Top 9 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators In 2019 — Reviews

A compact oxygen machine offers purified oxygen for people with respiratory problems and other conditions. It can help in fetus development for pregnant ladies as well as improve blood circulation. The newer designs have a small profile that will enhance portability and storage. If you are looking for a high performing one, you are in the right place. In this review, we look at the best portable oxygen concentrator in 2019.

The Top 9 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators

#9. TTLIFE Portable O2_Concentrator

TTLIFE Portable O2_Concentrator

  • By: TTLIFE

This oxygen concentrator lets you use a universal plug of AC 110 – 240 volts. That means simple powering and save electricity consumption. Boasting of a portable structure, it is ideal for travel, car, and home for maximum flexibility. Mount a cigarette car lighter to use it in your vehicle during road trips. With an O2 flow of 3 liters per minute, it is not adjustable as the control level reaches 28% ± 2%. Protecting the integrated compressor is easy by using continuously up to 4 hours. The two chargers have independent uses, one for charging the oxygen machine and other for battery loading.

TTLIFE is equipped with a sturdy and ergonomic handle for smooth carrying. A convenient green storage pouch inside the nasal oxygen tube helps to collect water vapor. Also, the design aids in preventing too much-accumulated water vapor to make the oxygen safe and pure to pass through. In case of water vapor inside the bag, unscrew and clean. The above accessory allows a straightforward operation. Soak the nasal oxygen tube in warm saline to clean not only the pipe but also improve a comfortable use. It eliminates odors for enhancing a hygienic breathing environment.connect the battery or power supply to start this product to activate an audible bee bee bee voice and press the red, then green button.

  • Universal voltage use
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Simple operation
  • Portable and reliable
  • The battery provides a few hours of use

Our Verdict

This item uses an AC 110-240V universal plug to give you a simple powering. Its portable structure lets you carry comfortably in a car and other travels. The 48 decibels sound is lower than different designs to prevent annoying beeping. This item comes with two chargers for battery and oxygen machine charging.

#8. COXTOD 1-5L/min Portable Oxygen Concentrator

COXTOD 1-5L:min Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  • By: Coxtod

You don’t need to charge this oxygen concentrator by only a battery but an additional two methods. It can use a car inverter or home supply to give you a variety of charging options. Also, this lets you enjoy a comfortable outdoor operation by connecting to a reliable power source. With a high flow rate and oxygen concentration, it uses a molecular sieve to help regulate the oxygen flow from I liter to 5 liters. That means double inhalation that lasts for an extended time. The included cooling fan made of aluminum-magnesium alloy ensures no overheating in prolonged use. Besides, it works quietly than most fans in portable oxygen machines.

Coxtod comes with a large capacity 10,000mAh battery suitable for travels and home use. It runs for a more extended period in a single charge before you load it again as you switch to AC 110V powering system. It has 1-5l adjustable oxygen concentration to meet various demands. Weighing 7.4kgs, this machine is quite heavy than other models but manageable. Carry it comfortably, thanks to a compact style measuring: 310 x 165 x 310mm suitable for outdoors. Another thing is an energy-efficient design that consumes a maximum of 90 watts while delivering high oxygen purity. For 92% O2 purity, the speed is 1L/min.

  • Large battery capacity
  • Weighs 7.4kgs
  • Portable design
  • Large LCD screen
  • 3 power supplies
  • Full purity requires 10 minutes

Our Verdict

This machine weighs 11.9 pounds and has a weighted design to improve stability. The running noise is 40 decibels making it among the quiet oxygen concentrators in the market. Within intelligent time accumulation, it runs between 0-180 minutes to give you an easy oxygen recording time. The large touchscreen control works well for the elderly to use comfortably.

#7. Yuwell Home Use Med-Grade Oxygen Concentrator

Yuwell Home Use Med-Grade Oxygen Concentrator

  • By: Vogvigo

We love the Yuwell oxygen concentrator because it improves transportation. With quality-made wheels, they move quickly on most surfaces. Plus, the compact structure measuring 15.4 x 9.7 x 19.7 inches ensure the transit is a breeze. Whether the machine is weighted or not, no need for assistance. Although some users feel the price is too high, costing 625 dollars, it does not disappoint in delivery. Use the included remote control to have a smooth operation as you pick and change the settings.

Boasting of an FDA certification, it not only guarantees safety but ensures long-term use. This product is crafted from premium ABS material, which has a better strength to withstand constant operation. Also, the design allows for simple cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, the white finish looks great and adds a unique style in most settings. The noise production is below 46 decibels, which is a bit high than other portable designs but not overwhelming.

  • Affordable
  • FDA-certified design
  • Maximum 3L/min flow rate
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Quality ABS material
  • Some users complain about the lack of remote control battery

Our Verdict

Using this Yuwell is simple, especially when moving it from site to site. It has quality wheels that run freely to give you easy portability. The pricing might be too high, but the delivery is topnotch. This item measures 23 x 18.9 x 12.8 inches to fit in both large and small rooms such as bedroom and home care facilities.

#6. Vogvigo Home O2 Concentrator Generator

Vogvigo Home O2 Concentrator Generator

  • By: Vogvigo

If you want an oxygen concentrator that is easy to set up, stop searching. The above one by Vogvigo is easy to assemble and helps improve oxygen levels in minutes. You can adjust the level quickly, unlike other models with a compact profile. Delivering a constant oxygen flow while producing 45 decibels, it’s a bit noisy but gives excellent service. For more maneuvering room or lesser noise, attach an extended oxygen tube to place this machine away from a bed or chair. Constructed using premium material, you can comfortably operate it without worrying about damages such as breaking, fading, or rusting.

Most oxygen generators run for a few hours, but this one can go as far as 24 hours. It also has a 3-hour timer function to let you choose the preferred oxygen timing. A sleeping mode comes in handy to create a white noise suitable for night use. The large LCD monitor is touchable for an easy read. In case of operating problems, watch the step by step video to have a seamless time. This equipment weighs around 15 pounds, to facilitate convenient transport from a car to the house and other areas. An added advantage is the use of water or not without refilling at night.

  • Adjustable continuous flow
  • 45db noise operation
  • Bonus operation video
  • Smooth transport
  • Lightweight
  • A bit noisy

Our Verdict

Vogvigo is a top brand that deals with multiple appliances, including this O2 generator. It has an easy setup to improve operation, especially for the elderly. Delivering a slow-sounding action, you can add a long oxygen tube to lessen the noise. The LCD screen is large, efficient, and reliable. Use this machine at home or travel as it weighs just 15 pounds encompassed in a compact profile.

#5. Oxygen Concentrator, 1-6L/min Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator, 1-6L:min Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  • By: DEDAKJ

If you are elderly or know a person who has dementia, this machine helps improve brain functioning. For the white-collar women, it helps with the overall skincare such as elasticity and nutrition, plus the decrease of sub-health issues. Another benefit this machine offers is aiding in fetus development for pregnant ladies while businesspeople can relax mental and physical tension. The adjustable oxygen concentration delivers consistent 1-6l/minute flow for a stable 93% purity. You can move or relocate from site to site, thanks to a portable and lightweight structure measuring 14.3 pounds suitable for sea or car.

The above accessory boasts of a mute construction that utilizes only 45 decibels. Also, the provided remote control lets you have a comfortable operation without the need for manually adjusting the settings within 20 meters. With a wide touchscreen, you can view the statistics easily and quickly. A bonus functionality is the double oxygen absorption best tor indoors and outdoors. You can attach an oxygen tube to extend the length and give you a broader distance to cover. This item has an excellent auto power off to improve protection in case you forget to turn it off after use.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Mute design
  • Convenient remote control
  • Double oxygen absorption
  • For home and outdoors
  • You can add a little amount of water

Our Verdict

Dedakj oxygen machine offers a lot of benefits to the elderly, adults, and people with different health conditions. You can use it to improve brain function, especially for people with dementia. For pregnant women, it enhances fetus development. The wide touchscreen is simple to read the statistic while the remote control lets you have more flexibility. This unit comes with a power-saving mode to improve the lifespan and prevent constant replugging.

#4. TTLIFE Portable Homecare O2 Machine

TTLIFE Portable Homecare O2 Machine

  • By: TTLIFE

This machine comes with multiple features than the other portable ones to give you maximum flexibility. Featuring a friendly inbuilt female voice, it lets you know about the progress and other ox gen details. For instance, it lets you know when you turn on/off and even when you change some settings. The user interface is simple to understand d and newbie-friendy to use without difficulties. Another thing is a running noise of 45 decibels plus an intelligent time accumulation ranging from 0 – 180 minutes. Now, you can set the ideal time for oxygen absorption to meet all your respiratory needs. This accessory comes with a large touch screen made of high-quality material to improve readability, especially for the elderly.

An added advantage is an integrated negative ion generator that provides high frequency to give you a reliable service. The molecular sieve and a shock pad add more safety as well as the bacterial oxygen filter. Use the infrared remote control at a maximum distance of 20 meters to enjoy a smooth operation. Press any button that has your preferred function without the need of getting up or manually adjusting. The flow rate is adjustable from 1-6 liters while the oxygen concentration is between 30-93%.

  • Less running noise
  • Sleek design
  • High definition large screen
  • Bacterial oxygen filter
  • Negative ion generator
  • The sound level is still high for some users

Our Verdict

This oxygen machine has more functions than the other brands to improve flexibility in use. With an inbuilt voice feature, it tells you when you turn on or off or change some settings. Improve lifespan and oxygen absorption data statistics with the large touch screen. It is easy to use for all people, especially the elderly. This equipment has a modern structure suitable for family health care.

#3. Vogvigo Oxygen_Concentrator

Vogvigo Oxygen_Concentrator

  • By: Vogvigo

We love this oxygen machine by Vogvigo because of its simple operation. There is no need to use the complex ones that require detailed instructions for a person to understand. For safe use, set the humidifier and start absorbing oxygen. Preferably, you can utilize the provided remote by pressing intuitive buttons. Read the different readings easily on the large LCD monitor that offers a soft light suitable for day and night time. The display shows the cumulative time, purity, and volume details to eliminate guesswork and constant double-checking.

Although this device lacks an inbuilt battery, it can work with other cells. Powered by an AC 110 volt plug, it works well with most standard cord that runs up to 24 hours. You can set the maximum 999 minutes and quick time setting quickly with the remote. Its adjustable 1-5 liters per minute outflow and a 30% – 90% oxygen purity flow seamlessly without interruptions. The process is quieter than the other designs to ensure you have a peaceful operation. Enjoy the -ve ion advantageous with the modern anion feature. With a size of 12.6 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches, it is smooth to transport from place to place. Besides, the structure weight under 15 pounds and comes with an ergonomic handle to enhance mobility. Connect it with a car adapter to use inside the vehicle while on the move.

  • Simple and safe to use
  • Intuitive remote control
  • Large LCD monitor
  • Powered by an AC 110V
  • Can run up to 24 hours
  • Does not come with a battery

Our Verdict

This oxygen concentrator is simple to use suitable for new and continuing users. It comes with a remote control to improve the selection of settings and comfort. With a 15-pound weight and a convenient handle, portability is a breeze. Carry it to multiple places quickly and safely. For car use, connect with a vehicle adapter for best results.

#2. HUKOER Portable Oxygen Concentrator

HUKOER Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  • By: HUKOER

This oxygen concentrator is among the top brands that operate quietly at only 45 decibels. You can use it from a far distance because of the long tube to eliminate the noise even further. With a sleeping mode, it creates a white noise ideal for night time as the large LDC screen delivers high-quality reading and use. Also, it comes with an infrared remote control to add convenience in use within a range of 2o meters. This works great to help users with limited mobility. Touch the display comfortably while picking your preferred settings.

This item can run for 7 days on a regular operation to give you an extended time. The 3-hour time function lets you set the required time, and also it uses an AC 110V to operate. For added flexibility, you can use water or not because there is no need for refilling at night. It weighs 14.33 pounds and has a compact structure to fit most spaces such as in a car using an adapter and more. Transport with ease thanks to a travel-friendly dimension of 34 x 18 x 31cm. This accessory delivers 1-6liters per minute to guarantee a steady supply of oxygen.

  • For home and outdoor
  • Large HD screen
  • Easy to transport
  • Double breathing function
  • AC 110V operated
  • The instructions are wanting

Our Verdict

The many designs of oxygen concentrators in the market, some are too noisy, which cause additional inconveniences. You can use the Hukoer which produces a maximum of 45 decibels making it among the quiet you can find in stores. Its sleeping mode creates a white noise for night use. Picking the settings is easy with a wide touchscreen with high-quality design. Weighing over 14 pounds, it fits in a car comfortably and at the same time lets you carry, use, and store easily.

#1. 110 Voltage Oxygen Concentrator

110 Voltage Oxygen Concentrator

  • By: DEDAKJ

With an Intelligent Time Accumulation feature ranging from 0-180 minutes, it gives you a simple oxygen time recording. You don’t have to have an additional timing accessory or reminder to get the accurate rate. It delivers 1-6 liters per minute for steady and continuous. Also, the stream of 93 of oxygen derives from normal air gives you better breathing to improve ailment. If you want to absorb oxygen for more hours, rest this machine for 24 hours for best results. It allows two individuals to use it as the sleep mode works at night.

Boasting of an improved design, it comes with a power-saving mode to use only the needed energy. Plus, it doubles as a health keeper that produces 45 decibels perfect for the elderly and patients to have a quiet operation. Use the touch screen control to select your preferred setting with maximum ease. This product is made of quality material to offer sturdy and better longevity. Also, the stainless steel mouth does not rust or stain. A convenient copper compressor featuring an overheat protective device enhances safety even in continuous usage. Measuring 13.39 x 7.09 x 12.19 inches, and weighing 14.39 pounds, lifting it is a breeze. No need for a second pair of hands every time you want to move this equipment.

  • Intelligent Time Accumulation Feature
  • Portable and steady
  • Extended hours
  • Improved design
  • Stainless steel mouth
  • A bit pricey

Our Verdict

Record the oxygen time with an Intelligent Accumulation Feature this oxygen concentrator has. It delivers between 1 to 6 liters in a minute in a steady motion for better oxygen absorption. The copper compressor is a non-oil design comes with an overheat protection device to increase safety. Made of quality stainless steel, the mouth looks great because of its shiny and rust-free element.

Benefits of The Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen machine has a lot of advantages to help relive both severe and minor conditions. Let us look at the top benefits this equipment delivers to its users.

Skin Care

This machine helps make the skin more elastic and nutritious. It prevents drying as it helps in proper blood flow. Also, it comes in handy in decreasing sub-health status.

Improves blood circulation

The blood flow is better when using this device, as it also enhances the immune system. Not only to help alleviate chronic fatigue but also accelerates recovery. If you work out for an extended time, it will help you recover quickly to lessen muscle fatigue.

Increased Alertness

The other benefit is increased alertness and memory. The flow of oxygen helps eliminates head issues to contributes to natural therapy for a hangover, migraine, headache, and relaxation. Also, students can gain an advantage in class as it enhances remembrance while lessening mental fatigue.

Other Benefits

Additional advantages include fetus development, improves physical and mental ability, work efficiency, and much more.


The best portable oxygen concentrator gives reliable and safe performance. We have researched the top-rated ones for you to pick one with confidence. Some have compact structures with wheels to enhance mobility while others sturdy construction for longevity.

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