Top 11 Best Sticker Maker Machines You Should Buy In 2021

Finding the best sticker maker machines is not hard anymore if you follow the guide and read the ranking in this article. Making Stickers is done by hobbyists and professionals. The accessories are very common and can be found in many areas. It’s loved by kids, event organizers, bookmarker makers, and many other people. Making your own stickers is cost-effective and also gives you a sense of achievement. You get to pick the design, size, and much more. It’s also a good source of income.

One of the main challenges is choosing the right sticker maker machine. There are many options in the market, and most claim to be the best. However, in reality, they may not be. This is why it’s important to exercise due diligence when planning to purchase a product. In this read, we will review the best sticker maker machines in the market.

The Top 11 Best Sticker Maker Machines

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#1. Fast & Efficient Sticker Maker

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

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  • By: Cricut

If making stickers is what you are after, you should think of this sticker maker machine. Coming for a known brand, you get more surety in regards to decent results and reliability. It comes in a simple design for easy use and is also very flexible. The accessory works well with many materials and has a nice dimension. We like the lightweight which contributes to good handling. It’s also more portable than most options out there. It comes with numerous settings to handle different needs.

The blade has a nice cutting size and this makes it appropriate for many uses. These include home decals, labels stickers, Custom stickers, and much more. The included software works well with the machine. It proves useful for beginners and professionals too. You can also come up with your personalized design. Thanks to the sturdy entire, it will put-up with the use and misuse pretty well.

  • This is a relatively fast machine
  • It delivers clean and professional-looking stickers
  • The auto settings work great
  • The dual carriage is effective and runs seamlessly
  • It’s not super silent

Our Verdict

This is without-a-doubt a reliable and effective sticker maker machine. It makes great looking stickers and is compatible with a range of materials. The accessory is easy to use and delivers the results relatively fast. The auto settings work well while the lightweight and compact size improve handling and portability.

#2. Mini Create-A-Sticker Sticker Maker With Permanent Adhesive

Xyron Create-A-Sticker Mini 2.5 Sticker Maker with Permanent Adhesive…

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  • By: Xyron

Xyron brand has many good products. This one is amongst the outstanding options available in the market. It’s a well-built unit that produces stunning outcomes. It operates with a variety of materials and is relatively simple to run. It’s a flexible machine that is compatible with vinyl, foam, leather, fabric, and other products. The cutting width and clearance is wide enough for most uses. It also has a smooth rolling mechanism that doesn’t jam easily.

The blade operates pretty well and cuts the material accurately. You can create personalized stickers, greeting cards, and much more. The built-in automatic settings can be easily configured to suit varied needs. This is a simple process even for a beginner. The lightweight item is easy to move around with. Moreover, the shell/casing feels tougher than most alternatives.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Handles different thicknesses well
  • Suitable for a broad array of materials
  • Delivers accurate and professional results
  • It not ideal for large stickers

Our Verdict

This sticker maker is ideal for hobbyists, Do-it-Yourselfers (Dyers) and experts as well. Although it appears to be simple and basic, it generates high-quality results. It is very appropriate for a variety of materials and is easy to operate. It’s a smooth operating and durable piece.

#3. Sticker Design Studio Kit

Klutz Sticker Design Studio- Create Your Own Custom Stickers Craft Kit

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  • By: Klutz

The Klutz Sticker Design allows you to make stickers and related stuff easy. It is compact and lightweight for better transportation and storage. The accessory works quickly and is not too noisy. This suits it for quiet surroundings. It’s easy to manage and use, even by a beginner. The unit is compatible with different kinds of materials including foam, vinyl, cardstock, and fabric. It’s easy to install and operate. It also works with most software without any issues. This enables you to come up with custom designs.

We appreciate how sharp and accurate the blade operates. It doesn’t need adjusting all the time and maintains consistent performance. The unit provides excellent results and is relatively fast. The depth of cut is also good and will handle most materials and thickness well. The blade stays sharp for easy maintenance and good results. The clearance is also decent for most requirements. This is a good pick for most users whether a novice or expert.

  • Operating the machine is simple and easy
  • Works well even for beginners
  • It doesn’t occupy lots of space
  • It comes in a simple and user-friendly design
  • It’s not designed for large sticker printing needs

Our Verdict

This sticker maker machine makes printing stickers seem pretty easy. It’s small and also very portable. It works right from the pack and doesn’t require additional items. It’s a well built and solid item that will handle deferment kinds of materials. Using it should be easy even by a beginner.

#4. Creative Station For Invitations, Handmade Cards, Flash Cards & Stickers

Xyron Creative Station, 9 & 5, Makes Invitations, Handmade Cards, Flash Cards, and Stickers

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  • By: Xyron

Xyron Creative Station sticker machine should be exactly what you’re after. It’s also a nice pick for newbie’s and professionals. It has many features to make the operation better and more convenient. You are also more confident about professional outcomes. It’s not an issue to operate an object, even if it’s your first time doing it. The system handles most of the materials well and delivers good pressure for fast and precise cutting. It is capable of handling materials with a maximum width of 9 inches. Selecting an option is easy because of its simple nature.

It has a well-built housing and also has a smaller footprint than other alternatives. The cuts are very smooth and coherent, too. This is due to the high-quality cutting and ultra-sharp blade. It’s reliable, powerful, and easy to maintain. It’s simple to take care of the device, so it should offer you long-lasting service.

  • Using the sticker machine is easy
  • It delivers good clean results
  • It handles most materials well
  • Cuts effortlessly and It’s not very noisy
  • It’s slightly expensive than some options

Our Verdict

This is a nice machine for most kinds of stickers. It’s consistent with most fabrics and has a good size. It’s going to manage most duties well. The clearance is also good and less prone to jamming. It works effortlessly and does not involve a lot of effort or pressure. The blade cuts accurately and lasts a long time.

#5. Silly Scents Sticker Maker Gift For Kids

Crayola Silly Scents Sticker Maker, Gift for Kids, Ages 6, 7, 8, 9

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  • By: Crayola

Crayola sticker maker aimed at inexperienced and pros|. It’s simple to use, and the result is fairly good. It cuts a lot of materials, including vinyl and fabric, without any problems. You’ll be able to create decals, greeting cards, invitation cards, and more. It cuts relatively precisely and handles a decent width and cutting clearance. The compact size takes up minimal room on the desktop. It also makes it simple and convenient to carry.

The results are good despite the simplicity and small size. It doesn’t require too much effort to operate and is also not too noisy. In addition, you can use it in many places without any difficulties thanks to its flexible nature. It boasts secure materials and should offer you long-lasting service. With excellent handling and carrying, the unit will last for years and will continue to deliver decant stickers and decals.

  • It’s very simple to set up and use
  • It has no harmful compounds
  • Works pretty well and is consistent
  • It’s compact and saves space
  • It’s not ideal for commercial use

Our Verdict

This is one of the most popular sticker maker machines you’ll ever come across. It works well and doesn’t involve a lot of effort. However, it also provides excellent outcomes. You can also use it in many places and it’s very portable. It’s compact, small, and won’t crowd the desktop. Thanks to the lightweight, carrying and storage are also convenient.

#6. Cricut Maker Bundle

Cricut Maker Bundle - 40 sheets of Vinyl:Transfer Tape, Basic Tool Kit, 30 Pack Pen Set, and Designer Fabric Sampler

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  • By: Cricut

The Cricut Maker Bundle is reliable and also easy to use. It’s used by both inexperienced and experienced users. The machine is designed for cutting different materials. These include paper, foam, vinyl, and fabric. It features a rotary blade that works well and will cut through most materials without problems. It glides and rolls smoothly for easy and fast operation. Changing the direction is also pretty easy. The machine is very accurate and maintains good performance throughout. And delivering up to 4kg of pressure, it will handle thick sticker materials without any issues.

It relies on built-in intelligent to vary the pressure. Moreover, it includes automatic adjustment to cater to different materials. The cutting clearance is 12 inches wide by 24 inches long and Cutting materials up to 2.4 inches is not a problem. It’s also a versatile unit and provides accurate results. For convenient use in various locations, you also get Bluetooth. In addition to the machine, you also get 40 sheets, denier fabric sampler, and 30 pens.

  • Offers good value for money
  • Delivers excellent and precise results
  • Cut most materials with minimal issues
  • The clearance/ cutting space is ideal for most needs
  • It’s not ideal for materials thicker than 2.4 inches

Our Verdict

Making your own stickers is easy weight this machine. It handles most materials well and doesn’t seem to struggle. It has good clearance and also delivers good cutting pressure. We like its versatility and portability as well as simplicity. This is definitely a product that gives good value for money.

#7. Bluetooth Sticker Maker Bundle

Silhouette Cameo 3 Bluetooth Bundle with 12x12 Inch Sheets of Oracal 651 Vinyl…

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  • By: Silhouette America

The Silhouette Cameo 3 is a wonderful choice for many people. It’s useful for novices as well as professionals. The machine can handle different types of materials with ease. It will cut as many as 100 types and delivers professional results. This is why it’s regarded as among the versatile and ultimate machine. It works with heat transfer material, vinyl, paper, foil, and cardstock among, many others.

It delivers consistent results and works fast. It’s also high quality and will handle materials as wide as 12 inches and as long as 10 feet. These suits it for big jobs such as signage designs. The auto-adjusting blade works great in ensuring you get accurate and clean results. This saves craftsmen from having to manually adjust the part. For efficient working and convenience, you also get a dual carriage. It works seamlessly and can work continuously with minimal issues.

  • Smooth-rolling mechanism and works great
  • Handles different types of materials well
  • Comes with a practical and convenient touch screen
  • Includes a convenient dual carriage and auto blade
  • It’s not very appropriate for heavy-duty use

Our Verdict

With this machine, making high-quality stickers shouldn’t be hard. The first thing we like is a nice portable nature. You can carry it around with ease. It’s also very versatile and handles different types of materials well. It’s among the easiest to operate and isn’t very noisy.

#8. Cricut Explore Air 2, Rose Bundle

Cricut Explore Air 2, Rose Bundle

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  • By: Cricut

Cricut is a well-known and respected brand when it comes to sticker maker machines. Of the many available options, the Explore Air 2 ides standout out. It’s a professionally designed unit that also delivers amazing results. It works with a range of materials and is fairly easy to operate. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time using it. It’s a well made and versatile machine that is compatible with over 100 kinds of materials. The most common, however, is vinyl. It also works on foam, leather, and other specialty materials.

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The blade works quite well and will cut the material in a clean and nice manner. You can come up with personalized decals, custom vinyl stickers, home décor, and greeting cards, among many others. The integrated automatic settings are easy to configure thanks to the Smart Set Dial. It has fonts for different materials. In case the material isn’t featured, you have the custom selection option.

  • The loadable storage tray is relatively large
  • Available in a nice aesthetic design
  • Delivers good looking and professional results
  • Works seamlessly and it isn’t noisy
  • It may not work well with some mediums

Our Verdict

This is a good machine and targets hobbyists, Do-it-Yourselfers (Dyers), and professionals too. Although seeming basic, it produces high-quality outcomes. Besides, it’s very suitable for a range of materials. Operating it is very simple and straightforward and is also simple to take care of.

#9. Portrait Sticker Maker Starter Bundle

Silhouette Portrait 2 Starter Bundle

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  • By: Silhouette

With the Silhouette Portrait 2 bundle, making nice stickers won’t be that difficult. In fact, you’ll enjoy every moment. It is compact and occupies minimal space. Also, it’s light in weight for better transportation and storage. The sticker maker machine will deliver a range of designs and works relatively fast. It’s simple to handle and use, even by a beginner. The device is Bluetooth compatible hence enables you to use it from different locations. This can be from the living room, kitchen, bedroom, workshop, garage, and outdoors too. It also works with Silhouette Studio hence giving you more design options and to work with Silhouette devices.

We love how clean and precisely the Autoblade works. It also recalibrates itself, depending on the material at hand. This saves you from having to do it manually. Moreover, it also saves time and delivers good outcomes. You don’t need to adjust blade depth and all the time. We find the 2mm clearance to be pretty practical for most needs.

  • It comes in a nice practical size
  • It cuts smoothly and precisely
  • Operating it is simple and easy
  • It’s ideal for both beginners and pros
  • It may not work well with some materials

Our Verdict

This is a nice sticker maker machine. It’s easy to handle and offers seamless operation. It handles many types of materials well and doesn’t require frequent calibration or adjustment. The clearance is good enough for most jobs while the lightweight and compact style improves the handling and carrying around.

#10. Disposable/Recyclable Sticker Maker

Xyron 100111 Disposable:Recyclable Sticker Maker, 3-Inch

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  • By: Xyron

The Xyron 100111 sticker maker should be what you are after. It’s a good pick for beginners and experts too. It has a load of features to improve on the experience. You also are more assured of professional results. Operating the item is not a problem, even if it’s your first time. The unit handles most materials well and delivered decent pressure for quick and accurate cutting. It can handle materials with a maximum width of 3 inches.

Choosing the right option is not a problem, thanks to the user-friendly nature. It has a well-built casing to put-up with the operation and small incidences here and there. The cuts are very clean and also consistent. This is owing to the high-quality carbide blade. It’s reliable, strong, and maintains its sharp edge for a long time. Taking care of the device is easy and it should thus give you long-lasting service.

  • Easy to use and delivers good results
  • Cuts well and precisely
  • It handles thick materials quite well
  • It’s not a very noisy unit
  • The cutting space isn’t very large

Our Verdict

This is a good unit for making most types of stickers. It is compatible with most materials and has a nice size. It will handle most tasks well. We like the clearance which makes it less likely to jam. It operates seamlessly and doesn’t require lots of effort or pressure. The blade does cut cleanly and is also very precise.

#11. Big Shot Sticker Machine Starter Kit

Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit - Inspired by David Tutera - Machine, Cutting Pads…

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  • By: Sizzix

Sizzix Big Shot is a basic machine that targets inexperienced and skilled users like. Using it is straightforward, and the outcome is pretty okay. It cuts many materials including vinyl, without a problem. With it, you’ll be able to make decals, home decors, greeting cards, Invitation cards, and more. It cuts fairly accurately and handles a width of up to 6 inches. The small and compact size occupies little space on the desktop. It also makes carrying it easy and convenient.

Although it may be a little basic than some featured options, the end results are very good. It’s a features manual crank which doesn’t require too much effort. Besides, it allows you to use it in many locations without any challenges. It costs less to operate and also boasts of safe materials. With good handling and care, it should give you long-lasting survive.

  • It’s very easy to set up and operate
  • Doesn’t contain any toxic/ harmful compounds
  • It doesn’t require electricity to run
  • The machine is compact and takes up minimal space
  • It’s not suited for material wider than 6 inches

Our Verdict

This is among the most basic sticker maker machines you’ll come across. It operates via a manually operated crank. Nevertheless, it doesn’t require lots of effort and t also delivers good results. Besides, you can use it in places that don’t have electricity connection. It’s small and compact and won’t clutter the desktop. Carrying and storage are also more convenient compared to other options.


If you desire to make quality and professionally looking stickers, you need a reliable machine. It will provide clear cutouts, work fast, handle an array of materials, and also will deal with different thickness. Also essential is ensuring that the mechanism is smooth and effortless. This helps to save on time and effort. In the above review, we have featured the best sticker maker machines in the market. All that you need now is to pick any of the items.

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