The 11 Best Rolling TV Stands For Flat Screen You Should Own

Improve your entertainment at home or in conference halls by using a mobile television trolley. It is a cart with wheels for holding a screen and other media components such as DVD player, Xbox and more. Also, it comes with multiple features such as broad base, sturdy construction, and locking wheel mechanism to give you a simple performance. In this review, we have the best rolling TV stand for flat screen in 2021.

The Top 11 Best Rolling TV Stands For Flat Screen

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#11. Universal Mobile TV Stand

Mount-It! Mobile TV Stand

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  • By: Mount-It!

The Mount-It TV stand is perfect for outdoor use such as schools, offices, trade shows, lobbies and as a display advertising stand. It comes in a universal compatible structure to fit screens with a size between 13 to 42 inches. That means one unit used with different-sized monitors to save you time and money. Also, its VESA pattern is perfect for VESA holes measuring 200x200mm. Made of premium cold rolled steel, it can support screens weighing under 44 pounds.

With locking wheels, this trolley moves quickly from place to place to give you quick portability. Also, the rollers ensure you have a fixed placement when done position to your ideal location. Another thing is an 18×20 inch base, wide enough to add stability and strength. The height is adjustable up to 52 inches when the TV is at the center position and a downward tilt up to 30 degrees.

  • Locking wheels
  • Universal compatibility
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Adjustable height
  • Comfortable viewing angle
  • You need to use the provided Allen wrenches to the locking mechanism

Our Verdict

Mount-It stand is excellent for outdoor use in places for advertisement, trade shows, schools and even lobbies. The four rollers with two locking ones, ensure there are no unnecessary movements when the need arises.

#10. Rolling TV Stand For Flat Screen

ONKRON Rolling TV Stand For Flat Screen

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  • By: ONKRON

We love this mobile TV stand because of its heavyweight design to withstand pressure from constant movement. If you are worried about portability, it has four sturdy wheels that roll smoothly without problems from place to place. Also, the tires are made of premium material suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With simple construction, this item is simple to adjust, thanks to the poles that slide easily to produce a button pop sound when aligned correctly.

A bonus function is the availability of two shelves and an overhead mini-shelf for you to place different media components such as DVD player and Xbox. Your TV room will have an organized and stylish them better than others that don’t use this equipment. For better assembly, there are slots to screw the metal poles in to make the process super easy. Make your viewing neater with the cord control system that allows wires to run smoothly into the sturdy pole and out to the bottom.

  • For 32-55″ screens
  • Adjustable height
  • Sturdy shelves
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Simple to use
  • Poor instructions with tiny installation pictures

Our Verdict

This TV rolling cart is made of premium material that bears constant movement from room to room. It has sturdy wheels that give you a simple change and storage. Another thing is the two shelves to improve media component storage and the cord control system to conceal any dangling wires.

#9. Mobile TV Cart Rolling TV Stand

1home Mobile TV Cart Rolling TV Stand

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  • By: 1home

1home TV stand is suitable for 23″-55″ LED, LCD, Plasma and Flat screen displays. Featuring flexible mounting brackets, it works well with most television models weighing up to 55 pounds. It is further improved with a compatible VESA standard that accommodates patterns up to 400x400mm. This unit gives you maximum convenience to move around at home, classroom and business settings. Equipped with four casters, pushing this trolley is easy and time-saving. Not only that but the tires have a locking mechanism for mobile or stationary placement.

Tilt the mounting bracket 15 degrees up and down as you adjust the height between 39.37″ – 59″ for the most comfortable viewing angle. Now, you can enjoy your favorite movie and at the same time prevent neck as well as eye strains. Consorting of a robust media shelf, placing your laptop or DVD player is an easy task. Also, accessing media components is fast and efficient. The rack is adjustable up to 27.56 inches to give you convenience in the layout of the devices.

  • Flexible mounting bracket
  • Multipurpose
  • Tilts up and down
  • 4 heavy-duty wheels
  • Easy and safe assembly
  • The tray is too big for small spaces

Our Verdict

This TV stand supports screens measuring 23″-55″ and weighing less than 55 pounds. It uses a modern VESA standard to hold the screen with VESA patterns up to 400x400mm. The four wheels roll easily from place to place to save time and effort.

#8. Mobile TV Stand With Shelf

TAVR Mobile TV Stand

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  • By: TAVR Furniture

This TV rolling cart works well for 32″ up to 70 “TVs that weigh a maximum of 110 pounds. It is also compatible with VESA patterns from 100mm x 100mm up to 600mm x 400mm. The design can also be used with screens measuring 30 inches in length by 24 inches wide by 50-72 inches in height. With an 8-step height adjustment feature, you can set the preferred level to improve your viewing needs between 50″-72”. That means you can enjoy long hours of TV watching in a comfortable viewing angle.

This item has a universal structure perfect for offices, schools, homes, boardrooms, lobbies, airports, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, shopping malls and even churches. You can also use it for doing presentations or video conferencing at trade shows, PC gaming, business, or entertainment.

  • Has high TV compatibility
  • Simple to adjust the height
  • Lockable wheels
  • For 32″-70″ screens
  • Up to 110 pounds
  • Complaints about missing screws and unmarked parts

Our Verdict

Use this TV cart to place your television measuring between 32″ up to 70″ for best results. It has a middle shelf made of quality metallic material that is adjustable from 5″ – 32″ to provide additional space. Now, you can hold your AV equipment like tablets, laptops, games monitor, cable box, DVD player and more.

#7. Rolling TV Stand For Flat Screen

VIVO Rolling TV Stand For Flat Screen

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  • By: VIVO

Set up this VICO TV stand with ease without added set of hands. It comes with installation hardware and tools to give you a smooth assembly action to mount your screen. With quality-made locking wheels, all the worries of unnecessary movements is a past issue. Now, you can roll the casters and set the unit in your preferred position then secure them in one quick motion.

The above accessory has a 19.5 x 14.5-inch base to add stability and support. Moreover, it is well-made with a universal design suitable for home, trade shows, classrooms, hospitals, bars and businesses. The construction works well for LED, LCD or Plasma TVs measuring 23 to 55 inches. Boasting of adjustable features, this cart has a sturdy tray that allows you to adjust the height to meet your viewing needs. Also, the15 degree screen orientation improves your TV watching experience at home, hospital or school.

  • Easy installation
  • Mobile and durable
  • Adjustable features
  • Sturdy steel design
  • Quality locking wheels
  • It has a vertical orientation

Our Verdict

Using the above rolling TV trolley gives you the most simple assembly with the help of the provided hardware. Also, it saves time and money. You could have hired an expert to help with installation. Use the wide base to get better stability when holding different media devices. With high compatibility, it supports monitors measuring 23 to 55 inches and weighing under 55 pounds.

#6. Sleek Rolling TV Cart

VIVO Black Rolling TV Cart

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  • By: VIVO

Vivo has been in operation for many years without disappointing its customers. It has created this rolling TV stand with a lovely black finish for simple care. The color is timeless and stylish at the same time to fit most room settings, including a living room and a TV room. With high compatibility, the overall structure fits between 32″-65″ flat screens weighing up to 110 pounds. Now, there is no need to make adjustments or drilling additional holes to fit different-sized LCD and LED displays.

Boasting of sturdy wheels, you don’t need an extra set of hands to move this unit. The tires roll smoothly on smooth surfaces such as hardwood to give you a simple action. Another thing is the sturdy middle shelving structure that allows quick adjustment to fit your needs. It also has a 10-pound capacity to hold streaming devices, laptop and even DVD players.

  • For 32-65″ flat screens
  • Mobile and stable
  • Simple to assemble
  • Supports up to 110 pounds
  • Offers comfortable viewing angles
  • Heavy and lacks cable storage

Our Verdict

Black is a stylish and timeless color that this TV cart has to add beauty and improve maintenance. It also holds 110 pounds of weight and below suitable for most television sizes. Use the wheels to move from one placeman to the other with the utmost ease.

#5. Universal Mobile TV Cart

NB North Bayou Mobile TV Cart

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  • By: NB North Bayou

Television stands have different VESA patterns that fit specific TV models. You don’t have to use various units because the one above has a universal VESA standard. That means it accommodates patters from 100 by 100mm up to 600 by 400mm. Boasting of modern design, it fits various TV brands with a diagonal dimension between 32 to 65 inches. Now, you can place your specific screen type with added confidence and safety.

We take note of the steel frame of this unit for you to mount heavy-duty screens weighing less than 100 pounds. For effortless management, the four braked casters help in movement and fixed placement. Use this trolley with an adjustable height between 40.5-60.2 inches to get your specific height level. Plus, the cord management system hides the cables inside for a cleaner appearance.

  • Universal VESA standards
  • Adjustable video and audio shelf
  • Holds up to 100 pounds
  • Timeless black finish
  • Quality construction
  • According to some users, the directions could be better

Our Verdict

NB North Bayou rolling TV cart has universal VESA standards that work well with patterns up to 600x400mm. Place your screen onto the stand that accommodates different brands. With a black finish, expect simple maintenance, cleaning and style coordination. It has cable management stems to conceal the cords while delivering a clean organization.

#4. Mobile TV Cart With Castors

Yaheetech Mobile TV Cart

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  • By: Yaheetech

We understand cables dangling all over the TV unit can make the entire design look rough and uninviting. You no longer have to withstand such a situation when you use the Yaheetech mobile television cart with sturdy middle storage. That means you can place a DVD player, cable box, laptop or Xbox to improve the appearance of the media components. The robust 2-column structure hides cables inside while the base with wheels allows quick movement.

With safety bolts, they prevent the screen from slips or falls. Perfect for households with constant movements. Use the trolley at home, expos, conference rooms, tradeshows, lecture halls, gym, bars or classrooms. Additionally, this item has strong pillars to give you a comfortable viewing experience at home. Plus, the adjustable ±15° screen angle improves comfort to prevent neck strains.

  • Adjustable height
  • Flexible and sturdy wheels
  • Multipurpose
  • Movable middle shelving unit
  • 2-column design
  • Takes time to put together

Our Verdict

Yaheetech TV cart has a string middle shelf that holds different media devices such as DVD player or Xbox. Also, it makes the whole look cleaner as you access different components quickly. Comes with safety bolts to add safety against TV falls and slip. Its universal design is perfect for many various locations such as homes, expos, tradeshows, conference rooms, hospitals, lecture halls, classrooms, bars or gyms.

#3. Mobile TV Cart With Wheels

Mobile TV Cart with Wheels

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Keep your TV room clean and attractive with this rolling television trolley. It features a tidy cable management storage in the metallic column for a simple wire organization. Not only that but also helps to conceal the cords in the back. You no longer have to drill holes or going through your wall to access the wires. Additionally, this cart has a 20.8 by 15.7-inch base plus four sturdy wheels to improve movability. If you prefer a stationary setup, the locking casters fix the stand on a single location.

With a stylish design, it fits 23″-55″ curved, plasma, LCD, LED and flat screens weighing 55 pounds and below. Also, the structure is compatible with VESA patterns from 100×100 up to 400x400mm. The included media shelf holds gaming devices, DVD player or laptops. A bonus functionality is the 12 to 24-inch distance from AV shelf to floor for you to mount to your suitable position.

  • Attractive cable management design
  • High compatibility
  • Simple height adjustable tray
  • Robust design with plate
  • Movable monitor holder
  • The structure is a bit unsteady when rolled width-wise

Our Verdict

Access and conceal all your cables easily with this TV cart’s cord management system. Its flexible four wheels roll easily to your desired location as the locking casters hinder any mobility.

#2. Rolling TV Stand For Flat Screen

Husky Mount Best Rolling TV Stand For Flat Screen

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  • By: Husky Mounts

We love this Husky Mounts TV stand because of its 132-pound capacity. It can hold both light and heavy televisions with a size between 32 to 70 inches. Also, the heavy-duty steel structure gives you better strength to improve durability. You can use it for an extended time without worry of damages caused by rusting, fading, and constant movement.

The 35 by 30-inch base offers additional stability to prevent shakes and unnecessary movements. Use the included hardware to assemble the unit quickly and refer back to the manual in case of problems. This item boasts of adjustable height that extends 58 inches from the floor. Plus, the 26-inch wide strong TV plate gives you a full rotational width. The setup works well for screens wider than 26 inches to prevent the showing of the plate.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Supports up to 132 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flexible TV arms
  • Adjustable height
  • The wheels are a bit thin

Our Verdict

The above TV stand can hold a television weighing up to 132 pounds comfortably. It is made of premium steel that delivers maximum strength to improve performance. Also, assembly is not long for one person to complete. With a 26″ wide plate and adjustable height, this unit can tilt down to give you excellent viewing angle while it reduces glare.

#1. Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Stand

Mount Factory Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Stand

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  • By: Mount Factory

The many designs for rolling TV cart, some are suitable for a specific television brand and size. For the Mount Factory, it has a universal fit that is compatible for screens between 40-65 inches. You don’t have to buy a spare or separate structure for a different-sized TV to save you time and money. Another feature is the sturdy component shelf suitable for holding DVD player, cable box, set-top box and more accessories.

Featuring a robust framework, this item gives your space a clean and refreshing look. You can place it onto your suitable position and move it freely from room to room with the flexible wheels. The tires are made of quality material that can bear the overall unit’s weight plus your television. Another benefit with this modern designed stand is that it accommodates different TV makes such as Curved, Plasma, OLED, LCD, LED, and flat-screen.

  • For 40-65″ flat screen
  • Flexible wheels
  • Affordable and durable
  • Universal fit
  • Sturdy component shelf
  • The tray is a bit low even in the highest setting

Our Verdict

We love this stand suitable for 40 to 65-inch televisions such as Curved, Plasma and OLED screens. It has flexible wheels that improve movement from a different area of the room. Using sturdy materials, it enhances durability and usability perfect for any living room.

In Conclusion

When you want to enjoy yourself in the TV room or other entertainment places, the best rolling TV stand for flat screen comes in handy. It has wheels to improve mobility and also a sturdy construction for durability. Besides, the structure is strong and firm with a quality base for added stability. Check the products above and pick one that meets and improves your viewing needs. Now, you have no reason not to enjoy a nice movie at home with your friends and loved ones.

1 thought on “The 11 Best Rolling TV Stands For Flat Screen You Should Own”

  1. Buying Guide For The Best Rolling TV Stand For Flat Screen

    The following guide has some features that improve the performance of a rolling TV stand. For instance, the construction, design, tilting angle and even VESA pattern. They are as follows:

    Construction: The top factor is the construction of the mobile TV cart. It should be made of a strong material such as metal and steel to prevent quick deterioration. Also, it ensures you have a lasting service, unlike the use of other metals. Check the design and compare different units to get a more reliable one.

    Size: Some rolling TV trolleys have a universal size that accommodates different models of screes. Others have a specific style for a few television makes. Ensure you look at the dimensions the stand can hold to avoid falls, generally caused by an overload. Still, in overload, the manufacturer has a weight limit recommendation. If you go beyond it, your TV might slip and fall.

    Viewing Angle: Another thing to consider is the vowing angle normally affected by the titling orientation. Some stands have a higher rotation that can move up and down as well as side by side. If you prefer on with minimal movement, go for one with a lesser orientation.

    Portability and Flexibility: The other factor is the flexibility the cart delivers during placement and storage. The newer designs have wheels usually four, to improve the mobility action. Also, the tires have a locking mechanism to keep the stand in a fixed position. Remember that the rollers allow a single person to move the whole structure quickly from room to room.


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