11 Best Steak Knives You Should Buy In 2021 – Review

A steak knife can make food preparation much more straightforward. It cuts through the toughest meats and other products with precision. Also, it comes with a texturized handle to offer an ideal grip. In this review, we look at the best steak knives in 2021.

The Top 11 Best Steak Knives

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#11. Gourmet Four Piece Steak Knife Set

WÜSTHOF Gourmet Four Piece Steak Knife Set

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  • By: Wüsthof

WÜSTHOF was founded over two centuries ago and are known for their fine cutlery that meet quality standards. This steak knife is crafted to resist dulling and corrosion because of its German-made stainless steel. This material guarantees a premium performance while adding extra shine to its surroundings. Add it to your other kitchen utensils for a bright and organized look.

Thanks to an ergonomic handle created from a heavy-duty synthetic resist any discoloration. We know there are units after a few washes dull or discolor, making it have an unappealing appearance. Featuring a razor-sharp blade, it cuts quickly and smoothly pieces of meats and even other food items. Also, the blade’s structure offers easy maintenance and hand wash cleaning.

  • Durable material
  • Maximum hand grip
  • Dull-free
  • Corrosion-free
  • Zero discoloration
  • Quality needs improvement

Our Verdict

WÜSTHOF knife set comes in a 4-piece set to give you a wide choice to pick your ideal choice that suits the occasion and demand. The collection has riveted polypropylene handles that easily resist discoloration, fading, impact, and heat. A unique functionality is the laser-cut stamped knives that deliver superb value and quality.

#10. Premium Serrated Steak Knives 6 Piece Laser Cut

Premium Serrated Steak Knives 6-Piece Laser Cut

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  • By: Mozzbi

Mozzbi knives are excellent for providing a simple slicing. You can cut through steaks more efficiently and quicker with serrated edges crafted with ultra-sharp blades. Expand your cooking skills with confidence knowing you have a reliable kitchen companion.

This product comes in a set of 6 to give you added convenience and faster food preparation. You are not constricted to only slice meat products alone but much more. Its versatility allows chopping of poultry, meat, and bread easily.

With a triple-riveted polish handle design combined with quality stainless steel, it gives you better reliability, comfort, and leverage. The set has six knives which are ideal for backyard barbeques, dinner parties or large families. The blade has a laser treatment to safeguard from rust and dullness to improve durability. Also, its classic look is eye-appealing and safe to clean with the hands.

  • Longlasting
  • Simple design
  • Affordable
  • Strong handles
  • Easily slices meat
  • Heavy

Our Verdict

Host a barbecue at the backyard at home with reliable tools. The above set of steak knives provide simple use and elegance. With sharp blades and premium construction, slicing has never been this easier. Also, use it to cut not only meat products but also cheese, poultry, and even bread.

#9. Professional Premium Steak Knife Set of 8

Utopia Kitchen Premium Steak Knife Set of 8 Professional Serrated Steak Knives

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  • By: Utopia Kitchen

Utopia Kitchen company makes sharp knives that need little maintenance. This one blends chromium and carbon elements that make up the complete formula of the 420-grade stainless steel to handle everyday demands of a private and commercial kitchen. Also, this material offers a rust-resistant, tarnish-resistant and even simple cleaning.

Hand clean by pouring a few drops of lemon into a ball or a tall glass and soak the knives for a few minutes. This will help to clear rare spots and remove debris. The 4.5-inch knife length is a durable one-piece construction to ensure the handle does not fall off during use and even storage. Its lightweight style allows simple operation and at the same eliminates the hand fatigue commonly caused by large units.

  • Micro-serrated edges
  • Solid one-piece design
  • Tarnish-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust-resistant
  • Not dishwasher safe

Our Verdict

A kitchen knife that needs to be sharpened every time frustrates the user. This unit from Utopia Kitchen is micro-serrated at the edges to eliminate this problem. You do not need to sharpen them because the steel and blade are sharp enough even after prolonged use.

#8. Stainless Steel Knife Set With Wooden Gift Box

Wusthof Stainless Steel Knife Set with Wooden Gift Box

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  • By: Wüsthof

This item comes in a set of 8 to give you value for money. The wood presentation box looks good and ensures during packaging, the knives have full protection against unfavorable conditions such as dust, water, and extreme heat. The blade material is made using premium stainless steel for longlasting performance.

It is so simple to clean, and the included directions add more helpful tips. Hand wash using mild detergent, completely dry, and store in a dry place. Now you can use this durable kitchen equipment in different areas and on meat products while eliminating the worry of rapid wear and tear.

The Wusthof kitchen accessory enhances an elegant dinner preparation of grilled lamb chops or tenderloin steak. With a contemporary design that has 4-1/2-inch blades, which are precision-forged stainless steel for longer edge retention and strength.

  • Stain-resistant blades
  • Contemporary design
  • Easy to use
  • Sharp cutting
  • Precision slicing
  • The hinges lack enough strength

Our Verdict

This steak knife offers an ergonomic service. The included velvet-lined wooden box featuring mahogany stain makes it a generous anniversary or wedding gift. The stain- resistant blades ensure precision slicing. This set is perfect as a generous wedding gift that offers not only a functional but also great practicality.

#7. Gladiator Series Steak Knives With Sheaths

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Steak Knives with Sheaths

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  • By: Dalstrong

Dalstrong knife has outstanding craftsmanship to provide an ultra-sharp but safe operation. It comes with cutting-edge technology with fantastic design elements that extended in lifespan. The pricing is competitive on the market to give you not only aesthetics but also practicality. With a full-tang structure and a German steel blade, it delivers an incredibly sharp service.

Cleaning does not take much time. It comes with hollow dimples to guarantee that the meat slides off the blade for simple washing. The heft of the knife and a black wood handle offer a quality feel and also simple maneuverability.

An additional accessory is a sturdy sheath with high-quality stitching to accommodate the device for best storage and maintenance. Each product has its sheath with a similar design for a friendly and neat looking.

  • Luxury packaging
  • Quality feel
  • Well-made hollow dimple design
  • Super sharp
  • Maximum grip
  • Uneven knife balance

Our Verdict

The luxury packaging enhances its appeal for a great gifting action to loved ones on many occasions such as weddings, birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversary and many others. The hand-polished style with a satin finish to provide beautiful aesthetics. Also, the tempered mechanism improves flexibility, hardness, and minimal cutting resistance. Engineered to perfection with hand polish and at 56+ Rockwell hardness provide a satin finish.

#6. Premium Kitchen Steak Knife Set

Steak Knives, Steak Knife Set of 4 Premium Kitchen Table Knife

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Skylight knife is suitable for use at home and even in a professional setting. With a straight edge blade which is non-serrated, it provides a smooth slicing on steaks plus other foods without ridges and tears. The tip has an upward curved style to assist in simple separating of meat from the bone much quicker.

We take note of the surgical German steel that is handed polished to guarantee durability, sharpness, stain resistance and corrosion. You can use it for an extended period without the worry of replacements or damage.

This product provides a peak sharp edge with a 17° angle per side which is ideal for a non-sticky and minimal cutting pressure. The knife will move smoothly and enhance a simple cleaning and resharpening, hence a perfect tool for a steak dinner at home. Boasting of an ABS handle helps to deliver an ebony wooden touch. Also, its ergonomic structure with a protective bolster guard provides an anti-slip and comfortable grip.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra-sharp edge
  • Stain-resistant
  • Safer cutting
  • Secure use
  • Lacks a protective sheath

Our Verdict

The different features this Skylight knife has such as a full tang handle, triple riveted design and a bolster guard provide a comfortable grip. This guarantees a non-slip action that makes slicing much more comfortable and safer while promoting an elegant preparation on the table. Use it to cut different meat textures in precise cuts.

#5. Non-Serrated German Best Steak Knive With Full Tang

Non-Serrated German Best Steak Knive With Full Tang

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  • By: FOXEL

Hosting a BBQ and dinner for your family and friends requires prior preparation. The main food item expected is a steak that has nice slices and quality cooking. The above knife enhances this process by giving you a smooth slicing, chopping, and slicing of the meat.

Featuring a non-serrated design and sharp blade, it provides a better service than the other products. With a full-tang construction, you get a better hold and premium performance. It is simple to use and has an excellent balance between providing a superior cutting experience.

This set boasts of a stunning look that will instantly impress your friends.as you make perfect cuts. The handle has an excellent grip to prevent any sliding incidences that might result in cuts and bruises.

Also, this item is made of heavy-duty Thyssen-Krupp stainless steel that ensures rust-free use after cleaning. Spoil your upcoming cook who is starting the hospitality business with this product. You can never go wrong with this knife, no matter the speed of chopping.

  • Ideal gift
  • Superior construction
  • Precision slicing
  • Stylish design
  • Sharp
  • Not dishwasher safe

Our Verdict

The above steak knife has been designed with convenience and elegance in mind. With a tang triple-riveted firm handles and straight edge, blades help cut tenderloins and rib-eye steaks effortlessly.

#4. Steak Knife Set

J.A. Henckels 8-Piece Steak Knife Set

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  • By: ZWILLING J.A. Henckels

Henckels International is renown by many users, especially those in the hotel industry because of their durable products. The above steak knife is excellent for delivering an edge-retention operation. Made with a durable steel blade helps to provide optimum strength and quick slicing. This alleviates you from the problems of continually sharpening your knife after every use.

With a corrosion-free material, it gives a safe and useful action. Cut the steak in the thickness and sizes you prefer with maximum ease. Another thing is a contoured handle to offer a steady and maximum grip for both mild and intense cutting tasks.

We love this equipment because it allows dishwashing cleaning, unlike others that get damaged or rust after washing. Wash it as you usually clean the others and completely dry for extended service. Its overall length allows simple use with a comfortable fit. You can store it in any limited-space for safe-keeping. A set of 8 pieces gives you a variety of choice to pick the one that fits your needs in the kitchen.

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Full-tang
  • Durable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Strong handle
  • Small

Our Verdict

This knife features a stainless steel blade that offers corrosion resistant and durable service. Maintenance and cleaning are enhanced with the dishwasher safe construction. Also, this unit comes in a set of 8, making it a cost-effective product. Use it to cut accurate cuts with maximum ease.

#3. Serrated Edge 4-Piece Steak Knives

Equinox Serrated Edge 4-Piece Steak Knives

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  • By: Equinox International

Equinox company has come up with this premium steak knife that has superior quality. Made out of high-carbon stainless steel, with full-tang blades, it cuts through meat efficiently, producing smooth cuts. No need for sharpening and resharpening after every use like using dull knives.

Whether you prefer medium-rare, rare or well-done steaks, this unit will enhance its preparation for you to enjoy a nice meal. Its dark wood handle looks good and is simple to maintain. Make sure it is dry after cleaning to extend its lifespan.

The 4-Piece knives come in a luxurious packaging in a black sleeve case. The case looks good and holds the four knives in a uniformed way. It helps to gift to a loved one in most occasions such as housewarmings, get together, weddings, birthdays, camping trip or for a budding cook. You can also use this product to cut poultry in accurate slices to achieve the shape and sizes you prefer enhancing a faster cooking preparation.

  • Lovely sleeve case
  • Full tang blades
  • Nice packaging
  • Precision-cutting
  • Affordable
  • The wooden handle fades

Our Verdict

These knives have a premium full-tang blade that is thick enough to provide a comfortable hand-fit, right balance, and durability. Carved from dark Pakka-wood handles, they offer appealing and functional effects. Hand-washing is recommended to ensure the handles remain good-looking.

#2. Ceramic Coated Steak Knife Set

Cuisinart C55-6PCSBK Ceramic Coated Best Steak Knife Set

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  • By: Cuisinart

Cuisinart makes kitchen appliances from dishwashers, vacuum cleaners to steak knives. This one is suitable for cutting steak and even poultry much easier. With a non-stick coating, you get more natural and quicker slicing, unlike the other materials.

The performance is further improved due to the stainless steel blade construction. Now you can carry this unit even in camping, fishing, hiking and other travels to helps you prepare better meals.

We know the money invested in a worthy project creates a nice feeling. This kitchen accessory is the right course that serves you for long periods. It comes in a perfect design that allows you to make a bold kitchen statement. Store it or hang in a dry place to prevent any case of dirt and dust build-up. The 6-piece packaging comes with matching handles and blade guards to add extra beauty and a clean appearance.

  • Non-stick coating
  • Easy slicing
  • Sharp steel blades
  • Easy to use
  • Balanced and durable
  • A serrated knife has big holes

Our Verdict

This professional knife provides a better cutting edge to make slicing smoother. Plus, the non-stick coating ensures no meat particles stick on the sides for you to cut with precision. The layer allows simple color-coding in food preparation to prevent cross-contamination. Features a matching blade guard and handle to add more aesthetics.

#1. Premium Steak Knife Set

Bellemain Set of 4 Premium Steak Knife Set

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  • By: Bellemain

We love this steak knife from Bellemain because of its sharpness. This best steak knife is made with premium stainless steel that guarantees a rust-proof operation. Also, cleaning is smooth without using any unique cleaning solution while it adds extra brightness to your kitchen or the place used.

With a price of around 24 dollars, it is quite affordable and comes in a set of 4 use each one for a suitable task to make it much easier like cutting through meat. Boasting of ice-tempered steel, the edges are longer as compared to heat-tempered steel.

Engineered in 5-inch straight cut edges cut through steaks with a solid, hollow ground to help reduce sticking. Even though a knife is among the top used kitchen accessories, it does not mean it should have a dull appearance.

The one above looks good because of the ergonomic handle and design to add a touch of beauty. Gift it to a friend or loved one, especially one that enjoys making a juicy steak at the convenience of their home.

  • Rust-proof
  • Sharp
  • Looks good
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • A bit heavy

Our Verdict

This knife provides the ultimate sharpness to cut through meats easily. While some of the cheap knives use two pieces fused, this one has a full tang combination. It helps to offer maximum durability and strength.

Buying Guide For The Best Steak Knives

Serrated Blade

Straight-edge knives are the conventional designs used in steak, but they wear faster than others. The reason is that they cut across glass plates or top of ceramic instead of plastic or wood tops. Also, this causes constant sharpening of straight-edge knives as compared to the serrated style. Another thing is that a serrated edge creates a smoother and cleaner cut. They use the teeth to cut through steak to make an effortless and clean slice.


The two main types of materials used in steak knives are stainless steel or high-carbon steel. High-carbon steel is a top preference by home chefs and restaurant managers. Also, it allows an easier sharpening easier to sharpening and stays sharp much longer. If you want a high-quality unit, high-carbon is an ideal choice.

Stainless steel is convenient although it comes with a significant flaw. It needs constant sharpening which is not as easy as the high-carbon steel. This affects products typically with straight blades. The good thing with the stainless steel is that it does not rust and is dishwasher safe. High-carbon steel is better for hand-washing and instant drying to prevent dulling, rusting and staining.

Handle Material

Some people focus more on appearance than performance. It allows simple coordination of the steak knives to blend in with the existing decor and tableware. Some things you can consider before choosing a knife because of design. Go for a handle that has a good grip and texture for a better hold. This will prevent any sliding cases that can lead to cuts or damage.

Full Tang

Some people do not understand what a full tang means. We are here to help you. Some steak knives fuse two types of materials such as metal and plastic, or metal and wood. For a full tang knife, the blade metal runs to the bottom of the grip or handle using metal rivets.

On the other hand, knives that go halfway down the handle length are not as strong as the full ones. When cutting through poultry or steak, it can bend the blade because of the pressure exerted. The half-tang knives are usually held with a single rivet.


The size of your steak knife is another essential factor. Some units are in sets of two, four, six, eight and more. Some can accommodate more than ten people. Most people found it hard to know the right size when purchasing online as compared to physical buy.

Fortunately, some companies go the extra mile to include the size, material and even number of knives to prevent buyer confusion. Moreover, pick a blade that is a bit larger to be on the safe side for holding dinner parties, barbecues, and even small gatherings.


Check the products above to find the best steak knives to get maximum service and simple use. You can hold a barbecue feast at home more comfortable. The use of a kitchen knife will give you quicker and more natural food preparation. You should go for one that offers better performance and smooth slices.

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