meaning you can move to from location to location. It’s also versatile and will work with any car. It’s all a matter of plugging it into the cigarette lighter socket and then turning it on. You’ll find many types of products in the market. However, all aren’t built the same. You’ll find outstanding ones and also some which aren’t good. They may heat a bit slowly, consume too much power, have poor coverage, or may not be easy to operate. In this review, we have looked at the best portable car heaters. All that you need to do is simply pick the one that you think is right for you.

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