Top 10 Best Portable Induction Cooktops Of All Time — Products Review

Cooking count down like a chore if you use an unreliable gadget. It also can take a substantial amount of time. And with the growing concern about how food is handled and cooked, people are opting to prepare their own meals from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home, office, vacation house, getaway facility, or any other. Nowadays, there are many options, such as induction cooking element that uses electromagnets to prevent heat loss between the pot and cooking surface. Besides, the compact models are safe for home and outdoor cooking to give you a flexible action. In this review, we look at the best portable induction cooktop.

The Top 10 Best Portable Induction Cooktops

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#10. Portable Induction Cooktop

Cuisinart ICT-60 Induction Cooktop

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  • By: Cuisinart

Measuring just 14.25 x 23.5 x 2.5 inches, this induction cooktop utilizes least tabletop space. You can place it anywhere in your kitchen without worrying about countertop room. The size also improves portability to and from different sites, especially when not in use. With a fast heat-up, it consistently heats food items and drinks better than the traditional cooking gadgets. Use induction-ready cookware for best and reliable cooking. The black finish is appealing and makes the overall design stand out from other accessories. Match it with existing appliances and enjoy an easy gas-free cookout.

Cuisinart is a top brand that is conscious of safety and convenience. For this accessory, it has dual heat settings, 5 settings on the right burner and 8 settings on the left burner to accommodate everyone’s cooking demands. A convenient minute timer that reaches up to 150 minutes lets you manage your time in the kitchen more efficiently. Use the on/off switch to turn each burner individually. This equipment turns off the heat almost instantly as it takes 30 seconds to cool. That means more safety and quick storage.

  • Fast heat-up
  • Consistent heating
  • Portable
  • Convenient minute timers
  • Dual heat settings

Our Verdict

Cuisinart has come up with this induction cooktop that utilizes small kitchen space. It has a dimension of 14.25 x 23.5 x 2.5 inches suitable for apartment, condo, RV, and more areas. The black finish looks great and is easier to maintain.the multiple heat settings lets you have more friendly cooking of your favorite dishes at home.

#9. Single Burner Cooktop

CUSIMAX Single Burner 1200W

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We understand using traditional cooking tools is more hectic and consumes lots of time. Cusimax cooker offers you easy cooking for a wide variety of dishes such as scrambled eggs, soup, pasta, warm sauces, grilled cheese, vegetables, pasta, and much more. It has a modern design compatible with all cookware for you to use any type available in your kitchen, including pots and pans. Also, the cookware has to measure 7.7 inches ideal for small spaces. Aluminum and glass are best to cook efficiently with less heat loss.

With an automatic safety shutoff feature, it helps to regulate the temperature by a thermostat. No more manual setting that takes time and is less safe. This tool is simple to clean, thanks to the stainless steel body and durable hot plate. The housing offers an additional shine to any place to improve the current style. Also, these metals can withstand tough use better than the rest to guarantee a prolonged service. The heating light cycles on and off during cooking as it maintains the correct temperature.

  • Easy cooking
  • Compatible with all cookware
  • Convenient cooking
  • For smaller spaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for small to medium skillets

Our Verdict

It delivers convenient cooking at home or outdoors to cook warm sauces, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, boil water, cook pasta, make soup, and veggies. With a stainless steel body, it not only looks good but also enhances cleaning. The metal plate offers more durability suitable for mild and extended operation.

#8. Portable Single Burner Induction Cooktop

Duxtop 8310 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

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  • By: Duxtop

Make this induction cooktop a standard cooking accessory in your home that is more energy-efficient than the other designs. It has a 15-amp design while using 120 volts of electricity to ensure you cook up foods quickly and efficiently. No more waiting for heat-up times, especially when you are in a hurry. Boasting of a compact and lightweight structure, it is easy to handle, use, and store in small spaces. The included digital sensor reinforced in the touch control panel, lets you pick your suitable setting quickly.

Featuring a child safety lock, this item improves security in your home. To activate it, press and hold it for 3 seconds. Another thing is an inbuilt Count-down timer with one-minute increments that goes up to 170 minutes. Additional functions are a 20 temperature level ranging between 100°F to 460°F; and 20 power levels, 100-1800 Watts, to give you a flexible operation. Duxtop is compatible with Duxtop premium and other induction ready cookware including steel, enameled iron, cast iron or a magnetic bottomed stainless steel cookware.

  • Uses 120 volts
  • 15-amp electricity
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Digital sensor
  • Touch control panel
  • Produces a high pitched sound when turned on

Our Verdict

Duxtop uses less energy than the other portable induction cooktop in the market to prevent high electricity bills. It is compact and lightweight to enhance transportation and handling. The child safety lock increases safety in case of curious fingers in the house. Also, the touch control panel is simple to use as you select your preferred cooking action.

#7. Compact Induction Cooker

Rosewill Induction Cooker 1800 Watt

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  • By: Rosewill

There are many reasons why we consider this as one of the best portable induction cooktops. First of all, we love the flexibility of this cooker form Rosewill. Featuring five pre-programmed settings, you can choose Warm, Milk, Hot Pot, Fry, or Soup, depending on the dish you are preparing. For soups, select the soup option to ensure the results are perfect. The plate surface made of polished crystal is simple to clean with a soft cloth and at the same time, looks great. You don’t have to use pricey cleaners or lengthy cleanup procedure to save you time and money. With a larger LED screen, selecting the right function is a breeze together with the 4 digits.

Unlike other induction cookers that concentrate on the looks on, this one goes beyond that. It has 8 temperature settings ranging between 150 – 450 degrees and an ETL/FCC safety compliance to eliminate damages and malfunctions. Now, you can prepare all your meals confidently at home without worries. An added advantage is the provided stainless steel pot that has high compatibility than other cookware such as glass, copper, and aluminum. For added safety, the Overheating Protection prevents short circuit and other electrical problems.

  • 5 preset settings
  • Polished plate surface
  • LED large display
  • 4-digital control panel
  • 8 temp levels
  • The provided pot is thin and flimsy according to some users

Our Verdict

Rosewill 1800w induction cooker gives you flexible cooking at home. It has multiple pre-programmed settings, including Milk, Hot Pot, and more, to deliver a more comfortable operation. For instance, pick the Soup options when making your favorite soup. Also, the LED screen is larger and more intuitive than other designs with precise readings.

#6. Double Induction Cooktop

Double Induction Cooktop

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  • By: NutriChef

NutriChef cooktop comes with two heating zones with programmable temperature zones that ensure you have an upgraded and safe cooking. You can switch from mode to mode by pressing a simple button. Not only that, it saves you time but also makes cooking an enjoyable task. The manual cooking setting with water, steam, and fry settings improve cooking. No more guesswork or timing actions every time you prepare different meals. This equipment has a responsive automatic warm function that easily keeps food items warm until serving.

Prevent damages and other cooking inconvenience with the help of the lock function. It ensures kids don’t change the preset functions or play with the modes and at the same time, prevent injuries like burns or scalding. The use of 120 volts of power makes it more energy-efficient than other brands in the market. Besides, it is made of heavy-duty material that bears continuous operation for long-term use. This product uses electromagnets to cook meals, which prevents heat loss between the pot and cooking surface. That means an efficient and faster meal preparation at home.

  • Two heating zones
  • Compact and versatile
  • Energy efficient
  • Child safety lock
  • Multiple cooking modes
  • The fan is a little loud

Our Verdict

This cooktop has two heating zones that improve your cooking experience. It is small and versatile to fit multiple kitchen countertops. The design is highly compatible with stainless steel, enameled iron, steel, cast iron, flat bottom pot or pan with a diameter between 12 to 26 cm. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking, thanks to high portability and simple cleaning.

#5. 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

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  • By: Duxtop

Gold is a color that makes a bold statement in any room. This induction cooktop boasts of a shiny gold finish that instantly adds elegance, simplicity, and beauty aspects indoors or outdoors. It consumes 120volts of electricity to quicken the cooking period. Also, it is compact and safe to hold for you to carry to different spots more comfortably. The digital control panel has a countdown timer that runs up to 170 minutes with a 1-minute increment. Now, you can set your preferred time to meet the dish you are preparing.

Duxtop 10 temperature levels start from 140 °F up to 460 °F as the 10 power levels reach up to 1800 watts to ensure you have the safest and customized operation. These features stand out from the rest which have two or one temperature and heat presets. Without a heating element or an open flame, food does not stick or burn on the glass surface to improve cleaning and maintenance. Wipe with a wet cloth or damp towel for best results and enhance a clean cooking area. The included 7-blade fan is well-made to dissipate heat.

  • Shiny and sleek gold finish
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Digital control panel
  • I-minute timer increment
  • 7-blade fan
  • The fan is a bit noisy

Our Verdict

This induction cooktop has a lovely gold finish to improve your current style as it adds shiny aspects. With an inbuilt countdown timer, it runs up to 170 minutes to meet most cooking demands. The 10 temperature and 10 power levels offer better flexibility than other cooking gadgets in the market.

#4. Affordable & Portable Induction Cooktop

hOmeLabs Portable Induction Cooktop

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  • By: hOmeLabs

There are different prices for induction cooktop, and this one from HomeLabs is among the affordable ones. It costs just under 40 dollars to meet most people’s budget. Despite its price, it’s still among the best portable induction cooktops. Boasting of a compact and lightweight structure, you can bring it with you to all your travels such an outdoor gathering, camping, and also retreat session. With 6 user modes, you can enjoy cooking on preferred terms as you pick the Fry, Boil, or Simmer option. Control your kitchen experience with the available Boost and Warm Mode plus a convenient Timer.

We love the variety of heating levels up to 10 selections to give you maximum control in all your cooking sessions. Also, for more flexibility, the heat wattage ranges from 120W to 1500W to suit different demands as you touch a button. Use the digital LCD control panel to pick functionality while the included safety lock system prevents kids from playing or changing the settings. This gadget works well with cast iron, steel plates or pot pans, and other induction ready cookware.

  • Pocket-friendly
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • 10 heating levels
  • 6 cook modes
  • Portable and reliable
  • Not compatible with all cookware

Our Verdict

homeLabs is a renown brand that creates lasting products like this cost-effective induction cooktop. Costing under 40 dollars, it is affordable and at the same time, gives a reliable service. It comes with 10 heating levels and adjustable heat wattage to add more flexibility to your cooking. The included safety lock system acts as a safety precaution to prevent kids from changing or playing with the settings.

#3. Induction Cooktop With Digital Display

Secura 9100MC 1800W Induction Cooktop

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  • By: Secura

There is no need to use an induction cooktop that waste time or heat unevenly. Instead, switch to the Secura, which cooks at a consistent temperature level to use only the required time in the kitchen. With 15 power levels, select between 200 to 1800 watts and also choose the right temperature ranging from 140 °F – 460 °F, to have a flexible operation. Also, it aids in meeting various food demands that require a different temperature setting. Additionally, this gadget has a digital control panel for easier picking of functions. Whether you are in a dark or brightly-lit place, the process is seamless.

Carry all the required ingredients and this cooker to all camping trips. Not only is it lightweight but also compact to enhance storage, handling, and cleaning. You don have to use a wide carry bag every time you want to enjoy an outdoor cooking action. We take note of the inbuilt countdown timer with one-minute increments to a maximum of 170 minutes, for you to choose the ideal choice. Plus, an auto-pan detection with diagnostic error message technology to warn you about low and high voltages. The above equipment is compatible with cookware with a magnetic bottom and aluminum, steel plus, and more.

  • Digital control panel
  • Easy handling
  • Simple and compact storage
  • Convenient countdown timer
  • Auto-pan detection
  • The temperature setting values are a bit off

Our Verdict

Secura cooktop distributes uniform heating to prevent loss of heat and temperature levels. It also helps cook foods quickly and thoroughly, such as soups, veggies, and more. The 15 power levels add more convenience when choosing the right level that fits your dish.

#2. Sleek Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

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  • By: Duxtop

With a child safety lock, this induction burner helps keep the timer and cooking settings from accidental changes after being set. The keep-warm dial maintains 140°F temperature level up to 30 minutes. This item is compatible with most magnetic cookware for best meal preparation results. Use the auto-pan detection system to shut-off after 1 minute if incorrect or no cookware is detected. Also, it works well with 5-inch thick compatible cookware to deliver a uniform and sizeable heated area.

Select from the available 20 power levels between 100W – 1800W and 20 temperature levels ranging from 100°F to 460°F. The multiple choices with 83% energy efficiency reduce electricity bills making it more efficient than using electric or gas stoves. This portable cooktop brings water and other liquids to a boil quickly to meet all your cooking needs. A bonus functionality is an easy to use touch control panel for you to pick the right setting. There are high pitched sounds as the metal plate come into contact. Clean the surface after the cooker is completely cooled.

  • High energy efficiency
  • Portable and simple to use
  • Lovely silver accents
  • LCD sensor touch
  • Uses 1800 watts
  • Pretty loud during start-up

Our Verdict

Improve safety in all cooking demands with this induction cooker that comes with a safety lock. It prevents accidental designs of the timer and coking settings after being set. With a 110/120V power consumption, it heats food items quickly to save time and energy. Its lightweight structure is suitable for dorm rooms and more small spaces.

#1. Portable Induction Cooktop

Portable Induction Cooktop

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  • By: ISILER

Save time and effort ever time you are preparing your favorite food and soups. Isiler induction cooktop comes with 9 power levels from 100-1800 watts in a 200w increment. You can pick your preferred power to meet different cooking demands such as simmer, sate, sear, deep fry, slow cook, boil, grill, and steam with ease. The 8 temperature levels are adjustable from 140°F to 460°F as the sensitive touch buttons enhance operation. You can set the temperature in increments of 40°F increments. We love the wide application this gadget supports suitable for indoors and outdoor activity.

The cooktop surface has a diameter measuring 6.7 inches, to accommodate 3.9 to 8.6-inch frying pans. That means the uniform heating area to deliver the desired results. This item is small and lightweight with a 2.3-inch thickness for easy usage, transport, and storage, best for places with limited spaces. A 3-hour timer is activated by pressing the “+” or “-” dial, lets you set the time in one-minute increments. An added safety precaution is overheating protection, rounded edges, and a safety lock. With these reasons, there’s no doubt that this is the best portable induction cooktop available.

  • 9 power levels
  • 8 pre-programmed temp levels
  • Wide application
  • 3-hour timer
  • Wear-resistant glass surface
  • The internal cooling fan is a bit noisy

Our Verdict

Isiler saves you time and energy you could have used with the traditional cooking gadgets. It has different power levels to meet various cooking demands. Also, the temperature levels are adjustable up to 460°F. Made of a durable glass surface that is wear-resistance and simple to maintain.


Cooking is quicker, reliable, and faster with the best portable induction cooktop. It uses minimal countertop space, thanks to a compact profile. If you want the top-performing ones, choose one from this review to enjoy food preparation indoors and outdoors.

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  1. Buying Guide For The Best Portable Induction Cooktop

    Size, price, energy consumption, and more factors are some of the things you need to consider when planning to purchase a compact induction cooktop. Let’s look at them in the following guide.

    Energy Consumption: Most induction cooktops consume a wattage ranging from 120W to 1800W to suit different cooking demands. The high rates in some models mean a faster heat-up time but more electricity consumption. Consider the right level that meets your bills to avoid inconveniences.

    Size: The construction of portable induction cooktop is small to fits most spaces. Also, this design improves portability as you carry it to outdoor sites for camping, hiking, and other adventures. It takes minimal countertop space to leave you enough room to work on as you prepare your meals.

    Safety: The other thing to look for is the safety features included in the cooktop. The most common one is a child lock that prevents accidental changing of the preset settings. Also, children and curious fingers are restricted from playing with the controls.


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