Discover The 10 Best Soil Moisture Meters — 2020 Products Review

If you want good results, you need to make certain you apply the right amount of water. Not too much and also not too little. And with the best soil moisture meters, you’ll be able to do this. The gadget checks the water or dampness in the soil. And from the analysis, you’ll know whether to stop or continue watering. A good choice is very accurate, and this minimizes any errors.

Also, it will relay the outcomes fast to save you the waiting time. Other reasons to go for the best option includes suitability with different types of soil, easy to hold and operate, don’t require any tweaking or calibration, and also has a user-friendly and clear gauge. There are many choices in the market. However, the following are the best soil moisture meters in 2021:

The Top 10 Best Soil Moisture Meters

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#10. Soil Dampness Meter Probe

Soil Dampness Meter Probe - 24 Inch

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  • By: A.M. Leonard

the A.M. Leonard is one of the best soil moisture meter that you can find in the market. The product is a suitable choice that suits the garden, greenhouse, lawn. It comes with an easy-to-carry shape and in a small size that can easily fit your palm. The device uses AA batteries which you can use it for period of time.

Moreover, it comes with a standard unit that allow you to get familiar with it at ease. It can analyze your soil and give you results in no time. This soil moisture meter comes with a digital display that give you easy time to read and understand the result. On top of that, it’s extremely precise and additionally not call for excessive maintenance. It comes with extremely clear directions and a nice pack.

  • Useful in many situations
  • Basic and easy to use
  • Quickly and accurate analysis
  • Digital display which make reading easy
  • Hard brass probes
  • The probes aren’t very long

Our Verdict

This is a nice soil moisture meter. It’s very basic and also easy to use. We love the design, size as well as weight. Morever, it’s a compact piece and doesn’t take up lots of space. And thanks to the easy-read display and instant results, you’ll have an easy time using it.

#9. 3-In-1 Soil Tester Kits With Moisture & Light

Atree Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Tester Kits with Moisture, Light and also PH Examination for Garden, Ranch, Lawn

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  • By: Atree

First and foremost point that you might want to know about this soil moisture meter is that it has 3 main functions. First, this device will measure the pH level of the soil. Next, it will also tell you the light meter. And last but not least, you will get to know the moisture level of your soil. This way, you can be certain that your flower plants will grow strong and healthy as you can pick the right soil for them. On top of these functions, the device is also made to be user-friendly as well. To get the result from this tester, all you need to do is to put the probe about 4-6 inches into the soil.

By using this device, you can regularly monitor the level of moisture, sunlight, and pH of the soil making sure that your plants are getting enough of everything, no more, no less. Strangely, this device does not need battery or electricity.

  • Very flexible and suitable in any soil type
  • Measures the dampness, light, and pH
  • Simple and straightforward style
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Accurate results
  • The case doesn’t feel very strong

Our Verdict

This is a decent spoil moisture meter. It works on any kind of soil and is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. Also, it’s compact and takes up minimal. And thanks to top its lightweight, it’s easy to carry. The devices work fast and relay accurate outcomes instantly.

#8. 3-In-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester Horticulture Device Kits

Sonkir Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1 Soil Moisture:Light:pH Tester Horticulture Device Kits

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  • By: Sonkir

MS02 Sonkir Soil pH Meter is the best soil moisture meter. It comes from a trustworthy brand name and works fine in various soils, ranging from sandy, clay or loam soil. The product fits well in the hands and also is extremely useful. It’s ideal for scientists, farmers, students, as well as other individuals. We appreciate the tough probes, which work well. Also, they are less likely to damage the plant roots. It quickly penetrates the soil fast, and you need to push it in for only 2-4 inches.

The unit will test, and the display will show the moisture content. It’s easy to check out the results thanks to the dimension, and the huge dial. The unit is suitable for usage indoors along with outdoors. Likewise, it comes ready to make use of, and you’ll discover simple instructing.

  • Simple design and easy to use
  • Clear and easy- read dial
  • Functions well in any soil type
  • Versatile and longlasting
  • Accurate results and professional design
  • The probes are a little thin

Our Verdict

Checking out the moisture in the soil is easy with this meter. It’s very basic also very dependable. The probes easily permeate the soil and it works okay on any soil type. Besides, it’s lightweight, portable and also easy on the hands. It reveals the results fast via the clear dial.

#7. Digital Moisture Meter

Luster Leaf Digital Moisture Meter

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  • By: Luster Leaf

Whether to give water on the plants or garden can be a lot easier when you have this test kid working for you. All you need is this best soil moisture meter. It will reveal to you the specific amount of dampness in the soil. This let you water properly and likewise conserve time. This piece by Luster Leaf is very popular and useful in yards, farms, gardens, and several other locations. This unite is a helpful item, because of the weight and the layout.

The meter shows the results quickly and also it’s quite exact. Additionally, it works all right on various soils like clay, loam, as well as sandy type. As a result, you can utilize it in a vast array of situations. Consumers like the durable construction and tough materials that endure the usage. It won’t crack, warp or come apart. Besides, it can withstand friction, moisture, abrasion, drops, and also the elements well.

  • Beneficial in gardens, yards, farms and more
  • Very useful and also light-weight
  • Easy design and simple to use
  • Easy view and clear screen
  • Functions okay on different soils
  • The gauge/dial is a little plain

Our Verdict

This is a good soil moisture meter. It’s very basic and also easy to use. Morever, it’s very versatile and you can use it in many types of soils. The results are shown via the clear screen fast. They also are very accurate to prevent making mistakes. It has a tough case and will put up with the use, mishandling and more.

#6. Soil pH & Moisture Meter With Long Electrode

Gain Express Soil Ph & Moisture Meter 295mm Long Electrode

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This is a dependable soil moisture meter. It operates in any kind of soil and it provides the end results quickly and is also very accurate. This lessens mistakes that may lead to under watering or overwatering. The device comes ready to make use of and does not need any type of calibration. Moreover, you’ll discover simple and clear instructions inside the pack.

The long electrode probe digs easily, even in course soil. Also, they have remarkable sensing for precise results. It portable and also lightweight and easy to carry and handle. And thanks to its compact nature, it takes little space. This allows you to utilize it in small situations with no problems. This may be a flowerbed, greenhouse, garden, farm, lawn or any other. Apart from simply examining the water or moisture, it’s in addition fit for pH testing and checking light intensity. It will measure pH from 3 to 8 and has an accuracy of +/- 0.2.

  • Easy to use and very accurate
  • Quick results and also reliable
  • Simple and clear gauge
  • Tough and long-lasting construction
  • Comes ready to use
  • The instructions are somewhat too brief

Our Verdict

This is a remarkable soil moisture meter that works well in different soils. It’s in addition extremely easy to use and likewise very accurate. It indicates the results quickly and is also very accurate. It has a simple layout to enhance handling. Similarly, it’s tough and well constructed to endure the usage, moisture, environmental variables, and more.

#5. Soil Moisture Sensor Meter Hygrometer

Dr.meter S10 Soil Moisture Sensor Meter Hygrometer-Garden, Ranch, Lawn, Plants, Indoor & Outdoor

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  • By: Dr.meter

Dr.meter S10 is a terrific sensor meter for checking soil moisture. It works with any soil type as well as shows the outcomes swiftly. Moreover, it’s very accurate, and the chances of errors are marginal. It comes prepared to make use of and also doesn’t need any extra accessories, tweaking, or calibration. The tough probe enters the soil easily, and the possibilities of them bending or breakage are minimal.

It’s compact, portable as well as also lightweight to preserve space. Also, it is useful in small locations and feels nice in the hands. For easy reading, the dial has various colors. These are red for dry and blue for wet. It’s an environment-friendly piece, which is appropriate for interior and outside uses. It’s suitable for the greenhouse, farm, lawn, and more.

  • Easy to use and clear dial
  • Very accurate and quick results
  • Tough and durable built
  • Needs no calibration
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The probes are a little thin

Our Verdict

This is one of the best soil moisture meters in the current market. It functions well in different situations and additionally is really easy to use. It is very accurate as well as shoes the outcomes fast. The straightforward and simple design improves handling. It’s made of hard material and will sustain the usage, moisture, and far more.

#4. 3-In-1 Plant Moisture Meter

VIVOSUN Soil Tester, 3-in-1 Plant Moisture Meter Light and also PH Tester for House, Yard, Yard, Farm

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VIVOSUN Soil Tester will analyze the moisture content, pH, as well as light intensity. It has moisture setting from1 to 10, with 1 being the driest and 10 being very wet. You can also check the light variety that ranges from 0 to 2000(weak to very strong light). The meter also is useful for checking the pH and has a range of 3.5 to 8 that signifies acidic to alkaline/basic. It’s a simple device hence very easy to use even by a first-timer.

It’s amongst the very best soil moisture meters in the market and functions all right in various soil types. You can use it with clay, sandy, or loam soil. It’s additionally portable and also lightweight for easy handling. It fits well in the palms of the hands and is ideal for any user. These include students, scientists, farmers, pupils, hobbyists, and many others. You can use it on the lawn, ranch greenhouse, garden, flowerbed, and many other circumstances.

  • Simple design and versatile
  • Very easy to use
  • Functions well in different soils
  • Quick and accurate outcomes
  • Lightweight and portable style
  • It’s not the cheapest in its range

Our Verdict

Evaluating the moisture content in the soil is easy with this unit. It’s a standard piece and also has a solitary probe for simplicity. Besides, it’s mobile and likewise feels easy on the hands. The gadget shows the outcomes by means of the big clear dial. It’s fast and additionally accurate. It does not require any additional accessories and is very resilient.

#3. Soil Examination Tester Testing Kit

Yoyomax Soil Examination Set pH Dampness Meter Plant Water Light Tester Testing Kits for Garden Plant

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  • By: yoyomax

It is a very basic knowledge that in order to grow a strong and happy plants, you need to give them enough of what they need. This is why people nowadays are using soil moisture meter. Not only it can measure the water level, it can also measure the pH and light level. With these 3 data results, you will likely make a good decision and can take care very well of your plants.

The unit does not consume any battery or any form of electricity. All you need to do is to plug the device in to the soil you want to test, and then the result will appear just like magic..

  • Simple and comes all set to use.
  • Compact as well as portable
  • Suitable for interior and also outdoor use
  • Suitable in different soil types
  • Tough built and durable
  • The digits on the gauge are not very large

Our Verdict

This unit works great in many situations. These are the yard, farm, garden, and more. It’s extremely basic and also can get familiar with quickly. The unit tests the dampness in soil quickly and shows the results accurately. It’s suitable for indoors and also outdoors use and has an easy to use and clear screen.

#2. Soil Moisture Sensing Unit Meter & Hydrometer

XLUX T10 Soil Moisture Sensing Unit Meter - Soil Water Screen, Hydrometer for Gardening, Farming

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  • By: XLUX

When using this soil moisture meter, one thing you can feel confidence about is the accuracy of the result. And not only for outdoor, you can also depend on this unit for indoor use which still provide accurate result too. Although it comes with analog display, the design provide a very easy-to-read and clear data. And the test can provide result instantly without the need of waiting.

Moreover, just like most of soil moisture meter, this one use only one probe. The benefit of one probe is that it does not damage much of the root so that you do not need to worry about any problem that the test might cause to your plant. Although it is one of the best, the manufacturer advise not to use this on a very hard soil or water. Only use it on soil as it is supposed to be.

  • Functions well and accurately
  • Relays the outcomes fast
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Fit for interior and outdoor use
  • Tough and durable case
  • The instructions are a little vague

Our Verdict

This device is easy to use as well as also very accurate. It functions well and is also energy efficient. The sensor relays the outcome fast and accurately. It’s suitable for indoor as well as outdoor usage and suits different soils. In addition to analyzing soil moisture, it also works well for pH testing as well as light intensity.

#1. 3-In-1 Soil Dampness Sensing Unit Meter

Besmon Soil Dampness Sensing Unit Meter, Soil Test Set Plant Moisture Meter 3-in-1 Soil pH Tester

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  • By: Besmon

This is a great moisture-sensing meter and works in any type of soil. Also, it delivers the results fast and is very accurate. This lessens any type of mistakes such as over or under-watering. It comes all set to make use of and doesn’t need any tweaking or calibration. You just unpack from the package and start to utilize it. And to help you in operation, you’ll get simple instructions. The unit is suitable for the yard, garden, lawn, farm, ranch, greenhouse, and several various other places.

It has two strobes to boost convenience and accuracy. Moreover, the premium technology ensures the outcomes are accurate. It’s compact and also very portable. Therefore, it’s easy to carry and also takes up little space. This enables you it utilizes it in any location. Apart from just examining the dampness or water in the soil, it’s likewise reliable for pH screening in addition to light Intensity testing.

  • Easy design and also easy to use
  • Clear and easy-view gauge
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Works well in various soils
  • Shows precise results quick
  • The probes are not very heavy duty

Our Verdict

Analyzing the moisture content in the soil is easy with this meter. It’s a simple piece and also is very accurate. The double probes penetrate the soil with ease. It’s compact as well as easy on the hands. The device relays the results accurately via the huge dial. Likewise, it does not require any batteries to run and is also very sturdy.


The above review has, in brief, shed light on the best soil moisture meters in the market. Our aim is to make it easy to pick the right products. Also, you’ll use lesser effort and time and also save money. We took the time to analyze the popular and top options. After that, we compared them. To do this, it was essential to look at the most critical aspects. These include accuracy, easy use, durability, compatibility with different soils, clarity of the dial, and construction quality. Also, you’ll notice that they enjoy good comments and reviews form reviewers as well as consumers. To own the best soil moisture meter in 2021, all you need is to pick any of the above options.

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