11 Best Rolling Papers of 2020 – Reviews

Whether rolling cigarettes, cigars, or herbs, one particular thing is you want the best rolling papers. This guarantees you of an excellent end product, an easy-rolling experience, and also enjoying the richness of the flavors, scents, and nutrients. Sadly, many people don’t get to enjoy their smoke. They will struggle to hold the paper together, it may quickly become soggy hence disintegrate, or may have a small capacity. Also, nobody wants to inhale toxic fumes because the document contains harmful synthetic compounds.

People want to enjoy the real thing without worrying about side effects. It’s a known fact that some papers will burn too fast. This means you don’t get to enjoy the deep favorer. It also means that you spend more to purchase the paper as well as the stuff. We researched the market and discovered products that are worth buying. To discover them, read the best rolling paper review to the end.

The Top 11 Best Rolling Papers

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#11. Premium King Size Slim Rolling PaperOCB Premium King Size Slim Rolling Paper with Filter Tips 5 Packs

  • By: OCB
  • Size: 5 Packs / 160 Leaves

These papers may be a little thicker than most in the market. However, they are still very flexible. They are also spacious to handle a larger load and don’t tear easily. They work with herbs and tobacco and also don’t affect the natural scent or taste. Lighting up is straightforward, and they don’t produce toxic fumes or odor. They are about 18mm long and made of hemp.

The 5-pack contains 160 leaves. Rolling them up is not difficult even for a first time user. They are easy to use, don’t crumble easily and also don’t need too much wetness/ saliva. The description on the pack is fairly accurate and you can be certain of good results. Other than for personal use, they also can be a good gift item.

  • Great high-quality papers
  • Easy to roll
  • Smooth and burn evenly
  • Conserves the scent and Tate
  • May tear if too much saliva is applied

Our Verdict

We love these papers for their simplicity. They are easy to use and work with different products. They are made using high-quality material and are easy to roll. Also, they are smooth and more resistant to tearing or becoming too soggy.

#10. 1 1/4 Cigarette Rolling Papers

Bob Marley 1 1:4 Cigarette Rolling Papers 6 Booklets

  • By: Bob Marley
  • Size: 6 Booklets / 50 Leaves

These Bob Marley booklets are ranked as the best rolling papers. Made from pure natural hemp, it will suit users who are wary of smoking bad stuff. The large size and flexible nature make rolling easy. The paper may be thin but is tough. No artificial additives are found in them, thus ensuring the taste and scent of the herb or tobacco remains the same. For the binding, it uses natural organic acacia gum which is friendly to the user and environment.

The easy-rolling paper doesn’t need a lot of moisture or saliva. This gives you a good smoking experience. It burns consistently and slowly for maximum satisfaction. It emits no harmful fumes. The pack features the Bob Marley image which goes well with the whole experience.

  • Good quality and affordable
  • All-natural and safe
  • Decent packaging
  • No harmful additives
  • The glue isn’t very strong

Our Verdict

These rolling papers are easy to use well and good quality. They are thin, have good flexibility and also good sticking power. You need to use very little saliva. They are 100% natural and don’t have artificial additives. This makes them safe to use. The pack is well made to preserve and safeguard the contents.

#9. Classic Rolling Paper Cones

Raw Classic Rolling Paper Cones Natural Hemp, 6 Cones, 3 Piece

  • By: RAW
  • Size: 6 Cones

These pre-rolled cones are easy-to-use and are loved by many people. The come in a user-friendly 1-1/4-inch cone which can handle a decent volume. Using them is simple and straight forward. No prior knowledge is required. They roll easily, don’t affect the scent or aroma, and also don’t unravel after rolling. They are made from high-quality brown paper which looks natural and burns smoothly. Moreover, it doesn’t produce harmful smoke and also burns relatively slowly. This provides the user with a clean and nice -tasting smoke.

They are very safe because they don’t have any additives or artificial compounds. Using the cones is much easier, especially for newbies. It’s also less messy since everything is held at one point. They are suitable for herbs, tobacco, and other things.

  • Easier to use
  • Work well and fast
  • Good quality and size
  • Very discreet packaging
  • Not very large

Our Verdict

If you want to have an easier time rolling herbs and tobacco, this pack is definitely suitable. It’s easier to use than most types. It has a simple design and also has good holding capacity. It’s made of natural materials and doesn’t have harmful artificial compounds.

#8. Mixed 1 1/4 Flavored Cigarette Papers

10 x Juicy Jay's Mixed 1 1:4 Flavored Cigarette Papers

  • By: Juicy Jay’s
  • Size: 320 Papers

Containing 320 packs this bundle is just what you need. It has a range of flavors including Orange, Watermelon, Cherry Blueberry, Grape, and Apple. Finding your favorite one should, therefore, be easy. The rolling paper boasts of good quality to suit most users. They are natural and easy to use. Each pack has 32 leaves /papers and all come in the same size. You also get 4 Doob Tubes as an added bonus.

The trendy and colorful vial is of high quality and well made. They are resistant to odor and are hermetically sealed to retain the scent, nutrients, and flavors. The polycarbonate plastic can handle many uses and is also easy to clean. To ensure the original aroma and flavor isn’t overpowered, they are very mild.

  • Good quality and size
  • Nice packaging
  • Easy to us
  • Made from high-grade materials
  • The flavor isn’t too overpowering
  • The flavor is a bit too mild

Our Verdict

Many people choose this product for a range of flavors. This allows a user to vary the preference. It’s also suitable for different people smoking together. Also, it’s a safe product and won’t introduce harmful fumes to the environment. It’s easy to use and has a decent pack for a better organization.

#7. 300 Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper

ELEMENTS 300 Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper 1.25 1 1:4 Size

  • By: Elements
  • Size: 300 Leaves

Containing 300 leaves, this Elements Rolling pack should give you many cycles. They are made of natural paper which is gotten from rice. Its quality is good and contains no toxic ingredients or artificial additives. It is free of chemicals, chlorine, phthalates, color, dyes, and much more. The adhesive is made of sugar gum which is also 100% natural. The packs have a magnetic closure keeps the contents safe and also to preserve the taste and smell.

Each paper measures 76mm by 44mm and is easy to roll. Moreover, it’s ultra-thin but still strong. It doesn’t become too soggy or disintegrate. You, however, need to use little saliva. Like other types from the company, these papers burn evenly and slowly. This ensures you get as much as you can from the tobacco or herb.

  • Easy or use
  • All Natural and High quality
  • Burn steadily and slow
  • No harmful compounds
  • Should not be over licked

Our Verdict

These rolling papers are well made and also easy to use. They Are thin, very flexible, and also require very little licking or saliva. The all-natural product doesn’t have artificial compounds, and this makes it among the safest. The pack is well built to preserve and safeguard the content.

#6. Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper with Magnetic Closure

Elements 1.25 1 1:4 Size Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper with Magnetic Closure

  • By: Elements
  • Size: 1250 Leaves

The Elements Rolling packs are innovatively designed for easy use. It contains a decent size of papers to serve you for a long time. The magnetic closure styling helps to keeps the pack tightly closed while using minimal effort. This helps to safeguard the contents and also preserve the aroma and flavors. The packaging contains 50 leaves with each measuring 76mm by 44mm.

They are made of rice paper which is derived from natural rice fields. The paper quality is good and also doesn’t have harmful additives. For easy rolling, the unit also very thin. However, it won’t easily rip or become soggy. It relies on a sugar gum adhesive which is safer than artificial type. You only need a little saliva to join the pieces. They burn slowly and evenly, and this allows you to enjoy every moment. It also creates lesser ash.

  • Burn slowly and evenly
  • Look and feel great
  • High quality and natural
  • No harmful compounds
  • They are very thin

Our Verdict

These are, without a doubt, among the best rolling papers in the market. They are all-natural and contain no harmful additives. They are ultra-thin and straightforward to roll. In addition, they are still tough. They preserve the contents and also don’t require too much saliva.

#5. Cones Classic King Size Natural Pre Rolled Paper

RAW Cones Classic King Size | 50 Pack | Natural Pre Rolled Rolling Paper

  • By: RAW, ESD
  • Size: 50 Pieces

These rolling papers may be somewhat thinner than most. They’re still very flexible, though. They are also spacious and do not tear easily to handle a larger load. They are ideal for with herbs and tobacco, and the natural scent or taste is not affected either. It’s simple to light up and they don’t produce harsh fumes or smells.

They are made of hemp and are about 18 mm long. There are 160 leaves in the 5-pack. It’s not difficult to roll them up even for the first time user. They are user-friendly, do not crumble easily and do not need too much wetness/saliva either. The pack description is pretty accurate and you can be sure of good results. They can also be a good gift item other than for personal use.

  • High-quality papers
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth and burn evenly
  • Keeps the scent and Taste
  • May tear if too much saliva is used

Our Verdict

We like this product for being simple. They are user-friendly and work with various products. They are made from a material of high quality and are easy to use. And of course, they are smoother and more resistant to tearing.

#4. Classic Rolling Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

RAW 1 1:4 Classic Rolling Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

  • By: Roll With Us Depot
  • Pack: 36 Leaves

Rated among the best rolling papers you can find, the RAW Classic will suit users who are more conscious of what they are smoking. They come in a large size and are made from all-natural hemp. No chemicals or artificial additives are included. Although they feature a thinner paper, they are pretty tough.

This, however, doesn’t affect the burning and taste of the end product. They use a natural pure organic acacia gum as the binding compound, and this quite safe to the user and environment.

Each paper rolls easily and stays intact once done. They also don’t need it much saliva or moisture. They have a nice natural color which looks good and enhances the smoking experience. And like other options in this review, they burn easily and don’t produce any toxic fumes. The pack has 36 leaves and comes in a carry friendly design. You also get a Doobtube.

  • Chlorine-free and natural
  • eco-friendly and hygienic processed
  • Very thin light and flexible
  • Easy to use
  • The leaves aren’t large

Our Verdict

Rolling herbs and tobacco is easier with this pack. It’s easy to use thanks to the relatively thin size. It also blends easily and doesn’t need opts of saliva. In fact, using a lot may have negative effects. The natural paper is safe for the user as well as to the environment.

#3. Rolling Papers Unbleached Filter Tips

Raw Rolling Papers Unbleached Filter Tips 10 Pack = 500 Tips

  • By: RAW
  • Size: 500 Tips

This product is classified as the best rolling papers by many people. It will suit users who want a good smoking experience, they are fairly big in size and easy to use. This applies to beginners as well. The product has no artificial additives or fillers in them, thus ensuring that the herb or tobacco’s taste and scent remain the same. It also helps to get the most out of the herb or tobacco vows the proven design.

Not much moisture or saliva is needed for the easy-rolling paper. This gives you a good experience with smoking tobacco, herbal blends, vicars, and more. For maximum satisfaction, it burns consistently and slowly. No harmful fumes are given off. The 500 tips will give you many cycles of use and are also easy to handle.

  • Easy to roll
  • Good design and quietly
  • Pocket-friendly and decent capacity
  • Works great
  • The packaging isn’t discrete

Our Verdict

These rolling papers are of good quality and easy to use. They are thin with good flexibility and also have good adhesion. You must use a very small amount of saliva for the best bounding. They are 100% natural and free of artificial additives. They are safe to both the user and the environmental. The pack is well made for contents to be preserved and protected.

#2. Unrefined Classic Cigarette Rolling Papers

Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25 1 1:4 Size Cigarette Rolling Papers

  • By: RAW
  • Size: 4 Packs / 200 Leaves

This Raw Unrefined Classic pack should give you a lot of cycles with 200 leaves. They are made out of a natural product and are among the most effective you’ll find. The quality is good and does not contain any toxic or artificial ingredients. It is free from chlorine, phthalates, color, dyes coloring, and other chemicals. The gum is made of a 100% natural gum and sticks fast and easily. All you need is to apply a little saliva. The high-quality product is also pocket-friendly.

Every paper is 75 mm by 44 mm long and easy to roll. It’s ultra-thin but still tough. It’s doesn’t become soggy easily and also maintains its shape and integrity. These papers burn evenly and slowly like other top types in the market. This makes certain that you get as much tobacco or herb flavor and high as you can.

  • Rollin the pear is easy
  • Good design and texture
  • Decent capacity and good pricing
  • Works great
  • The sticky part dries up fast when exposed to air

Our Verdict

These rolling papers are easy to use and of Hugh quality. They need very little saliva to bond are area also thin and very flexible. There are safe thanks to the absence of artificial compounds. The all-natural product is very safe and boasts of a decent pack for the preservation of the contents.

#1. King Size Supreme Pre-rolled Tips

Bundle - 5 Items - RAW King Size Supreme, 110 Roller and Pre-rolled Tips

  • By: RAW, Rolling Paper Depot
  • Size: 5 Items

If you search for the best rolling paper, chances are that you’ll come across an item from RAW. The King Size Supreme is among the popular rolling paper. Many consumers find them easy to use because they are pre-rolled. This also creates uniformity and also saves effort and time. Loading the contents (tobacco, herbs…) is much easier than most of its rivals. The cone shape, rolling tray, and roller are practical and also hygienic.

This product is natural, and the chances of side effects are unlikely. It’s made of pure organic hemp that’s grown in healthy soils and environment. No artificial fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, or pesticides are used. The paper also doesn’t have any gluten, GMO, or any harmful additives. They help to conserve the scent and flavor of the product by not masking or introducing any foreign aroma or taste. All the things in this pack are of good quality and also user-friendly.

  • Works very fast
  • High quality rolling
  • Good design and very practical
  • Solidly built and durable
  • Not large

Our Verdict

Rolling cigars, cigarettes, and other herbs are easier with this pack. It has all you need to produce high-quality pieces. The pre-rolled cone saves you the effort and time. They also have decent capacity and are made of natural hemp. It’s safe to the user and contains no harmful compounds.

Choosing the Best Rolling Papers

There are several things that you need to look out for when buying rolling papers. They will act as a guide to owning a good product. This assures you of a good experience, reliability, longevity, safety, and easy operation. The most notable include the following:

Rolling Paper Size

Rolling papers are available in five different sizes. These are Single, 1.25 Inch, 1.50-Inch, Double, and lastly King-Size. The size influences how the final product will be. For instance, the king-size paper will handle more quantity and will be bigger. The single paper is the thinnest and will roll into ultra-thin cigarettes. Double is much larger than single.

Natural or Flavored?

You have the option of natural or flavored rolling paper. The first one comes as it is. This means that the only thing you’ll get when using them is the original scent and taste of the tobacco or herb blend. It will appeal to people who want a genuine taste. The flavored paper has a mild scent and Taste. You have vanilla, strawberry, orange, and many other choices. It adds a twist to the tobacco or herb.

Burning Rate

Users want a paper that burns relatively slowly. It’s proven that slow-burning helps to get the most out of the contents. Too fast-burning tends to release more smoke, and most of it will go to waste. While inhaling some, the roll will still be burning. It’s essential to ensure that the paper burns evenly for consistent results.


An excellent rolling paper binds tightly and requires little effort. You won’t need to use too much saliva or press it hard. Also, it doesn’t become soggy and is also not affected by sweat. The best options come with natural gum derived from the acacia tree and other sources. It reacts with the saliva instantly and creates a tough bond.

Other vital things are hygiene and Safety, the source, brand, package size, price, and quality.

In Conclusion

The above products are the best in the market. They come in a decent size and handle a functional capacity. They are all-natural and contain no harmful products. Also, the paper is very flexible and super easy to roll. With the best rolling paper, you’ll enjoy every smoking experience.

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