Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players You Should Buy In 2021 — Products Review

Although very common, buying the best portable DVD players challenges many people. Yes, it may be advertised to be the best. But owners soon discover at isn’t what they were after. The picture clarity and quality may not be topnotch; it may start operating erratically or may have small control buttons. Also, the unit may be somewhat large for the target area or too small. It’s common to hear people complain about a device being bulky or heavy; being unable to play some format or producing poor audio. A device that isn’t ergonomically designed nor has poor appearance is also not appreciated.

To own one or a few good portable DVD players, you some knowledge and vital information. Also crucial is being ready to sacrifice dome time and effort looking around and comparing the available products. Smart shoppers, however, prefer the following trustworthy reviews. The reviewer will have done all the hard work. All that the potential commune will need to do is simply pick a product. In this one, for instance, we will look at the best portable DVD players in the current market.

The Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players

#10. Portable DVD Player With Rechargeable Battery

DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player with Rechargeable Battery, SD Card Slot…

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This DVD player may not have the largest screen. It measures 9.5 inches. Nevertheless, it does deliver quality pictures. The resolution is pretty high for its standard. This delivers large clear images. Moreover, the images are colorful and less affected by distortion or interference. The screen seems more tolerant of reflection, flicker, and glare. This possibly explains why it can be seen being used in outdoor settings. It swivels in different directions to cater to different needs. The sound quality is also good. It’s very clear, audible and doesn’t suffer from background noise interference.

Thanks to the lightweight, it’s easy to carry and move around with. We also like the slim profile and compact nature since it saves on space. The sleek style and black color enhance its appearance, which should match different decors well. It looks modern and also has an easy-to-clean/ wipe finish. The built-in battery will handle as many as 2 full movies with ease. It runs via a car charger, AC adapter, or rechargeable lithium battery.

  • Good picture and audio quality
  • Works great in many indoor and outdoor settings
  • Small, compact and also lightweight
  • Easy to operate and has a long-lasting battery
  • The picture and sound are less affected by interference, distortion or background noise
  • The screen display isn’t very large

Our Verdict

This DVD player should prove handy indoors and outdoors. It’s smaller than most options and also occupies lesser space. This is enhanced by the slimmer profile. Like other options in this review, it’s also lightweight and has a long-lasting battery. Operating it is very easy and it supports many power options.

#9. Professional 14.1 inch 7 Hours Portable DVD Player

2018 Upgraded DR. J Professional 14.1 inch 7 Hours Portable DVD Player…

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  • By: DR. J Professional

If a quality DVD player is what you want, you should consider this piece by DR. J Professional. One of its key attractions is the fairly large screen. Measuring 14.1 inches, it will relay larger pictures. This makes viewing even from far more convenient. You also have no problem even from a close range. This is courtesy of the high resolution. And as you know, larger screen is less likely to give you eye strain. It has a long-lasting battery than a can handle 3 or more movies.

It comes in a trendy style that works great with different surroundings. You also get a good viewing experience courtesy of the swiveling screen. Although it’s large, the light is pretty decent. It’s also compact and occupies minimal spaces. You can place it on a seat, bed, laps and other locations without any problem. The multifunctional piece plays a range of media including DVDs, VCDs, MP3, CDs, and JPEQ, among others.

  • Boasts of a powerful built-in speaker
  • The case/shell feels sturdy and high quality
  • It comes in a practical design
  • Mounting the piece is easy and straight forward
  • It’s multifunctional and works with many media and formats
  • It’s somewhat heavier than some options

Our Verdict

You’ll most certainly enjoy watching videos by yourself, with your spouse, or family and friends. The screen is larger than most of its competition. This means larger images. It also has a loud volume which can be heard from some distance. Better than some of the portable DVD players, the resolution is high and the images are clear. We also give it a nod for the color and brightness.

#8. Portable DVD Player With 270° Swivel Screen & TV Games Console

10.1 Portable DVD Player, SHOP DVD Player 270° Swivel Screen, TV Games Console

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  • By: KSHOP

When traveling or at your vacation home, or office, you shouldn’t allow boredom to ruin your mood or day. With a portable DVD player, you get to enjoy watching movies. It doesn’t matter if it’s out in the park or wild. There is no problem even if there is no power. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for many hours. The KSHOP DVD player is a nice piece and is among the lightweight in regards to weight. Moving around with it should, therefore, be easy.

We like the high resolution which delivers great picture quality. And since its less susceptible to glare and reflection, you will enjoy the viewing even on bright sunny days. The screen also swivels for viewing from most angles, whereas the flipping nature improves the carrying and storage. Using it in a wet environment such as along the poolside, bathroom, or the beach isn’t an issue courtesy of the waterproof nature.

  • Easy to operate and decent styling
  • The screen has practical size an also is very clear
  • It is useful both indoors and outdoors
  • The unit relays quality images
  • The sound is quite decent and less susceptible to interference
  • The built-in battery isn’t the most long-lasting in the category

Our Verdict

With this DVD player, you or another user will have some nice experience. It works with most DVDs thanks to the multiple format support. The picture/ image quality is also good. We give it a nod for the clear sound as well as the compact and lightweight.

#7. Kid Portable DVD Player With 9-inch Swivel Screen…

WONNIE 10.7 Kids Portable DVD Player with 9-inch Swivel Screen…

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  • By: WONNIE

Watching movies alone, with your spouse, family, and friends is most enjoyable with this DVD player. The Wonnie unit has a nice screen display of 10.7 inches. This gives you a better viewing experience than smaller sizes. It’s a good pick for the home, vacation home, office, hotel, travel, caravan and much more. We love the lightweight which makes carrying it easy, even for long distances. It also has a smaller footprint than most of its rivals. This means it will occupy minimal spaces. The unit fits nicely on the lap, desk, table, countertop, bed, and many other places. It comes with a high resolution for good images.

The swiveling design, together with the anti-reflective nature offers you or another user a good viewing even at odd angles. And to play other media content, you also get SD/USB slots. When fully charged the DVD player will play two full movies. It has good resistance to vibration, shock, and impact. This minimizes shaking, freezing, or wavering screen.

  • Comes in a nice trendy design and vibrant blue color
  • The screen is large for good viewing
  • The sound and picture quality are good
  • The screen can rotate and also flip in different directions
  • It features high-quality built-in speakers
  • The volume of the sound isn’t very high

Our Verdict

This is a DVD player that’s worth purchasing. It’s compact and requires minimal space. Nonetheless, the screen size is large enough for most applications. It also swivels in different angles to make viewing from different positions easy. Also, likable is the lightweight, trendy color and nice picture and audio.

#6. Portable DVD Player With Swivel Screen & USB / SD Slot

WONNIE 7.5 Inch Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen, USB : SD Slot...

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  • By: WONNIE

The Wonnie DVD player brings together the best experience and versatility. It combines reliability, elegance, and portability. The unit ranks among the lightweight pieces and has a user-friendly styling. This, together with the basic nature, makes using it easy and convenient. It has a screen measuring 7.5-inches and should be good for most requirements. The swiveling screen offers a better viewing experience where the non-reflective nature suits it for outdoor use.

Just like other portable DVD players, this plays DVDs with ease since it supports most of the formats in the market. This ensures the sound and picture quality are good. The accessory is sturdily built to handle everyday use, vibration, shock, bangs, environments factors, impact, and more. Under good care, the portable DVD player will give you trouble-free service and will also last for several years. The built-in battery keeps the charge for many hours and also recharges fairly fast.

  • The screen has a large size and also swivels for better viewing
  • The resolution and picture quality is good
  • The battery recharges fast and provides power for many hours
  • It supports many formats
  • The unit is sturdily built and durable
  • The screen display isn’t very large

Our Verdict

Watching a movie while in the red, at home, office and other locations are made easier by this portable DVD player. It’s small enough to fit inside a bag, back bag, and other places. We also love its lightweight and slim design which makes handling it much easier.

#5. Portable DVD Player With Rechargeable Battery

TENKER 9.5 Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen, Rechargeable Battery…

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  • By: TENKER

Watching movies from indoors or outdoors is more convenient with this DVD player. Coming from a respected brand, you are assured of reliability, quality, and durability. It’s lightweight, like most top-selling units, and is also very compact. You won’t struggle to carry it around. It comprises a fairly large screen to give a good viewing experience. Moreover, the unit supports a high resolution which enhances the picture quality. Watching it from far or close won’t cause any eye strain.

The easy swiveling screen allows you to vary the angle while the flipping nature enhances the portability and security. It works via a car charger as well as an adapter. And like other portable DVD players in the list, it’s compatible with many formats and media. It features a USB and SD card slot.

  • Good viewing angles
  • Handles reflections and glare well
  • It is lightweight and very portable
  • Boosts of a long-lasting battery
  • It’s less affected by background noise and glare
  • The unit may feel a little warm after extended use

Our Verdict

We like this portable DVD player for its versatility and reliability. It supports many formats and Media. This allows you to play many types of DVDs, VCDs, CDs and much more. It runs flawlessly and has a long-lasting battery.

#4. Portable DVD Player With Game Joystick & Swivel HD Screen

COOAU Portable DVD Player 11.5 with Game Joystick, Swivel HD Screen…

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  • By: COOAU

This is a nice-looking and stylish portable DVD player you’ll get in the market. It’s also very portable for easy transportation. You can watch movies in many places at your convenience. This includes in the car, home, caravan, at the park, vacation house, while traveling and many other places. It’s also a compact piece and takes the minimal room. You can place it on your lap and won’t feel too tired or inconvenienced. It also boasts of a firm base to ensure it doesn’t over or vibrate.

The swiveling screen offered decent viewing angles whereas the powerful rechargeable battery delivers as many as 5 hours of continuous watching. You also get 180 retro games for added fun. Like other top choices, it is compatible with many formats and media. These include DVDs, VCDs, AVI, CDs, MP3, RMVB, JPEG and much more. We love the color which goes well with many decors.

  • Has a high resolution for quality and clear images
  • The rotation screen offers good viewing at different angles
  • It comes in a compact and versatile design
  • Suitable for many locations including the car, bed, park, travel, hotel, and caravan
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • The surface does feel a little warm after expended use

Our Verdict

This DVD player is perfect for many applications. These include the home, caravan, travel, and the office. The simple design and color blend well with the surrounding. It also has a firm base for minimizing movement. The image/picture and sound quality are quite impressive. The battery lasts a long time to allow you to watch several full movies.

#3. Portable DVD Player With 5-Hour Rechargeable Battery

DBPOWER 12 Portable DVD Player with 5-Hour Rechargeable Battery, 10 Swivel

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Traveling with the kids doesn’t have to be a noisy or boring affair. You also shouldn’t lose concentration as you try to control them. With the DBPWER DVD player, they’ll be kept busy watching movies while on the road trip. It’s also a handy device to have around during the camping, fishing, hunting, and other expeditions. We like the nice design that works great for everyday use. It’s also compact and requires little space. Moreover, the lightweight allows the user to conveniently place it in the laps, seat, bed, table, and other places.

The screen size is 10 inches and reduces eye strain. Besides the high resolution enables it to relay clear and sharp images. It also enjoys positive reviews in regards to long-lasting battery, easy operation, and responsive control buttons. Moreover, it works with most formats and media in the market. These include DVDs, VCDs, CDs, AVI, VOB, WMI JPEG, WOV, and XVID.

  • Comes in a nice looking and trendy style
  • Can play many DVD, Scand CD formats
  • The screen size and resolution is good
  • It’s made from high-grade and durable materials
  • The versatile piece is suitable for many situations
  • The screen size isn’t the largest in the market

Our Verdict

Watching movies, whether DVD, VCD, or Cd, is made easier with this DVD player. It is compact and boasts of a practical 10-inch screen. The picture and audio are also good. They can be heard from a good range and are less prone to flicker, distortion, and interference. The built-in battery also provides power for a long period.

#2. Portable DVD Player With HD Swivel Screen & Rechargeable Battery

DR. J 11.5 Portable DVD Player with HD 9.5 Swivel Screen, Rechargeable Battery…

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  • By: DR. J Professional

This is a good DVD player that should prove handy in many situations. You can use it at home, office, in the car, mobile home, caravan, and many other places. The unit is very portable thanks to the compact nature and lightweight. In fits nicely in many places and doesn’t take up lots of space. You also won’t have any problem carrying it around. It looks sleek and trendy to blend in nicely with most surroundings.

Thanks to the swiveling screen, you get a good viewing angle. It also experiences minimal glare and reflections. This makes it suitable even in the outdoors or in brightly-lit situations. Many consumers say it has a long-lasting battery that should last several hours. Better than some of the portable DVD players in the market, for this one, a single charge is good enough for several full DVD movies. Besides, it’s versatile and operates with a car charger or battery adapter.

  • Very lightweight and also compact
  • Easy to use and supports many DVD formats
  • It is more tolerant of glare and reflections
  • The battery lasts for a long time
  • The screen swivels/ rotates easily for better viewing
  • It’s built from sturdy materials and endures shock, regular use, impact, and vibrations
  • The screen isn’t the largest in its range

Our Verdict

This is a nice DVD player. It’s small and compact and this saves space. It’s suitable for the car, mobile home, caravan, office, home, and many other places. Using it is pretty simple thanks to the basic nature. We also love the nice swivel/ rotating screen.

#1. Portable DVD Player With Large Swivel Screen & Rechargeable Battery

DBPOWER 17.9 Portable DVD Player with 15.6 Large Swivel Screen, Rechargeable Battery

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This portable DVD player from DBPOWER has one of the largest screens in the market. Measuring 15.6 inches, it will relay larger and clearer images. You don’t need to be too close to the unit. Nevertheless, even if you are close to it, the pictures sill remains clear. This owes it the high resolution and good contrast ratio. The unit comes in an easy-swivel design. This allows the user to watch movies from many different angles. The display isn’t affected much by glare or reflection a lot. You can, therefore, watch the movies even when outdoors.

It feels very solid thanks to the tough materials. The base is also firm to ensure the unit remains put. And although it’s large, the weight feels very manageable. It won’t make your laps/ thighs too tired. You can also place it on countertops, the car seat, desk, and other places well. The rechargeable battery will give you many hours of viewing and also doesn’t run too hot.

  • Comes with a large viewing screen
  • It features a long-lasting battery charge
  • The images and sound are very clear
  • It works great in many locations
  • The unit is well built and handles the use well
  • It’s a relatively large piece

Our Verdict

We love this item because of the better viewing experience. The screen is large and also relays bigger and clearer images. The audio is also of high quality and less affected by background noise. It will run for a long period before the battery runs out of charge.


Owning one or few good portable DVD players may appear easy on paper. However, in reality, it’s not. Walking into a retail outlet or ordering online is all you need to make purchases. Nevertheless, it may prove to be unreliable. The sound may be crappy, the picture quality not very desirable, or it may be a little heavy or bulky to carry around. You also don’t want to keep cursing because it fails to work with certain formats or seems to use lots of energy.

This review has listed the best portable DVD players in the market. We paid lots of attention to market perception, reliability, picture clarity, sound quality, versatility, user-friendliness, reliability, energy efficiency, and durability. Also notable was the size, weight, design, appearance, smooth operation, and affordability. Any of the featured pieces should be perfect for your needs. They also make exceptional gift items for a loved one or friend.

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