Best Portable Tire Inflators Review In 2021 — Top 9 Products

If you are looking for the best portable tire inflators, this article is perfect for you. A portable tire inflator comes handy in many situations. Picture this; you discover the tire is flat at the park, in the middle of nowhere, or at home? Getting to the gas station is obviously not possible, especially if you don’t have a spare wheel. You also may feel too lazy to change the spare wheel. If you drive off-road, you may need it to deflate the tire to get better traction in muddy or slippery surfaces. Thereafter, you’ll need to increase the pressure when you get on hard surfaces like asphalt.

With a moveable inflator, you can easily add pressure from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the wild, unbeaten tracks, at home, office, by the roadside or anywhere. You simply need to plug the unit into the cigarette lighter socket, connect the air hose it the tire nozzle then turn it on. It should take you a relatively short time. In this review, we will look at the best portable tire inflators in the market.

The Top 9 Best Portable Tire Inflators

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#9. Portable Electric Auto Air Compressor Pump

DBPOWER 12V DC Portable Electric Auto Air Compressor Pump to 150 PSI...

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The DBPOWER tire inflator is also another popular choice. It’s a 12V DC unity and should work with most car electrics. You simply plug it into the cigarette lighter socket. It’s very effective and runs seamlessly. It doesn’t become too hot during operation and is also not too noisy. The energy-efficient unit delivers high volumes to finish the job fast.

It’s made of strong materials that will put-up with the frequent operation and high pressure. For easy reading, you get a large display. It’s a heavy-duty piece which handles up to 150Psi of pressure. This is adequate for most everyday needs. The long flexible hose and power cable have a nice reach. Besides, several adaptors and nozzles allow you to inflate different types of tires.

  • It’s suitable for many types of tires including car, bicycle, and bikes
  • The built-in motor feels powerful and delivers good performance
  • It handles high pressure quite well
  • The inflator works fast and seamlessly
  • It doesn’t work with 24-volt electrics

Our Verdict

With this unit, you’ll be able to inflate various tires fast easily. It also operates seamlessly to ensure the inflation is uniform. The handy piece is very portable, thanks to its lighter weight. It is also versatile and will work with different types of tires. You can also use it with inflatables, basketballs, toys and other things.

#8. Portable Mini Air Inflator Hand Held Tire Pump

Oasser Portable Air Compressor Mini Air Inflator Hand Held Tire Pump…

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  • By: Oasser

This mini air compressor is pretty powerful despite its small size. Youll notice it’s amongst the smallest units on our review. Nevertheless, it can generate as much as 150PSI of air with ease. It does so effortlessly and doesn’t seem to strain. The piece will run for quite some time allowing you to inflate the tire fully or several pieces. It’s not prone to overheating and is also not noisy.

This one is made from sturdy stainless steel and will handle regular use well. It’s resistant to corrosion, rust and keeps its good looks for a long time. The unit plugs into the 12V dc cigarette lighter socket. You can also use an adapter such as the one found in the pack to run it via 110V AC. The lithium-ion battery will fully recharge in about 90 minutes. The integrated LCD screen indicates the pressure in PSI, KPA, and KG/CM2, and BAR.

  • Using this unit is very easy
  • Comes with a large and clear digital dial
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Features powerful led lights
  • It’s not designed for 24v Dc

Our Verdict

This is a pretty decent piece and should be perfect for many needs. It runs fairly fast to inflate the tires. The unit delivers seamless operation and is also not too noisy. We love the fact that it works with both 12volts DC and 110volts AC power.

#7. Portable Digital Tire Inflator

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump, Digital Tire Inflator

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  • By: EPAuto

This EPAuto air compressor will inflate different types of vehicle tires. It’s simple in design which also makes using it easy. It’s a compact unit that is powered via 12V DC. It should thus work with standard cigarette lighter in most vehicles. We love the long power cord which offers easy access. The long flexible air hose will reach different tires easily. It comes with a clear and fairly large dial. It’s also easy-to-read dial and shows the measurements in BAR, PSI, KG/CM, and KPA.

The integrated led lights help to illuminate the surrounding, particularly at night or in the dark. Thanks to the automatic shutoff, chances of overinflating the tires are minimal. It features an overheat protector to prevent internal damage nice of running for too long.

  • Easy to operate and works smoothly
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to carry
  • The display is clear and easy-to-read
  • Powerful performance and energy-efficient
  • Not designed to handle pressure exceeding 100psi

Our Verdict

With this portable tire inflator, adding pressure to low tires inst a problem. You can do it from anywhere. It’s a 12V Dc unit that gets power via the car’s electric. It’s easy to use and has a long power cord for easy reach. The hose has good length and is also flexible.

#6. Premium Air Compressor Tire Electric Pump

P.I. AUTO STORE Premium Air Compressor Tire Inflator, Portable 12V DC Electric Pump

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This portable tire inflator is what you need too conveniently add pressure into the tires. It will work okay with most car tires. Its, however, is not very ideal for truck tires. The unit is also appropriate for motorbikes, ATVs, inflatables, bicycles, sports equipment, and much more. It’s more advanced than the earlier one and feels sturdier and handles the high pressure better. The unit runs via the 12v DC car cigarette lighter socket.

The gadget comprises a strong case that prevents damage from things such as vibration, abrasion, bangs, falls, knocks, bumps, and environmental factors. The LCD digital gauge is clear and large. This makes reading the results much easier. And to stop over-inflating the tire or the unit continues to run once the pressure has been reached, it features microprocessors that halt the operation.

  • It comes in a compact and easy-to-carry size
  • The unit boasts of strong durable materials
  • The power cable and hose are long and flexible
  • Ideal for different items including tires and inflatables
  • It’s not compatible with 24volt car electrics

Our Verdict

With this tire inflatable, you should be able to add pressure it the car tires from anywhere. You simply plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and connect it to the tire nozzle. We love the nice design and lightweight. It also works fast, and it’s too noisy.

#5. Portable Air Compressor Digital Tire Inflator…

Helteko Portable Air Compressor Pump 150PSI 12V - Digital Tire Inflator…

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  • By: Helteko

This tire inflator is a good choice for amateurs and professionals. It’s well built from hardwearing materials. The most notable are the stainless steel and heavy-duty ABS plastic. This enables it to endure frequent use, abrasion, banging, poor handling, and the environmental factors too. It’s a compact piece that feels solid and durable. It has good design and will handle up to 150Psi of pressure. We like the versatility which suits it for different tires including SUVs, sedans, light trucks, minivans, motorcycles, bicycles as well as inflatables.

The reading is displayed PSI, BAR, KPA, and KG/CM2. And for good illumination in the dark, the device comes with Led lighting. It is easy to carry and store thanks to the small and compact nature. It’s also lightweight and will fit in the hands, truck, and other places well. The operation runs seamlessly and is also relatively quieter in comparison to other alternative pieces.

  • The tire inflator works fairly fast
  • It’s compact, lightweight and very portable
  • The quality is good and durable
  • Works seamlessly and doesn’t become too hot
  • Not designed for heavy-duty applications

Our Verdict

We concur that this is among the best portable tire inflatables in the market. It handles higher pressure than most units in its range. It’s also a fast unit and will take a shorter time to inflate the tire. The case/shell is sturdy thanks to the string ABS construction.

#4. Portable Air Compressor

Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

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  • By: Viair

Of the many storing and reliable portable tire inflators, this does derive consideration. Yes, it may be smaller and lighter than most other types. However, it does handle the falls, bangs, abrasion, and environmental factors well. According to the manufacturer, it can handle pressure as high as 120psi without any issues. It’s strongly built and should last along retime. Moreover, it’s a fast unit and doesn’t emit lots of noise. It powered using 12V DC power and futures a pair of alligator clips for easy connection to the car battery.

The 16-foot long hose can reach different tires well. It also has good flexibility for extra convenience. The good range is impro0ved bay the 10foot long power cord. It will work well with various tire nozzles courtesy of the 3 inflation tips.

  • The inflator is lightweight and very compact
  • It delivers decent pressure and works fast
  • The operation is smooth and silent
  • Suitable or many types of tires
  • It’s not designed for heavy-duty operation

Our Verdict

We like this true inflator for its simplicity and versatility. It’s a basic piece and simple to operate. The gauge is well placed and also easy to view and read. It has a long air hose which should reach the different tires well. The good reach is improved by the lengthy power cord.

#3. Digital Tire Inflator for Car With Pressure Gauge

FORTEM Digital Tire Inflator for Car W:Pressure Gauge - Portable Air Compressor

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  • By: FORTEM

Another common option is the FORTEM Digital tire inflator. It’s also a 12-volt unit that suits most vehicle tires. You just plug it in the cigarette lighter socket and it should start to work right away. It’s compact and takes up minimal space. This also makes it easy to handle. It’s energy-efficient and doesn’t get too warm during operation.

It is produced of robust materials that endure the regular use and pressure well. You get a decent dial for simple reading and will handle up to 150 psi of pressure. This is appropriate for most of the daily requirements. The lengthy flexible hose and cable have a good reach to work on the different tires. It’s among the fairly silent units and also maintains consistent performance.

  • The item is fit for various car and bike tires
  • It delivers good performance
  • The device generates high pressure
  • It works fast and consistently
  • It’s not for heavy-duty or demanding applications

Our Verdict

With this device, inflating tires of different sizes is easy. It also works seamlessly to guarantee that inflation is consistent. Thanks to its lighter weight, the useful piece is very portable. It’s also versatile and will operate with most tires. Moreover, it’s also fit with inflatables, toys, and other things.

#2. Portable Compact Auto Tire Pump

AUTLEAD Tire Inflator, 12V Portable Air Compressor - Compact Auto Tire Pump…

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Despite its tiny size, this mini air compressor is quite strong. The small footprint makes carrying it easy and convenient. It can easily produce decent pressure and doesn’t seem to strain. The tire inflator can turn for a fairly long session and doesn’t get overwhelmed. Also, the surface won’t feel too hot. Another positive is that it generates bearable noise.

It’s built from sturdy steel and heavy-duty plastic. The device is well suited for frequent use and is also less prone to corrosion or rust. It will maintain the nice looks for a long time and is also easy to maintain. The device plugs in the standard 12V dc cigarette lighter socket easily. Moreover, the air hose, as well as power cord, have a nice length to work with most vehicles. They also boost of good flexibility for easy operation.

  • Easy to use
  • Has a clear gauge
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Handles high pressure well
  • It’s not ideal for 24v Dc electrics

Our Verdict

This is a fairly good piece, and it’s ideal for many requirements. It’s pretty quick and will inflate the tires sooner-rather-than-later. The system provides flawless operation and is also not too loud. We appreciate the fact that it works with 12 volt DC systems hence suits it for most vehicles.

#1. Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator With Digital Pressure Gauge

JOYROOM Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator - Car Tire Pump with Digital Pressure Gauge

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  • By: joyroom

The JOYROOM Portable tire inflator works with various kinds of car tires. It’s simple and easy to use. We like the compact nature as this boosts handling and carrying. It runs on 12volts and is designed to plug into the cigarette socket point of the normal car. The power cord and air hose have a nice length to allow you to reach the different tires. They are also flexible to pass through, over, or under objects. You nonetheless should avoid pulling it too hard to prevent damaging it or unhooking from the socket or nozzle. It comes with a clear and simple-to-read dial and you’ll get the measurements displayed in BAR, PSI, KG / CM, and KPA.

It feels sturdy to handle the use, bangs, scratching, and other things. This is probably due to the heavy-duty nature and tough materials of construction. It can operate nonstop for a longer period than most pieces in the market. It won’t get too hot. All-in-all, you should avoid continuous running for too long.

  • The device is simple and easy to operate
  • It works smoothly and produces minimal noise
  • The inflator is lightweight, compact and carrying is therefore easy
  • The gauge/dial is clear and easy-to-read
  • It s not recommended for 24v systems

Our Verdict

With this mobile tire inflator, there’s no trouble adding pressure to car tires. You can do that from almost anywhere. It’s suited for 12V power and connects easily to the cigarette lighter point of most cars. It’s simple to use and has a lengthy power cord which is also very flexible. This also applies to the air hose.

Choosing The Best Portable Tire Inflator

The truth is that tire inflators have made life more convenient, you don’t need to wait for a car mechanic or road rescue to come ever. You also don’t need to drive it to the gas station. With this device, you can inflate the tires from anywhere. All you need is connect it to the car cigarette lighter socket. During the purchase, you need you to look at the following things:


The right accessory will be easy to carry around. It will be lightweight and will also have a carry-friendly design. It may be slim, has a handle and is also not too bulky. A compact piece is easier to store in the car since it takes up minimal space. The most suitable choices rarely weigh more than 6 pounds. A heavy unit is more likely to get damaged in case of bangs, abrasion, or falls.


A good choice produces adequate pressure to get you back in the road sooner-rather-than-later. It is also versatile to handle different types of tires. You should go for a unit that can handle high pressures well and also maintains consistent performance throughout. The faster it will inflate the tire, the better it is.

Inflating Speed

When adding pressure, you want a unit that is fast. This allows you to get back to your driving quicker. Also important is ensuring it maintains consistent performance. A type that is too small or underpowered may overheat and the performance will decline. This is why most car tire inflators aren’t recommended for large truck tires.


You don’t want driving a car knowing the tire pressure is 35 psi, yet the truth is that it is 30 or 40psi. Both scenarios are not good since you’ll be damaging the tire. Under or over, inflation is also risky since it undermines the stability, maneuverability, and safety of the car. A good piece which has a very small margin of error. Going for a reputable product from well-known firms is always advised.

Pressure Gauge

You need to focus on the gauge or dial? How large is it? Is it visible in dim lighting? Can you easily tell the digits/ numbers? A good piece has a large and clear dial. This makes it easy to read. It will not be affected by reflections or glare too much. This makes reading under bright light or sunshine more convenient. For easer viewing at night, good types will feature backlighting.

Run Time

You can have a unit that cash handle pressure as high as 200psi. But it shouldn’t be operated nonstop for more than 5 minutes. On the other hand, you’ll have a type that is designed for a maximum pressure of 150psi yet can run for 15 minutes nonstop. Before purchasing a unit, you should ascertain for how long it will keep working. The longer the session, the better it is. This saves it from overheating and getting damaged.

Air Hose Length

It can be a little frustrating, trying to add air to a tire only to discover the air hose is a little short. You also don’t want to struggle with a hose that feels too rigid. During the search process, you should go for a hose that will easily reach all your tires. It should also have good flexibility to pass through obstacles and also bend without breaking or getting kinked.

In addition to the above aspects, you should also pay attention to the weight, style, backlighting, led lights, length of the power cord, noise level, adapters, connectors, materials of construction quality, and price.


You don’t need to get worried or frustrated after you’ve discovered the tire is low on pressure. With a portable unit, you can easily add air/ pressure. It’s compact and will not take too much space in the truck. In fact, most will fit in the palms of the hand well. They also are lightweight for better movement. This allows you to move with it.

Finding the most suitable can be a challenge. You need to look at many different things. These include the pressure range, delivery speed, noise level, dial or gauge, air hose &amp, power cord length, weight, size, and much more. With limited time and knowledge, it can prove quite challenging. Fortunately for you, we have reviewed the best portable tire inflators in the market. Any of the above accessories should prove worthwhile.

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