Top 8 Best Pull Up Bar Stands 2020 Review

You can perform a variety of upper and lower body exercises at home, gym and in the office. A pull-up bar is a device for improving the core muscles in your bodies such as the back, legs, arms, and abdomen. Also, it allows practical body-weight training including dips, pull-ups, leg raises, chin-ups, squats, and more. Most have modern designs that include a dip station that creates stronger triceps and a leg raise sector for lower abs and quads improvement. If you want to improve your pull-ups, push-ups, curls, body weightlifting, ab and biceps formation, shrugs, squats, bench presses and many more, we have the best pull up bar stands in the market.

The Top 8 Best Pull Up Bar Stands

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#8. Power Tower Pull Up Bar

AINFOX Power Tower, Capacity 550 Lbs Pull Up Bar

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  • By: AINFOX

The damages or accidents that normally happen during a workout commonly are caused by accidental hand slips or smooth bar texture. Made of a unique ablate steel frame and sturdy construction with a step-up design to enhance durability. It is made of a firm back cushion with a 10.2 “x 17.9 ” x 2.0″ dimension and 11.8 ” x 4.7 ” x 2.0″ arm cushion size. You will get full coverage during a bench press and pull-up without compromising on performance. Even if you are tall or medium-sized, you can comfortably adjust to the height that meets your training needs by using the height-level from 64.6 to 84.6 inches.

Although the description says it can withstand a load of up to 550 pounds, some people with a lower weight feels it wobbles after extended, although not too many shakes. Thanks to the sturdy handles made of quality material, ensure you have a stable use together with the well-gripped surface. Setup takes less than one hour. Follow the instructions to have perfect and stable connections of the different components to prevent future accidents and damages. The design allows multiple exercises for the abdominal muscles, back, arm, chest, leg, and also the shoulder muscles.

  • Ideal for most body weight
  • Multiple height adjustments
  • Strong and high-performing
  • Supports upper and lower body exercises
  • Strengthens shoulder muscles
  • Wobbles after continuous use

Our Verdict

This equipment is suitable for both men and women to help build their whole as they lose weight and get more toned. Not only to improve their overall health but also add strength and appealing look. It is ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, developing arm, leg, breast, and abdominal muscles plus more. Made of reinforced steel frame with a step-up design to offer maximum support and reliability. The 4mm bottom tube and sturdy frame can withstand heavyweight for added safety.

#7. Fitness Multi Function Power Tower

Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi Function Power Tower

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  • By: Body Max

One of the best pull up bar stand, The VKR tower. This power tower allows you to perform the most basic exercises that get results. It has a 4-station design to help develop and tone core muscles, chest, back, and arms by lifting your ‘body’s weight. It does not matter if you are an advanced or a beginner bodybuilder, it will take you closer to all your fitness goals. Weighing around 88 pounds, it is strong enough to hold a huge body weight without breaking or wobbling. Additionally, it has a pull-up/lat bar that aids in building powerful shoulders, back and arms without causing strains or discomforts even in prolonged use.

We love the fact that this workout tool features push-up bars that are not only great for strong chest muscle building but also for toning the arms. You will look and feel after each use as you burn enough calories and body fat ideal as a weight-loss accessory. The included dip station increases upper body strength while developing triceps. For enhanced stability, the D-frame base ensures there are no slips or slides in a heavy workout regime.

  • Develops muscle strength
  • Ideal for beginners and expert bodybuilders
  • Longlasting steel frame
  • Durable seam-stitched padding
  • Tones chest and arms
  • Needs more stability during dips

Our Verdict

If you prefer to use a training tool that does not involve complex workout positions but gives you optimal muscle strength, search no more. The VKR pull up station is easy to use and meets all your fitness goals. Measuring 58.5 x 46.5 x 83 inches, it takes only minimal floor room to allow use in the office, gym and also office. Also, this device gives you four workout exercises, including pull-ups, dips, vertical-knee exercise, and lower push-ups.

#6. Heavy Duty Body Tower

Bowflex BodyTower

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  • By: Bowflex

This pull up bar offers an easy to use and unique workout sessions at the comfort of your home. Featuring an EZ-Adjust strong horizontal bars, it helps increase a wide range of exercises, performance, and also raise the workout intensity. It comes with seven adjustment levels. It allows you to perform over 20 tasks such as pull-ups, push-ups, curls, body weightlifting, ab and biceps formation, shrugs, squats, bench presses, and many more. With durable sling straps and anti-slip handgrips, it delivers a better range of choices than most towers. Plus, the commercial-grade solid metal base is wide enough to keep you secure and stable.

Most units only include a how-to-use manual but this one goes a step further to provide a guide that offers more than ten body tower exercises. For better comfort, the cushioned back pad is thick and firm at the same time, which does not go flat after numerous use. No longer will you feel burns, pains, or pokes on your body caused by flat surfaces on the workout bench. This pad is non-absorbent for simple cleaning and a non-smelly during and after use.

  • Simple illustrative guide
  • Greater range of choices
  • Suitable for home fitness
  • Easy to use
  • Increases multiple exercises performance
  • A bit short

Our Verdict

The multi-station tower has E-Z adjust horizontal bars. It lets you increase the variety of your exercises, raise the intensity of workouts, and improve the results of your fitness program. With a tower-mounted placard demonstrates eight main practices to better your existing and improve new skills. You do not have to Google or read long tutorials which might have below the required standard information.

#5. Deluxe Power Rack

Cap Barbell Deluxe Power Rack (FM-CB8000F)

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  • By: CAP Barbell

We understand some workout bars fail to match up the pressure during workouts, which results in decreased performance and possibly injuries. The CAP Barbell bar stand is made with premium steel comprising of 12 and 14 gauge thickness to deliver ultimate support, durability, and reliability. Now you have the chance to do all tricks and moves without limiting or holding back. Incorporating six band posts, this accessory allows targeting of the upper and lower body. Attach resistance bands to the well-made band posts for added resistance to squats.

This accessory ensures the initial state does not get affected by the atmospheres because the capped frame ends help to prevent oxidation and gussets for enhanced support. Storage is compact and straightforward. This pull up bar stand features two bar catches, and two safety catches to guarantee a secure storing. Besides, the bar catches safeguard the bar from harming the weightlifter in case of accidents during bench presses or squats. This process is further improved with the two bar posts and weight plates that allow vertical storage to accommodate weight plates with 2″ center hole and barbells with 2″ sleeve diameter. There’s no doubt that this one is one of the best pull up bar stands.

  • Safe and reliable
  • Versatile exercising
  • Targets lower and upper body
  • Comfortable and stable built
  • Anti-scratch and anti-wear
  • Does not come with resistance bands

Our Verdict

This training unit offers the best support and usability without compromising on performance. Made of longlasting steel that withstands most pressures. Also, this material is anti-rust and anti-stain for better aesthetics. It comes with an overhead workout station made with durable tubular steel for additional strength. The 3-step powder coat looks good in most settings and at the same time, provides exceptional durability.

#4. Fitness Multi-Function Power Tower

Body Champ Fitness Multi-Function Power Tower

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  • By: Body Max

The time and money spent to run to the gyms can be avoided by using the above Body Max workout tool. Not only does it offer better support but also space-saving storage or use. With an innovative design, you can set it up in any room without worrying about the floor room, making it suitable for office, home, or gym. You can choose to work out the upper and lower body due to its multi-station tower design. The constant slips usually caused by poorly-gripped bottom is a thing of the past. This equipment has highly-texturized anti-slip foot grips that double as push-up bars. Lift your body in steady motions without wobbles that decrease performance.

You can make big exercise gains without using weights. The above unit uses body weight in numerous ways to aid your tone, build, and condition. Thanks to a pull-up and chin-up station consisting of multiple grip positions, you get to pick your ideal grasp location that suits your needs. Also, the dip station creates stronger triceps while the leg raise sector for lower abs and quads improvement. You can now wear a sleeveless shirt or a body-con as you show off your built and toned upper body.

  • Slip-resistant foot grips
  • Soft padding for added comfort
  • Longlasting fitness tool
  • Multiple workout stations
  • Space-saving and study design
  • The dip bars need extra firm tightening

Our Verdict

The Body Max is a time-saving and space-saving pull-up bar as compared to the other units in the market. Its ergonomic design is suitable for home, office and even the gym. The multi-station workout design offers better support for your lower and upper body. Inclusive of a durable steel frame, it provided options for pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips, and vertical knee raises. At the same time, the box-style padding on the arm and back give you ultimate workout comfort.

#3. Power Rack Exercise Pull Up Bar Stand

CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise - Pull Up Bar Stand

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  • By: CAP Barbell

This CAP squat stand offers the complete workout package to save you time and give you a dependable service. Constructed for heavy and reliable use in mind, it provides ultimate strength that uses 11 and 12 gauge steel that withstands the toughest workout. It comes in a variety of colors such as powder-coated finish in yellow, red, blue, green, gray, or white. Not only that is standout from the standard grey finish but gives you the freedom to choose a shade that meets your lifestyle. You can complement the existing gym ‘room’s decor without making any amendments.

Engineered to deliver the ultimate safety, dependability, and durability because of the heavy-duty cold-rolled steel plus enduring finishes. The steel is rust and stain-free even after use in humid conditions to give you maximum longevity with modern mechanics that provide confidence in use. Its design is ideal for enthusiasts or a beginner who wants to start the different upper body exercises without worrying about complex structures. Whether you are using it for barbell training or body-weight training, its unmatched versatility offers maximum support and strength. With all these reasons it’s no mistake that this is among the best pull up bar stands.

  • Complete gym package
  • Supports flooring and rigs
  • Durable and dependable
  • Builds upper-body mass
  • Enduring finish
  • Provides confidence and safety
  • A bit small pinholes than other brands

Our Verdict

The Power racks are reliable workout equipment in your home gym to help eliminate the use of a spotter. Featuring quality-made j-cup catches, they adjust smoothly for you to perform a variety of exercises with simplicity. You can perform pull-ups, shrugs, bench presses, squats, and more without running to the gyms which consume too much time and gas fuel. Use this item to build your upper body mass without compromise safely.

#2. Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack Cage Stand System

F2C Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack Cage Stand System

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  • By: F2C

There is no need to use flimsy workout devices that ‘don’t help with your performance. It is time to switch to a more reliable tool like the F2C pull up bar stand. Featuring durable construction, it is ideal for weightlifting, which generally causes stress to your muscles to make them stronger. Thanks to bar catches for extra assistance while performing dead-lifts, squats, curls plus more. An added functionality is the unique walk-in design that is wide enough to provide plenty of side-to-side movement.

With this item, it offers a more versatile workout session as compared to the rest. The higher setting is suitable for squats and overhead presses. You can form up your behind with more flexibility and naturally. Also, it has a lower station for supporting bicep curls, shrugs, upright rows, and barbell rows. Moreover, an adjustable barbell rack ensures you set your ideal height between 12″ – 76″. The double-gusseted structure uprights help to reinforce durability and stability. This equipment comes with adjustable height adjustments. Set the bar to one of the multiple holes to get your ideal height and at the same improves performance and comfortability.

  • Well-made triangle lock for secure section
  • Multiple height adjustments
  • Suitable for squats, shrugs, overhead presses and more
  • Longlasting and stable construction
  • Natural side to side movement
  • Poor instructions

Our Verdict

The removable J-hooks offer immediate use and faster setting. Also, this item has a triangle lock to guarantee a secure connection. The black finish is simple to maintain and clean. Wipe off with a damp cloth with warm water to maintain its longevity. The integrated overhead workout bar allows body-weight training including dips, pull-ups, leg raises, chin-ups, squats, and more.

#1. Power Tower Top Pull Up Bar Stand

Weider Power Tower - Top Pull Up Bar Stand

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  • By: Weider

Weider power tower pull up stand is among the top-rated units in the market that can withstand all types of physical exercises that need pulling up the body. Boasting of a gray finish, it looks good in your home gym or communal workout station. Plus, this color goes well with all training attire such as vests, shorts, shirts, armbands, shoes, and much more. The included knee-raise station, a dip station, multi-grip pull up, and a push-up station improves all your workout and performance. Another feature is a push-up station that is ideal for maintaining the proper form that results in chiseled triceps and chest muscles. Not only will you feel but look good as you burn down all the fats in your upper body.

You can exercise your top upper body with natural ease. This unit has a variety of positions and stations that help strengthen the whole body. Also, it tones and targets your core, shoulder, arms, chest, and back to get improved fitness. You get to save money you could have used for the purchase of different workout accessories and also the time for researching for the best one. It comes with a vertical knee-raise sector that targets the midsection from all positions and angles to develop abdominal muscles, stronger hip flexors, and also obliques.

  • Offers complete upper body training
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Looks lovely in most settings
  • Competitive price
  • Helps build biceps, foreman, and lats
  • Needs time and accuracy to tighten the many bolts

Our Verdict

If you want a top-performing pull-up bar stand, the Weider comes in handy. It can withstand all the pressures from multi-gripping, dipping, knee-raising, and also push-ups without breaking or causing discomfort. The gray color looks good while adding extra appeal in most workout scenes. The multi-grip pull-up station helps to refine the arm and back muscles. Plus, the dip station for building chest muscles and triceps.

Tips For Using The Best Pull Up Bar Stand

Picking the best workout tool can be hectic if you do not have the right information on its use and your intentions. Beginner and expert bodybuilders have different preferences, and ‘that’s why when purchasing a pull up stand, you need to check the features that will improve your performance. Let us see the top factors that will help build your upper and body muscles.


The two types of a pull-up bar are the ceiling-mounted, and wall-mounted. Also, there are doorway pull up designs but are quite restrictive. Make sure the surface you are planning to fix this unit on is strong enough to withstand the bar weight and your ‘body’s weight, as well as the workout pressure exertion. Never purchase one that does not meet your house design and space. If you but one that is too bulky, you may be left with little room to move around freely during exercises. Always look at the measurements to find one that will give you freedom of movement and ease of use.


Fixing the pull-up bar station can be either be complicated or quite easy. You can connect to the plaster wall which is not the safest as it might cause injuries, so make sure to consult an expert builder before mounting your bar. For people with an ideal spot to fit on a ceiling or wall, look at these tips to help you make the right decision:


Nowadays, pull up stands come with different height adjustment levels. Some are a bit short, which gets uncomfortable for taller people when trying to have a solid and effective workout. If, for instance, you cannot reach a ceiling-mounted bar without jumping, you are risking joint injuries. So the wall-mounted design is an ideal choice for you.


What types of pull-up or push-up exercises are you planning to perform? A weighted pull-up session needs sturdy handles that can withstand the strain. Check the maximum weight load of the pull-up bars to know which pressure it can withstand.

The Width Pull and Leg Space

Some designs of pull bars have more full bars than others. If your primary purpose is the lats, choose something that has a broader bar for better performance and comfortability. For leg space, it allows natural kipping pull-ups or others that need an adequate level of momentum. That’s why a ceiling-mounted structure is best suited because it is farther away from the wall.

In Conclusion

A pull-up bar enhances pull-ups, push-ups, curls, body weightlifting, ab and biceps formation, shrugs, squats, bench presses, and many more. We have on our list above the best pull up bar stands that helps improve the body core muscles. Also, you can read at the guide to make a better and informed decision during purchase.

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