Discover The 10 Best Stair Treads Review – In 2021

You can prevent slips and falls with the best stair treads. Statistics show that a stair-related injury occurs every 30 seconds in the USA. That’s why using these carpet rugs is essential and safe in any household. They improve your footing every time you go up and down a stairway. Most designs are easy to maintain as well as clean. Not only that, but also you can enjoy a quiet stepping up the staircase. Let’s see the best stair treads design available in the market.

The Top 10 Best Stair Treads

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#10. Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads Set of 13

Carpet Stair Treads Set of 13 Non Slip:Skid Rubber Runner Mats

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  • By: Elogio

We understand safety is among the top priorities in any household. These runner mats are among the best stair treads that are easy to use and maintain. You can enjoy a simple DIY set up at home using the carpet tape. At the same time, it’s vet simple to remove the adhesive during cleanup without residues and markings behind. Alternatively, you can damp clean or vacuum to improve the stepping atmosphere. This item is super safe, thanks to the anti-slip design. The 13 pieces transform a slippery staircase into a steady surface for better safety. Not only for kids, family, but also friends.

Additionally, these carpet rugs are safe on a variety of flooring, including ceramic and hardwood. Its pet-friendly style provides a desirable grip to encourage cats and dogs to take the stairs confidently. What’s more, they muffle the stepping sound while freeing the surface from markings and scratches. Each part has a dimension of 30 inches long x 8 inches wide to cover the ensure staircase. You can use them indoors or outdoors, depending on preference.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Quality adhesive tape
  • Muffles stepping sound
  • Pet and kid-friendly design
  • The pattern does not have enough contrast

Our Verdict

Have a simple cleaning and maintenance with the Elogio stair treads. They have a friendly design that supports an effortless DIY at home or outdoor places. Use the supplied carpet tape to improve grip while eliminating sliding. Another thing is the modern structure that muffles stepping sound.

#9. Traditional Style Stair Treads

Sussexhome Stair Treads Traditional Collection Contemporary

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  • By: Sussexhome

Stepping on any carpets over time can lead to fabric wear and slips. As a result, it can cause accidents such as knee sprains and knocks. To eliminate these problems, the Sussexhome company has created these top stair treads made from quality polypropylene. Not only to prevent sliding but also shedding. You can place the pieces together to bring out a contemporary feel in your household. The material is also pet and kid-friendly, ideal for indoor use.

We love the high strength of the fibers that give your feet a massage-like feel. Besides, they can withstand pressures brought by high-traffic as well as spill-prone locations. Cleaning and maintaining this item is easy for most users. Use soap and water, then rinse with clean water to remove dirt. These family-friendly strips have a vibrant gray and white finish to blend well with other indoor decors. Measuring 9 inches wide x 28 inches long, each piece is spacious and durable. Use a double side tape to anchor the sections on your flooring without causing damages. Also, it sticks to both smooth or rough surfaces free of sticky residue.

  • Prevents slips and falls
  • Beautiful white and grey finish
  • Cushions your feet
  • Family-friendly design
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheap material

Our Verdict

The Sussexhome stair treads prevent knee sprains caused by accidental staircase falls. It is constructed from premium polypropylene, which has excellent anti-shedding ability. Not only that, but its white and grey finish brings out a contemporary feel in most indoor spacing. Use the adhesive tape to anchor your strips without worries about residues and floor damage.

#8. Glamour Collection Trellis Design Stair Tread

Ottomanson Glamour Collection Trellis Design Stair Tread, 8.5 x 26

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  • By: Ottomanson

Create a comfort stepping with these great stair treads from Ottomanson brand. Boasting of a soft low profile, they caress your feet every time you go up and down your stairway. Not only that, but the gentle surface is safe for kids and pets, as well. Due to a secure and eco-friendly construction, these strips make a great gift to loved ones. They can place them on the steps to improve safety and design. In addition, this item is constructed from longlasting polypropylene, which gives you excellent abrasive resistance. The material is also simple to clean and maintain than the rest in the market.

Thanks to a shed-free and stain-resistant design, you can place these strips on high-traffic areas. Whether there are kids, dogs, or cats in the location, they have additional safety. Another factor that makes this product outstanding is its machine-made structure in Turkey. Using quality nylon, it has better durability to give you long years of use. Plus, a convenient anti-slip rubber backing encourages secure stepping all the time.

  • Comfortable underfoot feel
  • Soft low profile
  • Simple to clean
  • For high-traffic area
  • Made in Turkey
  • Super thin

Our Verdict

If you want the best stair tread that gives you a comfortable underfoot feel, you have found it. The Ottomanson has a low profile made from soft material for functionality and tenderness. Another thing is the use of quality nylon and rubber backing to deliver amazing longevity and traction.

#7. Rubber Stair Treads Set Of 4

Rubber Stair Treads - Set of 4 - 30 Inch Wide

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  • By: Palos Designs

Add a touch of sleekness and safety with these Palos stair treads. Priding of non-slip backing, you and your family can enjoy a secure footing. Even pets like dogs and cats can run up and down the stairway without slips or falls. Another important feature is the modern openwork scroll style design to provide charm. Similarly, you get a firm footing than walking on bare floors every time you walk on an entryway step.

The set contains 4 pieces of rug strips measuring 30′ inches wide x 10 inches in diameter. Its dimension is larger than similar-priced treads to cover a larger area while improving your footing. Clean this accessory, use a garden hose to remove dirt and debris. In addition, this product’s structure allows for simple water and slush drainage. The inferior units pool up water, causing fiber rot and mildew buildup. Note that the included heavy-duty rubber material prevents sliding around to keep you safe.

  • Sleek and safe
  • Non-slip backing
  • Openwork scroll design
  • Smooth water flow
  • Prevents sliding
  • Move around

Our Verdict

Enjoy a beautiful and safe stairway stepping with these stair strips. They have a non-slip backing to improve traction on multiple floor surfaces such as hardwood. Not only that, but you can clean using your garden hose to remove dirt. Another thing is the openwork scroll profile to eliminate water pool up while improving drainage.

#6. Non Slip Outdoor Skid Resistant Stair Tread

Gloria Rug Stair Treads Non Slip - Outdoor Skid Resistant Stair Set of 7

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  • By: Gloria Rug

Keeping your flooring neat and safe is a must inside your home. Equally important is the way you clean the stair treads to improve hygiene. The Gloria Rugs are made from quality material to give you a comfortable cleaning. Not only that but also with a machine-washable structure, you can use cold water and delicate cycle setting. This means quick dirt removal, then hang drying to eliminate any wetness. There’s no need for ironing after washing as the structure returns to its low profile state after drying.

In addition, these leading stair treads come with a non-slip backing built from premium rubber. It helps minimize sliding and slipping while holding the rug into place. What this means, its excellent safety suitable for households with pets and children featuring a durable material. It does not discolor, stain, or tear as quickly as the rest. You can use them for a long time before they need for replacement arises. Each piece has a dimension of 8.5 inches wide x 26 inches long, perfect for most stairway sizes.

  • Improves the flooring neatness
  • Easy to clean
  • Low profile design
  • Premium rubber backing
  • Anti-fade material
  • The traction could be better

Our Verdict

Enjoy cleaning your steps with these stair strips from Gloria Rug company. They have a machine-safe construction that allows quick washing machine cleaning. Not only that, but you can hang-dry to remove any stuck-on water.

#5. 100% Natural Fiber Seagrass Sage

Natural Area Rugs 100% Natural Fiber Beach, Seagrass Sage

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For over 5 decades, the Natural Area Rugs still deliver quality carpets for home use. With these best stair treads, they have a modern construction for added safety. Using durable Seagrass, they are longlasting and easier to maintain than others. Not only that, but you can walk on them frequently without worries about wear. Clean using a vacuum cleaner to improve hygiene and keep the area dirt-free. This accessory is perfect on hardwood surfaces due to its superior traction. Plus, its design provides a sound dampening service great for households with kids and pets.

Measuring 29 inches long x 9 inches wide, each piece is spacious and robust. Place all 13 sections on a suitable stairway location to keep your family safe. Similarly, removing them is more comfortable than using one long strip. For best installation, use double-sided carpet tape to prevent unnecessary sliding. Another essential factor that makes these rugs stand out is their handmade construction. This structure, plus excellent detailing, brings out a personal feel to your home.

  • Safe and durable
  • Anti-wear design
  • Easy to vacuum
  • Spacious and attractive
  • Superior traction
  • The size of each piece is not uniform

Our Verdict

Use a modern-looking set of stair treads to add safety and beauty in your home. They have superior traction to prevent children, adults, and pet slips when stepping on a stairway. Also, the packaging consists of 13 pieces suitable for most standard staircase design. With a handmade finish using quality material, longevity is a guarantee.

#4. Slip Resistant Stair Treads Collection Set of 13

Stair Treads Collection Set of 13 Indoor Skid Slip Resistant

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  • By: RugStylesOnline

Improving the traction on your stairway should be a smooth process. That’s why these 13 pieces of stair strips give you great value and protection. They are made from waterproof material that prevents stains, mildew, and also stains. You can now experience a steady and secure footing any time you go up your home stairs. Besides, the fabric is great for indoor use, thanks to its tough and durable construction. For more safety, the availability of a rubber backing prevents slips. At the same time, it makes it easier to vacuum together with its low profile.

We love the use of Olefin/Polypropylene material because it can withstand high traffic stepping. Not only that, but it has excellent abrasive resistance than the other cloth, making it super reliable. Note that each strip has a size of 8 inches wide and 30 inches long to fit most standard stairways. Change the look of the flooring surface naturally with these brown pieces. The color brings out a safe and beautiful feel in most home designs. Moreover, this product boasts of a corrugated structure for better liquid flow.

  • Great value and protection
  • Steady footing
  • Stable rubber backing
  • Natural brown finish
  • Better liquid flow
  • The pieces have bumps due to rolled packaging

Our Verdict

RugStylesOnline company has come up with these stair treads that give you great value. With a waterproof construction, they add safety and protection in every step. You can use them indoors to eliminate falls and slips. Another thing is the rubber backing that supports an easy vacuuming.

#3. Non-Slip Stair Treads Tape

6 x30 Non-Slip Stair Treads Tape (14-Pack) – Clear Anti-Slip Grip Strips

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  • By: Grade

Protect a larger staircase area with these 14-piece strips. Each piece measure 6 inches wide by 30 inches for smooth cleaning and handling. Also, they are lightweight when you carry all the sections together and yet durable. Made from anti-skid PEVA fabric free from harmful elements, they keep your family safe. Whether you have a dog, cat, or aging adults, they get maximum safety. Another thing we like is careful design with a clear finish for a neat and comfortable look.

Furthermore, this product prevents stairway slips and falls on most surfaces. They come with a strong adhesive tape suitable for both outdoor and indoor stairs. Plus, the provided installation roller gives you a smooth setup leaving minimal to zero bubbles. What’s more, the modern style reduces slips in high traffic areas of a commercial or home stairs. Place the pieces on most flooring styles such as hardwood, wood, vinyl, metal, marble, tile, concrete, laminate, and much more.

  • 14-piece set
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and durable
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Reduces slips and falls
  • For all flooring surfaces
  • Takes time to install

Our Verdict

The Grade best stair tread is easy to clean and maintain. Each piece has a wide design that improves traction on the steps. Plus, a clear design brings out a neat and appealing staircase look. Use all the parts to prevent slips to give your family additional stepping safety.

#2. Pre Cut Transparent Non Slip Strips Stair Tread

EdenProducts(15-Pack) Pre Cut Transparent 24 x 4 Non Slip Strips

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  • By: EdenProducts

Add natural beauty to your stair treads without spending too much money. The EdenProducts slips have a lovely transparent finish to give your space an interesting look. Not only to improve stability when stepping but prevent falls, especially for kids. It does not damage your tiled or hardwood floor’s beauty suitable for decorative purposes. Alternatively, you can use it for concrete, ladders, laminate, mats, metal, boats, plastic, carpets, skateboard grip, shoe grips, ramps, and scooters. Additionally, this product’s subtle texture gives maximum protection and support without sacrificing comfort.

Get more pieces of treads at a cost-friendly price. The whole set comes with 15 sections ideal for most staircase design. You can place the other parts in ideal locations to add safety. Also, note the soft textured surface is cozy on your bare feet to improve effectiveness. Designed out from quality and eco-friendly PEVA, it keeps aging adults, kids, and pets safe. Clean with a damp cloth or towel when indoors or a hose spray if outdoors.

  • Cost-effective
  • Improves staircase beauty
  • Lovely transparent finish
  • 15-pack set
  • Eco-friendly PEVA material
  • Visible bubbles after installing

Our Verdict

Improve stepping safety and staircase beauty with this stair tread. With a transparent finish, it stands out from the rest. Not only to support a cleaner look but also natural style coordination. Also, its versatile design is perfect for concrete, ladders, laminate, and more surfaces.

#1. Waterhog Indoor & Outdoor Stair Treads

Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Indoor:Outdoor Stair Treads, Set of 4

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  • By: Bungalow Flooring

Use this best stair tread indoors or outdoors to improve footing safety. It has a skid-free design suitable for all floors, such as hardwood, tiles, and much more. Also, after placing on your ideal location, it reduces the risk of falls and slips. With a modern design, it holds a maximum of 1.5 gallons of water in every square yard of cloth. That means you enjoy a dry stepping before taking them out to air dry. This item Ridged Geometric style with a rubber border ensure water remains on the treads.

We love the Eco-friendly PET fiber material for more safety. It is made in the USA to prevent rot and mildew buildup. Not only that, but the rubber backing designed from 20% recycled Styrene Butadiene Rubber, is steady. The whole set has 4 pieces of treads, each with a size of 30 inches long x 3/8-inches high x 8.5 inches wide. This covers a larger area after flattening them out. In addition, cleaning this accessory takes minimal time. Make sure your flooring is dry and clean before application. To get excellent traction and stability in high-traffic, you can add a double-sided tape.

  • For inside and outside use
  • Suitable for all floors
  • Quick-drying
  • Prevents mildew buildup
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

This set of 4 stair tread is suitable for outdoors and indoors. You can use it on a hardwood floor to improve safety and stability. Its Ridged Geometric construction keeps dirt, debris, and water on the surface. Also, cleaning and maintenance requires minimal effort.

To Finish Up

Using the best stair tread can improve safety in your household. Most home injuries are caused by stairway slips, especially on smooth surfaces. Also, you can keep the flooring free from stains, dirt, and mold without spending too much effort and money. When it comes to cleaning these strips, it is super easy. Some manufacturers allow machine-wash to quicken the cleanup process. Apply soapy water or vacuum your rugs to remove dust. Remember to compare the multiple designs to get one that meets your footing needs, such as comfort. Check out the products above and pick the best stair treads in the market.

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  1. The Best Stair Tread: Benefits and Features

    Let’s look at the advantages of using stair strips at home or outdoor locations. Most are made from premium material that bear heavy traffic pressures. That means a long-term use whether in a household with kids and pets. The top pros are as follows:

    Safety: These rugs keep your family secure in every footing. Whether you have pets in your household, they minimize slips and falls. Most designs have quality backing made from rubber that delivers excellent grip. At the same time, it dampens the sound in each step.

    Beauty: Another benefit is the attractiveness the carpet brings on your stairway. You can choose a color like gray, brown, or black to enjoy a contemporary feel. For a lively atmosphere, go for a vibrant color like red or blue.

    Simple Cleaning: The next advantage you get from using a stair tread is simple cleaning. Washing with cold water and mild detergent will retain its original look. And for the machine-safe designs, throw inside your washing machine on the delicate cycle setting.

    Prevents Mildew Buildup: Lastly, a stairway strip made from quality material minimizes and prevents mold buildup. Some models use an openwork scroll style design that delivers excellent water and slush drainage. What this means is that water does not pool up, resulting in fiber rot.


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