Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers — Reviews In 2020

Stop running to the stores when you need a bag of ice. The use of an ice cube machine is more convenient, reliable, and energy-efficient. It comes in small or large, but for a camper, traveler, or someone living in a small house, the compact design is ideal. In this review, we have the best portable ice maker in 2020.

The Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers

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#10. Compact Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC108-SILVER Ice Maker


An ice maker does not take too much space if you want one for travel and small spaces. The above one works well on a tabletop, table or desk, thanks to its low profile. It fits a camper, RV, dorm, and apartment easily than the bulkier ones. With a fast process, it makes bullets in 6 minutes up to 26 pounds. Another feature is a modern structure with a see-through for easy viewing of the process and water level. You don’t have to open the lid every time you make cubes. It has a neutral color that blends in well in most places, whether indoors or outdoors.

The above accessory is easy to start and stop without the need for lengthy installations. Use the provided ice shovel to scoop up the cubes suitable for guests and parties. Preferably, you can add into a smoothie, milkshake, seafood or chill a beer during the summer. This product is extremely quiet and operates at a sound level of 38 decibels. No occupants in the house, including a sleeping baby, will get disturbed.

  • Tabletop-friendly
  • Modern design
  • Versatile construction
  • See-through window
  • Convenient drain plug
  • The ice starts melting when the bin is full

Our Verdict

Frigidaire ice maker uses small space, making it perfect on a tabletop, countertop, or desk. Carry it for all your travels, beach parties, and camping trips as you enjoy a chilly drink after a long hot day. The clear window lets you monitor the ice making process quickly and conveniently without opening the lid.

#9. 26-Pound Portable Ice Maker

Igloo ICEB26RR 26-Pound Portable Ice Maker

  • By: Igloo

Igloo ice machine gives you better convenience to get soft ice cubes at the comfort of your home. Boasting of a compact profile, you can carry it to and from a different place with ease. There is no need to use large storage areas which take too much effort and room. It comes in an elegant red finish that brings out a retro and yet simple feel in any environment such as a kitchen, dorm room, and more sites. The color also stands out from other portable ice makers to coordinate with an existing style.

If you have a loved one living in a hot area, this is a thoughtful gift to ensure they get a chilly drink anytime. It has a 3-quart water tank that is suitable to create 26 pounds of ice within 24 hours. This amount is enough to keep seafood, drinks, and veggies cold all day. The ice basket is constructed from premium materials to store 2 pounds of bullets at a time. Use the quick-freezing feature to create 9 cylinder-shaped cubes under 7 minutes.

  • Convenient ice making
  • 3-quart water tank
  • Quick freezing ice
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Removable ice bin
  • Makes soft ice

Our Verdict

Igloo does not play around when it comes to making soft ice cubes. It has a small design to improve carrying, lifting, storage, and operation. Its red finish adds beauty in a place while coordinating with the current style. This item makes 9 cylinder-shaped cubes in under 7 minutes with the quick-freezing feature.

#8. Compact & Portable Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC101-BLACK Portable Ice Maker


If you see the Frigidaire logo, you know you are getting quality. This product above is known to be among the best portable ice makers on the market. This black ice maker comes in a variety of color choices, including copper and silver. It lets you pick the tone that makes your space more lively and exciting. The black tone works well with a variety of indoor and outdoor appliances such as tables, cutlery, wall painting, and much more. It requires 24 hours to produces a-26 pound ice cubes to prevent running to the store and to buy a bag of ice. Use the LED control panel to pick a setting that favors the results you want as you select an ice cube size.

No installation requires to operate this equipment. Plug into a wall outlet, add water, and wait to a maximum of 15 minutes to enjoy a refreshing drink with ice cubes. Its flawless design offers a dependable and consistent ice production better than the larger ones. Carry it to the beach, camping site, for fishing trips and other outdoor travels to never drink a warm drink again. Also, it takes the least space suitable for small areas.

  • It has a variety of colors
  • Makes 26 pounds of cubes
  • Simple to use
  • Compact and reliable
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • For a huge chunk of ice, it requires more than a few hours

Our Verdict

The Frigidaire ice maker has a black finish to improve the existing decor. You can pick the copper or silver tones to complement your style needs. It makes 26 pounds of bullets in a day to ensures you never run out of ice when need be. No more going to the stores to purchase a bag of ice cubes hence saves you time and money.

#7. Portable Ice Maker With Indicator Lights

YONGTONG Portable Ice Maker


Unlike the other ice maker machines that offer only one size option, this one has two selections, small and large. The compact ones fit easily in a water bottle opening while the bigger is best for mixed drinks, first aid and also chilling beers. Now, you have no excuse for drinking warm sodas or juices during a gathering, get-together, BBQ, summer party, and even at home. With a free shovel, scoop out the cubes onto a suitable place before they start melting. It has an integrated compressor that uses low energy to deliver bullet sized ice cubes quietly.

With an auto shut off feature, it stops producing ice as the indicator lights show you when the basket is full. No more guesswork or overloading due to these safety functions. Remove the bucket to allow space for more ice production hence a straightforward operation. Measuring 13.8 x 12.6 x 9.6 inches, this equipment is small and enhances portability. It does not use a water hookup or pipe to fill the needed amount of water.

  • Compact and portable
  • Selectable ice cube
  • Free ice scoop
  • Removable tray
  • Auto shut off
  • The larger ice cube size is smaller than from other brands

Our Verdict

Pick the suitable ice cube size that meets your needs with this machine. It offers 2 options ideal for water bottle opening, chilling drinks, and much more. Use the free ice scoop to remove the cubes easily, efficiently, and quality. This item comes with a removable ice bin perfect for any kitchen tabletop, counter or bar table.

#6. Portable Ice Maker Machine For Countertop

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

  • By: hOmeLabs

If you love chewable and delicious ice cubes, then this is the best portable ice maker for you. Homelabs creates bullet-shaped ice up to 26 pounds in a day or 1.5 pounds in 8 minutes. Not only to give you a refreshing drink when need be but also saves you the time you could have utilized to drive to the stores. It integrated water reservoir has a 2-liter capacity, enough to create multiple cubes. With a dimension of 9. 5 x 12. 9 x 14 inches, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor sites such as kitchen, backyard, RV, apartment and beach parties.

Equipped with a powerful compressor, it uses low power to cool, hence an energy-efficient product. The design is tiny to fit on a countertop, tabletop, desk, or bar without causing any distractions. We love the smart structure that includes a water tank below the ice bin, which reuses the previous water from melted bullets to make new ones. Plus, the warning lights alert you when the basket is full, or the water level is low.

  • Smart and reliable design
  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with a quality basket and scoop
  • Simple to operate
  • Affordable and portable
  • A little loud

Our Verdict

This ice maker makes chewable and delicious cubes suitable for drinks and other beverages. It creates 1.5 pounds of bullets in 8 minutes or 26 pounds for 24 hours. The included ice shovel and basket ensure you have all the tools to make the process a breeze. No installation is needed to operate this machine by filling with water, plugging in, and waiting for the time to elapse. Pick the settings from the intuitive control panel.

#5. Portable Ice Maker Machine

IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

  • By: IKICH

Ikich ice maker is more energy-efficient and affordable enclosed in a compact structure. With a low noise level, low consumption, and fast cooling, it delivers a high-quality output perfect for continuous operation. Its powerful compressor plus a premium copper aluminum condenser together with 21g R600a refrigerant all work together take your entertainment to the next level. It operates under 45dB and measures 8.7 x 12.3 x 12.6 inches to take up small spaces like RV, dorm rooms, apartments, and studio houses. The size fits countertops perfectly when you want to make ice cubes on an elevated platform.

With safety features like the indicator lights, it eliminates guesswork when you want to know the water level. Also, it alerts you when the ice bucket is full. This item has a drain plug and an outlet at the base for easy emptying of the remaining water. No plumbing or installation necessary to get you ice bullets for a chilly drink such as smoothies, and much more. Pick the small size option that does not melt easily suitable for water bottle openings, first aid, or food.

  • Large or small sizes
  • Smart indicator
  • Intelligent ice maker
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet and durable
  • Smaller than other brands

Our Verdict

Say goodbye to ice makers that consume a lot of power even while making 2 cups of ice cubes. Go for this one from Ikich which has a low energy consumption and produces less than 4dB. Its compact size is ideal for small places like RV, dorm rooms, camping sites, and even studio rooms.

#4. Portable Digital Ice Maker


  • By: Arctic-Pro

Some ice cube makers have hard to understand dials, making it difficult to operate for newbies. The one above is suitable for beginners and experts with its digital screen. It has a simple control panel to let you choose the intelligent functions quickly when making ice cubes. You can pick the size from the smallest, 0.75 x 0.735 inches or the largest measuring 1 x 0.75 inches. For best results, set the timer to help control the cleaning features. The overall design is stylish and can be an excellent gift for someone who loves cold drinks with ice. Also, you can give to professional travelers to make hot days more bearable.

Artic-Pro machine comes with a viewing lid window for simple monitoring while the intelligent sensors prevent the bullets from overflowing. The whole process results in an outstanding performance for you to enjoy a chilly drink anytime. A bonus functionality is a scoop and a removable tray to improve convenient ice transfer to your visitors perfect for poll parties, offices, home bars, and tailgating. We take note of the simple construction that is easy to use. Fill with water, press the power on button, and set the time.

  • Easy to use
  • Beginner-friendly design
  • 2 ice cube size options
  • Perfect gift
  • Convenient scoop
  • The tray fills up quickly

Our Verdict

With a digital screen, these ice makers simple to use as you pick the intelligent functions. You can also choose the smallest or largest ice cube size to meets your needs. It is compact and lightweight for simple carry to places such as pool parties, tailgating, offices, home bars, and much more.

#3. Electronic Portable Ice Maker

Colzer Electronic Portable Ice Maker

  • By: COLZER

Measuring 12.2 x 9.1 x 12.4 inches, this ice maker is highly portable to give you a smooth carry. In term of portability, it’s the best portable ice maker. It weighs around 16.5 pounds perfect for transporting to multiple places such as gatherings, parties, kitchen, KTV, boat, or RV. Producing 9 ice bullets between 7-15 minutes or 26 pounds per day, you can add them to your favorite drink, including juice, smoothies, seafood, ice cream, or chill your beers. Boasting of a 1.8l ice basket, it accommodates more consistent than other compact ice makers. Scoop out the ice cubes with the provided scoop for added convenience.

We like the powerful integrated compressor which delivers quality output in a noiseless action. No more worries about disturbing the people around every time you want to create ice bullets at home. With thick insulation, it helps heat effectively without losing any energy as the DC fan prevents overheating. This accessory has a modern structure for you to operate without any installations. Fill the reservoir with enough water, plug into an outlet, and wait for the ice cubes to form. Monitor through the transparent window of the water and ice level.

  • Fast and quiet
  • Compact and portable
  • Power-off protection
  • Modern design
  • Simple to use
  • Bullets are wet

Our Verdict

Colzer ice maker lets you have simple portability with its compact size weighing 16.5 pounds. It creates multiple bullets suitable for adding to drinks such as smoothies, ice cream, and chilling beer. The quiet compressor is sturdy and strong enough to manage a continuous operation without malfunctioning.

#2. Countertop Portable Ice Maker

Tavata Countertop Portable Ice Maker

  • By: Tavata

Tavata is among the top ice-making machines you can find in the market that offers a fast operation. It makes 9 bullets between 6-8 minutes and 1.1 pounds of cubes in an hour. Now, you have reliable equipment that not only saves you time but also creates quality output. The round ice is smooth and soft on your mouth for people who like chewing them, unlike the square designs. Also, it has a hollow shape in the middle to make it more floatable on a drink as you enjoy a refreshing taste, especially on a hot day.

Featuring an automatic smart structure, it requires a few steps to come up with the expected results. Add water, click the power button, pick the cube size, and wait for 6-8 minutes. This process is further improved with the help of the LED lights that illuminate the display. For extra safety, the automatic shut-off feature and warning lights work when the basket is full, or the reservoir is running low. A smart-clean functionality is suitable for places with hard water to help clean minerals and other scaly deposits.

  • Quick action
  • Automatic smart design
  • Smart-clean function
  • Portable
  • Multifunctional
  • Loud

Our Verdict

This ice maker makes 9 cubes between 6-8 minutes to give you a quicker action than the rest. It uses one hour to create 1.1 pounds of bullets suitable for a get-together or beach party. The hollow shape in the rounded style cubes makes them more floatable on a drink than the square designs.

#1. Compact Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine

  • By: E EUHOMY

Save time with this ice maker from Euhomy which creates about 26lbs of ice under 8 minutes. Each cycle is less noisy than the other designs to ensure a disturbance-free environment. Boasting of a stylish construction, you can view through the transparent window to allow a simple ice level checking and process monitoring. No need to open the lid or guess the time remaining. Also, it has a light indicator that alerts you when more water is needed when the reservoir is low. It tells you even when the large capacity ice bucket is full for you to removes the ice cubes.

With a silver finish, it adds beauty and shiny aspects in any place such as the kitchen. Coordinate your style naturally without worrying about tones that don’t complement each other. It is equipped with an advanced refrigeration system featuring a quiet compressor. This helps to cool for you to enjoy a chilly batch of ice suitable for Margarita, ice tea, and much more. The included ice scoop enables you to take out the cubes and put them in an appropriate place. Plus, the basket accommodates the contents for added convenience. With these reasons, there’s no doubt that this item is the best portable ice maker on the market.

  • Produces little noise
  • Free ice scoop
  • Stylish design
  • Time-saving
  • Large productivity
  • The ice melts fast after removing from the machine

Our Verdict

If you want to save time when making ice cubes, Euhomy has a perfect construction. It produces around 26pounds of bullets in under 8 minutes. The clear window acts as a viewing spot for you to have simple monitoring. Also, it has a modern refrigeration system to create cubes with less noise.

Buying Guide For The Best Portable Ice Maker


The size of the ice maker matters, especially when it comes to placement. If you intend to use on a countertop, tabletop, bar, or kitchen table, you have to check the dimensions. Some measure as low as 9 inches suitable for small areas such as RVs, dorms, apartments, campers and even studio rooms.

Water Reservoir

The next important factor is the water tank, which allows you to fill water to make ice cubes. The smaller it is, the lesser the output and more the refills. If you are making bullets for you, a lower capacity bin is ideal. But for multiple persons, pick one with more room.

Ice Cube Size

Some models give you two options to pick when making the ice cubes. The smallest size known as bullets has a better intact structure which does not melt as quickly as the larger ones. Also, they can be used for first aids, shilling seafood, and even chilling beer. Make sure you check for this feature to get the type of cubes you prefer.


Running to the stores every time you want ice cubes can get tiresome and costly. That’s why we have the best portable ice maker in the market to offer an instant solution. You can create multiple cubes at the comfort of your home and enjoy a cold drink. Choose one or two to get a refreshing drink at any time.

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